David's Gift


It's years since David and I last went clubbing and it takes a few moments for my ears to adjust to the awful noise that seems to pass for dance music these days. As we step into the room, I'm hit with that same old familiar dance floor smell -- that mixture of booze and body odour that no one seems to notice whilst under the influence but could knock you out when you're sober. I guess some things never change. I take David's hand and lead him around the dance floor to the bar at the opposite side of the room. As I order our drinks he turns to me and smiles awkwardly.

"I feel so old!" He laughs.

"It's your birthday!" I reply. "You're supposed to feel old!" He doesn't look convinced. "Besides," I continue, "I brought you here for a reason."

"What do you mean?" he asks, puzzled.

I flash him my best mischievous grin. "Well, I guess you'll have to wait and see..." He looks at me questioningly but I leave it at that. Oh David, I think, if only you knew what I have in store! I'm going to give you an experience you'll never forget. But first I'm going to need a bit more of the old Dutch courage. I down the remainder of my drink in one and immediately order another.

A new track kicks in and the club goes wild around me. I throw my hands up in the air and cheer out tipsily. Oh God I'm so wasted! I've not been on a night out in weeks and I intend to make the most of it.

I feel someone's elbow in my ribs and spin around to see a pair of college guys dancing just behind me. One of them turns and smiles. He's cute and I smile back sweetly and step towards him, fluttering my eye lids innocently as I reach up and lift his bottle gently out of his hand. Once it's drained I hand him back the empty, mouth a quick "Thanks!" and turn away. Sorry boys, tonight's just about me and the girls!

Speaking of, I wonder, where the hell are Rachel and Jess anyway? It must be twenty minutes since they went to go pee. I don't want to go looking for them in case they come back and find me gone, so I take another swing of my drink and try to enjoy myself.

After thirty minutes and four rum and Cokes I'm starting to feel a little braver, so I begin scanning the room for a suitable target. It doesn't take long for me to notice the cute little brunette strutting around on the dance floor. She looks young, maybe nineteen or twenty, slim and pretty. Her long dark hair contrasts beautifully with her smooth, milky skin and her little blue dress she is sexy without being tacky. Even better, she seems to be alone. I point her out to David.

"What do you think?" I ask him. "Isn't she pretty?"

I can see the question makes him uncomfortable. "Um... I guess so," he says, "I prefer blondes." I laugh at his dumb attempt to reassure me and give him a peck on the cheek as thanks.

"It's OK, honey, you can tell me. I think she's beautiful." I'm quiet for a few moments while I build the courage to utter my next words. "I think we should take her home."

David's eyes almost pop out of his head. "What? You don't mean...?"

"I'm serious honey. It's your fortieth birthday and I want to give you something you'll remember for the rest of your life. And besides," I drop my eyes to hide my embarrassment and can feel myself blushing, "it's kind of a fantasy of mine too. Sharing something new and exciting with the man I love. It's not like you'll be cheating on me. Let me do this for you. Please?" He just stares at me so I decide to take the bull by the horns. "You stay here." I hand him my empty glass, take a deep breath and make a beeline for the girl.

One of the guys behind me bumps into me again and in my drunken state I stumble forward, spilling my drink down the front of my dress. "Mother fucker!" I spin around ready to let rip, only to find myself face to face with a tall blonde woman.

"Oh God," she says, "I'm so sorry!" She looks genuinely mortified and my initial anger quickly fades.

"It's ok. Really." I'm more embarrassed than anything and begin patting down the wet patches on my dress. The woman looks down at my empty glass, now rolling in a long arc across the floor.

"Oh no, your drink!" She touches me on the forearm. "Please, let me buy you another."

There's still no sign of Jess and Rach, and I'm down to my last $20, so I decide to take her up on the offer and follow her across to the bar. As we wait to be served I get a good look at her and notice how pretty she is. I'd guess she's in her mid-thirties but looks good for it -- a real classy lady with shoulder-length blonde hair and thick red lips. When she smiles her eyes light up and she looks 10 years younger. We chat for a while and when she tells me she likes my hair I smile and confess that it took me an hour of styling to make it look so good. I wouldn't normally be so candid with a stranger but she seems nice and there seems to be an easy rapport between us.

