tagCelebrities & Fan FictionSeventh Heaven: Camden Family Sex Ch. 06

Seventh Heaven: Camden Family Sex Ch. 06


Lucy, Ruthie and Rose Get What's Coming to Them

A week after the orgy at the Camden's anniversary party Kevin was still pissed the way Lucy, Ruthie and Rose behaved and he was planning to make them sorry and pay for their self-centered attitudes.

He contacted Simon, but after finding out that they were no longer together, he gave Kevin her phone number and loved the plan to make that bitch pay for how she treated all of the Camden's, especially his parents and the guys at the orgy.

He planned on getting the three women to his cabin near Big Bear seeing how secluded it was. In all the time on the police force he made a lot of connections and after promising Capt. Michaels to be there, he was able to secure a couple of LARGE porn stars to assist them with his PAYBACK!

Captain Michaels contacted his nephew in Los Angeles, Sean Michaels the big porn star and he told Lee he could get his friend Lexington Steele to join them.

Kevin had it planned for the following Saturday, now all he needed to do is get the three women up there. He knew he could get Lucy up there but needed T-Bone and Simon to get Ruthie and Rose up there and at the same time get them to dress-up for the occasion. After contacting Simon, who really wanted Rose to pay for all of her bitchiness, assured Kevin he would get her up there by hook or by crook.

When Kevin talked to T-Bone, he was a little bit harder to persuade, but after he reminded T-Bone on how Ruthie acted at the party and her lousy attitude about coming home from Scotland, T-Bone wised-up quickly and he agreed to make sure Ruthie would be there and he had the perfect reason to dress-up too.

T-Bone knocked on Ruthie's bedroom door and when she opened it his jaw dropped.

"Oh so I take it you like my outfit, right T-Bone?" She struck a sexy pose, her one leg stuck out sexily.

"Wow Ruthie you look amazing, it will be perfect for the nightclub we're going to!" He looked her up and down, her chocolate brown hair hung down her shoulders and down across her tits that were barely contained in her sexy black dress. Her hair was a mass of curls and her lips were as pouty as ever and painted with a bright red lipstick. The dress hugged her ample hips and ass. A wide belt was pulled tight showing her tiny waist. It ended just above her knees where a pair of black patent leather high heeled boots began. Her knees were the only part of her legs that were visible and were covered with sexy black fishnet stockings.

She slipped into a knee-length coat to hide her sexy outfit. Taking his arm, she slipped hers around his and they left the room and headed downstairs to the car.

Across town Simon had persuaded Rose to go with him to Big Bear for a parting date. She agreed with him to end the charade and was going back overseas to spend some time with her mother.

Simon asked her to dress up sexy for the nightclub and week-end in Big Bear. She wore a simple black dress, what made it sexy was that it was made of cashmere and although it covered her body, it ended at mid-thigh and clung to all of her petite, but ample curves. She was wearing smoky black stockings and four inch high heels.

Kevin ushered Lucy into the car, he had requested her to wear the same outfit she wore last year on Valentine's Day, the outfit she ran out of the hotel lobby when she realized her entire family was there. She asked Kevin if there were going to be alone and he avoided answering her by laughing; "Well Lucy I can guarantee your parents won't be there to embarrass you this time!"

She smiled as she got into the car. The silky black dress slid up her slim thighs, almost to her black panties. Her legs were encased in dark brown high heeled boots. The dress had a large V and her tits threatened to burst free. Her hair looked fantastic, normally it was straight, but she had it up in large curlers and now it hung down across her nearly bare shoulders in massive waves that danced about as she moved.

Kevin and Lucy were the first to arrive. The chalet was large; the entire second floor was a huge bedroom where Kevin had three king-sized beds installed, all with massive four posted headboards and footboards. Under the bed there was an assortment of restraints and blindfolds.

He led her upstairs and she noticed the three large beds and she sat on the edge and bounced up and down with a huge smile on her face. She leaned in to kiss Kevin and he reached under the bed and pulled out the blindfold.

"Here you go Lucy, please put this on, I have a surprise for you! He placed it on her and whispered in her ear; "Now you have to be absolutely quiet and just go with the flow, okay?"

She nodded and slipped onto the bed and she let out a gasp when he placed his hands on her bare thighs and slid down to her boots. He unzipped both of them and pulling them off gripped her ankles and rubbing them gently slowly attached the Velcro cuffs on her ankles and taking the other ends attached them to the bedposts at the foot of the bed.

