Sex in Seattle


I ordered my drink at the bar as Kay explained that she would be taking home the guy that we had been dancing with all night. She handed me the keys to her Tahoe and said she would have him drive her. I was left standing alone shaking my head. "Fuck."


I turned to the guy next to me. Hot! How did I miss seeing this well dressed man with the expensive shoes and the graying temples earlier? In a club full of mostly frat boys wearing Timberlands, jeans and button downs with the tails hanging out this distinguished gentleman should have been on my radar. No worries, he was now.

"Not really. I just got dumped for the night by my girlfriend and I thought the guy she is leaving with was mine for the taking. Reality check I suppose."

He laughed, "Tough on the ego eh?"

"No kidding. This doesn't seem like your kind of place. Where's your date?"

I caught him looking at my cleavage. Good, that's why it was exposed.

"No date. I met some friends here. You were dancing with them earlier."

"Oh? Which ones?"

He pointed at a couple of men. "They are with the Barbie twins."

Ah, the guys that couldn't dance. I remembered them.

"You could easily have both of those girls if you wanted them. Your friends can't hold a candle to you."

He laughed. "Thank you but they aren't my type."

"What is your type?"

He turned back to bar and leaned his elbows on it while holding his drink with both hands. I watched his profile and then he turned his head to me.

"Plump little dark haired pigeons with deep cleavage and fat bottoms."

Jeez! I was stunned. It isn't often a man is so blunt. Did he mean me? Plump?! Fat bottom?! I felt hot and alarmed at the same time.

"Well then, maybe I'll see you around." I wanted to stay but he kind of spooked me.

He chuckled, "Maybe so."

I made my way to the dance floor just as Kay and "our" guy were exiting it.

"You leaving?"

"Yeah, sorry, talk to you tomorrow."

I hate when she does that. I couldn't even get drunk since I had to drive her Tahoe back to her house for her. I should have made her take me home. Too late.

I danced some more but when I saw the distinguished man with a penchant for fat birds leave I felt a pang of regret. He didn't even try to pursue me. It just wasn't my night. Time to go home.

Kay had parked the Tahoe under the overpass. She always parks there for a quick exit. Everyone would park there for the same reason except it isn't well lit and kind of scary at night. Great. I had to make a run for it. I spook easy.

I was walking fast when I saw a car door open. The dome light lit up the night and I saw it was the distinguished man. I felt some relief. I had talked to this man. He was gorgeous. Even though he was a bit freaky I wasn't scared now. I slowed my pace and he nodded to me.

"We meet again."

"You leaving?" He asked.

"Yes, no fun hanging out at a dance club by yourself."

"I thought maybe I had scared you off."

I walked toward him. "Well, no woman wants to hear that she is plump and has a fat bottom."

He smiled, "Even when it makes the man's cock hard to think of it?"

I couldn't help but look at his crotch. Was it hard? Perhaps. I was feeling a wetness and tingling between my plump thighs.

He lit a cigarette and leaned against his car. "You smoke?"

"No thank you."

"Where you headed?"

"To the over pass. That is where I am parked."

"Let me walk you."

I knew he was a gentleman. We walked in silence for a minute or so.

"Maybe next time Kay and I are here we can dance."

"I don't dance."

Great. "Well, you can buy me a drink then."

We were at the Tahoe. I unlocked it with the remote. When I reached the door I turned to him. "Thank you for walking me."

He stood close to me. Very close. It made me nervous and excited. He leaned in to whisper, "I really do find you sexy. I wanted to fuck you up against the bar."

"Oh", I squeaked. "You think anyone else would have minded?"

"I watched you dancing. Your short skirt would lift when you twirled. Either you are wearing a thong or no panties."

"I hate thongs."

"I love your boots. I imagined having you bent over wearing nothing but your boots as I spanked your ass with my bare hand."

He traced my cleavage and told me to unbuckle his belt.

I did it. I don't know why but I was compelled to obey him.

Without waiting to be told I unbuttoned and unzipped him as well.

"Turn and face the rig."

He had me spread my legs and lift my ass high. As he held my hands above my head with one hand he explored my bare ass with the other. I desperately wanted him to spank me.

He let one of my hands fall. "Lift your skirt for me. I want to see your ass."

The first smack was startling and I yelped.

"Quiet. We don't want to get caught."

He slapped my ass hard on both cheeks. I had to bite my bottom lip to keep from crying out.

He told me how beautiful my ass looked with his hand prints outlined in red. He caressed the cheeks and then delivered many stinging slaps to my ass and thighs. I was squirming and moaning.

I felt his fingers enter my very wet pussy. I began pushing back on to them trying to fuck his hand.

"Yes, I am going to fuck you now. I want you to hold this position."

I heard the condom wrapper open. When he entered me I was near collapse but I held the position.

He fucked me fast and then slow. He talked dirty to me and slapped my ass. He pulled my hair and I was soon gushing. The juice was spattering all over us as he slammed into me. Every up stroke lifted my booted feet off the ground.

He came with a hard, deep and painful thrust. I gasped and he groaned.

As he pulled out he caressed my fat red bottom and told me again how much he enjoyed it. He adjusted himself then smoothed my skirt down. I leaned back against him and he opened the door. He helped me in and buckled me into the seat.

Without another word he shut the door and began walking back to his own car. I started the Tahoe and watched him in the rear view mirror. He didn't look back but gave a little finger wave to acknowledge me looking at him.

I smiled as I drove away. I was just publicly spanked and fucked on a Seattle street by a stranger. We didn't even exchange names.

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