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Sexxxmas Party


It all began when I swung by the front office. The ladies were talking about next week's Holiday party and what they were going to wear. This is where I interjected, "You know, this is the problem, you girls never dress for us guys, but only each other."

"We all know what YOU want!" they declared as they rolled their eyes.

I filed my job sheet and left before getting in more trouble.


(...a week later just before leaving for the party...)

I heard my girlfriend call out, "I'm ready" and turned as she rounded the corner. What I saw took my breath away. There was my girlfriend walking toward me dressed incredibly sexy. She had on three inch black high heels and sheer black stockings. As my eyes worked up her thighs they came to a black pleated skirt hanging off her hips accented by a gold belt around her narrow waist. A skintight white sweater caressed her chest, clearly defining her breasts and contoured her nipples. A gold necklace hung low, further directing ones attention to her ample breasts. Her dark flowing hair nicely framed her face and came to a rest on her shoulders, nicely balancing out her dark skirt and legs. She'd also done extra makeup and chosen sexy, dramatic colors. Dark eye-liner and eye-shadow made her eyes pop, luscious red lip-color with shiny gloss spoke of just one thing--which is when I realized I had already physically reacted and she was looking at me knowingly.

Without saying a word she stepped close to me, cupping her hand on my hard-on as she turned her head up for a kiss. I was still stunned but as she broke the kiss she laughingly asked, "Like what you see?"

That brought me back to my senses and I kissed her again, this time reaching around to hug her and caress her ass. As I moved the material over her butt, I found her tongue responsive to my kiss and realized she was hot to trot. I figured I had nothing to lose and pulled up the back of her skirt with my fingers as we kissed, baring her ass. That was when I got my next shock, she wasn't wearing any thong or underwear with that little skirt! I reached over and found garters holding up her stockings--wow!

As I was working on her, she'd been working on undoing my pants too. I quickly pulled them to my knees, moved my hands to her hips, spun her around and bent her over. She was already dripping wet, so I thrust right into her causing her to squeal.

With her hands on her stocking-clad knees, bent over at the waist, hair hanging around her face, skirt pushed up over her hips, I fucked her faster and faster as she squealed more and more then screamed, "Come in me now! I want to feel it during the party."

That drove me over the edge and she gasped as I pulled on her waist, thrust my hips and slammed into her as hard as I could, as fast as I could.

I could feel her internal muscles squeezing my cock and I came harder then usual. We both froze in that position as we caught our breath until I shrank a bit and pulled out of her. Now late for the party, I pulled up my pants and tucked in my shirt. She stood up letting everything fall back into place, straightened things out and checked herself in the mirror. Aside from a slight glow barely visible under her makeup, you'd never know what had just transpired. We kissed again and got in the car to leave.

On the way, she explained she'd called her girlfriend who works at my business to check on party plans. When she asked what to wear she got the shock of her life. She said all the women had talked and realized they were never willing to dress sexy because of the schoolgirl "slutty" perceptions each assumed the others would have. But they all were obviously sexually active adults and had decided to treat their boyfriends and husbands. So the rule was EVERYONE had to dress sexy for this year's Christmas party.

It occurred to me that I might be in for an enjoyable night, little did I know...

When we arrived we were directed downstairs to a separate party room. Upon entering my expectations were exceeded. Sure, the guys were in suits as expected, but all the ladies had really stepped it up. Nobody was hiding their assets at this party that's for sure! High heels made legs long and lean, and asses were shapely and encased in tight skirts. I wondered how many others had foregone underwear as my girlfriend had. For that matter how many had loads of cum in them as my girlfriend did? As I kept taking in the scene I noted that even the heavier women had joined in the fun. Rather than hiding in shapeless clothes, they all had embraced their best attributes, cleavage was prominent, round butts/hips displayed and hourglass figures abounded.

My girlfriend spotted her friend who called out, "Nice outfit, spin for us!" She held out her arms, stepped forward and spun, which caused her pleated skirt to rise and reveal her stocking tops and garters. I felt my pulse quicken again and noticed other guys were appreciating the view.

'Wow,' I thought to myself, 'this is every mans fantasy made real.' It was apparent too, as all the women were enjoying the attentions of the guys--not just the usual pretty faces. Office politics, usually so prevalent at such gatherings were completely gone, overwhelmed by the sexual vibes in the air.

We greeted everyone, ordered eggnog, wished happy holidays all around and made small talk. The obvious subject came up and we got the full story.

(It seems after I left the front office that day a week ago my comment had seeded further conversation...)


Sherri had mentioned there was an all lace dress in her closet her boyfriend always asked her to wear, but she never could because it would be perceived as "slutty".