Lucy reached up to peak under the blindfold and before she could Kevin gripped her wrists and added the same cuffs to them and attached them to the upper posts.

"Kevin, what's going on here, I can't move?"

"Ssssssssh Lucy, I said no talking or I'll have to gag you!" he reached for the large headphones and placing them over her ears, turned up the music to drown out anything else going on in the room. While waiting for the next woman to arrive he decided to have some fun. Placing his hands on her thighs he slid his hands up and down, sliding up under her full black skirt. Grabbing her panties he tugged them and slid them down her shapely legs. At her knees he reached into the end table and pulled a large pair of scissors, he deftly cut the lace panties off her legs and tossed them into the trash. He was about to go down on Lucy when he heard the front door open. Looking over the balcony railing he saw T-Bone and Ruthie enter.

Kevin grabbed a couple of blindfolds and hurried downstairs; "T-Bone, Ruthie, I'm so glad you both made it, Ruthie we have a very special surprise for you and T-Bone, please if you would, both put on these blindfolds!"

T-Bone smiled and put his on. Ruthie looked a little skeptical, but took it and put it on. "Great, can either of you see out of them?"

Both of them replied, no and Kevin reached out and took T-Bone's off and gestured for him to lead her upstairs to the bedroom. Once there he guided her to sit on the bed.

Kevin spoke to both of them; "Why don't you slide back and lay back, I guarantee you'll love this." Kevin and T-Bone clamped one of the cuffs on each of her wrists and before she could react, had her secured to the bedposts.

"What the fuck is going on here, let me loose, I do not like this, let me go, NOW!"

Kevin reached under the bed and got a gag ball and forced it into her mouth and secured it about her head. He motioned to T-Bone and the two of them pulled her boots off and grabbed her thrashing legs and attaching a cuff to each ankle and pulling on her legs got them both secured to the bedposts at the foot of the bed. Kevin leaned over and whispered loudly to Ruthie; "Relax, you self-centered cunt, you're not getting away and for the next two days you're going to be disciplined and taught to behave like a human being and learn to put others first and remember, the world doesn't revolve around you! Stop struggling cunt, you're not going anywhere, so relax!" He reached under the bed and pulling out another pair of headphones, placed them over her ears and turned them on loud enough to also drown-out any outside noises just like he did to Lucy.

She slowly calmed down and settled back as she listened to the music, she knew she couldn't see or hear anything and figured she might as well quit struggling.

Kevin and T-Bone headed downstairs with a couple of blindfolds for Simon and Rose. About ten minutes after getting down there Simon and Rose came into the cabin and Rose asked Simon why they were here instead of the lodge for their parting date.

Simon placed his arms around her waist; "Listen Rose, they have a surprise for the two of us. I'm not sure what it is either, but Kevin told me, neither of us would ever forget this week-end. Please go with the flow and for once trust me!"

She nodded and looked at Kevin; "Is Lucy here, okay so you want the two of us to put on these blindfolds?"

"Yes please Rose, Simon you too. Lucy and Ruthie headed into town to get some wine for the dinner. Can either of you see through the blindfolds?"

They both replied; "No!"

Simon instantly pulled his off and the three guys led Rose up into the large bedroom, past Lucy and Ruthie who had both fell asleep and were laying there as still as babies. They led Rose to the bed and Simon swiftly pulled her sweater dress up and off her slim body before she could react.

Rose screamed out and tried to pull the blindfold off, but Simon and Kevin each caught one arm and wrapping the Velcro cuff around it, quickly attached them to the bedposts. She thrashed about and T-Bone held her mask in place and planted a soul-searching kiss on her babbling mouth. She stopped struggling briefly from the invasion of his tongue into her mouth. She resumed struggling when Kevin and Simon now attached the cuffs around her ankles and the lower bedposts.

T-Bone kissed her harder and began playing with her firm tits. This produced a sudden gasp from Rose's throat and T-Bone reached out and grabbing the soundproof headphones, placed them on her head.

Rose slowly stopped struggling and as she calmed down drifted off to sleep after a rather lengthy outburst of profanity directed at whoever was within earshot of her ranting.

The melodic voice chimed in over all three women's headphones making them all prone to the message playing over and over again once they drifted off to sleep and seeping into their subconscious.

Kevin turned to Simon and T-Bone; "I believe gentlemen the message is getting through to them!"

