tagGroup SexSharing a Room Ch. 06

Sharing a Room Ch. 06


Lisa and Terri both glanced over at the suddenly hopeful Ron, who looked thrilled to be invited back into the party. It appeared, however, that he would have resigned himself to spectator status if we'd required it of him. It was a glimpse into his submissive side.

"I think he'd like that very much," the nymph replied, still nestled up with her head in Lisa's lap.

"I think they both would," I said, smiling into the smoldering eyes of my wife. "And would you be willing to help in every step of the process, Terri?"

"Yes, sir," she squeaked, gamely committing to do her part even though she clearly had doubts about what that role might be.

"Then, would you mind going over to the other bed and bringing that remarkable specimen of cock-flesh over here?" I was deliberately avoiding speaking to or acknowledging Ron, transferring to him the designation of sex toy and I intentionally involved Terri to strengthen the sense of joint participation.

She gingerly climbed from the bed, wincing; her abused ass clearly objecting to every movement. Once fully upright, she paused, her hands massaging her clenching buttcheeks as she strove to pacify her torn and misshapen anus. After a deep breath, she mustered a brave, almost triumphant, smile at me, acknowledging the cause of her discomfort, and crossed over the few steps to her eager but patient husband and his raging cock. She tenderly reached out and caressed his manhood, ever so slightly drawing it forward.

She seemed to instinctively adopt the focus that it was his cock that mattered and not the rest of him. She gripped it lightly but deliberately and pulled him gradually off the bed. To his credit, and despite his obvious eagerness to do this, Ron waited to be led, acknowledging that his destiny, his pleasure, his very movements, were to be directed by another.

While this interaction transpired across from us, I slipped around the other side of the bed and climbed in, propping myself up against the headboard and slipping a shoulder under Lisa so she cuddled back against me. With both of us turning our heads slightly I could gaze adoringly into her eyes and yet her body was positioned for easy access for her approaching stud.

After guiding her husband directly between Lisa's open legs, and even giving him the gentlest of shoves forward to indicate where to go, Terri faltered, not sure what to do next. She seemed unsure of whether she should stay with us or retreat to her husband's former spectator place on the other bed.

"Join us," I directed. Blushing, she slid in on the other side of Lisa, tight quarters on the double bed.

Lisa had been watching the approach of Ron's big prick with obvious anticipation but now that he was right there, on his knees at the end of the bed, she turned her attention to me, content to let me orchestrate the whole experience for her much as she had gifted me with Terri's behind.

"Guide him right in," I instructed Terri before turning my attention to my wife. Both of us ignoring the other couple as we concentrated on the fun of sharing an intimate moment together. I delicately kissed her lips as Terri drew Ron's manhood closer to Lisa's core. Reading her eyes, the intonation of her breathing, the whimsical play of her lips, I recognized when Terri peeled open the heated flower and directed the throbbing tip of his cock against the flowing wetness of Lisa's honey pot.

"You want this so much and I want so much to give it to you," I whispered lovingly to Lisa, my eyes locked on hers.

"I do. Thank you for giving it to me."

Terri began using the cock to caress Lisa's opening, heating the anticipation with the tip brushing just inside her. A little intake of breath and slight widening of her eyes betrayed her expanding desire.

Despite the fact that my wife was about to get screwed by another man and that his wife lay right up against her, directing his cock against her open, welcoming pussy, it was a remarkably private and intimate moment for us as a couple. Terri and Ron existed only as extensions of our love for one another. This couple had become just another way for us to make love to each other.

"Mmm," she sighed as the head breached. She lay perfectly still, simply letting the experience happen to her.

"Feels good, doesn't it?" I asked.

"Yes. Very nice," she sighed back.


"Yeah, it opens me a little more, even on the initial penetration."

"Tell me."

"It makes me feel more open, more daring, more... Oh, he's going further in and my body is welcoming him."

Ron groaned quietly, feeling the exquisite pleasure of my wife's carnal tunnel. This involuntary sound was soft but since his position atop my wife left his head nearly touching ours, even this quiet sound was easily overheard. We took it as appreciation of Lisa's beauty and sexiness rather than let his presence intrude on our laser focus on each other.

"Slowly, slowly," I cautioned him.

"Mmm, yes, I like that incredibly slow pace," Lisa smiled at me. "Make me feel every delicious inch."

