tagBDSMShawn Ch. 04

Shawn Ch. 04


Much later that evening, when Shawn had been unhooked from the spreader bars and been sent with Mama San and Auntie K to be scrubbed and shaved and primped and for a rest, Eric sought out Michael and Kira, sharing sodas in the kitchen.

He nodded at both of them. "Is she awake?"

Kira shrugged. "Don't know, but I'll find out." She unclipped a com link from her belt, spoke into it. She listened, nodding to herself, then snapped the link back onto her belt in a moment.

"She's slept for a couple of hours. The old biddy says the girl needs to eat something, so she's waking up."

"The old biddy?" Eric repeated, grinning.

"Mama San. Reeeeal scary. I think she's 110." Kira grinned back.

Michael sipped his drink, nodding.

"Let's get them all something to eat. Kira - " Eric turned his chair towards her, clasping his hands - "see to it that Shawn gets plenty to drink. Lots of water, tea, juice."

Kira nodded. Everything had been discussed, everything had been planned. But it was up to Eric to decide what he wanted done, and when.

The meal was semi-pleasant. Mama San and Auntie K ate and chattered, Eric assumed in Japanese or something. Shawn of course was silent, eating. He urged her to drink more water.

When "the old biddy" and Auntie K were finished, Eric called in a servant to take dessert for the old ladies to their room. They were ecstatic at having a room to themselves, television, and desserts. They followed, chattering again.

Eric rolled over to Shawn. She had finished and was drinking another glass of water at Kira's request.

Shawn was wearing a see-through white lacey corset. Her nipples showed through the thin material. The corset stopped just below the ribs. There was another gold chain around her waist, but it was longer than the other. One end of the chain had been pulled through the small ring at the other end of the chain. The dangling end had been pulled to the clit, the gold ring replaced, and the chain hooked to the little gold clit ring. The gold chain was very tight around Shawn's waist, and it pulled just as tightly on the gold clit ring. When she moved, stood, sat, it must have tugged almost unbearably, Eric thought.

He looked at her nipples. Or maybe she liked it.

She work a garter belt on her hips, a thin delicate belt with strips going down her smooth thighs to equally delicate hose. She was wearing white kid boots with stiletto heels, ankle boots that were white and delicate, erotic and naughty, speaking of youth and wicked things at the same time. Eric liked them. She even wore a white leather collar this time, with a gold D ring. He peered more closely at the fabric of her breasts.

"Come here," he said. She came to his chair, standing close to him. He draped one hand around her waist, rubbing her bottom, patting it gently. He noticed that she had managed to place her clit on the edge of his armrest. He smiled. He leaned closer to the corset.

"Ahh," he said. Some sort of gold ring was around the base of each nipple. He wondered how that had been done. Maybe they clicked into place? He wasn't sure. He liked them, though. They made her nipples poke firmly against the material. He suddenly leaned forward and put his mouth on one. She stepped closer. He was surprised.

He sucked on the nipple, bit just above the ring gently with his teeth. He pulled his face away, looking. The material was wet and was even more transparent, the nipple even tighter.

Shawn turned slightly and cupped the other breast with her hand. Eric smiled, leaned forward, and sucked it. He put his hands on her bottom, each hand full of smooth flesh, squeezing, his fingers digging in. He became aware that she was bouncing lightly against the armrest of his chair with her clit.

"Are you trying to fuck my chair?" he said. She nodded. He smiled. He pressed a hand against her belly lightly.

"Do you think you need to go to the bathroom first?"

She nodded vigorously. Eric was pleased.

"Do you think you can hold it a few more minutes?"

She thought, then nodded.

"Good girl."

Eric spoke into the com link. A man entered the room, nervous, anxious. Excited.

"Put her on the table," Eric said.

She was placed on the table by Michael, who moved behind her and held her wrists out firmly over her head. Kira hooked each thigh tightly to the table legs, pulling Shawn's legs out tightly like before, then Kira went to the back and held one of Shawn's wrists, while Michael held the other.

