tagGroup SexShades of Desire Ch. 2

Shades of Desire Ch. 2


After Sam and I had our first encounter with Sherita, I was anxious to do it again. Unfortunately, it was several weeks before the opportunity arose. Even then, making the arrangements was complicated. Several plans fell through due to scheduling conflicts, but finally, we settled on a night when we would all be free to get together.

We decided to meet at my apartment. I was so excited as I prepared for the big night. I made platters of hors deourves and made sure I had a nice variety of drinks available. I spent hours strategically placing candles and picking out mood music. I made and remade the bed several times. And I fussed and fretted and worried over what I should wear. Eventually I settled on a simple black shift. I felt a surge of delicious naughtiness when I decided I did not need to wear anything underneath it. It looked a little plain, so I accented it with a long beaded necklace, which I knotted and draped between my breasts.

The doorbell rang and I rushed to the intercom.

"Open up, girlfriend" Sherita chimed. I buzzed her in, nearly dancing in anticipation.

I took a quick dash around the apartment, running through a mental checklist. Candles lit, music on, lights dimmed. I smoothed down my dress, my hands trembling with excitement.

There was a light rap at the door, and I opened it.

She looked so good, wearing a tight red blouse and a very short leather skirt, her long legs tapering down into a pair of knee high boots. In one hand she carried a small overnight bag, the other held a bottle of wine.

"Hello baby" she said, stepping into the room. I closed the door and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"Uh uh, I don't think you" she cried, dropping her case and wrapping her arms around me. I leaned in, my face tilted to hers, and felt her soft warm mouth envelop mine. My hands went to her back and held her tight as her tongue probed between my open lips. I moaned it pleasure as it found my tongue, slowly drew around it, and withdrew.

I felt the cold wine bottle press into the small of my back. I gasped and Shirt laughed, then licked her tongue over my lips and pulled away.

She glided across the room and dropped to the couch, crossing her long slender legs.

"Grab some glasses girl, we are here to party!" she sang.

I got a pair of wine glasses and a corkscrew from the kitchen, balanced a tray of cheese and fruit on my arm, and returned to the living room. I put the food and glasses on the coffee table, handed Sherita the corkscrew, and sat down close beside her on the couch, tucking my legs beneath me. There was something in her confident, assured sensuality that made me feel small and girlish.

She opened the wine and poured us each a glass.

We sat quietly, listening to Chet Baker sing on the stereo. I watched her as she nibbled a bit of cheese, and reached over to stroke her hair, so different from mine.

She looked at me, popped a grape in her mouth and smiled. I leaned forward to kiss her. Our lips parted and she surprised me by pushing the grape into my mouth with her tongue. I giggled as I chewed it, swallowed, and then pressed my mouth to hers, tasting the sweetness of the grape on both our lips. We shifted on the couch, our bodies molding together, kissing deeply. I grazed my fingers slowly up and down her cool smooth thighs. The first time I saw her I felt envious of her exotic beauty, but I felt no envy now, only a sense of shared desire. Two women, so different in background and appearance, merging in our common feminine desire.

Her fingers tangled in my long blonde hair and pulled my head back. She licked a line up from the base of my throat and over my chin to my mouth, trapped my lower lip between her teeth and gently nibbled. I closed my eyes and moaned. Her mouth left mine, and a second later I felt something push against my lips, and tasted the sweetness of a strawberry. I took it into my mouth and Sherita's tongue followed it. We both chewed at it, and her teeth nipped the inside of my lip hard, but the pain was as sweet as the berry's juice.

The doorbell rang, and it was with reluctance that I broke away from her to answer it.

I buzzed Sam in. As we waited for him, I leaned against the door and watched as Sherita uncrossed her legs, spread them wide, and slowly ran her fingers from her knees to her crotch. Her left hand remained there, stroking her red silk panties, while her right hand continued upward to cup her breast.

My breathing grew shallow watching her. When Sam knocked on the door, I jumped and Sherita burst out in laughter.

