tagMatureSexy Trailer Park Teen Ch. 09

Sexy Trailer Park Teen Ch. 09


18 year old stunners plans to fuck her seventy eight year old stepdaddies MONSTER cock every day get derailed.


Sadly, all our plans to fuck and to be together came to an abrupt end. As we pulled up the dirt driveway to our trailer there twelve state police cars with flashing lights and six other cars that were black with black-tinted windows.

"What the fuck is this shit," I said in a surprised voice.

"I thinks I have a good idea," my stepdaddy said under his breath as police came running up to his side of the truck with guns raised shouting for him to get out of the truck.

"Out of the truck with your hands where we can see them," an officer barked in a commanding voice that had me instantly shaking.

"Nice knowing you baby," my stepdaddy said to me as he opened the door and was grabbed then thrown to the ground by four men.

After they wrestled him to the ground one of the female officers read him his rights. In the reading she said something about him being charged with having sex with minors.

My head was spinning as I ran to the porch where my boyfriend and mother were standing. I was so dazed by the amount of police, and them coming for my stepdad that I didn't even notice that my mother was only wearing a long white shirt, which I knew was my boyfriends and a pair of black pumps.

My boyfriend was shirtless and stood in a pair of shorts and stood with his arm around my mothers waist. All this, and with him having his arm around her added up to them fucking.

"What the fuck is happening," I said to my mother and boyfriend.

"It seems that your stepdaddy put his dick in a buncha girls who was underage," my mother said in a patronizing voice.

"What are you talking about?" I said with a distrustful look.

My boyfriend spoke up. "Eight mothers who Wardell had lived with this year testified that he fathered children with their underage daughters while he was living with them.

"They were between fifteen to seventeen," my mother said.

"Oh fuck," I said under my breath as I watched my stepdad get thrown into one of the police cars.

I knew right then and there that it was all over for Wardell and me. With that sinking thought there was an instant feeling of depression; all because I knew I would never get to fuck that monster cock again. My pussy instantly felt a huge void.

From there I ran inside. I was followed by my mother and boyfriend. While I curled-up on the sofa I lit up a cigarette. My mother sat next to my boyfriend.

"So it looks like you two been getting real cozy like," I said in a sarcastic voice.

"Kacy," my mother said, "I need to tell you something about Bobby Ray and I..."

"Let me guess," I interrupted, " that you two have been fucking?..Yeah, no shit." I took a drag from my cigarette then said, "Trust me, I could care less and wish you both the best," I said in an irritated voice as my mind was filled with the thought of never being able to fuck Wardell again.

As Bobby Ray sat with his arm around her she suddenly raised her eyebrows in a very suspicious way.

"Did you fuck him this weekend?" she asked already knowing the answer.

I shot her a shrewd grin then exhaled my smoke filled lungs. "What do you think bitch," I said in a sarcastic tone of voice.

"You fuckin slut," she said angrily, in a voice that let me know she was jealous I fucked her husbands giant cock. "You fucking know if it was a fucking week earlier I would have filed charges on him too.

I knew my mother was referring to me just turning eighteen.

"Well it was this weekend and I'm totally legal Mommy," I laughed mockingly, "legal enough to fuck your husbands huge horse cock bitch," I said then stood then stormed out of the trailer to go to my girlfriends.

As I walked away she was yelling obscenities at me.

"Whatever Bitch," I said out loud as I just flipped her off over my shoulder as I stormed out the door as I saw Wardell being driven away under the flashing lights of a dozen police cars.

For the next few weeks I was totally depressed. It wasn't because my now ex-boyfriend and my mother were acting like two love-birds, fucking every second of the day and night. It was because my stepdaddy stretched me out so far and fucked me so good and so hard that it took me almost a week for my pussy to close.

I learned a lot about myself from being with Wardell. The main thing being that I knew my pussy came the hardest it ever did because of his massive cock. I knew from being with him hat I would always cum the hardest from a huge cock. I knew my depression had to do with my never getting a chance to ever such a huge ever again, or so I thought.

