tagGay MaleShaved Blindfolded Boy

Shaved Blindfolded Boy


I arrive at your house around 11pm. I have taken a big Viagra about an hour ago as well as a lot of amps. My cock is rock hard and I know there is no way to take off the tight steel cock-ring until after I have cum, and to do that I must first submit to you and do all the dirty things I know you like.

I put on my mask which is a simple black hood with holes for my eyes and mouth and walk to your front door. I know from our emails that you expect me to undress on the landing to your apartment which I do, removing all my clothing except for my tight thong and hood. I like feeling so nervous and scared of someone seeing what I'm doing. I place my clothing into the bag sitting in front of your door, noticing the studded dog collar in the bottom of the bag. I put the collar around my neck and see that it is very tight, restricting my breathing a bit. There is a chain leash attached to the collar that hangs to my knees.

With that, I take the clothing bag in my hand and knock lightly on your front door, bowing my head while waiting for you to answer and drag me inside. I can imagine you looking through the peephole and seeing my completely shaved, 25 year old frame, hooded and almost nude, the thong stretched to accommodate my rock hard cock. The door opens and I am roughly dragged inside. I look around and notice only a small night lite illuminating the hallway. Looking up I get quite a surprise!

Facing me, standing wearily in front of you is a young, thin boy obviously no older than 18 or 19. He has a blindfold tied tightly around his head. He also has a collar tightly affixed to his neck with a leash on it that you are holding tightly in your hand to prevent his moving more than an inch or so in any direction. As I look the teen boy over, I notice that he is completely hairless, shaved bare from the neck down and I wonder if he did it himself before he arrived tonight, or if you have done this to him yourself. He is wearing a tight cock ring and his hairless penis is totally erect and throbbing even though he is shivering from cold or fear, I'm not sure which.

As I stand there in silence, you turn the boy slowly around, giving me a full view of his entire body. I notice that you have taken your butt plug and forced it into his asshole. I can't believe it fit. I also notice that his arms are tightly handcuffed behind his back. I'm not sure where this is going but I like it, and wonder how this happened.

I remain motionless as you turn the boy around to face me again. You roughly grab him by his neck, forcing him to his knees. I can see the devious smile across your face, and I know what is coming next.

I remember when I was 18, the first time I came to your condo after several email exchanges where I made it clear I wanted to be totally used by an older man. You had me put on the blindfold and told me that there was to be not one word spoken throughout our entire evening together. It has been the same ever since, with you using your hands to roughly position me how you want me.

Standing there watching you force the boy to his hands and knees, I begin to get more excited. As I thought, you reach into your sex bag and pull out the very large realistic dildo that you'd used on me so many times. I really want to see this and I wasn't disappointed at all. I watch as you take one hand and pry the boy's lips open, then put the head of the dildo just inside his mouth. The dildo must have been at least 10 inches long and as I watch you put your free hand on the boy's forehead and roughly force his head back as far as it will go so his mouth is facing upwards and his back was arched. Slowly, you push the dildo into the boy's open mouth, in and out, each time going a bit deeper.

I remember being really scared when you had done the same thing to me, not sure I could do what you wanted me to do. The boy was in obvious discomfort as the dildo started to touch the back of his throat. Several times he gagged, but the huge fake cock remained deeply embedded in his mouth. I knew what was ahead and couldn't wait to hear the sounds of this teenager gagging hard as the dildo goes deeper into his throat. Just when I thought you were going to force it all the way down his throat you pull it out and rub it on his face, smearing the boy's saliva all over his cheeks. Some of the spit was drooling out the sides of his mouth. Looking closer, I could see his lips quivering and again I couldn't tell if it was from fear or the cold from being nude. Without warning, you shove the dildo back into his mouth and all the way down his throat. He seized up, almost convulsing as the gagging shook his entire body. With the dildo deeply embedded in the boy's throat, you slowly look up at me.

Motioning me over, you take my hand and put it on the end of the dildo. I couldn't be more excited as I began throat fucking this hairless, handcuffed boy with your dildo. I hold him tightly by the collar as you keep his head still and slowly force all ten inches of rubber cock down his throat, pushing hard to get past the initial resistance of his throat while watching him drool and gag roughly on the toy. After a few minutes of this, you grabbed both of us by our collars and pulled us into the bedroom. I watched as you pushed the young boy down to his knees at the foot of your bed. You take me to the bathroom and push me inside, closing the door behind me. The light is on, and I notice a printout of an email conversation. As I begin to read it I realize that it must be between you and the teen boy currently handcuffed and blindfolded in your bedroom.

The email conversation was long and very graphic. The boy had explained that he had a rape fantasy and wanted to come to your house to enact it. He wanted to pretend like he was showing up to get a tutoring lesson from a much older man. As the tutoring lesson begins, the boy would ask for a drink. You would go get him one, but crush up some knock out pills and a big Viagra and put them in the drink too. The boy would drink the whole glass at once, claiming he was thirsty. He detailed that he wanted you to let him pass out, and when he woke up, he would be naked, blindfolded, and restrained. He said he would be wearing his younger sisters tight cotton panties under his clothing. He also explained that he had just turned 18 last week and had wanted to do this for some time, but waited till he was 18 for legal reasons. He had said that he would do whatever you wanted him to do, and that although he may cry, whimper, or pull away, that you should pay no attention to that and use him however you liked.

