tagBDSMSeven Days of Service - Day 07

Seven Days of Service - Day 07


I awoke to the subtle smell of sex, and a hint of the soft perfume that Cathy had worn wafting around me. Then I remembered our adventures of yesterday, and acknowledged my satisfaction by sprouting a very intense erection. As I reached down to relieve some of this sexual pressure, two things happened.

Suddenly, in addition to the soft scent of Cathy about me, I could smell something else; the combined smells of coffee and bacon—quite strong-now surrounding me. The second thing was that I suddenly remembered that Cathy had not left for her apartment last night—she'd stayed here with me.

I quickly glanced to the other side of my bed, but it was empty. Just then, I heard the sound of bare feet padding their way towards my bedroom. I looked at the doorway in anticipation and shortly I saw Cathy plodding inside with a tray containing what appeared to be a wonderful breakfast spread.

Despite the wonderful smells coming from that tray, I knew what I wanted—no, needed—right now.

As she stopped at the head of the bed, she placed the tray on the bed stand and straightened in front of me, hands behind her back, and her feet apart. She was completely naked, except for the collar around her neck and her eyes were watching my face, very intently. I thought I saw a little uncertainty, but it might just have been a reflection of mine.

I rolled over and sat up on the side of the bed. Reaching out to her pussy once more, I again scratched my way through her pubes, listening to her begin to moan. Using this moment to get a little further into her head, I asked, "Cathy, before me, when was the last time you actually had sex with anyone? I expect the truth from you at all times during your service period-just tell me when, spare me the details."

I had to find out why she'd only offered token resistance to my intrusions on her body these past few days. I'd endured a couple of years of venomous sniping and verbal attacks from her, which she led me to believe was calculated to bring me to bay, which now didn't make sense.

Even though I'd won the marketing contest, she'd had numerous opportunities to screw up my little bondage scenario, but aside from token gestures, she hadn't. I sure as hell knew I wasn't as clever about my little scheme as I'd needed to be to actually pull it off. As I looked at her now, I could see her trying to think of an answer that wouldn't expose her too much. To distract her, I continued to fondle her sex, working my fingers through her vaginal lips, collecting more of her wonderful juices.

Finally, she shook her head and began, "About a year before I joined the company, I ran into my old boyfriend from HR, and we . . . uhm . . . had a farewell . . . tryst." She had a wonderfully red face as she finished that brief explanation. Following up she continued, "It only reminded me why we'd broken up."

Four years, I thought. Shit! That was about the same length of time I'd had since my last real piece of ass. Boy, weren't we a pair, I thought.

"Why the long dry spell, Cathy?" I asked. "You are an absolutely beautiful woman. A little change in attitude and you could have had the pick of the corporate 'litter', actually, the pick of any litter."

I stopped running my fingers through her sex and absent-mindedly brought my hand to my mouth, cleaning her savory juices from my fingers with my tongue. Glancing up, I saw her staring at me, lips trembling and an odd look in her eyes.

"Well?" I pressed.

I watched her face as tears began running down her cheeks. Very complex girl indeed, I decided.

I stood, leaned over her and kissed her forehead once more, and shame on me, I gave in to my baser instincts. Reaching up to her chest, I began to massage her tits deeply with my hands and it seemed to have a calming effect on her. With the exception of my cock, it had a calming effect on me as well, I noted.

She began, "My father had found out about my relationship with him and accused me of whoring myself to get ahead in this business." She continued sobbing, but added, "I never wanted him to ever believe that I'd do that, ever!"

I thought about that for a few moments, and then asked her, "Why now...why me?"

Collecting herself, she replied, almost logically, "'A deal is a deal,' and my father taught me the importance of honoring a business deal. Without that commitment, my word wouldn't be worth anything in the business world. My word has to be my bond."

She was now intently watching the movement of my hands on her breasts as I took her nipples between my thumb and forefingers and pinched them very lightly. Her explanation had been cut off by the deep moans now coming from her throat, moans that got louder as I increased the pressure of my fingers on her nipples.

