tagLesbian SexShade's Destiny Ch. 09

Shade's Destiny Ch. 09


Shade was asleep before her head hit the pillow Wednesday night. But oh my god when she woke up Thursday she was a freakin' bundle of sexual energy. So much so that when we'd finally had our fill of each other I was the one who needed a nap! When I woke up I needed to pee, groaned when I looked at the clock and headed to the bathroom. After rinsing my hands and splashing water on my face I staggered into the front room.

Kim looked at me and laughed. I gave her the finger and croaked, "Coffee!!" It was awful; I drank two cups. The sisters were still snickering when I plopped down on the couch next to Shade.

"Wore your ass out did she?" Kim chortled.

"Not my ass you bitch ... my kitty." The two of them exploded in laughter. Nothing I could do but smile as well.

We three discussed what to do for the day. Kim thought for a moment, shrugged, and said, "I have no idea."

I turned to Shade and raised an eyebrow. She thought for a moment then said, "Well, we pretty much have to go to the office. At least you do. There's no way we can leave Kelly alone on her first day without Stacy." Yeah great! That didn't bring a gigantic lump to my throat -- much!

Kim, seeing the look on my face, bounded from her chair and jumped into my lap, bathing me in kisses, arms around my neck. Her youthful enthusiasm and energy did help me feel a little better. She leapt up and ran into her room.

Shade looked at me, naked, and said with a smirk, "Just like old times huh?"

"You used me up and left me for dead. My bladder was screaming and I was exhausted even after a nap. Don't give me grief. You're still wearing my collar if you remember." She made hard eyes at me. I laughed and said, "Don't bother. You were in your glory last night. You were so needing your cum that it only took about ten seconds to get you off."

She climbed onto my lap. "I love you." This was not news. "You're doing to me what I did to you. You're pushing me, helping me find my way, giving me different 'tests' to explore. And I know you're doing it because you love me." She smiled. "I woke up long before you did this morning and that was all I could think about. How you'd dressed me the way you did, taken me to that club, had my sister bring her friends to dance with me ... all of it. I don't know if it was Kim or her friends -- but it was so sexual, so intimate, so wanton out on that damn dance floor." Kim came out of the bedroom with her laptop. She set it on the dining room table. "I had no idea who was who but they all were all over me. They looked at me with lust in their eyes. Every time I came back to the table there was another one, tapping my shoulder." Shade smiled and shook her head. "I should have figured -- you asking them for their names and giving permission."

I saw what was on the screen but waited till Kim said, "Destiny, bring Shade and come see." Shade stood and we sat. There on the screen were pictures and videos of Shade on the dance floor. Shade was more interested than embarrassed. She sat and stared at the screen as if she hadn't been part of it all. I looked at Kim; she was beaming. I have no idea who or how they put this together so quickly but it was just amazing.

Shade finally blurted, "This was me last night?" It was our turn to laugh.

"Look at that dress babe. Look at the girls. Honey, Jeannie, Liz ... I never did get the names of the others." I looked at a smiling Kim. "Oh my god! Look at how your pussy is exposed when you're dancing." Shade was beyond embarrassed; Kim covered her mouth as she laughed. I kissed Shade. "God damn you look hot!"

She looked at me. "Yeah, I really do don't I?"

I was a little remorseful. "Honey, I didn't know it would ride that high up and leave you quite so exposed. If I had I ..."

She shut me up with an extremely passionate kiss ... actually she climbed on my lap and straddled me, her arms around my neck. "I loved it Destiny. I kinda knew and I didn't care. I felt hands, mouths, everything on me all night long. I felt beautiful, sexy, wanton ... it was so fucking fantastic." Those last few words were breathed into a kiss that lasted for a while. We were both quire breathless when she panted, "I remember all of it. It's why our morning was so sensational."

Oh my gawd!

She climbed off of me and we both went back to the couch. Shade, looking at Kim, said, "Thank you Kim. Whatever all of you did, thank you. Can you please make sure we both have copies?"

Kim smiled and said, "It's already on your computers at work." Damn these kids and their technical know-how!

Shade asked, "No classes for you today?"

"Yup, just one and I missed it already." She shrugged. "The girls want to know if you want to go dancing again soon. They really enjoyed last night." I looked at Shade who was looking at me. Kim laughed, "Okay, okay, never mind. You two old fogies can stay home and sleep tonight." We both glared at Kim. "Um, I'm sorry. If you want to just let me know." She looked at her sister and said, "I'll find something suitable for you to wear." I snickered. Shade glared.

