Shari Shiver Loses Her Stage Fright


It was time for me to take an extended leave of absence under the premise of going to the washroom. I wanted to stand over on the other side of the bar and see who Shari might "meet" while I was gone.

"My sexy slave, I need to visit the washroom and freshen up. I expect you to be friendly and flirtatious while I am away, understand?"

"Yes Master I do, I'll be right here enjoying my champagne and any new friends I might meet."

I walked off to the washroom and quickly washed my hands and returned to the other side of the bar to watch her from a distance. Enrique came over quickly and asked if anything was wrong. I told him I was just enjoying watching my "date" as she met some new people, it was a favorite hobby of mine. He got the message and handed me a beer to nurse while I was away from Shari.

It took all of three minutes before a couple of men stopped and introduced themselves to Shari. She was friendly and smiled as they made small talk with her. I could see her perfectly and she wasn't aware of where I was standing behind the other bar across the room from her. I deliberately left the camera on the bar with Shari, beside her flute, hoping she might get some pictures with any new friends. She seemed to be having fun as she shared a shooter with the two men. Then one of them leaned over and picked up the camera. Obviously she told them she would love to get a picture or two and they took turns posing with her as they each took several pictures. I could see Shari's legs as she posed, each time the camera flashed, her legs were quickly opened and closed. A flash for the flash, she was earning her bonuses tonight! The camera was attracting a lot of men to her side and soon she was surrounded by five or six men all posing with her in progressively suggestive poses that Shari was encouraging.

By the time I returned from the washroom, Shari was sitting on one guys lap and posing for our camera as two other guys had their arms around her waist and shoulders. Her legs were definitely open and her hot pink G-string on display as she explained how her pendant was actually suspended between her breast.

"You want to see how my pendant is held up? That will cost you each a glass of champagne and one for my Master, Terry. Terry this is Pete, Bill, Jerry, Tom, Walter and Fred. They are from Montana and here on a business conference. They want me to show them my pendant and how it is positioned."

"Well, if they agree to your terms, then I order you to show them!'

"Yes Master. Gentlemen, as you can see the chain is fastened to my erect hard nipples with clear loops of line and tightened to stay put. Remember gentlemen, touching is very expensive!"

Shari casually slipped her dress apart and proudly displayed her 36D breast to all the men as they surrounded her. No one else in the bar would be able to see as they were a tight circle around her. Shari cupped her full breast and squeezed them several times, making the chain and pendant jump. Then she slipped her dress back over her breasts. "Gentlemen, and I use the term loosely, where is the champagne?"

Enrique leaned over her shoulder, "It is right here Shari, could I pour you a glass? You now have two bottles to drink. Perhaps you'd prefer to take them with you when you leave?"

"Perfect idea, Enrique, I will enjoy them in the limo." Shari leaned back, her knees improperly apart and picked up her full flute. "Thanks guys, that's very generous of you. If you leave me your emails I'll send you a picture of my sexy jewelry to remember this night."

They all clamored to push their respective business cards into her hand.

"In fact, I'm so excited right now; let's take a picture of my jewelry here at the bar with you guys all around me. Terry, would you mind taking a picture or two for these nice men?"

"Of course, pass me the camera Shari. Guys please gather around Shari, Shari sit on Walter's lap and then the others can gather around."

Shari waited until Walter sat down on the barstool and then she sat on his lap, her dress rode way up exposing her hot pink covered pussy, and put an arm around Walter's neck as the others gathered around her. Once they were positioned, I nodded at Shari and she exposed her breasts and I framed the picture. Just as I said "three" Shari spread her legs and smiled at me devilishly, knowing what the picture would turn out to be!

"With that, gentlemen, we are on our way to another bar called the Sands Showgirls Bar. We will be there for the balance of the evening. So thank you for entertaining my lovely little sex-slave (eyes began to pop) in my absence and I assure you that you all will get a memory of tonight by email. Enrique, please get my bill and the two bottles of champagne. Shari, our limo is out front so say your goodbyes to our new friends."