"You like it gradual like that. Focus on that cock, inexorably pushing its way in," I instructed. Terri whimpered now, too, wordlessly conveying how arousing such a measured entrance could be. And, I suspect, longing for how that must feel. I got the impression that Ron typically used his substantial girth more forcefully, preferring quick thrusting to this restrained, mind-bendingly erotic, slow penetration. Maybe he would learn some things about varying his technique to drive a woman's arousal.

"It just goes on and on," Lisa observed, her breath quickening and her distracted eyes reflecting deep pools of desire. "At this pace it feels like it just stretches forever."

"Stretches endlessly deep into you or stretches you wide open," I solicited, enjoying her focus on her own arousal.

"Both," she gasped. "I was thinking of how deep, but you're right I'm stretched all around him, too."

In the midst of this delightful conversation, I somehow became aware that other than observing and wishing it were her, Terri had really very little to do at this point. The arm that was wrapped around my wife's shoulder cradling her against me extended around to Terri, who was snuggled against Lisa in the crowded bed. With that hand, I lightly touched Terri's hair, gently guiding her head down ever so slightly. She immediately grasped my direction and slid down until her head was positioned between her husband's and my wife's chests, eye-level to Lisa's engorged left nipple.

While this was happening, Lisa continued her narration. "I love the feeling of fullness, of restrained passion as he gradually forces his way in. It's like steel-hardness covered in softest velvet."

"How does that make you feel?" I queried.

"I feel wanton, sexy. There is nothing quite like taking a cock deep inside. His size makes demands on my body as I stretch open for him but it is so sexy that I can do it, take him in. It is a good feeling to oblige him. And the fuller I get, the hungrier, the emptier, my pussy feels."

Right about then, Terri took a tentative lick at Lisa's nipple. Her eyes, which had started to droop with the sultry, smoky look of the distracted, snapped back to lock onto mine as the electric charge of arousal raced up from her sensitive breast. "Oo," she inhaled delightfully. We heard a self-satisfied giggle from Terri, followed by what sounded like a wet, sloppy kiss. Lisa's smile broadened.

"Thank you. You know how much I appreciate having my nipples sucked on while we make love," she remarked, keeping up the premise that all her sexual pleasure was coming from me even if the physical contact was through Ron or Terri.

"Oh, man, he is pushing into areas that don't usually get touched," she gazed in wonder at me, that far-away expression re-asserting itself on her beautiful face. She shifted slightly against me, in order to adopt a slightly better angle. There was something very erotic about her squirming a little, trying to get comfortable around the imposition of his penis.

Then it was Ron's turn to strain a little, as he fought around the difficult angles caused by four of us in the bed. With a slight grunt, Ron closed the last inch and settled fully home, completely sheathed in the molten heat of Lisa's sex.

"Omigosh," Lisa breathed. "I am stuffed so full. You have complete possession of my body. I am yours, all yours. That big cock owns my body."

"You want to be fucked with it now?" I asked the obvious.

"Oh, yes, please, kind sir. I really need a good, hard fucking."

With a guiding hand to his hip, I directed a slow, but not too slow, withdrawal.

"Oh, yeah, lover. Oh, that is soo good. I want this so much. I want to feel what this big cock can do to me, where it can take me." Lisa was still staring adoringly into my face, her eyes brimming with such love and desire.

When I had guided Ron almost all the way back, I paused him with a gentle pressure. "Here, let me position your legs," I requested and tucked my free hand behind her right knee. Terri picked up on the action instinctively and caught her left knee in her hand. Together we drew Lisa's legs up and out, leaving her splayed and exposed for the fucking of her life.

"Oh," she gasped, realizing how vulnerable she was in the position that her husband and friend now held her in, so reminiscent of how we held Terri earlier as we shaved her. Her face was an absolute mask of lust and erotic desire. She knew full well what was coming next and the anticipation of it was about to consume her.

Instinctively, obediently, Ron waited for my signal and didn't move a muscle, although the anticipation must have been eating him alive, too.

"You ready?"

Though her eyes remained locked on mind, her attention was obviously elsewhere.

"God, yes. Take me. I am so open, so ready."

Still, Ron obediently waited for my approval. Lisa fairly trembled with anticipation. I nodded once and he slid home.