I had the most deliciously wicked thought. "Kim, are you wearing panties?" Her expression showed surprise.

"Uh, yeah. Why?"

I smiled. "Come here please." Her eyes flitted to Shade as she stood. I pulled her pajama bottoms over her hips and let them fall to her feet. Her eyes were big as saucers. "I remember reading about this in a story. I'm going to see if I can get it right." I fiddled with her panties, bunching the fabric between her labia, pulling them tight, then turning her around and making sure the fabric rode up between her ass cheeks. I turned her around. "That looks about right. Walk from here to the front door and back." Wide-eyed and confused she did as I asked.

She gasped on the way back. "Oh my god, this is impossible. My panties ... oh god, not only are they ... they are so tight against my clitty." She was flushed. Shade looked at me; I smiled.

"Kim, keep walking and give me an idea of how impossible it is." I looked at Shade; her eyes were on her baby sister.

"Um, it's only a few steps there and back. It's delicious, it's awful and I love it!" Her eyes glowed. I smiled.

"Perfect! You'll enjoy the rest of your day. I want a full report." I smiled sweetly.

I looked at Shade. "We need to get a move on if we're going to the office. We have to stop and get the car." Shade looked startled for a minute; then nodded as she remembered where we'd left the car.

It was nearly noon. They'd both had breakfast. I made myself a bagel.

We showered. Yeah, even after the morning we had Shade wanted more. Good lord! Some are thinking I'm writing fiction, some are thinking we're sex crazed, and some are just shaking their heads and smiling. Shade happened to walk by as I typed that; she left laughing. I'll be back a bit later!!!

Okay then, I'm back.

Shade drove Kim to her sorority (after we took a cab to the club) and we headed to work.

As you can probably imagine, Kelly was a frantic mess! First thing Shade did was insist she go to lunch; Shade was buying. Kelly looked at me.

"Don't you worry about a thing kiddo. I can hold down the fort while you and Shade get out of here for a bit." She smiled, completely relieved at not being alone anymore. I asked Shade to bring a light something back for me.

It was probably just luck but the phones didn't ring all that often while the two of them were having lunch. That was a good thing too, especially when I answered one call.

"What on earth are you doing answering the phone?" I really am gonna miss her!!

"Well Miss Moving to New Jersey, Kelly, as you might expect, is a mess; near-panic mode." Stacy laughed. "Shade and I dawdled this morning. She insisted on taking Kelly to lunch just to give her a break. So it's me pretending not to miss you and doing your job and hers!" A little teasing kind of made me feel better.

The line was quiet for a bit and then she said, "I was afraid she'd be like that today Destiny. It's why I called. I thought maybe I could see how she was doing and answer any questions she might have." I smiled. "My parents got here about an hour ago and have taken the kids out to lunch. There are still a few things left to pack but I thought I'd call. I hadn't expected you to answer but I'm sure glad you did."

How soon can you get here ... No Destiny, don't! "I miss you too." I had to fight hard to keep my eyes from flooding.

"My Mom took one look at me and hustled the kids into their coats. My Dad wrapped me up in a big ole Dad hug." I smiled. "I'm so grateful they're here babe. I should probably let you go." No please don't! Please?

"Okay. There's probably a lot left, so you go get your stuff done." Neither of us wanted to say it. "It'll be Monday soon and your new life will begin. I hope everything goes well on the move kiddo." I could hear her crying. I was a hopeless mess too. My voice cracked as I said, "Give me a call soon okay." Nothing; I laughed. She was nodding her head.

"I don't wanna go." I don't want you to either. Naturally that was the moment Kelly and Shade wandered in, chatting with each other. Shade saw me first; Kelly turned her head. Shade came to me, took the phone and handed it to Kelly. She put her arm around my shoulder and led me to her office.

I heard Kelly's squeal of joy; she started talking a mile a minute. Shade closed the door behind us.

"I'm sorry Shade. I love you." She smiled her heart melting smile and kissed me.

"It's okay lover. I know that you do and I'm sure it's gonna sting for a while ... for both of you. It was a surprise seeing you cry like that but I knew it had to be Stacy." We sat on the couch as I told her about Stacy's parents and the rest. "Oh that's so sweet. I'm sure the kids are thrilled to see their grandparents."

"She was taking a break from packing and calling to see how Kelly was doing." Shade smiled and shook her head. "I know; just like her isn't it?"

