tagInterracial LoveShe Consumed Me Completely

She Consumed Me Completely


I'm a black buy with my story to tell. I have had my share of women and no one has ever affected me the way Joan has. I have been know as a "bad boy" for many years and Joan changed all that for me.

I was jock in high school and everyone knew "Big Jim" one way or another. I was always good at all my sports because I worked hard at it and it gained me the attention of many women of all races and sizes and shapes and believe me when I tell you, I had them all.

I got myself really deep into drugs as a freshman in college because I was injured pretty badly in our football game and I got addicted to those nasty pain killers. I then met up with the wrong crowd and I was mixing them up with other pills to keep me alert during school hours and keep me up late at night enough to get my kicks with the chicks if you get what I mean.

There was this very loose girl on the cheer squad and we became really close. She had her own idea of pills and booze and we became fast friends. She also had the entire squad meet my teammates and we all became fast friends. We did the drugs and the booze and the squad was whores for the team. They each went from guy to guy and sucked more cock and swallowed more cum in one season than some people get in a lifetime.

We played great games and won two championships while I was at the school and the last year I broke my collarbone and I was out for the year. It didn't stop me from partying or drugging but then I realized that my career as a pro was over. I had to break my ass studying and I hooked up with a smart girl who would do my homework for me and allowed me to pass and didn't have to take any finals in some of my subjects. I wasn't dumb but I was a little messed up after doing all the wrong stuff.

After graduation, I lucked out and got a great job offer and believe it or not, I am still with the same company, cleaned up my act and now am the manager for one of the smaller branches of our company. I had myself a great, well I thought she was great woman, until I found out she was playing with my friend on my business trips out of town and catching them in the act ended what I thought was something good.

I went to the bar the following night and was going to go back to drinking again and didn't want to loose my job because I'm making great money and I had great people working for me and did their jobs and always made me look good. I did, however, make it known if someone else did what the bosses were pleased about and they were taken care of with a bonus or a raise and I got a bonus for showing them the way.

As I sat by the bar, in walked in this beautiful strawberry blonde hair Goddess. She was a knockout with the shoulder length hair, nice large titties, which were one of my favorite woman features and dressed so neat and matched all her clothes and accessories. I was so lucky that she sat next to me and smiled at me as she did.

How funny is it to see this beauty and have her order the same that I was having - a cold Bud and a shot of JD. She most have been here before because she and the bartender were having a conversation and he asked her how she was feeling now and she said better and thanked him for listening to her story the last time. He asked her if he rid of the creep and she said she did and kicked him out on his "sorry white ass" and kicked him with her big white foot.

Didn't want to catch her on the rebound from what sounds like a loser, so I just took it easy and waited to see if she made any moves or made any attempts to talk to me. Not soon after I had ordered my third beer, she turned to me and said hello and told me her name was Joan. I said hello to her and told her I was Jim. We talked about the beer and the day and just start talking like to old friends.

We end up eating dinner together that night and then going over to listen to the jazz singer that was towards the back of the dinning area and shared more talking and some dancing. Laughter and talk was what it was all about with us. I wanted to kiss her so badly, but didn't want to chase her away. I don't think she was racist or why would she spend all her time with me that night I thought but I wanted to take it slow.

After the last dance of the evening, Joan gave me a kiss - right smack on my lips and then she smiled and winked at me. We went to pay our tab and she handed me a piece of paper. On the paper was her phone numbers (home, cell and work) and her address and she asked me to call her and we could hang out again because she had a great night. It wasn't the booze talking I could tell because we only had one beer more and just talked and danced. I wrote down my numbers and address too and gave it to her.

I walked her to the car and told her that I had such a good night and thanked her for sharing her night with me. We ended up in a huge bear hug and exchanged one of the most passionate kisses I have ever had with any woman ever before. She had a huge smile and I could feel mine getting bigger. I told her I wanted to follow her home to make sure she got home okay and she allowed me to.

We arrived at her place and she invited me in. I didn't make any moves on her or she on me and we just talked and laughed. I started to make say I had to leave and she and I exchanged another kiss and I was in heaven. She asked me if we could meet tomorrow night being it was a Friday night and I said yes. I told her to allow me to pick the place and I would pick her up about 7:00 and she was thrilled.

She asked me to call her when I got home so she would know I arrived safely. We ended the night with a huge hug and a kiss and by this time our tongues were doing the talking for us. It was great.

I called Joan when I got in and we talked for about a half and hour and then hung up and we told each other to have a good day at work and told each other to call if we had a chance to talk. I went to bed that night with a smile on my face and a semi-hard on. I knew she did that to me and I didn't want to rush into it. She was too nice to take advantage of. The old me would have thrown her into bed and screwed her brains out and probably would just want her as a sex toy and nothing more. The new me wants to take it slow.