Simon looked over at T-Bone and back to Kevin; "Just what is in this message?"

"Well Simon it will hopefully make them less of a bitch, as we know, ALL three of them are from time to time. It will train them to be a little more submissive and at the same time learn to see other people's view of things in their everyday lives. Last but not least, it will turn ALL three of them into raving sex maniacs, nymphomaniacs so to speak. We'll be able to turn them on like a light switch. The control phrase is "Big Bang Theory!"

T-Bone and Simon both gave Kevin a high-five and T-bone looked over at the sexy Lucy, her dress had ridden up her shapely thighs and her bare pussy was winking out at the three guys; "Ah Kevin, would you mind if I tested out your "Theory", so to speak?"

Both Kevin and Simon laughed out loud and Kevin motioned to his sleeping wife; "Be my guest T-Bone, you can get her all warmed up for the three guys coming here soon. How about you Simon, anyone peak your fancy?"

"Mmmm yeahhhhhhhh, I wouldn't mind a shot on my baby sister. I guess that leaves you with Rose, Kevin!"

"Yeah I guess it does, but I think I need to give her a few more minutes with the subliminal messages before I dive in, if you get my drift!" He sat back and looked on at the nearly naked Rose and couldn't wait to see if the message took and if her attitude and outlook changed for the better.

T-Bone slipped out of his clothes and climbing up onto the bed. Uncovering her shapely legs that were tightly secured by the bedposts, he slid his hands up and taking the flowing material with him. His saliva was drooling down his chin as he was about to feast on Lucy's tight-lipped pussy. Leaning down between her outstretched legs he began by planting wet kisses on both of her upper thighs.

Lucy slowly woke from her slumber and let out a gasp which was followed by a long moan as she arched her back trying to make contact with his mouth on her suddenly neglected pussy. "Oh please Kevin, lick my pussy, please. Please you have no idea what kind of erotic dreams I've been having while I was sleeping!" She was yelling it louder and louder and T-Bone knew it was because the loud music playing in her headphones.

Rising up from her luscious pussy he pulled the headphones off and whispered in her ear; "I'll continue to lick your gorgeous pussy, but you have to stop screaming!"

Lucy realized it wasn't her husband and she panicked; "Wait, wait you're not Kevin, who is this, stop, stop, you can't be doing this!"

He chuckled; "Oh I don't think you're in any position to stop me Lucy. What's the difference, just a moment ago you were begging me to lick your pussy and now you're asking me to stop, I don't think soooooooo!"

"No, no this isn't right, please stop!"

He didn't want to stop, but at the same time he didn't want to force her. He thought it was the perfect time to see if Kevin's experiment REALLY worked. Looking up at her he whispered; "Big Bang Theory!" Suddenly she stopped struggling and began moaning quietly; "Oh please, lick my pussy, why did you stop?"

T-Bone began taking long slow licks up and down her tight lipped weeping pussy as she humped her hips upward to his magical tongue. Reaching up he pulled the blindfold off her eyes and she squinted until her eyes became adjusted to the light flowing in through the large glass windows.

Lucy let out a gasp when her eyes focused on who was eating her pussy and she groaned at the erotic sight before her. Her body and mind betrayed her and she started cumming as her slim body was wracked by the intense orgasm. She desperately wanted to be free from her restraints as her arms and legs tugged at the cuffs attached to the bedposts.

T-Bone slowed his licking and slid the silky black dress upward. As it cleared her tight ass and flat belly he pushed it up and over her large heaving tits. Luckily her black bra had a front closure and popping it open her uncovered her large full tits and palming them rubbed hard against her stiffening nipples.

Lucy bit her lower lip and was breathing heavily through her mouth as she arched her back against his soft hands. "Please T-Bone, could you please suck on them. I love having them sucked on and bit on, please, please don't make me wait!"

Aiming to please he by-passed her tits and planted a hot wet kiss on her lips and let her taste her own tangy juices. Feeding her his tongue she sucked on it greedily as their kisses grew stronger and more heated. Tearing his mouth from hers he pushed the dress from her neck and attacked her sensitive flesh.

Lucy let out a loud moan and arching her back against his body, she urged him on whispering into his ear, "Oh fuck yeah T-Bone, you got me so fucking hot, now fuck me, fuck me deep and as hard as you can. My mom and Ruthie told me your cock is incredible, now let me see for myself if it's as good as they said it was!"

