tagLoving WivesSex, Lies, and Confusion Ch. 01

Sex, Lies, and Confusion Ch. 01

byThe Wanderer©

Chapter 1: Discovery

"I'm going to bed darling, are you coming?"

This was a new phenomenon; I'd been siting there waiting for her to ask! Catlin my wife of twelve years, inviting me to join her in bed on a Tuesday evening. This had been the third Tuesday in a row.

Now I'm not thick, alarm bells were ringing in my head. Catlin wanted me to join her in bed and have sex on a weeknight. Sex on a weeknight had been off the menu as far as Cait was concerned since she started back too work after having the kids.

Now I wondered what was making her so Horny on Tuesday evenings. No, come to think of it for the last few weeks she had insisted that we have intercourse on Wednesday mornings as well. It appeared to me that Caitlin was making sure she was well fucked before she went to work on Wednesdays and I was wondering why.

I joined her in bed and we made love, just as we used to when we were first married. Cait was apparently insatiable and I was totally knackered before she finally let me fall asleep.

Then Caitlin sucking on my penis awakened me in the morning and we made love twice more before she got up.

I lay in bed pretending to doze and watched her morning ritual. I noted that she didn't shower before she dressed, She went into the bathroom and made all the right noises and ran the shower. But I had been studying her morning routine for the last week or so, she just wasn't in the bathroom long enough to have her usual shower.

She had chosen different under clothes as well, a sexier bra and a thong. God, I had trouble persuading her to wear a thong for me, today she was wearing one to go to bloody work.

For the last couple of weeks I had been watching the changes in her. Today I was going to find out what was going on. I feared that she was having an affair and as I had watched her all day yesterday and nothing had happened. Today Wednesday had to be the day.

I got up and dressed then went down to join Cait and the children for breakfast. Cait came over and kissed me as usual.

"Morning lover, could you pick up the children from school today, I've got a lot on at work on and might be little late tonight?"

Dam if she goes and meets some guy after work I'll be stuck with the kids and won't be able to watch her. (Brain into high gear).

"I'm sorry babe, I've got a late meeting myself, I could well get hung up!"

"Oh, that's OK, I'll get my mother to pick them up."

I hurried my breakfast and rushed out of the house, I was meeting a colleague early to exchange cars, so I could follow Caitlin without her spotting me. Reg. was waiting at the end of my road and we did the exchange. I drove around the block and parked were I could see the house.

Reg's wife had an affair last year and he had borrowed my car to follow her now he was returning the favour. He had also lent me a load of surveillance stuff but except for the radio transmitter in Cait's car I hadn't used any of it yet.

Eight fifteen Caitlin came out with the children and drove them to school. Having dropped them off she went on to work. Cait works in a travel agent's and I sat in a café just over the road from where I could see her most of the time. Nothing happened all morning and I drank copious amounts of coffee.

Then just after twelve Caitlin an hour early than usual came out as if she was going to lunch. She got her car and drove out of town I followed as she drove to the Motorlodge on the bypass. I stopped out on the road and watched as she made a phone call then she got out of her car and went inside. I gave her a few minutes then followed her.

Luck now played in my favour, I recognised the girl on reception. She was the girlfriend of one of my golfing friend's son's. I chatted to her to remind her whom I was then checked that Caitlin had joined who I thought she had, in the room. I'd spotted his car parked out front, then I returned to my car to wait and see how long this illicit liaison was going to last.

One-thirty he came out, a big smile on his face, a few minutes later Caitlin followed. I got the feeling she was not looking as happy as you would expect her to be, considering she had just had an orgy with her lover. When you have been married as long as I have to Caitlin, I could tell, her body language told me she was not in a very good mood. Cait got into her car and drove away.

I went back into reception and persuaded the girl to go through the records. Caitlin and her lover had been meeting there for the last four Wednesday's and the man had already booked for next week. Apparently Caitlin had paid for the room in cash; the girl told me that had been the procedure for the last few weeks.

I left and drove to my office were I collected my own car, then I went home. Leaving my car in the drive I walked the pub down the road and spent the rest of the afternoon trying to think what I was going to do about Caitlin and him.

I was also having some difficulty working out why I was so calm about this. My wife, the love of my life was having an affair with someone I always considered to be a good friend. He was one of my own crowd, someone I had gone to school with. Dam it, I'm godfather to two of his bloody kids, and now the arse-hole is shagging my wife.

But what was I going to do? Divorce her? Well, I love her, what was I going to do without her?

Come to that, did she love me? She was always telling me she did! But did she?

Would she be shagging Tony Marsh if she loved me? I don't think so!

Was Caitlin looking for a way out of our marriage? She always seamed happy enough.

But if she was happy with our marriage, why was she shagging Tony? God my mind was going in circles.

Before I knew it, The time was nine-thirty and I was well pissed. I staggered back home to be met by a rather annoyed Caitlin.

"Where the hell have you been? I've been worried sick!" Cait demanded.

"I've had a shit day at the office and went for a drink to settle myself down. But I think I've overdone it a bit, I'm going to bed. I'll see you in the morning."

Caitlin looked at me, I could almost feel her mind working.

"What happened at the office to upset you so much?"

"Look don't worry about it babe, it'll all come out in the wash. It's just, Oh you know, things get me down sometimes."

"OK darling, but I wish you had told me you were down the pub. I wouldn't have worried then."

"Next time I'll tell you, alright."

I went to bed. But sleep didn't come easily. If I closed my eyes, my mind conjured up pictures of Caitlin with Tony that swirled through my drunken haze. If I opened my eyes the room began to slowly tilt to the right. Shit, I hate getting pissed!

In the morning Caitlin brought me a coffee and the inevitable Aspirins.

"How's your head this morning? Darling, you certainly tied one on yesterday and you've have had a really disturbed night. I had to go sleep in the spare room. Are you going in to work today or shall I call them and say you're sick?"

"No, it's alright I'll call them, I've got some things I've got to organise."

I was glad Caitlin had woken me, had she called my work she would have found that I had the week off. She might then have realised I had some idea of what was going on between her and Tony. That would have put the kibosh on my plans for Saturday night. I'd decided I was going to take the pair of them by surprise.

The rest of the week every thing appeared normal. Caitlin was her normal loving self. Friday night was going to be a problem for me. Now knowing for sure that Cait was shagging Tony, I had no intention of playing second fiddle. Cait was not going compere my technique to Tony's any more.

I solved my dilemma by apparently getting drunk again. I could see that Cait was livid with me, but she uncharacteristically didn't say a word.

Saturday Cait took the children shopping then dropped them at her parent's place. The children were going to sleep over there as Cait and I were going out to a dinner party that night.

As soon as Cait and the children left the house, I was dashing around like a blue arsed fly, getting all my gear together. This was most likely the last day this would be my home. I'm a realist Caitlin would make a much better job of bringing up the kids than me. Christ, it's quite hard trying to make it look like nothings missing. If Cait spotted anything was amiss it could well give the game away and would spoil the fun I had planned for the evening.

Cait returned alone, and as always she played the part of the loving wife. As we got ready to go out to dinner, Cait did put a scare into me by hinting that, as I had been too inebriated to play the previous evening, we should indulge in a little Gymnastics before we went, but I somehow managed to talk her out of it.

At seven we left to go to Linda and Jim's house for diner.

End of part one.

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