Sharing Min


Note: This story is set in the world of The Wheel of Time, created by Robert Jordan. Only the main two characters are from the actual story but I have tried to write, as close as possible, to the way they would have spoken in the series. You do not need to have any prior knowledge of the series in order to enjoy it, but the details will make more sense if you do.


The Cavalryman's Lance was not your run-of-the-mill inn. It was not a place where the local farm folk came for a drink after the day's labor was done. There were plenty of establishments that served that kind of patron, but not this one. The Lance was known for its high-priced rooms and meals, and only the finest wines or brandies. Those who came here were either nobly born or well-to-do merchants.

The common room was beset with two large marble-mantled fireplaces and finely carved oak tables and chairs. No long, rough, wooden tables with benches were to be found here. Only settings for two and, at most, four were available. Some strange and beautiful wood from beyond the Spine of the World covered the floor. The Cavalryman's Lance was a unique and welcomed rest for the weary sojourner who had more than a little coin in their pouch.

Jaryd Abella, the innkeeper, was not your average proprietor either. Like most men in his profession, he was a bit on the heavy side, but he was as smooth and cultured as his patrons. Never would you find a spot of dust or an errant grease stain on his long apron. He had servants to keep the place clean, and they were well-paid, at that. He also knew the tastes of his lodgers were sometimes a bit on the...exotic...side, and he made sure his staff were willing to take on occasional "extra duties".

Master Abella knew all about what happened in his guests rooms - he helped facilitate most of them. Fortunately, he was usually invited to participate, at least in some way. The innkeeper, himself, was quite partial to a night filled with bodies entangled and passions set free, no matter whom they belonged to.

At the moment, maybe a dozen or so patrons were sitting down for a late afternoon repast. The summer heat outside was stifling but the thick, panelled walls and rich velvet curtains over the windows kept the warmth at bay. Ornate brackets holding lamps of fine blown glass gave the common room a soft, moody feel. Hushed conversations lending to a feeling of intimacy.

Above this scene, Min and Rand lay breathing heavily on a bed big enough for an Ogier. Min's ringlets hung about her face in disarray and sweat shone all over Rand's hard body. They were not married, as was proper, according to Two Rivers' custom, but that did not matter in this place. They did not care overly much either. Ever since they had "comforted" each other after the death of Harod Fell, they knew they loved each other, and that was enough for them.

Min made Rand feel so comfortable that it just seemed natural to make love with her. There was none of the awkwardness he normally felt around other women. Even Elayne and Aviendha made his head spin in ways he could not understand. True, he had lain with Aviendha once before and, although he loved her madly, it had not smoothed the strained relationship they had.

At this moment, they were comfortable. And the time they spent in bed was incredible. They were both creative lovers who enjoyed nothing more than to please one another. Being in an inn like this, one that prized discretion and encouraged people to go with what felt good, was having an effect on both of them. Being the Dragon Reborn had its perks, such as being able to afford such a wonderful room was one, but it also had its downfalls. He was needed everywhere and the strain of trying to unite the world was exhausting on the best of days. The ability to spend a day in luxury with the woman he loved was always welcome.

Min was not a terribly experienced lover. Truthfully, Rand was the first person she had ever really made love to. Sure, she had kissed a few boys back home, but nothing compared to what she did with Rand. One thing she did know how to do was use her mouth to bring pleasure to men.

After working at several jobs, Min discovered that she did not have what it took to be a seamstress' apprentice or a shop assistant. She had always loved horses and being outside. That was where she wanted to be. With that, she had taken a position as a groom in a stable at the Stag and Lion. Although it was tough work, she enjoyed it. She was allowed to be around horses and wear the boys clothes her aunts disdained so much. She was, however, something of an anomaly among the stable hands...she was a girl.

Another thing she found that she liked was playing with the young men (and some of the older ones too) in the hayloft. They soon discovered she would not go all the way, but what she did offer was not worth missing. If she could not be found with the horses, everyone knew where she was; her lips and tongue wrapped an eager cock.