I paid Enrique and grabbed the bottles and we left for the Sands. As we climbed into the limo, Shari put another great show on; she bent over and let her dress ride up right over her hips, completely exposing her ass and pussy to all eyes around the front door! The doorman closed the door and Shari climbed onto my lap and straddled me and kissed me fully! She was definitely drunk and looking at her G-string (soaked) very horny!

"Mmmm, that was good. Now take off your dress and thong. I need to taste that wet pussy before we get to the next club."

"But Master, in the Limo?'

"Yes, get naked, the divider is up and I want to lick your pussy now!" I pulled her off my lap and laid her down beside me and pulled her G-string off her accommodating legs. Shari sat up and slipped the dress over her head and lay back in the leather seat as she started playing with her very wet pussy.

"Master, I am very wet, please come and taste my sweet honey." She spread her legs wide apart and peeled her pussy lips back, exposing her swollen clit to the cool air of the limo.

I knelt between her legs and licked at her sweet nectar, slowly circling her clit and strumming it with my tongue as she thrust her hips against my face. Shari was moaning loudly as she started to come. I kept licking her clit as I fingered her pussy with two fingers.

Shari exploded in orgasm, her honey gushed onto the seat and my hand in a steady drool of thick white fluid. I leaned over and licked it all up and kissed her clit as she shuddered in post orgasmic pleasure.

"Here, this is what you are wearing next." I handed her the bag with the red sequined dress and shoes and her orange G-string. "But first I want a few pictures of you naked in the limo, now give me some very erotic poses please."

Shari could have been a Hustler Honey right now, the way she posed and spread her legs! She got on her hands and knees and reached back to spread her pussy as I snapped picture after picture. Then she rolled over and started to play with her nipple chain and full breasts as the flash kept going off!

I put the camera down and watched as Shari got dressed. I couldn't wait to see the driver's look when he opened the door at the Sands when we arrive. Sure enough, his eyes popped out of his head as Shari emerged from the limo in her new outfit. Partly because of the outfit and partly because her legs were wide open as she got out!

"Craving a slice of orange right now?" I quipped at the driver as we walked by him into the bar. "We'll be here for at least two hours, so if you want to take a break, I'll call you when we're ready to leave with five minutes notice. So please stay close by, understood?

"Yes sir!"

"You might get to see another section of exotic orange later, if you are prompt when I call."

"Understood!" The driver smiled and returned to the limo and drove off.

As we entered the bar, the doorman scanned our bodies and took great pleasure in going over Shari twice!

"Want to check under my dress too?" Shari joked as she hiked her short dress and flashed her orange G-string at the doorman.

"It's obvious you're not concealing anything there and I'm waiving your cover charges for that delightful show!"

Shari kissed him on the cheek and we walked into the loud, busy strip club. It seemed like every pair of eyes in the bar were on Shari as she gazed up at the huge banner proclaiming "It's Amateur Night -- Win $1,500.00". Shari turned and winked at me, "I'm going to win that money tonight!"

"I believe you, let's get a drink, what do you want?"

"Tequila, lots of courage in tequila!"

"I've rented a VIP room for us, so we can have some privacy and party as we wish or be part of the crowd when we want to. So feel free to wander and meet some new friends and don't forget to sign up for the contest while you are mingling. The room is up there (I pointed up a staircase to a mirrored window room in the corner of the bar over the stage) so I'll be waiting for you when you've signed up for the contest. Now go get some new friends in the crowd that will want to vote for you!"

"But Master I'm so shy! Shari bit her finger and posed coyly as she turned, pulled her dress up over her tight cheeks and flashed me, then disappeared into the crowd by the bar. She was really drunk and on a mission now!

I headed up to the VIP suite, ordered tequilas, champagne and some snack food for Shari as we really hadn't eaten too much. The waitress was very attractive and was definitely treating me like a VIP. She was almost six feet tall in her platform shoes and was a natural redhead (I found out later) with a curvy, natural figure and great freckles! Her name was Samantha or "Sam" as she introduced herself. She was wearing a little green plaid skirt and a white halter top of some sort of clingy material.