Three weeks after Wardell had been carted off to prison for fathering eight children by girls who were under legal age he began serving a hundred year prison sentence.

Even though I knew it was over for him and me I couldn't stop thinking about how hard he fucked and how tireless he was. I replayed our weekend together over and over in my mind and no matter how hard I tried to forget him and to move on I knew I would never forget his massive cock. It was burned in my brain and in my pussy.

Trendy LA Club For Sugar Daddies

One day after cheerleading practice a girlfriend of mine, Haley told me about this really trendy club in LA where older, very wealthy men; called them sugar daddies came to find a sexy, young teen where they would pamper and spoil them rotten.

Haley, a cheerleader with me and had been there twice already with her ex-stepmom. By the look of her you would never believe she would even consider going to a club like that. Although she's eighteen she looks more like a twelve year old. She has a rail-thin body, weighing only seventy pounds, and a flat-as-a board chest and tiny pink nipples with no visible areola around them.

She's 5'6" tall and has freckles covering her entire body. She wears braces and always has her hair in pigtails. She's the image of an adolescent when she's dressed in casual clothes, but when we go to clubs or parties she's always dressed in a skintight mini-dress with high heels. She always jokes that she knows she's every older man's pre-teen fantasy.

She told me a story about her recent experience meeting an eighty six year old man at the trendy club who took her his mansion in Beverly Hills where they spent the weekend together. She told me she came away well fucked and well taken care of. Taken care of in the way of being ten thousand dollars richer.

Wanting to get over my depression of not having Wardells huge cock ever again I went with her twice and once on my own. Just like she said the place was packed with men who were well into their sixties, seventies and even eighties, and who were very wealthy and very successful.

All of the men were extremely rich and each time I left the club I was on the arm of a man who was fifty to sixty years older than me that had more money than I ever imagined. Their luxury cars were ones that cost millions of dollars and most had private jets and lavish homes in different parts of the word.

One night I met a European man at the club. He was eighty six years old, but because of his well-kept looks he looked decades younger. The only old thing about him, beside his elastic type of skin texture was his full head of white hair. He was tall, standing about six feet and was in incredible shape. He was very charming and extremely confident.

He was in a private area of the club that had private areas that were reserved for exclusive members who paid five million dollars a year. After dancing with him he led me with his hands around my waist to the private section where I sat beside him. In a gold bucket was this incredibly-high priced bottle of champagne. While a waitress opened it he told me how sexy I was. He acted as if she wasn't even there.

After she poured our glasses she walked away from the private booth as he toasted to me being very sexy. After the toast we started kissing and I was instantly turned on by his confidence and by the way he kissed. That night I wore a deep V cut mini dress that showed the sides of my breasts. I had a black satin thong on with a pair of tan thigh high stockings and black pumps.

He went from kissing my mouth to kissing my neck, then to whispering how sexy I was. He had me squirming in the seat and I could feel my inch long nipples aching to be sucked on.

"You are so sexy," he said in his proper, European accent as his hands began running up and down my stocking covered legs.

As if reading my mind he pulled my dressed to the side and leaned in and began kissing each nipple then sucking on each one.

"Oh baby," I groaned near his ear as I ran my fingers through his full head of white hair.

As he sucked each nipple he parted my crossed legs and pushed my soaked thong to the side an inserted a finger into my wet sex. As soon as his finger was inside me we kissed hard as I pushed off my pumps and came all over his finger. Bringing my finger to my mouth I eagerly licked and tasted myself.

We left the club arm-in arm and I remember him tipping the valet five- one hundred dollar bills just to get his car. As we waited for his car we kissed hotly.

"I cannot wait to fuck you," he whispered in my ear as his Multi-million dollar Lamborghini pulled up.

Once we settled into his ultra-rich car we kissed hotly for a few minutes as his hands ran up and down my legs to the tops of my stockings. The windows were tinted and I knew no one could see us, but the way he had me turned on it wouldn't have mattered if they weren't.

When he asked me if I wanted to spend the weekend on his yacht I instantly accepted. We then drove to a heliport where his private helicopter was.