"AHHHHHH!" she shrieked in ecstasy, her eyes wild and unfocused as the sensations simply overwhelmed her. I actually watched the first wave of orgasm crest over the beach of her desire. It flowed across the features of her face in a tangible surge. I had never seen Lisa go over the edge so quickly from a single thrust. At the same time, it was obvious this was just the first of many climaxes she was prepared for.

Without letting go of Lisa's doubled up leg, I extended a finger out and touched Ron's back, holding him in place with his rod stuffed fully up my wife's spasming cunt. His pelvis grinding up against her fully exposed clitoris. Her legs trembled in my and Terri's hands as we held her splayed completely open. Her hips bucked, using whatever leverage she could muster from our arms folding her back at the knees, in an obscene grind against him and working her sex up and down his marauding cock.

Her face was frozen in a grimace of pure bliss and she grunted animalistic pants that spoke volumes about what she was experiencing. I watched the struggle play like storm clouds across her face – relief, tension, satisfaction, hunger – they chased one another over her expressions.

Without giving up my perfect view of the multi-hued emotions on her face, I took us to the next level. "Fuck. Hard," I ordered and Ron, the marionette, jumped to my pull of his strings. Immediately, he commenced a harrowing fuck that plowed the pliant furrow of my beloved. He held nothing back as he plunged in again and again, bludgeoning his way deep into her womb, ravaging his way into her very core.

I am usually too involved in a moment such as this to appreciate the gushing sounds of a rampant cock thrusting into the flowing wetness of a pliant cunt. This day, though, I found new appreciation for the sloshy sound as his glistening pole rammed in and out.

Lisa was in a whirlwind of pleasure, her legs held wide, his cock thrusting deep, his pubes punishing her clit on each downstroke. There was no escape, no flinching, no respite from the relentless pounding. And judging by her face and the way her ravenous body yielded to the abuse, not the slightest desire to turn away. She embraced the brutal fucking with an abandon that belied her sensible nature.

Quickly recognizing the groans Ron was emitting, I reluctantly broke the locked gaze I had on my wife's face long enough to cast a thunderous glower directly at Ron. "Don't you dare cum, you bastard," I snarled. It stunned him completely, having the effect I had hoped for, distracting him enough to derail the climax I knew was about to overtake him. Although I knew full well he would be dumping a load in her within minutes and I had no problem with that, I wanted to prolong this ride for Lisa as long as I could and knew that throwing some doubt in his mind would accomplish that. I stared him down even as he continued fucking hard.

"Ah, ah, ah," Lisa cried. Even in her folded back position, she managed to arch her back, thrusting her breasts forward for Terri who was latched onto one breast while her hand mauled the other. The sensations rocketing through Lisa's body must have been sheer overload.

Wave after wave had been surging over her, too many peaks to try to comprehend. Every nerve ending was firing, her whole being an exploding star of ecstasy. Ron labored on, struggling in a titanic battle to hold off his climax; I could see the difficulty and pain in his face, the strain in his body. Finally, a coherent word from Lisa. "Enough, enough." She gasped in a lone conscious moment between waves.

I shifted my attention back to her lust-ravaged face. "Take it," I demanded of her. Her eyes widened slightly in comprehension and then rolled back in her head as the raw sexuality of the moment swept her away from me again. Although I could tell her cunt was burning from the hyper sensitivity of multiple orgasms, I wouldn't relent. I knew instinctively that she could push through it for one more massive climax.

Right then, Ron lost his battle for control. "Shit!" he yelled and gave up the fight to hold back. As he began spilling his seed, the sloppy sound of his cock churning in my wife's welcoming cunt became even more pronounced.

And Lisa had apparently worked through her earlier desire to break off. "C'mon, c'mon," she encouraged, continuing to work his cock on her clasping pussy. The pulses from his cock were obviously adding to the eroticism of the moment for her.

"Don't slow down," I continued directing Ron. "Work her cunt." I was trying to get him to refocus on the job he was doing rather than his own enjoyment, the sensations playing through him. I know from experience that paying too much attention to the feelings hurries on the burning sensations and the erection slipping away.

With obvious effort, Ron continued driving into Lisa. Her head was rocking from side to side, lost as she was in her own pleasure. I could tell from her flush, from her breathing, that she was close but not quite there. As Ron continued to toil away through his own orgasmic haze, I shifted in a way that let my hand slide down to Lisa's ass.