When she and Rand had gotten together, those skills came to good use. He was a sheep farmer with no experience when it came to being intimate. The girl he had been promised to since near to being born was a wonderful person, and someone Min considered a friend. However, they were never physical. He had only had one experience before they met and he was delighted at what she could do.

It seemed that other body parts were proportional to Rand's height, but she could take all of him. In her time at the stableyard, Min found that it gave her a certain thrill to take a man into her throat as far as she was able. Most of them were not overly long, but a few were wide enough to be a challenge. Over time, however, she found that she could take them all. Rand, on the other hand, was a feat above all others. He was a little over a hand long and thicker than anyone she had taken yet.

Even considering his size, it was one of her greatest pleasures to let him have his way with her mouth and treat it as though it was her sex. Hard and rough was just fine with her. Not just with her mouth, but anywhere he put it. Nothing was off limits to him. She loved him too much to tell him no. But the truth was, she didn't want to tell him no. She loved it all.

But with as much satisfaction as he gave her, Min was missing the freedom she had in previous years to touch and feel and pleasure all kinds of different men. But she was going to be with Rand forever. Would he let her dabble on the side? What if he joined in? Maybe that would be ok. She was beginning to come up with a plan.

Min was able to 'see' things. "Reading the Pattern," was what the Aes Sedai called it. It wasn't a thing of the Power, but she saw auras or images above people's head sometimes. It didn't happen often, but when it did, and she knew what it happened. Always. And one of the auras she knew for certain concerned herself and Rand...and two other women. She was fated to share the man she loved with two other women: Elayne- the daughter-heir of Andor, and Aviendha- a Wise One from among the Aiel. Min knew Elyane well; she loved her as a sister, but she did not know Aviendha well at all. She only hoped they could get along as well as her and Elayne did.

Min wasn't sure how the arrangement would work out. How did three women share the same man? It was not a thing she had ever contemplated before, but she had no choice. The Pattern demanded it and there was nothing she could do about it. Would they take turns with him? Would they share him together? Min was torn. On one hand, she had a jealous streak and wanted time alone with Rand. On the other, she was curious about what it would be like to be part of a foursome. She had never lain with a woman but the thought was not abhorrent to her in the least.

"Rand, how do you think it will work between all four of us?"

"What do you mean?" Rand asked.

"Well, when Elayne, Aviendha, and I have you to ourselves, how is that going to work? When I want to make love to you, do I have to ask their permission or do they always have to be there, or..." Min trailed off.

"I don't really know. You three came up with this hair-brained idea in the first place. I have no clue as to what you were thinking," Rand replied.

"It wasn't my idea," Min said. "It's part of the pattern. It was going to happen whether we wanted it to or not."

"Be that as it may, I still don't know. I guess we will have to see when it comes time."

"It doesn't really seem fair, does it?" Min asked.

"What doesn't seem fair?"

"You get to have three women doting on you, doing whatever you want. You have three women ready to come when you crook a finger. What man wouldn't be jealous of another man who had three women to make love to him whenever he likes?"

Dumbfounded, Rand replied, "What three women are you talking about?! The three I'm in love with wouldn't do a thing if they didn't say it themselves first. You are the three most mule-head women I've ever met."

"I guess that's true," Min said coyly, knowing her ploy was thinly veiled. "Well, I guess I feel like I may be getting the short end of the deal here."

"How's that?" Rand asked.

"You know my former exploits when I worked in Baerlon?" Rand nodded. "Well, sometimes I miss that freedom. I miss being a little wanton and servicing more than just one man. Not that I would want to do it all the time, mind," Min added hastily. "It's just that, well, sometimes I think it would be fun to experiment with others."

Rand wasn't sure what hit him. He knew that Min had had her fun back in Baerlon, but she had never mentioned this before. He didn't realize she had missed it so much. He guessed it was kind of unfair that he would get three women all to himself and she would only have to be true to him.

"Are you mad at me?" Min questioned. "You have been quiet for longer than I would have expected."

"Mad? No. Surprised? Yes, definitely. I guess I just didn't know you longed for it so much," Rand said.