So far, so good. Knocking into her on the dance floor was a risky tactic but it seems to have paid off. And I'm happy with my choice. She's had a little too much to drink but I can tell that she's the right type of girl -- flirty and friendly but not over-confident and probably not too experienced sexually. I don't want her outshining me in the bedroom! Over her shoulder I can see David watching us intently. I flash my eyes in the girl's direction as if to ask him "Do you like her?" David nods dumbly. Ok, I have his approval. Now it's time to begin my first attempt at seducing a girl.

I take a deep breath and compose myself. "Do you want to dance?" I ask her.

She smiles happily. "Sure!"

I take her hand in mine and lead her back across the dance floor until we find a space of our own. Then we begin dancing as the track changes again. The music is awful, like all new dance music seems to be these days, but I'm not here to enjoy the playlist. I concentrate on the rhythm and on keeping up with her. Stepping towards her, I reach forward and place my hands on her waist. She responds in kind and I feel I small thrill when, a few moments later, her own hands slide down my dress and playfully come to rest on my ass. Her body is warm and soft and smells delicious.

I spy David stood at the edge of the dance floor, eyes focussed on the young girl's little butt, outlined so beautifully through the tight fabric of her dress. I can't blame him, it's flawless. I remember being her age, when staying in shape came so effortlessly. Now I have to skip dessert and work out four times a week to keep my figure.

When David finally looks up I catch his gaze, hold out my hand and beckon him over.

We're still dancing when I see a man approaching. I begin to turn my back on him to show my disinterest when the woman taps me on the arm and leans in to talk to me.

"It's OK," she says, pointing in the man's direction, "He's my husband."

"Oh!" I laugh apologetically and turn to say hi as he joins us. He doesn't seem to be too offended and holds out a hand in greeting as we meet. Soon he's dancing too, although he moves awkwardly and I get the impression he hasn't been clubbing in a long time. I smile to encourage him and slowly he begins to visibly relax and enjoy himself. It's then that I notice the woman watching us, apparently fascinated. As first I assume she's jealous, but she doesn't look annoyed, only weirdly interested in how we interact.

It seems to be going well but the girl still appears slightly wary of David. I suspect she's scared of upsetting me by giving him too much attention so I decide to help move things along. Slowly I circle around until the girl stands between the two of us. David takes the cue and moves in, dancing closer and closer until finally she bumps up against him. She looks back at him briefly, smiles and continues to dance as he matches her rhythm. After a couple of songs he puts his hands on her hips and she doesn't move away. Then the three of us dance together as one, the girl the delicious filling in our sandwich. A portent of things to come, I hope.

Something hard begins to prod against the top of my butt and I almost laugh out loud when I realise what it is. Playfully I grind my ass back against him, feeling slightly guilty for my new friend but revelling in the sexual power I have over her husband. He's good looking - a little older than I'd go for but handsome, and he clearly works out.

The bulge in his pants grows and as we move together I feel his hands move from my waist. Slowly they snake up the front of my dress, homing in on my tits and when they reach their goal he stops and begins to fondle me gently. I should stop him now but it still feels good and the woman doesn't seem to mind. I look around and see that no one is watching, so I just go with it.

David plays with her pert little breasts, squeezing and groping them like he's just found his new favourite toy. They're smaller than mine, maybe a B-cup to my Ds, and I'm happy for him to enjoy the novelty for now. Before long her nipples become visible through the thin fabric of her dress and I find the sight excites far more than I expected. Something about the idea of her being aroused like this makes me giddy. At first I'm confused as to why I should suddenly feel so exhilarated but as she stands there, letting my husband manhandle her, I begin to realise what it is: Power. She didn't choose this, probably never would. I'm the one that found her, that delivered her into the hands of my darling husband.

Something stirs within me at the thought and at that moment a stark, wonderful realisation hits me; I want to watch her fucked. Not in the warm, safe comfort of our bedroom as I planned but here, in this dingy little club, in front of all these people. She's such an innocent beauty. I want David to fuck the innocence right out of her. I imagine her laying naked and bound, powerless to resist while I make him ravage her over and over again. My mind begins to race with possibilities and, shaking with excitement, I take his left hand and guide it under the top of her dress. She flinches and moves to stop him so I grab her wrists and hold them firmly at my waist where they can't interfere. David doesn't need any more encouragement and soon both hands are in there, eagerly fondling her supple young tits.

