tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSex Education Ch. 05

Sex Education Ch. 05


After finally coming to grips with the reality that Mim left me and does not want to see me again, I plunge back into running the garage. Although we are busy, it does not absorb me as it once did. I feel disjointed and uneasy.

One night Sam stops over my house. We are having a beer when she says, "So, what the fuck is up with you?"

Getting a little irked, I say "What the hell are you talking about?"

"Oh, nothing, other than you've blown off dinner with mom and me for three straight weeks, you're grumpy all the time, you never want to hang out with me or do shit with me and Crystal, and you generally are walking around with your head up your ass."

She finishes her beer and goes to kitchen to fetch two more.

"I think you're exaggerating," I say lamely,

"The fuck I am. I was actually not trying to make it sound as bad as it is."

"Bullshit, Sam. I'm ok. Just busy at work. That's all."

"Mac, this is Sam you're trying to convince. Something's eating you."

"I told you it's work."

"Ok, you asked for it." She takes a deep breath and continues. "So it's work?"

I nod and drink some beer.

"Well, I've stopped by three times last week and you weren't there. Charlie tried to cover, but finally I worked it out of him that you were taking a long lunch at the Pub. I happen to know the bartender there. I was able to find out that you are there almost every day. Your lunch seems to consist of a bowl of peanuts and four beers."

I recognized the signs that Sam was just beginning to get wound up.

"And, your shop looks like a pig pen. You never had so much as a magazine that wasn't in chronological order. Your waiting room is dirty. The wastebaskets are overflowing. There are all kinds of invoices lying around. I put Charlie's nuts in a vice and made him tell me that you just don't seem to give a shit. So, don't dare give me the "it's just work" line, 'cause I ain't buying it, Cuz."

"Again you're exaggerating. Besides, what's it to you?"

I thought Sam was going to punch me. She got in my face.

"What's it to me? I tell you, asshole. I fucking love you. You are my family. It's like you're my dad and big brother rolled into one. I can't even imagine life without you. You are also my rock. Whenever I get myself so completely fucked up, you always help me get my shit back together. So, when I see you falling to shit, then I make it my business. So, there, you fucking idiot."

Sam starts to cry. I don't remember the last time she did that.

I pull her into my arms. She tries to push away, but I'm stronger and she finally relents. She starts bawling. I understand her love for me, because I feel the same way. Tears start flowing down my cheeks.

I regain some composure.

"Sorry, Sam. I never meant to upset you. I love you. I hope you know that."

She nods against my chest.

We sit on the couch for a long time just holding each other. Sam slides down and rests her head in my lap. I softly stroke her hair.

Sam says, "It's Mim, right?"

I can barely make a sound, but manage to get out a yes.

"Mac, I know you fell for her. I can understand. She's beautiful, smart and fun. I would've added nice, but she ditched you. That's not nice."

"I just don't get it, Sam. I know we said we weren't dating. You even warned me about that. But, still, I was sure we connected on a deeper level than just acquaintances. Then she just disappears. She leaves me a letter, but nothing else. Not a word since then.

"Then Dede explodes the bomb. She's married, Sam. I've been falling in love with a married woman. She knew I was falling for her. Did she say, 'Oh, by the way, the reason I don't date is because I am fucking married'? No, that quite never came out. Sam, I feel like such a total jerk."

We sit in silence for a long time.

"Now, I hear from Dede that Mim made it clear she does not want to see me. God, that hurts more than anything."

"For the record, Mac, I never knew about Mim being married. That was news. I know she bolted on Christmas, but didn't know she told Dede she didn't want to see you. So, I get that part. But what's going on with you now?"

I decide to tell Sam the whole story. I explain how close I came to taking Ruthann's virginity. I describe how Jocelyn and I connected.

Sam looks up at me.

"Chrissy's mother is Jocelyn Armbruster?"

I nod.

"Fuck. I've known Chrissy all the time she's been at the academy and never knew she was her mother. Jocelyn is beyond hot. Hell, I'd do her in a second."

I laugh.

Sam realizes what she's said. Laughing, she adds, "hypothetically speaking, of course."

"Of course," I reply.

I admit that what Dede and Jocelyn said is true, I am fucked up.

I explain that I felt I shouldn't see Dede right now. I have cut myself off from the people I like the most. I have also cut myself off from sex. I tell Sam that I went a long while without sex and didn't miss it that much. But, my night with Dede, my interaction with Ruthann and flirtation with Jocelyn, loosed the beast. Add to that, my frustration by not ever being able to be intimate with Mim, and I find myself in a sexual funk of epic dimensions.