The second we were in his private helicopter we were kissing hotly. With me being eighteen dressed in the deep V, ultra-tight mini dress with stockings and black pumps and him in an Italian suit that must have easily cost five thousand dollars and him being almost seventy years older made it so sexy.

Just the way he controlled the action running his hands all over my crossed legs and upper thigh while we kissed then whispering in my ear that I was so sexy and that he couldn't wait to fuck me had me cumming for him.

Although he was average in size, about six inches he made up for it with incredible stamina, especially for his age. We fucked the entire weekend and he absolutely spoiled me rotten, giving me a diamond necklace and matching earrings that easily cost one hundred thousand dollars. Before we parted he told me he wanted to make an arrangement with me every time he returned from Europe.

Two weeks later I went to the club with, Haley again and within an hour left the club with a man who was seventy three years old. He was from the Middle East and was a multi-millionaire who owned oil wells and property all over the world. We flew to Las Vegas in his private jet and during the flight we were locked in an amazing 69 position which led to us to wonderful fucking.

The weekend was incredible. At a private gambling table, playing a game called baccarat; he lost over two million dollars and acted as if it was nothing. During that weekend we fucked constantly. Once again he was average in size, just slightly bigger than the older European man I fucked, but I had to admit he was an amazing lover and gave the most incredible oral pleasure.

The thing I remember about most about that sexy weekend was waking to the sound of a person swimming in a pool. His private villa in Las Vegas had an amazing step-down indoor swimming pool.

I remember looking out the balcony and seeing what looked like a world class swimmer. I was astonished at his body, being in such remarkable physical condition, especially for a man in his seventies.

As I stood on the balcony overlooking the pool I marveled at his tight, toned body as he effortlessly glided through the water, his tight arms pulling in a synchronized rhythm with his muscular legs.

When he got out of the pool I watched him go to the outside shower and strip off his suit. Making a low groan, I was instantly drawn to his amazing physique. Seeing him nude immediately ignited my pussy and instantly reminded me of how well he fucked me all night long. As I watched him I began pinching my aroused nipples. I was so ready to fuck him again.

Wanting to turn him on I slipped on a pair of tan thigh high stockings and brown high heel pumps then walked out to the pool. Walking out by a pool dressed in stockings and high heels made me feel so naughty and so sexy. It made the scene with me and a man more than fifty years older than me even sexier.

The sight of me walking towards him with my 34DD tits sitting high on my chest instantly caught his eye. The clicking of her high heel pumps on the patio and the sight of me wearing the nude thigh high stockings made his cock instantly hard as a rock.

Seeing his cock harden before my eyes instantly ignited my scorching cunt. I was so horny to fuck him again. There was something about him being so wealthy that made my pussy wet. It was the same feeling I had with the eighty six year old European man. There was something about extreme wealth that lit my pussy up.

As soon as I reached him we started kissing and running their hands all over each other. We kissed like this for half an hour.It was a deep kiss that had me groaning and had my pussy soaking wet.

Standing in my high heels as we kissed, I pumped his hard cock by her my side in long, slow strokes. I was groaning like crazy from feeling the incredible power of his cock in my hand. This turned me on like crazy.

"Let me dry you off lover," I said with a sexy grin then instantly squatted on my pumps and began sucking his cock in a lust-crazed haze.

On the way back to LA we fucked in his private jet and before we parted he said he wanted me again. Of course I walked away with a sizeable deposit for my future college fund.

Since that day I fucked him and the eighty six year old European four times. Each time I came away well fucked and orally pleased and with very expensive items such as jewelry and cloths and enough money to add to my already sizable savings.

My new boyfriend and his filthy-rich father

In the middle of March I started dating a guy named Josh who was in his first year of college.

While cheerleading for my schools football team we were invited to play a pre-season game against an elite private school in Beverly Hills. Our High School was rated third in the state. There was a running joke that we were third in state but number one in zero I.Q.Rednecks on steroids.

This was where I met my boyfriend Josh. He was the former quarterback on the private schools football team. He was a year older than me and had graduated but during his semester break he came back and was helping the coaches out for this game.