Catch-22, I thought. Her father had inadvertently set her up for this whole thing, unintentionally. She couldn't engage in any kind of serious social activity without being accused of whoring herself for her career, and she couldn't renege on any business deal that she'd committed to without getting flack as someone who couldn't keep her word. I was simply reaping the benefits of her conflict.

I know I should have felt badly about taking advantage of this situation, but I didn't. However, I was saddened to realize that it was her commitment to the Deal that was keeping her under my control. Seeing that, I became more determined than ever to extract as much pleasure out of this relationship as I could before it ended this evening.

The breakfast could wait for now as my cock had hardened to an incredibly hard, angry staff, demanding relief. That and the sense that what I now had was going to disappear at night's end made me decide to take a radical course of action.

Letting go of her breasts, I instructed her to return to the living room and bring back the instruments that I'd been using throughout the week for her torment. I sat on the bedside once more, my cock poking a hole in the space before me. In a couple of minutes she returned and placed the items on the bed next to me. Once she'd done that, she stepped back once more, put her arms behind her and spread her legs before me.

She had my attention, that's for sure. Looking down at the tools next to me, I told her, "Cathy, pick one of those items for me to use on you. 'None' is not one of the options."

As she shivered briefly, I saw many things flashing through her eyes, probably one of them whether she should allow me to continue with this torture. She looked at the collection for a few moments and, predictably, she pointed to the one that involved no real sensory stress and allowed her to see what I was up to.

Picking up the handcuffs, I got up and moved around to her back, and firmly secured her arms behind her. This would certainly be a test of her sense of judgment, I thought. Evading one form of torment by selecting another only exposes the chooser to a different type of torment.

"Tell me now, which item do you choose for me to use on you next?" I asked her. Looking about her, she now realized that I had her cornered in an escalating trap of sexual torment. I could see thoughts rushing through her eyes again as she sought to figure a way out of her dilemma. As she was thinking, I snapped the silver chain into her collar, establishing my authority over her again.

I had applied those instruments incrementally, in an order that I'd found would produce the maximum affect on her senses. Now she was able to control the sequence of her torment, but was she able to make the choices best able to bring her the most pleasure?

Pulling the chain downwards, I brought her to her knees in front of me. My cock was still stabbing an imaginary adversary in mid-air in front of her face and since the blindfold wasn't around her face, she couldn't help but notice my arousal. As a matter of fact, it seemed that she couldn't take her eyes off it at all.

She had been quiet for a little while, obviously trying to figure a way out of her dilemma, so I said to her, "I have an itch that needs attending to Cathy, while you are making up your mind." Whether she thought she could distract me from her torment or not, she moved in closer to my lap and looked up at me for further direction.

Glancing back and forth between my cock and my face, she finally lowered her head and placed her lips on the tender, fiery head, and kissed it gently. Involuntarily it twitched against her face and she opened her lips very slowly, taking just the tip of my cock into her mouth. This was fucking maddening, I thought, but I waited to see where she was going with her 'service' efforts right now.

As her lovely lips surrounded more and more of my cock, I could feel her tongue exploring the shaft tenderly, almost lovingly. The soft suction and the wet warmth of her mouth began to cause my balls to ache with arousal. Every now and then she'd take her mouth off my cock altogether, allowing the cool air in the room to heighten the sensual contrast of her oral warmth on it. She'd then move lower to apply her oral massage to my balls, pulling little folds of my skin into her mouth, sucking on them and moving on.

Watching her eyes as she ministered to my cock was probably a mistake I thought, as the tightening in my groin began to increase. I really wanted this to last as long as possible and it looked like she was rushing me to the finish. She was studying every inch of my cock and balls with her beautiful eyes and for just a moment, it appeared that she was treating my groin as a shrine of sorts.

I know, weird thoughts, but it was the impression I was getting as she worked over my cock and balls. Maybe the fact that she continuously rubbed her face against my groin between the sucking efforts, while groaning over and over had something to do with that feeling, but my appreciation for her efforts was about to become evident.