"So, you're horny?"

"Well put, dear cousin."

"Well, go get laid."

"Easier said than done."


"I don't even know where to start. I don't want a relationship. I'm still crazy messed up about Mim. I just want some human contact and some sex."

Sam is quite for a while. Then, she turns her head to meet my gaze.

"Mac, you know Crystal is semi-bi."


"Yeah. We're committed to each other and are definitely exclusive. But, she's dated guys before. She's told me she likes to fuck a man once and again."

"Sam, you aren't suggesting..."

"Think about it, Mac. She likes you. She thinks you have a hot bod—for a guy. You like her. She is beyond sexy. She is definitely not looking for a relationship with you. It'll be perfect."

"But, what about you?"

"Mac, remember the time in your bed you let me satisfy my curiosity about the male anatomy."

I smile and nod.

"Well, now I would be able to see what a guy looks like when he cums."

Sam grins widely as she looks into my eyes.

I bend over and kiss her forehead.

"Sam, I love you. You are just so there. So open. Crystal is lucky to have you. I would never do anything to jeopardize that. I appreciate how much you are putting on the line, but I cannot accept."

Sam kisses me and hugs me tight.

"Mac," she whispers in my ear, "I'd do anything for you. I'd fuck you if I thought it would help."

I squeeze her back.

"I believe you. But, I'm afraid I'd get stabbed by one of your piercings."

We both laugh.

I take Sam out for dinner and Crystal joins us. I admit looking at the two of them and imaging them naked crawling all over me does hit some buttons. But, I will just keep that in my fantasy file. I pray I do not have to retrieve it.

My talk with Sam has helped clear my mind a bit. I can't put my life on hold while I mope about. I remember my conversation with Jocelyn. I understand that Mim never asked me to wait for her or to make more out of our relationship than it was. I am still pissed and hurt, but I think I need to get what I have of a life back on track.

I go back into work and start making things right there. I cleaned up the mess and caught up on all my billing and paperwork.

Charlie keeps eyeing me carefully and I know I have to say something.

I call him into the office.

"Charlie, I know you spoke with Sam."

"Mac, look I'm sorry. It's just that you were acting so strange. And, the business was starting to hurt because of it. I need to work, Mac. Plus, I hated to see you that way."

I nod and say. "Charlie, I think you know that I don't like people talking about me and my business."

"Yeah, but I was worried."

I stare at him until he can't hold my gaze.

He can't see my smile as I add. "Well, I guess it's ok. Sam told me she put your nuts in a vise and made you talk."

He looks up warily.

"Well, that might be a slight exaggeration," he says, "but I think she woulda done it."

We laugh and shake hands.

A few weeks later on a Friday, a Volvo pulls up in front. The office door opens and Jennifer Condron enters.

"Hey, Mac."

"Hi, Jennifer. What's up?"

"My husband thinks there's something the matter with my front end. Can you take a look and can check it out."

I wonder if she purposely offered up the double meaning.

I call for Charlie and he takes her keys and pulls it inside.

"We'll take a look. Might take a bit. Can I drop you somewhere?"

"Thanks. Can you take me to Caroline's? She can bring me back later."

We climb into my truck. I know where Caroline lives and we head off.

"So, Mac, how are things with you?"

"You know, the same old. How about you?"

Jennifer turns toward me in the cab. "How about me what?"

There it is. I know that we can go either of two ways from this point. One way is that I play dumb and we talk about the weather or some shit. The other is a dangerous route.

I decide. "Like are you and Caroline still having fun together?"

I could swear I hear Jennifer purr.

"Oh, yeah. And, Mac, that offer is still open."


"Don't be coy, Mac. It really doesn't become you. But, just to be sure we are communicating. The offer is you, Caroline and I get together and collectively fuck each other's brains out. Clear enough?"

Jennifer spreads her legs and rubs her hand along the crotch of her tight jeans.

"Crystal clear. Is Barney away again?"

"For another week. I have the kids to deal with, but our housekeeper can watch them for an evening and manage for a short time."

"And, Caroline?"

"Malcolm is with Barney. Her kids are away at boarding school."

"So, would you guys like to come over for a drink, or something?"

"Definitely 'or something'", she says.


"If you think my car might be ready by the end of the day, then Caroline and I can come over after she drops me back at the garage."