I opened the curtains, checked for cameras in the room and proceeded to try and find Shari on the floor below. I found her; she was up on an elevated cube dancing with a bunch of guys surrounding her cheering her on! Every few minutes one of them would offer her a shooter, which she refused (smart girl). But she was high enough up that they all could probably see her G-string under her short dress, not that she seemed to care, judging by the way she was dancing! When the next song ended, Shari got help down off the cube, signed up for the contest (to loud cheers from her new fan club) and started over to the VIP staircase.

"Hi, I sure had fun down there, what have you been doing Master? Oh, watching me I gather based on the great view from here. Can they see in here?"

"No, they can't, it's one-way glass. And yes I was watching you dancing on that cube, you were really hot!"

"Thank you, yes I am so hot right now!" With that Shari reached down for the hem of her dress and pulled it over her head and off! "That's better, now I can cool off a bit before the strip-off starts. Do I pleasure you tonight Master?"

"Absolutely! I am very impressed, look at the hard-on I'm sporting girl!"

Shari hooked her finger in my belt loop and drew me over to the window, dropped on her knees unzipped my pants and pulled out my oozing hard cock. She slipped it into her mouth and sucked ravenously on it! She kept sucking on my cock as she stared out the window onto the crowd. This obviously turned her on, being naked above several hundred horny guys (and quite a few women) while sucking my cock in a lounge! She slipped a hand down between her legs and pulled her G-string to the side and started playing with her pussy as she slurped and sucked on my aching shaft.

Just then there was a knock on the door (I had the privacy sign on the knob), Shari stopped sucking and looked up at me wondering what to do.

"Just keep doing what you are doing Sex-slave. Enter, please." I called as Shari went back to work on my throbbing cock.

Sam casually walked over to the table and set down the shooters and champagne bucket and glasses. "Anything else Terry?" she asked as she walked back to the door.

"No thanks come back in about fifteen minutes with the food I ordered please."

"Okay then!" and Sam closed the door.

Shari never even stopped playing with her pussy, let alone sucking on my cock! I was impressed; she was earning a fabulous shopping bonus for tomorrow. I softly pushed her off of my cock, took her by the hand, and sat down on the sectional couch. Shari got on her knees and continued to swallow my thick cock hungrily. I knew I wouldn't come quickly but Shari would. She was already moaning as she stroked her clit furiously with one hand as the other stroked my shaft when it was out of her throat.

Shari gagged twice on my cock all the way down her throat, lay back on the floor and proceeded to have a massive orgasm as she strummed her clit, causing her hand to blur, it moved so fast! It was clear that she couldn't deep throat my cock as she was having an orgasm, first things first!

"I think it's time you got dressed and ready to go downstairs for the contest Shari." She sat up, panting and looked completely glazed over. "You need some champagne to quench your palate, drink up."

Shari took a full glass of bubbly and downed it. I passed her a bottle of water and that disappeared too! A few minutes later she got up and adjusted her G-string and slipped on her sexy strappy red dress.

"I feel much better now; can I have another glass of champagne and my shot of courage before I go downstairs?"

"Of course, and you better eat something too!"

A few minutes later Sam knocked on the door, entered and placed the nacho plate and hot wings on the table in front of us. "There's a washroom behind that mirrored panel if you need it Miss. There are hand towels, lotions and liquid soaps as well."

As Sam departed we both simultaneously said, "She's got a great body!" We looked at each other and laughed and started eating like ravenous dogs! It was obvious we were both starving!

"I better not eat too much or I'll have a tummy showing during my dances. I wouldn't want to embarrass my Master by looking fat!"

"Hardly!" I quipped as I kissed her fully on that sexy mouth of hers.

Shari finished eating, put on some fresh lip color and gloss, and then she stood up. "Wish me luck Master, I'll need it!"

"Break a leg!" I said as I handed her a CD I had burned of great music, she had three songs to dance to) for her to dance to. It included some classic rock (Good girls don't -- The Knack, Let's Go -- The Cars), and an erotic Barry White song for her finale; "Let's Get It On"! She could dance to anything and I knew these tunes would work well for her. She was so sensual when she wanted to be, but tonight would tell the tale!

Shari closed the door and was gone! I watched her go down the stairs and head to the DJ booth and hand him her CD. He smiled and pointed to the area the contestants were to wait and be called on stage to perform.