Just as I was about to reach out to pull her head off my cock, still worrying that she might not appreciate another surprise deposit in her mouth, she began that little head bobble that had ambushed me the first time she sucked me off and pushed her face into my pubic hair, choking a bit on the way. Sucking even harder, she took everything that I had and probably a bit more into her mouth.

This time however, she pulled back, looked up at my face and opened her mouth. As I was trying to catch my breath, looking into her face, I saw that she'd kept my discharge in her mouth—sitting on her tongue—and once she'd noticed that I saw it, she closed her mouth and swallowed. Dropping her head back onto my lap, she took my now reawakening cock into her mouth, cleaned the last few drops off the head, and then laid her head on my lap.

I couldn't tell you right then if I had the energy to take this to the next level or not, but her finish on my cock had set me up for the recovery I needed to continue. This woman was bringing out things that I never knew I was capable of and I didn't know if I could ever put this genie back into the bottle!

All I could do for a few minutes was to gently caress the side of her face as she softly nuzzled it into my crotch. I was already captivated by my pet, and I had a hard time separating her pleasure from mine.

Finally, I raised her face up to mine and asked her if she'd made up her mind on the next object for my use. Her eyes were still a bit glazed over, but she was wired now. I could tell by the swollen lips and the red blush that started at her tits and rose into her cheeks. I was almost ready to rock and roll again, too.

She whispered quietly, "The whip, Sir."

I could see that she'd figured out the logical distribution of the instruments that I'd used on her, so far. I reached across the bed to the flogger and picked it up, hefting the weight of it in my hand. Her eyes followed me closely and suddenly I could smell the musky aroma of her arousal drifting up from between her thighs.

"You belong to me, Cathy," I told her. "All of you. You know that, don't you?" I watched her face as a couple of tears ran down her cheeks.

Blinking at me a couple of times, she replied softly, "Yes Sir." No hesitation, no resistance.

"Stand up, my pet," I told her.

She did as I'd told her, parting her legs in front of me, by reflex I supposed. And by reflex I reacted. Before I knew it, my hand was already running through her vaginal lips, automatically collecting the nectar that helped to keep my head on straight. Her pussy was absolutely soaked, her eyes closed, lips still swollen, and the red blush still evident across her chest and into her face.

I couldn't remember any other time in my life where I was more drawn to a woman—an enemy at that—but I could probably attribute that feeling to four years of living in an emotional cave. The personal tidbits that I'd managed to tease out of Cathy during this whole service period seemed to indicate that she was reacting the way she was because of her own emotional interpretation of her father's expectation of her.

As I snapped the flogger across her left nipple, she snapped her eyes open with a yelp of surprise. She could watch me torture her now, and her level of anticipation was going to take her to another plateau as I snapped it across her right nipple. Flinching with each blow, she alternately watched my face, and the end of the flogger as it skipped across her skin. I wasn't doing this for her punishment any more—it was for her ultimate pleasure, and mine.

Again, I worked the flogger across all of the exposed skin on her body that I could reach under her neck, and by the time I finished, a subtle red glow seemed to emanate from her entire body. I had snapped the flogger into her open pussy a few times, just to get the blood pumping to the surface. Whenever her cries got a little too intense, I moved in to chew on her lips with my mouth, shooting my tongue as far as I could towards the back of her throat.

She gave as much as she got, I'll give her that. Surprising me, she didn't pull away from my harsh treatment of her body, but instead pressed against me. Sucking my tongue whenever I invaded her mouth, she groaned into mine, causing an instant reaction in my cock.

I stopped—casting my gaze over the effect that I'd had on her—and feeling the heat coming off her tormented skin. She was reacting to the horse hair as I knew she would, twitching and rubbing those parts of her body together that she could reach, trying to appease the itching and prickly sensations that would soon consume her. It wouldn't be long now, I thought, when I'd hear her say those words that would nudge me further down to the dark side of this game.