"No reason to wait," she says as she rubs her breast through her shirt, "is there?"

"Actually, none than I can think of."

"Splendid. See you around 6:30?"

"I'll have the wine chilling."

"Make it Tequila. I love drinking shots off Caroline's pussy." She looks at me and says, "and I imagine off your cock as well."

"I admire your subtlety, Jen."

"I'm never subtle about sex, Mac."

I recall how she flashed her fantastic tits at me.

"Yeah, I'm getting that understanding."

I pull into Caroline's driveway.

"Sure it will be ok with her?"

"Mac, Caroline is a slave to my pussy. She will do whatever I tell her to. Besides, she has talked about your cock a lot."

I have nothing to say at that point.

Jennifer gets out and walks around the front of my truck. She comes back to my window and I lower it.

"Oh, yeah, one other thing, Mac."

I nod.

"My sister is visiting. She has become quite engaged in the little fun Caroline and I have. I think we just may have to drag her along. Toodles."

I watch her tight ass sway up the stairs and disappear into her friend's house.

I drive back to the garage wondering what I just got myself into. The erection pushing hard against my overalls answers the question.

Charlie discovered a bent wheel and replaces it. The car runs smooth and he is checking out some of the other systems. I tell him to call Jennifer when the car is ready.

I leave early. I stop at the liquor store and pick up a couple bottles of Tequila. Arriving home, I shower and dress in jeans and a light cotton sweater. I leave off the underwear. "Why bother?" I say to myself.

I fortify myself with a couple of shots and pace back and forth in my living room.

I hear cars turning into my drive. Soon, the doorbell rings.

I open to admit Jennifer, Caroline and a younger version of Jennifer.

"Mac, this is Shelly."

I shake hands with a shorter, skinnier version of her sister. She looks way younger.

"We call her "oops". She's twelve years younger than I am. We guess mom thought she couldn't get pregnant again, but she was wrong. Shelly finished at Smith last year and is now working part-time at Daddy's law firm. She plans to go to law school next year. This year has been dedicated to having fun. Right, Sweetie?"

Shelly smiles. Jennifer kisses her on the lips. Next, Caroline moves in and kisses the young girl. They stand facing me with their arms around each other's waists.

"Yeah, I like having fun," Shelly says.

"I see," I say. "But, sisters?"

"Oh, we don't fuck each other, Mac. That would be too weird. I like to watch her and Caroline fuck. Tonight, I think I will really enjoy seeing the two of you fuck. It's all just a lot of fun."

"How about a drink?" I offer.

The nod and I pour three shots and freshen up mine. I had previously laid out a tray with lime slices and a big salt shaker.

The three women sit on the couch, casually running their hands over each other.

I'm sitting across from them.

"Mac, I told you I'm not subtle. So, would you mind standing and stripping. Shelly is just dying to see that cock."

Jennifer is taking control. Normally, I want to be in control, but something inside is telling me to just go with it.

Placing my glass on the coffee table, I stand. I kick off my slippers and then slowly pull my sweater over my head.

The women stare at my naked chest.

"So strong looking," murmurs Caroline. "Malcolm looks like the fucking Pillsbury Dough Boy."

They laugh, then Jennifer says, "That's the last we want to hear of Malcolm or Barney. This night is for us. Ok?"

Caroline agrees as she spreads her legs and rubs between her thighs over the cotton material of her Capri pants.

I undo my belt and unsnap my jeans. Pausing I reach to take a sip of Tequila. I place the glass down and teasingly pull down my zipper. My pubic hair springs out.

"Wow, no underwear," says Shelly, who is also rubbing her hand under her skirt.

I turn my back to them and ease my jeans off my hips, past my ass and drop them to the floor.

"Perfect," says Caroline.

"Turn around, Mac," says Jennifer in a hoarse whisper.

Slowly I turn and face them.

I am not hard, but my dick is flush with blood. I wiggle my hips and my dick swings back and forth.

"I want that in my mouth," says Caroline.

"Tops off first, ladies," I say, taking back some control.

Jennifer eyes me, knowing we have begun a tug-of-war.

"No, first stroke that cock, Mac," she commands.

"I need some skin first." I swing it back and forth some more. It is heavy enough to slap against my thighs.

"Oh, fuck it, Jennifer," says Caroline. She pulls her top off. Her small breasts are behind the thin fabric of a bra. I can clearly see her nipples.