"Yup, it sure is."

"You better get going honey. You've got appointments to keep."

"I know, I know. I just wanted to make sure you're okay."

I took a deep breath and said, "I'm glad she called. Yeah, I'll be okay. You go do your work. I'll have whatever you brought me for lunch and help Kelly with her work this afternoon. We'll figure out dinner later okay?"

All of that last was said between kisses, which probably isn't much of a surprise by now. Okay, okay ... we both had to straighten up our clothes a little bit too. But they were still on. Honest! One last hug and Shade hurried out the door, waving at Kelly as she walked.

Kelly looked at me, laughed and said, "Little lunch time make out session I see."

I shrugged. "You two weren't on the phone very long."

"Nope; her parents came back with the kids so we said our goodbyes. The day's actually been okay but I sure am glad you two showed up." See why I have that girl crush on her? She's too cute for words.

The rest of the afternoon was kind of a yawner. We both got through it okay. Kelly insisted on doing the majority of the work -- which I thought was actually pretty awesome. I pitched in when she said she needed help. She insisted on driving me home, which was okay because Shade had late afternoon appointments.

We went out, had a very nice dinner and spent a quiet Thursday evening at home together. It was the perfect tonic after a wonderful and exhausting Wednesday.

Shade and I slept long into Friday morning. Wink!

In the car on the way to the office Shade told me she wanted to go shopping.


She nodded. "I know it's Friday but my appointment schedule is light. We can do a lot of damage; maybe get lucky and find some outfits for the Christmas party and I kind of have a ..." she hesitated.

"Have a what? What is it you want?"

She looked at me with a quirky sorta smile. "I saw this pair of boots online. They come over the knee, have a five inch heel and I want to see how they look on me." She glanced at me. "I'm tired of being so much shorter than you all the time!" Ah ha!!

I didn't smirk, didn't comment and didn't smile; just nodded sagely. My evil angel would be very proud of me. Honey, it's okay. The two of us just hi-fived! Angel? Where the heck have you two been? No answer. Geez.

She finally had let that kitty out of the bag. "Shade, if that's what you want that's what we'll do. But I get some of what I want too!" Her eyes got real big. "No you horny bitch, not that." She stuck out her tongue. "Save it for later you!" We giggled. "I mean we're gonna shop. Plus, we can call Kim; she can come with and help us." Shade rolled her eyes. "Careful what you ask for doll ... you just may get it."

It was mid afternoon when Shade picked me up at the office; we headed to the sorority. Kim was kind of quiet when she got in the car. Shade and I looked at each other. She drove us to a strip mall not far from school. There was a little boutique where we bought the funniest thing -- the hats were reversible. One side said 'Nice,' the other said 'Naughty.' How could we not buy them? The hat was red, had a white fringe and a white ball on top. While the three of us wandered around the store Shade and I talked about how to do the party.

I came up with the idea of a grab bag. Monday's sales meeting would have a drawing. Everybody would get somebody in the office. They had to buy any kind of lingerie set they wanted for whoever they drew. Course, we would have it rigged. Shade and I would get each other. I insisted on drawing for Kelly!! Shade pointed out that didn't work -- there were only twelve of us with Meaghan and Stacy having left. Crap! I'd figure it out. I think.

Kim thought it was absolutely hysterical that we were doing lingerie. She came up with a most wicked, delicious idea. "Let everyone know that they are to come dressed up for the party. Then, after dinner, when you start with the grab bags, they all have to model their lingerie ... meaning, they have to undress in front of the rest of the office and don their gift. And, the best of all ... they have to wear the lingerie home!!" Shade and I looked at each other. Genius! All of the wives, significant others, and husbands would have one hell of a horny woman come home to them that night!! Woo hoo!

I forgot to add something important. We would announce that there would be a drawing and that the gifts would be lingerie. But dressing in front of the rest and wearing the clothes home? That would be our little secret surprise!!

Crap. Shade reminded me that I'd left something else out. Oh well, at least you'll get to read about it. Back when all this started in July, I'd had several not-so-subtle mentions of what would be expected of me at the annual Christmas party. It seems Dawn had been put through hell. She was the office plaything for the night. Bound hand and foot, available for whatever anyone wanted. Think of me that miserable Sunday night. Poor thing; no wonder she left. It made me wonder why the hell she would ever entertain the idea of coming back to work for Shade.