"Yeah, like the black spandex dress I never should have bought," Suzy had declared.

The rest had chimed in talking over each other, "I have a ridiculously short plaid skirt...it's even red and green!" "A sheer black top from Victoria Secret..." "Some 4-inch hooker heels..."

They had burst out laughing at their ridiculous past purchases until it dawned on one, "You know, we EACH have things we would NEVER wear in front of one another the guys would LOVE...why not?"

"Why not what?" someone asked.

"Why not actually wear them? We ALL have them, we would normally ALL be embarrassed, but if we all agree together now..." she had trickled off quietly not sure how her initial enthusiasm would be received.

There was a "pregnant" pause as each woman mulled it over.

Then they realized, "Why not?"


So now all the guys were more than enjoying the rewards of that decision of the ladies. The girls were obviously enjoying it too.

Sherri's lace dress was incredible. It was red with short sleeves, a high neckline and came down mid-thigh. But there was no lining, you could see right through the lace and rather than putting on something demure underneath like a full slip, she was wearing a matching shiny black bra and panty set complete with garter-belt and sheer black stockings, which complemented her jet black hair. She finished the look with red heels which matched her nails and lipstick but contrasted vividly against her hair.

The black spandex dress Suzy was wearing was form-fitting on her hourglass body, with a back plunging so low you could tell she wasn't wearing any underwear at all--no thong, no bra. The front had built-in cups enhancing her breasts, with a plunging keyhole cutout revealing her cleavage. Her areolas were just peeking out on both sides...

Lauren almost looked like a schoolgirl at Christmas, her short red and green plaid skirt was paired with a sheer white top--a nude bra underneath kept everyone doing a double-take. Well, that and her long bare legs with lots of thigh.

Of course, as they are prone to do a few ladies hijacked my girlfriend and headed for the ladies room. Both restrooms were accessed from the same hallway. It occurred to me that was a good idea too, and enjoyed passing a couple making out in the hall on my way, although I didn't see any mistletoe hanging overhead!

A long while after my return I was wondering what happened to my girlfriend. You never know, someone can obviously take longer in the restroom, but this was unusual and all the other girls had come back. Finally I asked one, Heather, what had happened to her, "She's fine," she replied with a smile, "we'll send her right over when she's done." Reassured I went back to socializing.

Shortly, Heather interrupted, took me aside and said my girlfriend wanted to meet me in the hallway to the restrooms. I thanked her and headed over to find her waiting in the dim light. Curious I asked, "Everything okay?"

Instead of answering she reached out and kissed me deeply. She whispered huskily, "I love you, want to have some sexy fun?" I started to reach for her but she pulled away laughing, "I guess that's a yes, I've got a special treat", as she held out a blindfold, "willing?"

Silly question, I nodded and she put the blindfold on me, then surprised me by leading me into the ladies room. The next surprise was the handcuffs. I started to say something but immediately heard, "Shhh..." as she took my face in her hands and kissed me deeply again, pushing me backward against a wall. She moved her hands to my belt and undid my pants, letting them drop before breaking the kiss.

Next thing I felt was warm breath on my cock. Then the blowjob began, with a hand wrapped around my shaft and a warm wet mouth and tongue working on the head, my stiffness only increased. Next I felt fingernails lightly scratching my balls and I groaned as I heard answering moans and felt the vibration on my cock.

Then her mouth pulled away and I wondered what was next. I didn't have long to wait as I felt fingers again. Then something at the head of my penis--I felt the compression as a condom was rolled down my shaft. She lined up my cock and I was soon in ecstasy as she pushed her pussy down onto me slowly. Inch by inch her warmth enveloped me until it was all the way in. Then she slid off, again tantalizingly slowly. The frenzied pace we'd enjoyed before the party wasn't to be had this time--it was slow and steady. It was wonderful, her pussy felt so tight, and not being able to use my hands or see just left me focussing only on the sensation. The condom would also help me last longer despite all the excitement from the party and blowjob. She pulled off and back on continuously, with me leaning back against the wall I couldn't move much, but I thrust as much as I could on every downstroke, which caused her to gasp. She was being especially quiet (for obvious reasons) and I guessed that was also part of the cause for the rhythm. Rather than the usual overwhelming blur of sensation I could feel each stage, the head pushing through her folds, the squeezing on the shaft, bottoming out the entire length.

In my blindfolded darkness, I envisioned all the women at the party in my head. That red lace dress with her bold black underwear drawing attention to her intimate parts... The short skirts and heels with legs, legs and legs as far as the eye could see, all the way up the thighs making one desire what's just beyond! That backless spandex dress which proves SHE certainly wasn't wearing underwear. She could just be bent over and penetrated with ease, fucked liked we were doing right now, in and out and...