It was erotic in and of itself to feel her churning, clenching glutes working hard to milk every inch of the meat filling her. Again, with marvelous insight, Terri had mirrored my motion and her opposing hand met mine on Lisa's roiling, slick behind. Glancing across our copulating spouses, I grinned at the lusty desire and sheer wonder reflected in her eyes. At some point, Lisa had apparently pushed Terri off her sensitive breasts; I guess I was too preoccupied to notice until now.

"Don't you dare let up," I told Ron, even as I recognized the pain and effort on his face as he struggled to continue fucking even through the hyper sensitivity of his orgasm.

Now, as I grabbed a fistful of ass cheek, Terri mimicked me on the other side. Together, we began to work Lisa's butt even harder around Ron's dick – massaging, pulling, kneading, spreading. The effect was not lost on Lisa, not only the increased physical sensations, but the awareness of her husband and girlfriend helping her fuck, the intimate knowledge of her needs and the carnal desire driving her at that moment, served to build her pleasure. We were an intimate part of her carnal act, fully aware of what she craved, yearned for, and we were determined to do whatever we could to please her.

I even swatted her ass once or twice, not hard enough to bring any pain but enough to convey passion, to drive her on, an encouragement to drive for her pleasure. It was almost a counter balance to the rhythm of their fucking.

Then, as I palmed the firm swell of her backside, my thumb snuck up to lightly caress her engorged inner lips, stretched tight around Ron's pumping cock. I admired the gooey wetness flowing around the juncture and even lightly brushed against the side of his drenched pole as it plunged in and out. My fingers, meanwhile, curled carefully in and pressed firmly against her perineum and anus, not penetrating at all, as Lisa doesn't care for that, but providing solid pressure that increased the tension in her pelvis. That did it for her.

"FUCK, YES!" she screamed and her whole body went into a seizure that threatened to knock us all from the bed. Terri lost her grip on Lisa's ass cheek but quickly brought it back into contact with a resounding smack and punctuated it with a couple additional spanks that egged Lisa on in her delirium. Her churning, spasming body flailed about under the influence of a monumental climax and our combined ministrations.

After a moment or two, I stilled Ron at the very deepest part of his stroke. He collapsed fully on top of all of us, overcome by the effort he had exerted to satisfy my seemingly insatiable wife. Her exertions gradually wound down, occasionally punctuated by a tremor. The four of us clung tightly together, entangled in incomprehensible fashion, hugging, clinging to each other's naked bodies without concern for who touched whom where. I think we all dozed for a few moments in hedonistic bliss.

At long last, the focus of my affection and the center of all our attention stirred, emitting the most gloriously satiated hum of delight I've ever heard.

"Wow," she sighed, settling herself beneath the pile of naked bodies surrounding her. "Thank you. All of you. That was the most incredible thing I have ever felt."

Sensing the moment, Ron shifted backward, beginning to carefully untangle himself from the pile of merged body parts.

"Hmmm," Lisa hummed, wanting to linger in the moment. She purred, "Go slowly."

Leisurely, Ron extricated himself until he was separate from us and linked to Lisa only by their conjoined genitals. Deliberately, he began an unhurried retreat. Terri and I simultaneously rearranged ourselves to be intrusive spectators of the whole event, disregarding any sense of propriety or privacy, intent on witnessing in microscopic detail, every withdrawing centimeter, every lewd element of the whole operation. We giggled at each other from opposing sides of our spouse's hips. Only inches from their juncture, the smell of their cum washed over us as we took in every glistening drop.

When Ron's shining pole was about halfway out, Terri repositioned herself again, diving under and pushing Lisa's leg up out of her way. Wordlessly, Lisa let out a short sigh that said, "Don't mind me, just barge in wherever you feel like!" But her exasperated ruse was all a front; it was easy to tell how much she enjoyed being the slutty center of attention.

Sensing where Terri was headed, I moved in close at a higher angle, my head almost resting on Lisa's tummy as I watched Terri worm her way underneath Ron's dangling balls. Her tongue snaked out to lick delightedly at the cum dripping off the base of his prick. While all this movement was taking place, Ron had paused to patiently give his bride time to position herself to perform the oral cleanup job she so obviously relished.

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