Anyway, this was all done as we wandered from store to store. We bought little things here and there. While Shade was in a changing room Kim asked me why we were out on a Friday afternoon. I told her about the boots. She asked if Shade was wearing panties. I looked at her with a 'huh?' look. She smiled.

"Destiny, don't you see? Shade is so short that if she tries on boots that come that high over her knee, she's gonna have to lift her skirt." A light bulb came on. Yup! Commando!! The outfit Shade had tried on was gorgeous; we told her it was completely wrong for her and insisted she find another. She bitched and moaned. Kim said something in their language in a very strong, commanding tone. Shade made a face but found another outfit and took it to the changing room. I asked Kim what she'd said. "I said she needs to do what you told her to, Destiny. She still fights her submissive side."

I got up and hurried to the dressing room. Shade was trying on the outfit. "Shade, if we're going to do shopping for the Christmas party, you probably should take off your panties." I shrugged. "Might as well do it here where the dressing rooms are closed off and the store isn't too crowded." She turned, gave me an appraising look, then reached under the skirt of the outfit she was trying on, pulled her panties down and off. I reached out my hand. She looked at me; I smiled. When she gave them to me I stuffed them in my purse. "I like this one. But, truth be told, I have to admit, the one you liked is much better." She pitched a hissy but I shut her up with a long, hot kiss. Well, maybe there was more than just a kiss ... but, um, just never mind.

Shade left with a new outfit and a smile on her face. Kim just shook her head. We headed to the store that Shade wanted all along ... the one with 'the' boots! Kim and I were in cahoots. She had gone all out -- apologizing to Shade for saying that the outfit she liked wasn't the right one. It was absolutely perfect for her! And, the skirt fell to her knees!! Kim cooed and made such a fuss that Shade wore the outfit when we left. Little bitch is so damn devious ... and I'm so damn jealous!! Shade headed for the boots like a guided missile.

The store was jam packed. Oh sure, there were comings and goings. All the better. Shade found the boots she'd lusted after and tried them on. Damn, they do look hot! We both made our faces completely bland. No tells, no hints, nothing.

Shade, lost in her own world, lifted the skirt a bit, looked in the mirrors and then turned sideways. She turned her head to see what they looked like from behind. Kim and I glanced at each other. Kim went first, "Shade, to get the best view you have to lift that skirt a bit more." Shade never gave it a thought and did as Kim suggested. I had to bite my lip.

Shade said, "Well, what do you think? I think they're absolutely fabulous."

"Lover, you have such gorgeous legs. The boots are perfect. Do yourself a favor. Just a little more, then make sure you look at the mirror from every possible angle." She did. Bingo! The oriental treasure was exposed! I heard snickers behind us. How funny! Kim and I looked at each other and smiled. Shade, of course, had no clue!!

Shade had her precious boots. It was after we all got in the car Kim and I told her about hearing snicker from passers by who had seen her exposed kitty. Shade was at first in complete disbelief, then mortified, and then furiously angry. There was much laughing and swearing the rest of the afternoon. And you can damn well believe I remind her of 'the display' every time she wears them.

Eventually it came time to drop Kim off and head home. Kim wiggled her fingers as she stood in the open door of the sorority; Shade gave her the finger. Shade extracted a measure of 'revenge' Friday evening. It was beyond wonderful!!

Saturday. My god, it's December already ... and the office party is less that two weeks away. So much to do.

We didn't do much on Saturday. Oh, we did see a movie!! We don't do much of that. We rent DVDs and watch them. But there had been some buzz in the LGBT community about 'Jack and Diane.' It has some really odd twists to it but it was good. Let's put it this way - it sure isn't Mellencamp's "Jack and Diane!" My lord. I checked; how surreal is it that it's been thirty years since that song came out!!

Oh, Shade was ribboned when we went to the movie! The movie was the movie. The other? It made for a yummy night!

Kim spent Sunday with us at the condo. She casually mentioned that Honey was her second in command in the sorority. That was not a surprise. The surprise was Kim's hysterical description about ribboning. She had chosen Jeannie as the 'volunteer' for the ribboning demonstration. She had to walk the length of the hallway and back in her panties. She made it about two thirds of the way back before leaning against the wall and moaning. Shade and I were convulsed laughing. Think tears!! While some think being ribboned is 'punishment,' these women were volunteering to be ribboned -- and do the ribboning. Apparently it got so crazy that they decided to do a goddamn calendar ... so many ribboned, so many ribboning every day!!

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