The luck of the draw was in Shari's favor as was the competition. There were five girls entered and three of them couldn't hold a candle to Shari's looks in spite of being half her age! The other two were quire attractive, one looked professional. Shari held up her number towards the VIP window, she was number five! Last and in my opinion the best! The first two girls were so nervous they were nearly booed off the stage. That left only three of the girls in the running for the money.

The third girl wasn't very attractive and refused to take her thong off at all and was booed for that!

The fourth girl, the "Pro", was good. She had a hot outfit but she didn't have any rhythm at all. She was very good on her last song with her rug show and some erotic pussy play and left to a fairly big cheer!

Shari was next! My stomach was jumping, I couldn't imagine what hers felt like! She walked up on the stage and her fan club started cheering right away, relaxing her a lot! The Cars were blaring as Shari shook her little sequined dress for all she was worth. She truly could have been a stripper, she was a natural. As the song progressed, Shari dropped the straps on her dress and let it slowly slip over her full breast and rock hard nipples and gather around her waist. As the song came to a close Shari spun around and dropped the dress off of her tight cheeks to floor and a huge cheer of encouragement from the crowd!

Shari was now standing on a stage in nothing more than a G-string and she seemed completely comfortable with it. Good Girls Don't started playing and she moved into another go-go style dance as she moved all over the stage and paid attention to every one along the edge of the stage. She would bend over and shake her breasts at the guys along the rail, teasing them and playing with them. She would tease them by staring to pull down her G-string and then slide it back up over her hips, pulling it higher and showing off her swollen lips and mound.

As the song ended, Shari did the splits and dropped to the floor to a rousing ovation!

Now she one song left, an erotic, let's fuck song. She pulled out a large beach towel she got from the DJ and she slowly lowered herself to the stage. Shari rolled and posed, her legs spread wide, her G-string barely covering her now wet pussy. She turned over on her hands and knees and then slowly spread her knees apart causing her cheeks to rise up and her G-string to disappear between her pussy lips. The crowd roared their approval!

She now undid her shoes and took them off. Shari slinked around on her hands and knees and then stood up, walking on her tip toes; she went to the edge of the stage and turned her back to the crowd. She stepped out onto the brass rail and slowly spread her legs in a split, right over a bug eyed customer's face. She continued to split until her pussy was only inches from his face. Then she closed her legs and danced over to the other side of the stage and sat on the edge, put her legs on either side of another guys chair and thrust her pussy into his face, stopping when her lips were inches from his nose. Then she slowly pulled her G-string to the side and fluffed the small patch of hair on her mound. Shari rolled over backwards onto the stage and slipped her G-string off in the same motion.

As the song ended, Shari danced naked around the edge of the stage, cupping her full breasts and dancing erotically. The crowd loved her! When the song ended, Shari went over to the guy she dropped her pussy onto and gave her G-string as a souvenir of her performance. He sniffed it proudly and waved it at the crowd!

Well Shari won her $1,500.00 and she continued walk around on the stage naked long after receiving the prize money. She put on her shoes, grabbed her dress and walked out through the crowd and up the stairs to the VIP room amid cheers and lots of friendly hands on her breasts and ass. When she came into the room she walked straight to the couch and spread her legs wide. "Master please come and give me a hummer if you were pleased with my show, I'm almost to orgasm already. Please come and lick my clit until I come, PLEASE! MASTER PLEASE!"

I walked over to the couch and poured some champagne on her red hot pussy and licked her clean to loud moans of pleasure as she bucked against my mouth. Shari came in less than two minutes, gushing honey all over my face and her quivering thighs. She tasted like victory for sure!

I stood up and unzipped my pants, dropping them and my briefs on the floor. I took Shari's legs and pushed them apart and back to her shoulders as I thrust my thick shaft into her glazed pussy. The heat of her depths was intense as I pumped her hard. I was obviously very ready as I came in a few minutes too! After I finished coming, I presented my coated shaft to Shari for her to lick it clean, which she eagerly did! I stood up and pulled my pants up as Sam knocked at the door.

"Come in!"

"Hi I was wondering if I could get you anything right now?"

"As a matter of fact you can. I want you come over here and clean up Shari for me, she's a mess! There's a big tip in it for you if you do a good job."

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