Wait a minute, that's when it occurred to me. My girlfriend brought me in here, blindfolded and cuffed me, she then kissed me and dropped my pants, but after that...we broke contact... Was it actually her that gave me the blowjob? For that matter, is it her my cock is penetrating right now? My mind ran wild as I realized that I couldn't be sure! Without being able to touch her, see her or hear her voice I could be fucking any one of the sexy ladies from work or a coworkers wife.

With these thoughts running through my head we kept fucking as my excitement rose both from the physical sensation as well as my thoughts.

Sherri could have pulled up her red lace dress and pulled down her black panties.

In, out, in and out...

Could Lauren have spread her luscious thighs to take me in? Is that short red and green skirt pulled up on her waist?

In and out...

Did Suzy pull up that spandex dress with no panties in the way? Her breasts swinging against the material?

The sensation on my cock from her snug pussy was nearly overwhelming. Was this pussy tighter than my girlfriends? Was she just squeezing her muscles?

My mental musings were interrupted when she suddenly stopped. She just froze there as if savoring the sensation of my cock buried all the way inside her. Did that mean she was trying to imprint the memory of feeling my penis insider her? Then she slowly pulled completely off leaving me feeling at a loss. What was going to happen next?

I felt her take hold of my penis again, this time from a different angle and felt something push against the head. But there was a lot of resistance. She pulled off and tried again, this time the resistance eased. She softly moaned and I groaned as, ever so slowly, her sphincter gave way. The tightness was incredible. The sensation was mind-blowing. Once the head was completely inside her she paused, adjusting to the sensation. Then she pushed back more, driving it in another inch before stopping, pausing, then pulling off a little bit. Then she pushed her ass back again, forcing my penis farther inside her. After another pause she pulled off a bit again then pushed it even deeper. With every gain she groaned in pleasure, with every loss she whimpered softly.

It was the most tender, touching moment and I felt honored she was sharing herself with me in such a way. This was certainly the best "secret santa" gift I could possibly receive!

She repeated the procedure several more times until finally I felt her butt cheeks firmly pressed against my pelvis and she froze, again savoring the sensation of my cock buried, this time, entirely in her anus.

After several seconds the delay of impending pleasure was getting to me and I squirmed a bit. She giggled and I half expected her to say something teasingly but got the feeling she stopped herself. Instead she accepted my need and started sliding her ass off and on my cock in a perfect fucking rhythm.

Her ass felt absolutely wonderful, the tightness was amazing, the sensation indescribable. All my focus was on the point where our two bodies joined and we shared so much pleasure.

Then I remembered, I didn't surely know which woman was providing me with such a gift of herself. Was it the ass caressed by Sherri's black panties impaling itself on my cock? Was Lauren's Christmas-colored skirt hanging about her waist as she pushed back driving my dick up her anus? For that matter, could it be my very own girlfriend squeezing my penis with her sphincter, framed by her garter-belt and stockings rocking back and forth on her high heels? Or instead, was she watching one of the other ladies drive her ass down on my cock?

With those wild thoughts and images running through my head it wasn't long until I was coming inside her--whichever her it might be! As much as I could I thrust hard involuntarily as she gasped with each thrust.

She pulled off me and I was left for a minute. As I softened someone took the condom off me and flushed it. There was movement in the background but I dared not move in my blindfolded state, with my pants around my ankles, and what was there to say anyway? All I could do was wait. I heard the door open and sounds from the party spilled in while someone, or multiple somebodies, came in or out. I couldn't tell...

Next thing I felt was someone tugging on my wrists to get access to the handcuffs and unlocked me. I took off the blindfold to see my girlfriend. "Merry Christmas," she smiled and asked, "enjoy your gift?" I couldn't tell if her face was flushed or not.

"Definitely, how about you?" I inquired, fishing for information.

She smiled again and demurely looked down as she replied, "Yes..."

I wasn't sure how to take that or what it meant exactly but she'd already turned for the door, "You might want to pull up your pants". After I had and tucked in my shirt she told me the hall was clear and she'd follow after a moment so it didn't look too suspicious.

Alone back with the group, I found myself scanning my coworkers, their girlfriends and wives. Did I just fuck one of them? Did I just do my girlfriend? Wait a minute, when she was gone earlier was she fucking someone else? Did she fuck one of these guys and I did another girl? If so, did he know he was fucking her or think he was fucking his lady? It was all too confusing and I realized there was nothing I could do about it either way. Either my girlfriend and I had just done it, or we'd both done it with others--which evened out anyway.

Time for more eggnog and it seemed the gift exchange was already taken care of this year...

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