What started as a bit of flirty fun has suddenly become something much more serious. The man's warm hands roam freely under my dress, groping at me skin-on-skin. I want to escape, to pull away from his hands, but the woman holds me, penning me in and allowing him unrestricted access to my body. She looks on mischievously and mouths a reassuring "It's OK." My nipples have always been sensitive and when he pinches them gently, sending little jolts coursing through me, I feel myself beginning to melt at his touch. Oh God, he knows what he's doing! Without making any conscious decision to do so, I stop fighting.

I watch her sweet little face as the last thoughts of resistance fade. Finally I feel her arms relax and a few moments later her fingers intertwine with mine. It's almost time. Tentatively I tilt my head forward towards her until our lips meet. She hesitates at first but I persist and eventually she begins to kiss me back. Her lips taste sweet as my tongue pushes past them into the warmth of her mouth to meet her own. With the girl distracted I place her hands at my waist and then reach around her, take hold of David's belt and tug it open. His cock is rock hard as I pull it out of his pants and I'm almost jealous of the oblivious young girl about to experience it for the first time. I know how good it feels, ramming into you again and again, filling you up until it becomes your whole universe. My own pussy begins to throb at the memory...

I open my eyes and find David is staring at me over her shoulder, dumbfounded. I glare at him, trying to let my eyes do the talking. "Yes," they say, "I want you to do it. I want you to fuck her." To emphasise my point I grip his penis at the base and give it a couple of slow, purposeful tugs, pulling him closer and guiding him towards his prize. I see a glimmer of understanding in his eyes. We're still dancing, moving as one, two lovers and our unsuspecting victim. She's unable to escape; trapped between us and totally unaware of what's about to happen to her. I love it!

Finally I slide a hand under the hem her dress and up the inside of her thighs until my fingers brush against the fine cotton of her panties. I'm pleased but not surprised to discover her pussy is practically steaming - hot and swollen, prepared for what her body craves. Prepared for sex.

The woman's delicate fingers tug at the crotch of my panties and I feel them touch the outside of my pussy. Oh God, is she going to finger-bang me? Am I OK with that? I've never done more than kiss another girl but I find myself unexpectedly excited by the idea of her secretly frigging me while the rest of the club dances around us, unaware. It's so naughty! Heart racing, I prepare myself for my first lesbian experience. Instead the woman suddenly, takes hold of the waistband of my panties and pulls them down over my butt. It's then that I feel the tip of the man's cock pressing against my pussy lips. I realise too late what's happening and before I can move away he grips my hips, pushes forward and enters me. I'm so wet that he slides in without resistance and I can't help but gasp as his cock buries itself in me. My traitorous pussy opens to him, welcoming him in. And then he's fucking me.

David starts off slowly, like he always does, giving her body time to adjust to his sudden, unexpected intrusion. She looks at me wide-eyed, like a rabbit caught in the headlights, unable to believe what is happening. Unable to believe what she is allowing to happen. I stay close to her, keeping her trapped, giving her an excuse to accept my husband's wondrous cock. After a minute or two the initial shock seems to fade and her breathing begins to change, from fast and panicky to the slow, deep breaths of a girl in the grip of desire.

That's it, you dirty little bitch. Give yourself to me, let me ruin you. This isn't about David anymore. He's just the tool I'm using to play my game, to transform you - from the girl you are to the whore I know you can be. It's a side of my personality that I never even knew existed before tonight and I embrace it wholeheartedly.

Oh God, am I really letting him do this? Fuck me? Here? I look around at the other clubbers, convinced someone will see.

"It's OK," says the woman again. "No one's looking. Just enjoy it." With relief I see that she's right and, despite my misgivings, I begin to allow myself to enjoy the warm sensation of his cock moving inside me. How long is it since I last had sex? Six months? More? No wonder it feels so good... Slowly he pushes deeper and deeper into me and I close my eyes and spread me legs a little to make it more comfortable. Why would anyone be watching? I'm still sandwiched between the two of them, the true extent of my debauchery hidden to those around us. Three people, dancing together, nothing unusual about that...