With her legs spread wide from her restraints he slid his hands up and down her slim, shapely thighs. Leaning forward he gripped his straining curved cock and slowly guided his cock into her tight lipped pussy.

The air escaped her lungs and her eyes rolled back in her head and she groaned out in extreme pleasure as she felt his curved cock part her cunt and enter her and began to scrap against her spongy flesh of her g-spot. She humped her hips as much as possible even though her body was restrained by the cuffs.

T-Bone pushed deeper and leaning in began sucking on her firm tits and nibbling on her stiff nips, bit a little harder causing Lucy to groan and clamp her pussy muscles harder around his cock. Moving upward he covered her mouth with his and stuffed her mouth with his tongue and was rewarded with hers dueling with his. Breaking the kiss he picked up the pace of fucking her and just as she was about to cum he whispered into her ear; "Big Bang Theory!"

Lucy let out a loud groan and as she started cumming her eyes focused on his face. She smiled up at T-Bone and through bated breath gasped out; "Oh T-Bone don't slow down, fuck me, fuck me harder and deeper. Oh fuck, Ruthie and mom were right, oh fuck I'm cumming again, harder, harder oh yesssssss!"

As Lucy came and gripped his cock, he lost it too and started pouring his hot cum deep in her pussy. The two of them collapsed on the bed and he hugged her restrained body and rained wet kisses all over her sweat covered body.

On the bed across from them Simon had his mouthed locked over his baby sister's dripping cunt. Her head was rolling from side to side, her long hair was tangled over her face and her mouth was open-wide gasping for air into her lungs. Her hips were lunging up and down fucking her cunt against his magnificent mouth and tongue.

"Oh yessssssss T-Bone, eat my pussy, lick it, lick it good and hard! Mmmmm yeah T-Bone suck it, suck it just like that!"

Simon rose up from his sister's cream covered pussy and thighs and wanted to see if Kevin's experiment was working. Simon slowly sliding up her lush body, he stopped at her large swaying tits just long enough to suck on those large nipples and biting down on them caused her to groan loudly.

Ruthie was arching her back urging him on and when Simon reached up and yanked off her blindfold she squinted briefly and when she saw it wasn't T-Bone playing with her body she turned violent. "What the fuck do you think you are doing here Simon? I came up here to spend time with T-Bone and work things out between the two of us, not to have a sexcapade with you, my fucking brother! Not get the fuck off of me and untie me and do it now!"

She struggled and Simon just smiled and shook his head; "What the fuck happened to you Ruthie? Before mom and dad's anniversary party you were all hot for sex from whomever and whenever you could get it, what changed?"

She struggled; "Let me up, I'm not doing this anymore! I'm just going to fuck my future husband and no one else, now let me go!"

He shook his head, "That isn't the Camden way and after the selfish cunt you've been lately, you, Lucy and Rose are all here in the same predicament as you so you might as well relax and enjoy it!"

"No fucking way Simon and I haven't been selfish, now let me up!"

He grinned from ear to ear; "Oh yes you have been you spoiled cunt! Hey Ruthie, "Big Bang Theory!"

She suddenly stopped struggling and her eyes got smoky and heavy lipped. She bit down on her full lower lip and whispered out to Simon; "Oh god Simon, you got me so fucking hot eating my pussy. How about shoving that super-sized cock of yours in my cunt and fuck me into tomorrow!"

Simon chuckled as he stared up at the sexy face of his youngest sister; "How about you opening your mouth nice and wide and let me fuck that pretty little mouth of yours. Those large dark eyes peering up at me while I feel those luscious fat lips wrapped around my cock drives me wild!"

"Well what are you waiting for Simon, bring that monster up here and let me get it all nice and wet and hard so you can fuck my tiny pussy good and hard!"

Before she even had all of the words out, Simon was already sliding up her petite body so he could feed her his cock. She opened wide to accept his cock and her tongue lapped at the shaft as he slid deeper and deeper into her oral cavity.

He nearly lost it when he caught sight of her large dark eyes locking with his. To distract her he reached back and drove two fingers into her already sopping cunt while his other hand swept her sweat covered chocolate brown locks from her face. He knew he was about to cum so gathering up all of his willpower he pulled out of her and slipped down and with her legs spread wide he drove deep into her cunt.

Ruthie had a hair-triggered pussy and started cumming immediately. She desperately wanted to wrap her legs around his slim wait but tugged wildly at the restraints and rode out the explosive orgasm.

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