"Only sometimes. I guess being in this place has made me as forward as a farm girl at harvest," Min had heard Perrin's wife Faile use that expression and it seemed appropriate here.

"I guess it does have that effect, doesn't it? I think you're right, though. It doesn't really seem fair?

Min nearly fainted. Was Rand really going to give her this gift? She knew she had manipulated the situation a little but she was sure Rand could see right through that. He was wool-headed at times, but he wasn't completely stupid.

"Ok," he said. "I think it would be good for you - both of us, really - to have what you need to keep you satisfied. But there is one condition, I get to be there with you when you do it."

"Oh, Rand!" Min exclaimed. "Thank you so much! Of course I want you there, as long as you don't think you'll get too jealous."

"No, I think it may be the opposite," Rand laughed. "Thinking of you taking care of other men has turned me on more than I would have expected. I may even join in, unless you would object?"

"No, of course not. If you want to, you're more than welcome to join at any time. Do you want me to only please them with my mouth or do you mind if they take me in other ways?" Min asked.

"Well, you are taking that herb that Nynaeve gave you to keep from getting pregnant, so I guess you can let them do whatever you want."

"You are so good to me, Rand Al'Thor," Min swooned. "I want them to take me in every way possible. I want to be filled up. I want to show you what a good little trollop you have," she said deviously.

Rand wasn't sure what he had gotten himself into, but he knew it was going to be the most interesting thing that had ever happened to him. He reached up to his right and pulled on the twisted golden cord that hung beside the bed. When Master Abella had told him to pull on it if there was anything him or his Lady needed, Rand thought it was the most unnecessary thing he had ever heard of. Now, however, he was thankful he didn't have to leave his room. He wasn't sure he could endure the embarrassment of going downstairs with his breeches tented out in front.

"Come!" Rand said loudly at the knock on the door.

"You called, Lord Rand?" the innkeeper asked. "How may Jaryd Abella serve you?"

Still sitting in bed with Min leaned up against him, Rand said, "Master Abella, when we arrived, you said that you would provide us with whatever we needed for a comfortable stay. Does that hold to some of the other...less conventional...activities that I've heard occur here?"

"Why, of course, Lord Rand. What can I help you with?"

"It seems that the Lady Min would like to, ummm, entertain a few of the other guests. She has a liking for pleasing other people and we have decided that we would like to invite some of your other guests to our room and see if they can handle this young woman," Rand said with a note of pride in his voice.

"Of course, my Lord. Uhhh, how many guest would the Lady like to entertain?" Master Abella asked.

"Whoever wants to," Min responded.

Rand looked at her with a smile and said, "Do as the Lady Min asks, Abella."

"Of course, my Lord."

The innkeeper left, closing the door softly behind himself. Rand just shook his head, not believing that this was really happening.

"You're sure you want to do this?" Rand asked.

"Definitely," Min replied with a wicked smile.


"My esteemed guests..." Jaryd Abella began, addressing his patrons. "As you all know, the Cavalryman's Lance is a place where you are encouraged to pursue the finer things in life. And one of the greatest pleasures is the carnal variety. From time to time, one of our guests asks us to help make their stay a memorable one."

Several of the guests nodded their head in agreement. Many of them had been a part of those memories for other people.

"Today," Abella continued, "A young Lady has asked that we help her fulfill one of her deepest desires. Her and her Lord are waiting upstairs in their room right at this moment. She has asked to be ravished and used in every way possible. Her goal is to please and by doing so, be pleased."

Many smiles and knowing looks passed throughout the room. They knew exactly what kind of woman this was, they had seen it before. She was a repressed noblewoman who thought she wanted to be treated rough, not knowing what it was really like. The truth was, Min knew exactly what it was like to be used, she loved it. She had just never brought it to this extreme before.

"How many people is she interested in pleasing?" a man from near the back of the room asked.

"Whoever wants to participate is invited," Abella responded, as murmurs filled the room.

With that, Abella left his guests to contemplate the offer before them, knowing full-well that everyone in the room would soon be filling, stretching and making a mess of the young woman upstairs.