To my shame I realise I'm pushing back against him.

I notice one of the clubbers nearby has stopped dancing to peer over in our direction so I take a step back to give him a better view of the girl. It takes him a second to process exactly what's going on but his face lights up when he realises what he's seeing. He begins alerting his friends and one by one they turn to watch the spectacle of the pretty young thing debasing herself on the dance floor. Of course, she's oblivious, losing herself in the heat of passion, and I take the opportunity to reach up and begin untying the halter neck of her dress. When the girl realises what I'm doing her eyes snap open and she moves to stop me but David reads the situation and reacts quickly, grabbing her arms and holding them firmly behind her back. She struggles to free herself as I continue working the knot loose but he is strong and holds her fast.

The girl stares around helplessly, suddenly aware of her new audience and the knowledge that she's about to be revealed to them in all her shameful glory. When I finish with her dress I pause to savour the moment.

"Ready?" I ask.

"Wait!" she begs. "Please!"

I give her an innocent, quizzical look as if I don't quite understand her concern. "But they all want to see?"

"Oh God, p-please don't!"

She gawks at me pleadingly, which makes it all the more satisfying when I release the dress and the top half falls away, exposing those gorgeous little tits for all to see. The onlookers cheer. She stares down at them, forlorn, like she's horrified to find they were always there, just waiting to show her up. "Oh no..." she murmurs delightfully, "No, no, no...!"

I'm now surrounded by a small crowd of ten or fifteen people. I've never been an exhibitionist, never enjoyed public attention, and now I'm being forced to share with them the most shameful, degrading moment of my life. ***I've lost all control of the situation -- I'm an object, to be used and enjoyed by all I can do is accept his cock** More and more people turn to watch and in amongst the crowd I'm horrified to see the faces of Rachel and Jess. I want to scream at them. Now you decide to show up! Where were you twenty minutes ago?! They stare at me, half-smiling like they can't decide whether to be thrilled or appalled by what they're seeing. How must I look to them? Near naked and sweaty, allowing these two strangers to violate my body so publicly? I can't bear the shame and I drop my head to hide from their hungry eyes, but the woman won't allow it and grabs me by the hair to yank my head back up.

"Don't hide that pretty face," she purrs. "I want everyone to see how much you're enjoying yourself."

And the terrible thing is that part of me must still be enjoying it, because by now I'm having to bite my lip to stop myself crying out. When his cock begins jabbing against my g-spot the effort finally becomes too much and I let out a pathetic, high pitched yelp, like a dog, to the obvious amusement of both the woman and the crowd.

Her body has already betrayed her but the girl's contorted face reveals the on-going struggle as shame and lust fight for control of her mind. Her wild eyes flash from me to the crowd, welling with hot tears that leave little black trails of mascara as they run down her blushing cheeks. It's beautiful.

She still struggles occasionally but I hold her hair tightly, forcing her to face her captivated audience. Sorry little princess, there's no hiding from them now - they want so see your face as I break you. David rams her pussy over and over, fucking her like an animal. It's funny, I thought he'd be more reserved in front of all these people but actually he seems to be relishing it, spurred on by the ravenous baying of the crowd. Just when it seems he's about to explode inside her, he releases the girl's arms and withdraws. Suddenly finding herself unsupported, the girl stumbles forward and I use her hair to help her on her way, guiding her down until she lands heavily on all fours in the filth of the dance floor. Her little pussy points up at David invitingly and he wastes no time in following her down to the floor where he penetrates her for a second time, mounting her like the dog she is. Then he grabs her by the shoulders, pulling her onto him, and resumes fucking her, harder and deeper than ever. The girl cries out with a satisfying "URGH!" and it's impossible to tell whether it's through ecstasy, pain or despair. I suspect it's a mixture of all three but, whatever it is, more guttural noises follow with each mighty thrust of his cock, and the slap of her ass against his thighs becomes audible even over the blare of the music.

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