The next morning I woke up and turned on my cell and there was a voice mail and a picture message from her tell me to have a nice day. I returned the message and my picture and told her I would call her on my lunch if not sooner.

We talked about 15 minutes and then I had a feeling she was consuming all my thoughts. I did little of any of my work that day and all I could think about was her smile and her kindness. I made a reservation for us at this great steak and rib place and found a place that was having a jazz band playing at 10 that evening so I booked us a table there too.

We spoke on the way home and she really seemed to be into me too. I stopped by and picked up a single yellow rose for her and presented it to her as she opened her door. It followed by our kisses and hugs and a huge "Thank you Jim". I couldn't wait to see her.

Dinner went well and the bad was very good. We exchanged a few kisses now and then and she seemed to love all the attention and I loved giving it to her. As were driving home, she asked me to pull into this parking lot where there was a huge park. She asked me if I would like to have a picnic there on Sunday afternoon. She would make me the fried chicken that she talked about that she made with potato salad and fresh fruit and some homemade lemonade and homemade apple pie. Those were all of my favorites and I couldn't say no. I had no plans and I guess she didn't either.

As we got to her place, she asked me in and I said yes. We opened up her door and then starting kissing and touching and I wanted her right then and there but I asked her to sit down first. I told her about my just failed relationship and I over heard about hers and I didn't want to force or rush into anything and make us a rebound couple. She thought that was so thoughtful of me and asked me if we would ever made love and I said yes. We continued to kiss and touch and I wanted our first time to be memorable and not just something that "just happened".

We kept complete control and we're pleased with what we were doing so we ended the night and I told her I would call her the next day. She said she would look forward to it and we kissed good night. I know she had to do shopping tomorrow to make all the picnic food for us and I couldn't wait to see her Sunday.

Several times during Saturday afternoon we talked and she was busy making all the goodies and told me that she hopes I like her cooking. This was a dream I thought because no woman has ever treated me like this. I never had self control but she gave it to me. I know she was consuming all of me as I ignored my e-mails and phone calls except for hers.

I was picking her up at 11:00 that morning and I couldn't wait to see her. I called her on my drive over and she told me the picnic baskets were full and waiting to be eaten. I got there and was greeting with the smile, hug and kiss I've been getting to enjoy very much. She had three baskets of goodies and a cooler all ready to go.

We packed up my truck and we were on on way. We got there and we found a great spot where we laid on the new blanket I bought for her for this day. She loved it and kissed me and thanked me for my kindness. What a good cook she is and she made everything the way I liked it as if she knew exactly how I like my chicken done, potato salad made and the apple pie, I had 3 pieces.

We sat on the blanket with our lemonade and we talked and laughed and kissed. We then put all everything back in the truck and took a walk around the park and we even held hands. She stopped me when we got to this one spot and asked me if I thought it was too selfish for me to ask, but she wanted to know if we could go back to her place and make love and I told her it wouldn't that I want to do that too.

After unloading the truck and loading the fridge with the leftover, she walked me into her bedroom and we began to kiss and touch and then undress. She had the nicest skin and her titties were big but she was firm and no sagging. She started to stroke my cock and it was getting bigger and I asked her if she gave blow jobs and she said she hasn't for a while, but would love to.

She blew my mind when she started to stroke my cock and lick and suck and she just blew me away. She didn't miss a beat and made me hard and my balls fill up. I played with her titties and sucked and her nipples were like rocks and I could feel her pussy getting super wet. I laid her on the bed and spread her legs and took in the juices that were flowing from her bald pussy. I gentle started to enter her with out a condom and she told me to go ahead. I started slow and before you know it we were fucking like two dogs in heat and doing all the positions and she was back to sucking me hard and I entered her doggy style and I could feel I was about to burst and she told me that she wanted it all over her face and down her throat so I did so.

I never felt so alive after making love to her. That's what it was because I didn't feel I fucked her but made love to her and I think that she is the first one that I ever felt that way. We laid across her kind sized bed and caught our breath and then we showered together and then laid in bed together holding each other tight.

We dated for about 3 months before she asked me to move in with her. We were both professionals and very busy but always made time for each other. We will be getting married on November and spending our honeymoon on a two week cruise and I can't wait. We were having the discussion about having children and she started to cry. She told me that she couldn't have children and hoped that I would understand. I told her I would and I would also adopt if she wanted to.

Bad boys can changed and she was a warm welcome and one to change for. She knows all about me and still loves me and I do her. I told her I wanted to buy her a diamond as big as her heart and she told me that she didn't need a diamond as long as she had me. I did buy her an engagement ring and it was just a 1/2 carat and she was so happy. Told me to spend my money on something we can both enjoy.

Some of our family and friends were not too happy that I am black and she i white but it didn't matter. All that mattered was that we loved each other.

To be continued......

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