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Hi everybody I am priya from pune. Few thing's about me I am 5'4" tall, fair, black hair, 32-26-32 my figure and 26 year old. I am happily married and enjoy all the way with my loving husband. This is a story about how a stranger fucked me in a change room of big clothes store in pune. By the way I am housewife as my husband earn enough I don't need to work.

That day I went for shopping for some new bras as my all old one's got little tight, and I was not feeling comfortable in them. As tight bra creates mark's around my body below my boob's. In that shop there is a total hosiery department for all lady's and gent's.

When I was selecting my bras and panty and bra set, one handsome guy of around 30 or 32 was continuously staring at me and my selection, I was liking his attention and gazing on me when I was looking at one particular lacy set he made a sign with his hand that its beautiful. I am not against little flirting so I did not mind his gesture and continued with my shopping. Usually I don't need to try for bra when I buy, but as it was different this time I thought to try out first as my new bra fits me properly or not. Otherwise I will be in need to get it changed and coming back from home and travelling hassle in traffic is a nightmare.

I asked the girl on a counter for change room and she pointed me towards corner for change room as I was also buying a set of bra and panty I thought to look at them as it was nice and lacy and my husband likes its to much. When I entered inside the change room and closed the door behind me. I did not see the other two door one which was for gents and other for ladies actually that two is the change room and this was just a corridor to the change room. I did not noticed that and I started taking of my shalwar and kameez { shalwar and kameez its Indian dress which is like a long top (kameez) and a baggy pant ( shalwar ) }. When I got totally nude after taking off even my bra and panty. All of a sudden I heard a noise of door opening behind me, I was shocked and turned back to see and got dumb. That same handsome guy was right in front of me and pointing me towards the doors indicating the change room. I picked up clothes which were hanging on wall and tried to cover my nude body and started walking towards ladies change room but it was occupied by someone so the guy pointed me to gents room but I was reluctant to go inside then I decided to go inside as I was really in humiliating and embarrassing situation.

When I was about to close the door of gents change room that guy suddenly tried to pull the door and entered inside the room and muffled me and took me in his arm and dropped all my clothes from my hand. "He told me not to scream", and then in a low voice "look lady you will do as I say, because you are in such situation where you don't have any option other then to submit yourself to me, you are in gents change room all nude and with man if you will scream you will loose your reputation (Those who are aware of Indian social condition of women understands this point.). He then told me his name is Ketan.

Then he took off his hand from my mouth and I did not said a single word and he started feeling my boobs this was the first time in my life when someone else then my husband was touching me on my nude body. To my amazement I was getting turned on by his touch. Change room was not that big may be around 7' long and 5' wide.

He started touching me all over the body and now was sucking on my nipple His hands roaming on my back and teasing my bottom. Arms pulling my pelvis to him. I felt his hardness through his jeans. Ketan's lips nibbled down my neck and shoulders, teasingly nipping at my ears tongue tickling as he went. "His hands caressing my nipples feeling them" I feel them swell for his fingers as he rubbed and stroked.

Ketan then put his hand on my smooth shaved pussy and forced me to spread my legs little he then pushed his finger into my hole I was so ashamed and embarrassed at that moment I told ketan to do whatever he wants faster as I was afraid what if someone comes in as he was very slowly working on me as if we were in a bedroom. He told me to keep quite, I was now getting wet due to his finger fucking, he lowered himself to the floor and started licking my pussy, after spreading my outer lips he started pushing his tongue in my hole. I was getting so excited "I can't describe you," it was against my wish he was using me against my will and still, I was enjoying his advances on my body.

His kissing and lapping become faster on my pussy I was so excited I was getting weaker on my feet, I leaned ahead and placed my hands on his shoulder and he kept on licking my pussy furiously. As if he was thirsty for all my juice since years. I started coming like a waterfall, I could feel my juices flowing from inside I was dripping as if I was peeing from my fuck hole, he kept lapping me. I was now unable to stand on my feet, I told Ketan "I cant stand now let me lie on floor," he helped me to lie on floor I felt the cold flooring of change room on my back and that made a new wave of orgasm in my body he resumed his licking of my pussy as soon as I laid. I was in the world of dream my moaning get louder he took my panty and stuffed it in my mouth and told me not moan loud or someone might get suspected. He kept feeling my nipples with his hand and his licking and very soon I blasted in a biggest climax of my lifetime.

