Sex In A Car


She's outside watching the leaves change colors and fall down. It's autumn, her favorite time of the year. She's so drawn in with nature she doesn't hear him come outside. It startles her when he sits beside her on the steps.

"Hey baby.", he says.

"Hey back.", she says as she looks over at him.

"What are you doing?"

"Watching nature, you know me. But, I wanna go for a drive. Take me?"

"Sure. Where you want to go?"

"Park. Lower level."

"Why not just walk, it's close enough?"

"The park is, yes, but the lower level is not that close. Besides, I want a ride."

"Okay, baby."

"Go inside, get a blanket, and I'll meet you in the car."

He goes in and gets what she requested when he comes back outside she's already in the car, waiting. He's wondering what she's up to, but knows that whatever it is, it'll be fun! He walks to his car, gets in, looks at her and she's smiling. This is good, this is very good.

"So, park. Lower level?"


He starts his car and puts it in drive and away they go. Reaching the stop sign they turn left. They reach the park and turn right. Following the road.

"See that tree with the stop sign?"


"Turn left there, follow that road down, make a right, following that road all the way. Watch it though, you can't see other cars and they can't see you. So drive slow and becareful. When you get up a hill, there will be a sign that'll state the parks name, go down that road, it'll be on the right."

"Okay.", was his reply and follows her directions. He is still wondering what she's up to.

A few minutes later, they reach their destination. Pulling up to the picnic area, he parks his car, turning it off. She's halfway out the door before he even turns it off.

He's still in the car, watching her walk to the picnic tables right in front of him giving him a great view of her ass in the process. She turns around, looks at him, and smiles. He finally gets out of the car, disappointed she didn't bend over in front of him. She has that habit, something must be on her mind and he's going to find out exactly what that is.

He walks over to her and they sit on the picnic tables. She pulls a cigarette out, lights it, inhales then exhales. Looking around the park, he notices it's just them. Curious now, he waits until she's ready to talk. Having never pushed her before he isn't about to start now.

What seems to be an eternity in silence later, her cigarette halfway gone, she looks at him, smiles, and starts talking. Which is like music to his ears. He waits, patiently. Very patiently.

"I want to try something with you. You might not be up for it, but I still want to try."

Ever curious now, he looks at her and asks, "What's that?"

"Sex magic."


"Yes. You know i'm Pagan. I practice magic. And sex magic is not harmful. I promise."

"I don't know, baby. That's not really my thing, it's yours but not mine."

"I know this, that's why I said what I said."

"I still don't know. What does it entail? What do I have to do?"

"Sex and magic. You fuck me. It's magic that'll bring two people closer. The orgasms are stronger and you'll be able to feel them in your bones, in your blood."

"I really don't know about the feeling in my bones or blood. But, fucking you and having stronger orgasms, i'm down with."

"I didn't think you would. It was just an idea. Something different. Then, just fuck me!"


"Yes, here. We're alone. It's daylight. They are either at work or school. Noone but lovers come down here anyway. We're lovers."

"I don't know..."

"Are you chicken?"

"No, but I do like my privacy."

"I know, but how much more private can you get then here, other than in a hotel room or my bedroom that you like sleeping in? For me, will you do this for me, just once? We can even do it in your car, if that helps."

She hops off the table, the rest of her cigarette smoked itself, so she throws it in the trash. She starts walking over to his car. He's staying put, maybe she's bluffing. She opens the back door, turning to face him she lifts her shirt up over her head. Her more than handful breasts, waiting to be grabbed, her nipples are hard. He's tempted now, but hoping she's bluffing.

She hooks her thumbs in the waistband of her pants and slowly slides them down off her hips, down her legs, balancing herself by holding onto the car she kicks off one shoe, taking that pant leg off, then does the same with her other shoe and leg. She's standing there naked. She turns around and bends over. He quickly glances around, making SURE they ARE alone, they are.

He quickly hops off the table and runs over to her. He grabs her, pushing her into the backseat of his car. She slides in, her pussy visible for a second before she turns around on her knees, waiting for him to get in. He slides in and quickly undoes his pants, pulling them down. He is rock hard, she bends over and takes that cock of his and shoves it in her mouth. Wet and hot. Sucking and licking. Hard and fast. Slow and hard.

Neither one of them can take much more. Her pussy is throbbing and his cock is just too good to go to waste. Screw foreplay at this very moment. She straddles him, plunging him all the way inside her. She's soaking wet and so hot. The door is still open, he reaches over and closes it. Ever the private person, but she admires him for it nonetheless.

His hands now on her hips, one nipple in his mouth. She presses up against him as she rides him hard! Both are moaning.

"God, I love the way you feel inside of me! So fucking full!"

"Mmm, me too."

Harder and faster she rides him. She grinds into him before slowing down. She kisses him, slowly before pounding him inside her just as hard as she was if not harder and faster than before. Gyrating her hips, her clit rubbing in just the right spot, she can't help it, she cums. Drenching him. He is close behind her, pushing her hips into him, he fills her full.

She backs away from him. Watching him. His eyes are closed and he's breathing heavily.

"Was that fun?"

He nods in response before opening up his eyes to look back at her. She dismounts and feels cum sliding down her thighs. He pulls his pants back up with a struggle, she giggles. He opens the door and gets out. She gets out and redresses in silence, quite content.

Walking back to the table, she sits back on it, he's close behind her. She lights another cigarette, but this time she smokes it all.

They stay here for awhile, enjoying each others company before returning back to her house. Once there they just hang out outside until either one gets hungry.

~The End~

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