I opened the door to Sam and wrapped my arms around him, raising my face to his welcoming kiss. He looked up to Sherita and smiled.

"Damn, two fine ladies, what'd I do to deserve this?" he smiled.

"Nothing." I said, playfully punching his arm, "You're just a lucky s.o.b."

I turned away, but he grabbed my wrist and pulled me towards him, spinning me so that my back was against his chest. He wrapped one arm around my waist and pinned both my wrists in one of his big hands. He leaned over me and began kissing the side of my throat. I closed my eyes and swayed against him. I felt hands softly enwrap my breasts and opened my eyes to see Sherita in front of me. She leaned in and began kissing the other side of my throat. My knees felt so weak that if Sam had not been holding me so firmly, I would not have been able to stand on my own.

I kissed Sherita's cheek and ear, then dropped my mouth to her throat as she reached over my shoulder to kiss Sam.

Somehow we managed to move across the room in this embrace. Sherita slid down my body, her hands roaming freely, and sat on the edge of the couch. Sam tugged my dress up and over my head, at the same time gently guiding me to my knees. My necklace became momentarily entangled in my hair, then I felt the cool beads roll across my shoulders as they draped back into their normal position.

I glided the palms of my hands up Sherita's legs. She lifted her butt and slid out of her panties. I rolled them down her legs, kissing the inside of her knee as they passed it. She hooked one leg over my back and pulled me into her. I slowly kissed my way up her thigh, then touched my mouth to her mound, just above her slit. I kissed her there, my tongue drawing circles in her hair. Sam's hands were caressing my ass and the back of my thighs. I arched my back, eager for him to touch my pussy, but he continued to tease me, moving so close to it, then away.

My tongue snaked out, and hooked inside Sherita's pussy, pressing against the top of her clit.

"Oh yeah baby, get at it" she moaned, grasping my hair and pulling my face tightly against her.

I lapped at her hungrily, drunk on the taste and smell of it. I was only barely aware that Sam's hands were no longer touching me. I looked up to see him at the side of the couch, his pants around his knees and his cock sliding into Sherita's mouth. The sight of her full lips wrapped around his hard black shaft turned me on so much that I dove back into Sherita's pussy with renewed vigor, sucking her clit into my mouth and rolling my tongue around it. I reached between my legs and began to finger my own clit, almost subconsciously, working my tongue and fingers in a common rhythm. Sherita was bucking against my face so hard it felt bruised, and my jaw began to ache, but I continued to suck and lick her, carried away by the intensity of my passion. She went into a series of hard spasms, squeezing me tight between her legs and soaking my face with her juices.

As her orgasm subsided, I came up for air. She lay back on the couch, tightly grasping Sam's cock in one hand and caressing her breast with the other, gasping for air. I leaned forward and lay my head on her stomach. She petted my head and said "Oh, baby, you gettin to be one fine little pussy eater." I grinned with pride and pleasure. I could feel her wet pussy against my breast.

Sam lifted me to my feet and gave me a swig of his beer. Sherita sat up and wrapped her arms around my legs and kissed my tummy. I cradled her head against me, and for just a moment, inexplicably, felt like sobbing. Sam took me in his arms and kissed me gently, as if he sensed my mood, and my spirit lifted again. I draped my arms over his shoulders and reveled in his sweet kisses.

Sherita bounced up off the couch "Damn, this party is just getting started" she said, picking up the wine bottle and taking a long drink straight from it. She shucked off her blouse and slid out of her skirt. Bending close to my ear, she whispered "I'll leave my boots on 'cause I know you a kinky bitch," and I laughed in delight. She grabbed my hand, "Come on girlfriend, which way's the bedroom?"

I led her by the hand in to my bedroom, Sam close behind us.

We all tumbled on to the bed, laughing, kissing, petting. Sherita pushed me over on my back and splashed wine on to my breasts. She lowered her mouth to one, while Sam took the other. I writhed between them, as Sherita fingered my pussy and Sam slipped his hand beneath me, touching a finger to my asshole. Sherita moved her face close to mine, looking me in the eyes.