Eric rolled up to the man, patting him on the back. The man jumped slightly. He was sweating.

"Shawn," said Eric, "all of my people are safe. So I'm treating them this weekend to a little fun. And Donald here won tonight's prize."

Donald blushed, stammered, glancing at Shawn's open legs, then away, back again. He wiped his brow with the back of his sleeve.

Eric glanced at Kira. "And he has been checked, yes?" She nodded.

Kira and Michael held Shawn's wrists firmly.

"Donald," said Eric, "your wish has been granted."

Donald stammered again. Eric prodded him forward with one hand on the man's back.

Donald moved closer, leaning down, breathing in Shawn's body.

His tongue flicked out, catching her clit. She jumped, surprised. Donald's tongue flicked out again, then again. He began slowly licking, then his fingers pulled her apart. His tongue intruded tender flesh, inserting itself, digging inside, flicking up, around. He moved his mouth to her clit, sucked on it, his thumbs pushing inwards on each side of the clit, stroking. His mouth return to her pussy, his tongue forcing itself inside her, his fingers kneading her, his lips touching her own, moving over them hungrily, gently, demandingly. He took his time, sucking, licking, prodding her with his fingers. She pulled on her wrists. Michael reached down, playing with one of her breasts. Kira took the other. Donald's tongue continued playing with her pussy, dipping in, teeth nibbling lightly, mouth moving erotically, sensually, agonizingly over flesh.

When she came, Donald cleaned her, then took a cloth and wiped her legs.

She was freed from the bonds and the hands and the tongue, put on the floor to stand. She trembled.

"Do you need to go to the bathroom now?" Eric asked.

She nodded.


She nodded again.

Eric motioned. A white leather leash was attached to her collar, then to Eric's chair, and Michael, Kira, and Shawn followed Eric through the door and down the hall. Donald was left behind, kneading his crotch with his hand.

They reached a large bathroom.

Eric waved to Shawn.

"I want you to stand over this toilet. I want you to play with yourself until you think you are going to pee. And when you get ready to pee, I want you to pull yourself open with your fingers and keep your legs on each side of the toilet, so I can watch you." His voice was husky. His eyes glinted.

She nodded.

She balanced on each side of the toilet, legs apart. Her fingers rubbed where Donald's mouth had been. The gold clit ring tugged on her. She rolled the clit around gently with a finger. She stroked herself, rubbed, prodded herself with her fingers, trembling, eager, excited. She stopped, nodding at Eric. He leaned forward slightly.

"Do it now for me."

Her legs on each side of the toilet, those same legs trembling slightly from the strain, she pulled the lips apart, then began to urinate as Eric watched. When she was finished, she reached for paper.


Michael came over. He pulled out a heavy shelf beside the toilet, placed a towel on it, braced the shelt with a heavy bracket beneath it. He lifted Shawn onto it. He locked one of her ankles to a small ring set behind a tile in the wall, the leg up. The ledge was low and wide.

Michael pulled her wrists over her head and down, bending them at the elbows. He clipped her wrist rings to a link under the ledge. They had planned very well.

He stood aside, pulling Shawn's other leg out and holding it firmly in his hand.

Eric rolled forward. He leaned over, his face at the level of Shawn's crotch, and he began to lick each droplet.

Michael turned his head but said nothing. Eric continued working his way up the girl's legs to her crotch, his tongue working more firmly than Donald's had, more demanding, stronger, more filled with lust and power. He squeezed her clit tightly, pulling it out, then licked it. He plunged a finger inside her, fucking her with it. He played with her, fingers and tongue, until he felt her come, then he smiled.

"Clean her. Take her to the guard room. Let them watch her."

He rolled back, satisfied. He would go to his bedroom and watch the closed-circuit tv.


The guard room was a small area next to the kitchen. It was more like a comfortable lounge, with the bank of computers and camera equipment and screens in a glassed-in room at the other end of the lounge.

Michael entered with Shawen, still wearing the gold chain and clit ring, the nipple rings, and her sheer corset. The men stopped watching tv.