I couldn't believe this was really happening. The email never mentioned him being hairless, so I assume you shaved him while he was unconscious. It also never mentioned anything about a third person being involved, and I guessed that you had thought this up on your own. I was so excited I thought my cock would explode right there. With that, I turned off the bathroom light and opened the door. The tiny night light only illuminates the room a bit but as I enter I can see that you have the boy on his knees with his back to the bed and you're forcing your cock all the way down his throat. You hold it there till he almost loses consciousness and then pull it out, using your dick to smear his saliva all over his cheeks and face. The boy has spit drooling out the sides of his mouth and onto his chest, I can see that he seems horribly uncomfortable, and probably very scared, but if that turned him on who was I to argue? I watch intently as you continue to force your dick deep down his throat, till his nose is plugged by your belly. You hold him there till his body starts to go limp, then withdraw and watch him gasp for air, never giving him quite enough time to recover.

You motion me over and lift the boy off his knees. Sitting him down on the bed, you push me to my knees between the boy's spread legs. Holding the back of my head tightly, you push me down onto the smooth 6 inch teen cock and I immediately force the entire thing down my throat. I hold myself down on his cock as long as I can, then pull off and spit my drool all over his hairless crotch. You seem to like this and make me repeat it for a while. As I deep throat this 18 year old hairless boy, you get on the bed and straddle his face, again forcing yourself down his throat while he makes violently loud gagging noises. When he gags, I can feel it in his cock and it excites me. After 10 minutes of this the boy's face, chest, and crotch area are covered in his and my saliva. Noticing this, you pull us both up by our collars. You then put the boy on his back on your bed with his head hanging off the edge, and have me stand facing him. The boy did his best to keep his mouth shut, but you plug his nose and when he gasps for air you stick your hands into his mouth and hold it open. I take this as my sign to fuck the teen boy's face, quickly driving my cock as deep in as I can. The boy is thrashing around on the bed by now, unable to breathe with my cock so deep down his throat. As I mercilessly throat fuck the boy you take my head and push it forward onto the boy's rock hard cock. With my hands on the bed for balance, I suck him as deep as I can, drooling all over his cock and hairless balls. As I suck his cock deep into my own throat I notice you standing on the side of the bed, watching with a very dirty smile on your face.

Once our forced 69 was completed, You have me sit on the bed, then put the boy on the bed as well, on his stomach with his head in my crotch and his legs and ass hanging off the side.I see that he is still handcuffed and his hands had started to turn a bit purple. As I was noticing this, you roughly pull the butt plug out of the teen boy's ass and replace it with your cock. As you pump his ass as deep as you can, I take his head in both my hands, sticking my fingers into his mouth to hold it open and force his mouth onto my cock. I can feel the wetness of tears on the blindfold, and the drool on his cheeks. This turns me on a lot and I begin forcing his head down on my cock, all the way into his throat and keeping it there, feeling the boy involuntarily gag and feeling more tears wet the blindfold. I position myself on the bed so that whenever you thrust into his ass, it forces my cock even deeper down his throat. I love watching this blindfolded 18 year old get completely abused, he has absolutely no say in what is happening to him just like he wanted and I love thinking about it. Your thrusts become quicker and harder and I'm momentarily afraid that the boy might pass out because my cock has been continuously down his throat for the last 10 minutes. Just when it seems like the boy might go limp I feel you pump deeply into him and unleash your cum deep into his well abused asshole. As you push as deep as you can go I do the same, forcing my dick so deep into his throat that I thought it might enter his stomach.

Once you've finished cumming, you roughly pull out of the boy and slap him really hard on his ass. I continue to force feed the boy my cock for a few moments but you pull me away right before I can cum and flip the boy onto his back, positioning his body so his head is hanging off the bed again and his cock is just below mine. You hold the boy's mouth open and in one thrust shove your still hard dick all the way down his throat, not thrusting, just keeping it embedded in his throat with your balls almost plugging his nose. With that, you jerk me off hard using the boy's saliva to keep me lubed up. As I orgasm you direct the streams of hot sticky cum onto the boy's Viagra induced erection, coating it in my juices. After I have finished cumming you remove your now semi limp cock from his mouth and force me to my hands and knees on your bed, directing my mouth to the young cock covered in my own cum. I deep throat him, feeling my cum drool out the sides of my mouth as I push his cock deep into my throat. With his cock buried deep in my neck I begin to repeatedly swallow, feeling my throat constrict around his 18 year old, hairless perfect dick. After a few minutes of this I can feel him begin to cum. I pull back as he cums and make sure to keep it all in my mouth. Once he is finished cumming, I lean over and force his mouth open with my hands. As you watch, I slowly let his cum and what is left of mine drool out of my mouth and into his. After I've filled his mouth with his own cum, I spit what's left all over his face, then slap him hard on his saliva and cum soaked cheek.

You then lift me off the bed by my collar and have me look at the boy. He's laying on his side in the fetal position although his hands are still handcuffed behind his back. I can see your cum dripping out of his now loose asshole, and I see his own cum slowly dripping out the side of his mouth. He is shivering still and seems very scared, but I assume this is just part of his fantasy. You reach over and scoop the cum dripping from his ass and the side of his cheeks and force it into his mouth, sticking your fingers deep into his throat and making him gag once again. Putting one hand over his mouth, you plug his nose and hold him there until he has to swallow. You then lead me to the bathroom where my clothing is and shut the door behind me. I dress and come out of the bathroom. The boy is still shivering on your bed, and as I walk out of the bedroom you close the door behind me. I'm at the front door about to leave and you lean up to my ear from behind and whisper "He told me in a different email that I could keep him here for the whole week because his parents have gone out of town. Tomorrow I'm having a few black guys use him but if you want to come over the day after that I'll still have him and we can do even more. I bought some new toys, and I want to see you use them on him."

"I'll be there." I replied.

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