She doesn't bother to unhook her bra, but just pulls it over her head. Her breasts are small mounds on her chest and barely move. She has tiny areolas and nipples that now stand out nearly an inch. They are dark, dark red.

"Play with your nipples, Caroline," I say.

She starts tweaking the twin hard buds.

I point at Shelly.

"No," says Jennifer. "Stroke it, Mac."

It's been a long time since I beat off for a woman. I slide my hand along my shaft from base to tip. I lift it to point toward the three women. I move my hand back.

"I need some moisture," I say.

"Spit on it," counters Jennifer.

I shake my head.

"Shelly, lick my dick."

"No way," says Jennifer.

"Fuck you, Jenny," shouts her sister.

She leans across the coffee table and licks my cock from top to bottom. I hold it for her and she licks all around the tip. I push it against her lips and she opens her mouth. I am inside her mouth. Slowly she sucks and licks me.

"I think it's wet enough, Mac. Make it hard," orders Jennifer.

I pull out quickly, making a popping sound as it escapes Shelly's lips.

I am at half-mast and with a few strokes bring it to full hardness. "Now, bring it to me," Jennifer commands.

I shake my head. "I want more tits."

Jennifer starts to unbutton her blouse. Her sister quickly pulls her shirt over her head. Her breasts strain against the light blue bra she wears.

"Caroline, take Shelly's bra off."

Caroline reaches behind the young girl and unhooks the clasp. She pulls the bra forward exposing the white mounds topped with large areolas and erect nipples. She runs her fingers over Shelly's breasts, teasing the nipples to even further hardness.

I shift my gaze to Jennifer. She has unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it off. She slips one strap of her bra, then the other off her shoulders. Reaching behind she undoes it and slowly lets it fall away.

I stare at her breasts. In spite of the awkward situation at the formal dance at the Academy, I could not completely erase the memory of those breasts. Jennifer plays with them, rubbing her hands over her breasts and tweaking her nipples.

"Ok, Mac. Stroke it."

I begin to move my hand up and down my erection. In a minute some pre-cum appears and I use it to lubricate my shaft. I know I should feel uncomfortable beating off in front of three women. The sight of their naked breasts eases any discomfort.

Soon, I can feel the familiar tingle building.

"Do you really want me to just cum like this?"

Jennifer is staring and pulling hard on her nipples.

"I want you to cum now," she says. "I figure you will last longer after that."

"Whatever," I respond and stroke faster.

"Oh, don't waste it," cries Caroline. She quickly moves from the couch and kneels in front of me. Her doe eyes look up and she opens her mouth.

I guide my tip to her lips. She pushes my hand off my cock and takes me inside.

She licks and sucks me. I feel my tip touching the back of her throat. Her eyes widen and start to water. She pauses and then takes me down her throat.

I groan with the sensation and begin to slowly fuck her mouth. She moves her hands to my balls and massages them.

Taking her head in my hands, I aggressively start moving in and out. Caroline is making guttural sound and keeps sucking.

I am at the point of no return and thrust back deeply into her mouth. I shoot and she gags. Caroline then controls herself and swallows.

"Let me see him cum," says Shelly.

I shoot another string into Caroline and pull back. Two more lines of cum erupt. One covers Caroline's face and the other dribbles down to her tits.

I am sweating. The women look at my still hard cock and lick their lips.

Shelly moves to Caroline and cleans my stuff from her breasts, sucking each tiny nipple into her mouth. Jennifer has now joined her and uses her tongue to clean off her friend's face. They then exchange the remaining amount by pushing their tongues back and forth into each other's mouth.

The women sit on the floor with their backs to the couch and look at me.

"Well, that was a yummy start," offers Jennifer.

The others nod.

I grab the Tequila bottle and announce we all need another. They reach for their glasses, but I shake my head.

I bend over and suck Caroline's right nipple. Once it's wet I pour some salt around her areola. I stand over Caroline and hold the bottle over her small breast.

"This is yours, Shelly."

I start to dribble some onto Caroline's breast and Shelly moves her mouth to capture it as it runs down. She finishes by taking Caroline's nipple in her teeth and pulling it out, cleansing it of salt and finishing by sucking a lime.

I repeat the process using Shelly's breast. Caroline laps up the liquor and lavishes attention on the young woman's breast.

I move in front of Jennifer. She looks me in the eye.

"Please get on your knees?" I ask gently. I know if I command her, she may refuse.

Slowly she rises. My erection bobs in front of her face. I step forward and touch my tip to her lips. She hesitates, then smiles and opens her lips.

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