A light knock came on Rand and Min's door a short time after they sent the innkeeper to find some people to help Min fulfill her needs. Sure enough, Master Abella had come through as promised. Behind him in the hallway were a group of four men, all looking eager to taste the wares being offered. When they caught sight of her, they couldn't believe their eyes. Min was a slim woman, but not shapeless. The coat and trousers she typically favored showed just how much of a woman she really was, but naked - that was something else. Her trim figure only served to accentuate the subtle curves of her body. She was all woman.

One of the things Min found that she enjoyed was when Rand would lick her tight slit. It was such an incredible feeling. But he was constantly complaining about her hair. So one day, as a surprise, she trimmed herself to the point of only having the shortest stubble remaining. When she examined herself in the mirror, she was amazed. What a thing of beauty was hiding underneath that messy tangle. Rand was certainly surprised and thankful. She had never heard of anyone doing it before but wouldn't think of going back now.

The men who showed up at their door had never seen anyone trimmed before either. They goggled like boys at their first dance. Who was this exotic beauty? Wasn't she happy with her Lord? He seemed a handsome young man, tall and lean, and looked like he knew what he was about. Apparently she needed more than he could provide. All the more for them!

"Thank you for being willing to take care of my Lady, gentlemen," Rand said in welcome. "It seems that she wants to stretch her boundaries a bit more than only one man can accommodate. Here are the rules: No abuse. That is it. Everything is to be strictly sexual in nature. There will be no hitting. You may use her in anyway and any hole is open for your enjoyment, but you will not injure her in any way. Is that clear?"

"Yes," they said in unison.

"In that case, she is all yours," Rand said.

While Rand took his place in the overstuffed chair in the corner of the room, the four men approached a naked Min sitting on the bed. She tingled all over, anticipating their touch. It had been so long since she had experienced anything like this and tonight would far exceed any previous encounter.

The four men began by feeling her silky skin, touching everywhere they could get their hands on. Rarely had any of them seen such a beautiful woman. And so young. She was just a year younger than Rand, who was nineteen. She was soft and beddable.

Seemingly at once, the timidity of the men was gone. The youngest of the four pressed his hand against her sex and began rubbing, causing an audible gasp to escape Min's lips. Here it goes, she thought. Meanwhile, the two middle aged men began sucking on her nipples, gently chewing and licking them. The older of the four, however, knew he wanted to feel that mouth wrapped around his manhood.

As Min laid back to enjoy the sensations washing over her, she noticed the older gentleman position himself near her head. He took her hand and guided it to his trousers and she found the buttons already undone. This, she knew how to do. It was her area of comfort. Reaching up, she opened pushed aside the fabric and grabbed a hold of the rod she found inside. Oh Light! This thing was long! It wasn't the thickest she had ever seen but it was certainly among the most lengthy.

Min stroked the older man's cock until it was rock hard. Without warning, he took it from her hand and placed it on her face. He grabbed her under the arms and pulled her so her head was hanging just over the edge.

"Hey! Easy there, friend," the young man between Min's legs called.

"Sorry. I needed her head over the edge. I plan on shoving this thing in as far as possible and couldn't do it where she was. Not that I think she can fit it all the way in, but I'm sure going to try," the older man said.

"I doubt it too. These young ones don't always have the experience to take it that far, especially one that long. That's impressive," the young man complimented.

Min felt slightly affronted that they would speak as if she wasn't even there. But she did invite them here to use her. She knew she was just the evening's entertainment at this point. But she did feel proud that she was going to prove these men wrong. She knew she could take that huge beast down her throat. Sure, it was bigger than any she'd had before but not by much. And after being able to take Rand all the way to his root, she knew she could handle this one. Rand was much thicker.

The old man didn't waste any time setting to his task. After Min had gotten it wet with her saliva, he started pressing it relentlessly into her mouth. It was certainly stretching her abilities but it wasn't impossible. On and on he pushed, slowly easing its way into her gullet. She loved this feeling. Knowing that most women thought this below themselves was a turn-on in itself. This was life! It was bringing pleasure to another human being.

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