Obviously she didn't need the blindfold, because her eyes were clenched tightly closed and I could see a slight sheen of sweat beginning to appear on her face, even as she was trembling. Either she was trying to extend the extreme sensations running through her sensory system right now, or she was trying to defy the torment that I'd inflicted on her. It didn't really matter which, I knew she would give in to the demands of her body sooner, rather than later.

My own body was beginning to reach a point of demanding more relief for myself, so I instructed Cathy to kneel on the bed. Assisting her, I took the liberty of massaging her tits a bit, since I knew she was feeling the supersensitive effects of the flogger by now. Once she was in place, kneeling upright, I picked up the nipple clamps and brought them up in front of her face.

"Are you ready for these, Cathy?" I asked her.

After a moment's hesitation, she answered, "Yes, Sir."

As she closed her eyes once more, I fondled her left breast then applied the clamp to her nipple, just a bit tighter than before. She sucked in her breath quickly and frowned, but allowed herself to relax soon afterwards. I repeated the same to her right breast, receiving the same response. The chain between her breasts swung slowly, drawing her nipples down slightly.

Without the blindfold, she could see clearly the effect she was having on me, but the terms of the contest still allowed me to be in charge of the conditions of service. The breakfast was completely forgotten by now and the challenge to complete our "exercise" and survive it, was in full swing. Despite the opposite roles we were filling, we were still competing with each other to bring our adversary to bay.

My goal was to bring her to a more professional level of attitude—hers to simply get to the end of the service period with her dignity intact. Or so we both thought. What neither of us realized was that the game was taking on a life of its own.

I joined her on the bed now and lay back against the headboard next to her kneeling figure, looking into her face. This would be something a little bit different from what we'd done before and I wanted to make sure that I was able to take full advantage of the terms of our service agreement right now. My cock was more than ready for this challenge and I reached over and pulled her over onto myself, her knees straddling my hips.

Looking into her face, I told her that I now wanted her to fuck me—but I wanted her to do it while looking directly into my eyes, without the aid of her hands. It couldn't get much more personal than this, I thought.

She still hadn't had an opportunity to rub the intense sensations out of her screaming skin, so she didn't take too long to comply. Shifting her hips trying to find my cock, she brushed the head of it a few times, until I reached between our legs and aimed it into her body. Once she felt the pressure, Cathy captured the tip of it with her pussy, and looking directly into my eyes, slowly lowered herself onto it until she bottomed out at her cervix.

Still keeping her eyes glued to mine, she began to move her hips in a slow, rotating motion, causing my cock to touch not only the bottom of her pussy, but rub tightly against the sides of her sheath as well. The sight of her breasts, captured with the nipple clamps, swaying in front of my eyes compelled me to touch the objects of my desire, even as an adjunct to her already aroused condition.

Reaching up, I grasped her breasts by the base in my hands and began to massage them under the chain connecting them. I loved to feel her breasts I realized, an addiction that was almost as compelling as tasting her body. A mental image of the La Brea Tar Pits slipped into my mind as I continued to fondle her. Me, the predator, taking full advantage of Cathy's 'helpless' situation, then being sucked into a hedonistic trap from which neither of us could return.

Sliding my hands around to her back, I pulled her into my chest, allowing her head to fall onto my shoulder. I knew that the rest of her body was crying for relief as well as those areas I'd already touched, so I massaged her arms and rubbed the parts of her back that I could reach. As I did so, her moaning increased, and the effect that it had on my cock caused me to pull her torso harder onto my groin.

As she nuzzled into my neck, I lowered my hands onto her ass cheeks, massaging them as she moved around on my cock. Slipping my hand into the crack of her ass, I found her little anus and using some of our combined juices, slipped my finger deep into her body. She shuddered and almost as though electrified, clamped her cunt tightly around my cock, and her rectum around my finger.

I could feel my moving cock through the tissue separating her ass from her vagina and I can't tell you the intensity of the sexual rush that ran through my body just then. Reaching up with my other hand, I pulled her head off my shoulder and brought her lips to mine, chewing on them with my mouth, then spearing my tongue into the back of her throat. She responded in kind, and we battled over control of our kiss—a battle in which there could be no loser.

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