"Sit in his lap," said Michael. She sat. "Lean back." She did so.

Michael looked at the men. He grinned. "She's an eager slut. Who won?"

A man named Bud raised his hand. He was grinning and already standing.

"Where do you want her?" Michael asked. Bud shrugged.

"Right here!" he roared, patting his pants. The men laughed.

Michael turned to Shawn. "Babe, looks like you need a good fuck, and Bud here is gonna give it to you." She nodded rapidly.

"Hey she IS eager!" shouted one man.

Michael whistled for quiet.

"You sure you can do this here?" he asked Bud.

Bud grinned. "I can fuck anywhere, boss," he said. "Put her on that table and I'll screw her."

Michael nodded. They raked everything off of the coffee table, placed her on there, and four men each held an ankle or a wrist.

An older man, Sarge, sat near her head. He leaned over closer to her. "You're about the purtiest little thing I ever seen," he said. He poked his finger in her mouth. She licked it.

"Damn," said Sarge, surprised.

Bud unzipped his pants.

"You got one?" Michael asked. Bud nodded sourly. He pulled on a condom.

Michael looked at Sarge. "Ask her how she wants it. Remember she can't talk," he added.

Sarge nodded. He leaned closer again, reaching out with one hand and playing with her breast.

"Sweet stuff, Bud here is gonna make your day. You want it slow?" She shook her head. "You want it fast?" She nodded rapidly. Sarge chuckled. "You want it a little rough? cause Bud here is a big man. I guess his dick is, too. Dunno," and the men laughed. Bud shot a bird at Sarge, who laughed.

Shawn looked at Sarge and nodded. He was surprised.

"You a little thing. You sure you want it rough?"

"Aw come on Sarge, she said she did!" growled Bud. He had a huge hard-on.

Shawn nodded again.

The men were excited. They tightened their grip on her wrists and ankles, pulling her open wide. She was breathing quickly.

Bud leaned over, braced his hands on the table. He moved himself just until the tip was inside her. She moved her hips.

"She's a fucking little whore!" he roared, and then - he shoved inside her. Rough. Fast. Pummelling her, using her, taking her, in front of the men. He groaned, jerking into her, thrusting. Men were yelling, excited.

Sarge stuck his finger in the girl's mouth again. She sucked on it while Bud ground into her, rough, fast, hard.

"Oh God," Bud whispered. "Oh God that was so good."

His head hung for a moment, chest heaving. The men cheered. Michael made them let Shawn up, fearing he couldn't control them if he did not get her out of there soon.

He helped her to the room with Mama San and Auntie K. They were pleased that she had "done so well." Michael left, shaking his head.


The lounge was quiet. Eric had fallen asleep a few hours before. It was close to dawn.

Michael was in the lounge, half-asleep on the sofa, blonde hair tousled over one eye. He heard the door open, and he jumped, sitting up quickly.

It was Shawn.

"Hey. What are you doing here?" he asked. He frowned.

"Are you ok?"

She nodded, smiling. She looked around the room, then moved her hands like "where is everyone?"

"Oh. Eating breakfast. In there." He thumbed over his shoulder at the kitchen. She nodded.

"Uhm. Are you planning to eat breakfast? Now?"

She nodded again.

Michael rubbed his hands over his eyes. She was wearing the white sheer hose and the white kid ankle boots and nothing else.

"If you go in there dressed - well, like that, the guys will be eating YOU for breakfast," he explained. She looked at him. He sighed. "You can't be serious!"

She shrugged, smiled. She moved over to him, took his hand, placed it on her clit. He jerked his hand away. She backed away.

"No wait, sorry. It's just - hell." He rubbed the heel of his hand into his eye. He looked up.

"If the guys see you, especially after last night - they're gonna want you again. You understand that?"

She nodded, smiling. She patted her stomach, then her crotch. Michael closed his eyes.

"Are you a nympho?" he muttered. She looked at him. He stood, stretched.

"Ok. They might wait long enough for you to eat."

They entered the kitchen. The crew greeted Shawn with whistles, cheers, and a lot of suggestions.