"I want to watch you come, baby," she said.

I reached up to kiss her, but she pushed me back down.

"No baby, I want to see it on your face."

She worked two fingers deep inside me in a corkscrew motion. She looked at Sam and nodded, and I felt his finger push past my sphincter into my ass.

Sherita began fucking me hard with her fingers while Sam slowly worked his deeper into my ass. After only a few minutes I exploded in a wave of orgasms. It was almost as if I could feel them touching through me. I squeezed my eyes shut tight, moaning in ecstasy.

"Open your eyes, girl!" Sherita commanded. I tried, but could not.

"Open them eyes!"

I forced them open and looked into hers, so deep and brown and loving. I came again and again, gasping, thrashing, crying, but I kept my eyes on hers until their hands withdrew and I began to calm down. They both kissed me gently all over my face, my shoulders, my breasts.

"We need to take care of this man" Sherita said, after we had rested a few minutes.

I looked over to Sam, and touched his handsome dark face. It was so easy, in my excitement with Sherita, to lose sight of how dear he was to me, of how much I longed to make him happy.

I rolled over on my tummy and took his hard cock in my hand, stoking it slowly. I kissed him on the chest and began to slowly move my mouth down across his stomach is slow wet circles. Sherita climbed around to the other side and took his balls in her hand, gently kneading them. We worked in tandem, my lips pursing over the head of his cock at the same time her tongue began lapping at his balls. He squeezed and patted my ass as his hard shaft filled my mouth. I swirled my tongue around it and took in more with each downward stroke, until my lips met Sherita's as she licked her way up.

Sam was moaning with pleasure. Sherita pushed me back, smiling.

"We need to slow him down" she said with a devious smile.

I wondered what she had in mind. She reached over and unknotted my necklace so that it hung long and loose. She draped it over Sam's cock, wound it around the shaft, and made a loop under his scrotum. I laughed with delight.

"Now, ain't that a pretty sight?" she said. I nodded in agreement as I licked the slit of his cockhead.

Sherita played with the beads, making them roll up and down his cock and around his balls while I teased him with my tongue. Every time Sam would start to buck his hips, we would slow down, keeping him inflamed but not letting him get too close to orgasm.

When we had teased him to our satisfaction, Sherita said to me "Girl, I want to see you fuck this good black man."

We unwound the necklace and I rose to my knees. Sherita held my hands as I climbed over Sam, then reached down and guided his throbbing cock into my wet pussy. I sank down onto it slowly, savoring each wonderful inch as it filled me. When I had taken it's length I began to rock slowly. I knew he would not last long.

Sherita put her hands on my shoulders, turned to sit on Sam's chest, then slowly slid back over his face. He wrapped his arms around her hips and pulled her to him. I watched her eyes first grow wide and then narrow to slits as he began to eat her pussy.

I leaned into her and rested my head in the hollow of her neck and Sam began thrusting harder up into me. She draped her arms over me and we nestled together, each approaching another climax.

She came first, groaning and panting, and running her fingernails all the way up my back. My orgasm came quickly behind it, fueled by the beauty of her ecstasy. We pressed our mouths together, not kissing, but sharing our breaths, as waves of pleasure overtook us. She came again and again, until at last, she collapsed onto the bed in exhaustion.

I leaned forward onto Sam's chest. He raised his knees, pressing up into me, and wrapped his arms around my waist. He began slamming into me, harder and harder, and I didn't think I would ever stop cumming. At last he reached his climax, and as he did so he popped out of my pussy, and I felt his hot cum splatter onto my back.

I lay in his arms and felt Sherita's fingers playing in his cum, spreading it into the skin at the small of my back.

She leaned against me, and brushed the hair out of my face.

"Damn, girl," she said "I didn't ever think you could outlast me."

She rubbed her finger on my lips and I could taste Sam's salty cum. I kissed her deeply, and watched with satisfied delight as she kissed Sam. Then I kissed Sam and the taste of her pussy was in his mouth and our circle of desire had been completed.

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