He started taking off his clothes as I regained myself to the real world. I was looking at him and was thinking about the inevitable fuck of my life. He asked me to get on my knees and asked me to suck his dick. I told him no as I have never sucked even my husbands cock. He bends himself and pulled me up taking my hand in his hand, he was really a strong man and forced his cock in my mouth. He holds my head in his hand and started fucking my mouth slowly. I was feeling helpless at first but slowly I started enjoying his slow thrust in my mouth and unmindfully I started sucking him he let go my head free and I sucked him faster feeling his balls with my hand. I could feel his excitement on his cock in my mouth it was throbbing in my mouth. As I had started enjoying cock sucking. I thought to give him favour for "licking my pussy and giving me the best climax of my life." So sucked his dick with new exhilaration I was feeling on the top of the world I was fingering myself and kept sucking him twirling my tongue around his dick as it goes in and out of my mouth.

Ketan told me he is getting best blow job of his life and thanked me. As he neared to his orgasm he told me if I mind taking his cum in my mouth. I just moaned and kept sucking him he started cumming in my mouth. It was the first time in my life when someone was cumming in my mouth taste of his cum was not that bad. I started gulping as he kept cumming stream after stream it was dripping out from the side of my lips and on to my boobs at last he stopped cumming. I licked his cock clean he made me stand up and kissed me on my lips it was a mixture of love juice my cum his cum and our saliva I was enjoying this moment with a stranger that was more thrilling. We both were touching each others private while kissing I was tugging and twisting his cock lightly and he was touching my clit and outer lips. I was feeling like I was in the heaven of sex with a handsome of my dream. His cock came to life again it was getting hard with my gentle touch it was throbbing towards new life.

Ketan made me lie on the floor once again, and started caressing my whole body. I told him to do it fast, as I was worried someone might come in to check for us as we were inside for more then 30 minutes. I was thinking of the counter salesgirl she might suspect and come into check for me. But Ketan was a real stubborn he was not showing any hurry and was taking his time with my body. Even today after 2 months I am not able to understand why I handed him myself in that way.

Again he started kissing my nipples pressing my boobs kissing my navel and lowering himself down on my body he was caressing my thigh my inner thighs kissing all over my leg and pussy. My body and pussy once again was on fire. He was raising strange thirst in my body for his cock. I was really vulnerable at that time I was in such condition I would have not even minded fucking him even if salesgirl will come.

Slowly he got between my legs. He spread my legs which were now touching both the walls of change room, and suddenly he slapped my pussy really hard the sensation and tingling of slap itself gave me a big orgasm. I was writhing with that orgasm once again my moaning got louder and he stuffed my panty in my mouth I was tasting my own panty in my mouth. When I was in seventh haven he suddenly thrust his 6" cock into me mercilessly though I was really wet but his thick cock made me gasp for air. He started thrusting his cock in and out of my pussy I wrapped my leg on his back I myself started whirling my ass and gave him thrust back I was sure he also enjoyed my support to him in fucking.

The moment of our mutual sexual climax was now coming nearer Ketan asked me am I ready to cum and I just gave a moan and he started thrusting faster and faster he was now fucking me like a wild animal with wild passion, my orgasm started building finally. This time I myself stuffed my panty in my mouth. I was sure without something in my mouth I will scream wildly in orgasm and he also started cumming in me spurt after spurt and he just kept fucking me wild even when he was cumming. Then slowly our orgasm subsided we came to all senses after 10 minutes. It was a wonderful experience he got up and asked me to clean his dick by sucking. I was more then eager to do him favour for such a wild ride he gave me. I once again sucked his cock clean when I got up all his cum plopped to floor from my pussy whole change room was smelling with our sex and this cum puddle was its topping. Ketan cleaned that puddle with my panty and put that panty in his pocket and "with smile told me souvenir of our fuck for me."

He told me to wear the new one which I brought to check in change room we both got dressed and he got out first to check if someone was in corridor or not there was no one so he called me out.

When I reached the counter the salesgirl gave me a wicked smile and told me you both took so long to check the size in change room. Ketan then came near me and asked salesgirl to pack all the bra and panty I had selected and add the bill with his purchase and pack in different bag. Ketan holds my hand tight and with low voice told me not to say anything. He took his bag handed mine to me. Ketan paid the bill and left before even I can Thank him for a wonderful fuck he gave me.

That night I surprised my husband with a blowjob he will always remember in life he was astonished by sudden change in me but didnt suspected anything. Thanks Ketan if you are reading this for changing my sexual life and making me more better for my hubby.

I am getting very less feedback plzzz spare few minutes your valuable suggestion's and brickbats are most valuable for me.

Any unsatisfied aunties, bhabies, girls & ladies, in Gujarat specially Surat and nearby are free to contact me at my e-mail addresses given below for safe and confidential sex & I am always eagerly ready to satisfy you.

Anyone can mail me at the link below your affair with me will be strictly confidential & full of pleasure. You girls can also talk to me about sex, sexy mails.

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