Sarge won. He patted his lap, and Shawn sat on it, back to him. He put her legs on each side of his. The men made him move his chair back.

Sarge enjoyed himself. He made a big show of feeding her while playing with her breasts and clit. At one point, Shawn reached up and back and clasped her arms behind his neck. Sarge put his hands around her waist and moved his hands up and down her body.

"Contest!" someone shouted.

"Let her draw!" another yelled. This was greeted with approval.

Michael ate quietly by the kitchen sink, watching. She must be a nympho.

He didn't realize that the ginger juice was for anything other than lubrication.

He didn't know that Mama San had applied more to Shawn, tied her to the bed, and placed a butterfly vibrator to her clit. The girl was so aroused, so hungry for sex, she was wild to find the men again.

The men cleared off the table. Bud held out a bowl to her.

"Close your eyes, don't look," he said. She nodded, reached in, pulled out a slip, gave it to him.

"Sarge!" he said. The men groaned.

"He already got to have her on his lap!" howled Jake.

"Yeah, but I didn't have nothin' in her!" Sarge yelled back, grinning.

Shawn held up a hand. The men quieted.

She closed her eyes, put her hand back in the bowl, drew out another slip. She opened her eyes and handed it to Bud.

"Jake!" yelled Bud. "You go instead of Sarge!"

Shawn shook her head. She took both pieces of paper. The room got quiet again.

"Oh man," muttered one guy.

Bud stared. "What are you say- what do you mean?"

"Sweet stuff, you aren't saying you want it twice are you?" asked Sarge.

She shook her head, then put both pieces of paper in one hand, then smiled. The men yelled.

"Both? At the same time?" Bud gasped. "Oh man oh man oh man."

They discussed it, put her on the table, spread her out, held her down. They had her at the end of the table. Jake took her pussy, and Sarge took her mouth. They had to wear condoms, and Sarge wasn't sure a condom in the mouth was a good idea. But he felt her mouth on him, and he didn't care any more.

Jake was slower than Bud, playing with her some first, pushing in a little, teasing. The men held her, watched Jake fuck her pussy, watched Sarge fuck her mouth.

"I wonder if she could take three?" said one guy.

But for Shawn, it was the idea of her legs spread open wide, her body stretched tight, her pussy used, her coming, again and again, the feel of being a slut, that she enjoyed. She savored it.

And when Sarge and Jake were through, she went to Bud, who was sitting in a chair, drinking a soda, and she unzipped him and held out a condom. He made to stand, but she shook her head. He pulled on the condom, and she straddled him, facing him, and he put his hands on her waist and let her ride him while the men watched, watched the little slut, watched her sit on Bud's cock, slide down on it, cling to him. Watched her breasts bounce and then catch against his chest.

A man named Rob laid back on the table, threatened his best friend Stan laughingly, and Shawn was put on the table on top of Rob, who eased into her pussy. She knelt over Rob, and Stan moved in, taking her in the ass, and she was fucked, and fucked, and fucked. She was raw, but she was wild with urge and desire and lust and being a slut. The ginger juice held power over her, but so did the lust, the pure lust. The more she fed the lust, the more she wanted, the more she craved.

And Michael sat in the kitchen and watched, and something worried him, something - he could not think what it was.

But he had the lust, too. He shook his head no for his turn, but he watched.

And she was wild and rutting and using her body, letting it be used, but the lust was powerful.

And when she was done, she lay sprawled on the table with her legs open wide, enjoying the feel of the men staring at her, talking about her, touching her, fingering her. She shuddered and came and nudged against their fingers like a soft doe wanting to nibble, and they obliged with fingers.

Mama San entered, tsked, and told her to go their room.

Shawn was very sore, and wet. But she still felt the need for more, and more, and more.

"Just wait til we get to room," said Mama San. "You very bad girl! Mr. Jo-ann-san gonna be mad, not gonna pay, you use up pussy on men! You very bad girl!"

But Shawn was still throbbing and feeling the rush, the glory, the lust.

And she loved it.

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