Josh has an all American boy look. He stands six feet tall and weighs one 175. He has blond hair and blue eyes. Everyone that saw us together thought we are the perfectly matched couple. What they didn't know was that it was his money that made us the perfect couple.

I instantly realized Josh was rich when he took me out after the game in a Lamborghini Aventador, a car that cost over four hundred thousand dollars; more than every mobile home combined in my trailer park.

We started dating and went to some really nice upscale places for dinner and to sporting events that he had amazing private VIP seats. I quickly learned that his being filthy rich came from his father, Mr. Will Staton, who happens to be a multi-billionaire and one of the worlds richest men.

The day Josh took me to his house to swim in his pool I nearly died. What he brought me too was something you see in movies or on a television show about the worlds most expensive homes. He brought me to a mansion-like house in the wealthiest and most prominent section in Beverly Hills. It was where well-known actors and the most affluent people in the world lived in.

To get to his home you had to go into a security guarded gate to get into the neighborhood. There was literally a guard house with four guards posted there. When we finally got to his house I nearly died at the size of it.

We were greeted at the door by a butler who acted very proper. When Josh showed me through the house my heart was racing a mile-a-minute. I was in absolute shock as each room was absolutely lavish with bedrooms that were each bigger than a classroom.

Each bedroom included a steam room and sauna and a large Jacuzzi and balconies that overlooked the outdoor pool and lavish gardens. It was total opulence, and it was something I knew I had to have.

It was all so mind-blowing to me. I knew he was rich, but I never in my life realized that anyone could be that wealthy. Of course I knew it wasn't my boyfriend who was rich; it was his father who I met a few days later.

Meeting My Boyfriends Father

While we were lounging by the pool with a few of Josh's friends his father came out. This is the story about how I became my boyfriends seventy year old father, Will Staton's lover.

Mr. Staton was never married to my boyfriends mother. They had a one-night stand when she was eighteen while working for him as an intern. Knowing he preferred to live a bachelors lifestyle he had his battery of attorneys draw up a contract that awarded her one hundred million dollars and her having custody of their son. It was a deal she immediately agreed to.

To look at Mr. Staton you would never in a million years believe a girl would find him attractive and end up in his bed, but in fact there were girls my age lining up to be with him. He isn't anywhere close to being handsome; in fact he is boarder-line homely. He is short; standing about 5'6"tall and is way out of shape, weighing at least 270 pounds.

Because of his height and weight and having a chubby, bloated face he has the look of a Buddha statue, but if comparing him to a porn star, he more closely resembled the iconic Ron Jeremy, having a similar sizable belly and noticeably balding head of black hair. He had a mustache which drew attention to his large nose, a chubby face that looked bloated, showing bags under his eyes, and a substantial double chin.

By looking at him you would never in a million years believe he could get a date, but amazingly he always had a girl and sometimes two or three, not much older than me on his arm and in his bed, and each one of them very sexy.

When I was at his mason-sized house with his son I would constantly see him leaving for a private function or some gala with a young teen on his arm. And, like I said sometimes it was two or even three. I had to admit that when he was dressed in a tuxedo he did have a very powerful look. It was a look that commanded attention.

The day I met him he came out by the pool to say hello to his son he had a very attractive Asian girl on his arm that couldn't have been older than twenty. She was very slender and had an almost flat chest. She was wearing a skintight black mini dress that came down just below her ass and was cut in a deep V front and had a deep, plunging back. She was wearing black stockings and I could tell they were thigh high stockings because her dress barely covered the lace trim.

I had to admit that her legs did look incredible and the black stockings highlighted their flawless taper. Mr. Stanton was dressed in a tuxedo and had his arm around her. I couldn't help but think how striking he looked.

While he was talking to Josh I was sitting on a lounge chair taking in some sun. Wanting to meet him I walked to where they were standing. As I walked towards them I was very happy to see my boyfriends fathers eyes glued to my body, but also noticed the dagger-like stares his Asian date was hurling at me.

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