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She Finally Did It


I pulled into the driveway at about half past ten on Friday night. Before I got my key out the door opened. Angela stood there with a beaming smile on her face. I couldn't figure it out, normally she is as mad as hell if I get caught for a working dinner without warning, especially on a Friday night. She welcomed me with a kiss, pressed a glass of Southern Comfort on the rocks into my hand and closed the door behind me. "Cheers" she said as she picked up her own glass from the hall table. I took a mouthful. It tasted good.

"What's the big idea?" I asked.

"Nothing" she said with a giggle and led me into the lounge to my chair. I sat down. "Drink up" she ordered. I complied. She knelt down in front of me and smiled. "Drink up! I want to talk to you and it's not a subject that will stand you being sober."

On an empty stomach I began to feel the effects of the spirit in no time at all. She took my glass and poured me another. "OK, let's have it – what are you up to?"

"Well are you still keen on me having another man while you watch?" I almost choked on my drink, relaxed as I was by then. "Pardon me?" I spluttered. "It's just that someone came into the shop the other week and I think, well I know that he fancies me and I think he would be willing and I um… well that is I mean ….er well I think I fancy him."

I could hardly believe it. Angela, a virgin when I met her, who had always resisted the idea of sex with anyone other than me is now telling me that she is ready to screw another man in front of me. "Are you sure?" I asked. "Don't you want me to now then? "No, I mean Yes – you know I do – more than any – but why? She just looked at me over the rim of her glass and giggled. "Is that a yes then?" she pressed me. I tried to reason with her. It was not that I didn't want to take her up on the offer, it was just that I could not figure out why after ten years of absolute total resistance she was now so willing.

We went to bed but my mind was racing as I lay in bed waiting for Angela to finish in the bathroom and join me. As she snuggled up beside me she whispered in my ear "I want you to watch my darling because I know it's what you want and I will do it to please you." I turned and kissed her. I reached down and found her cunt was dripping wet with excitement. My cock sprang to erection and found it's way into her. She whispered again in my ear "You want to see another man's cock enter me don't you, you want to watch as he fucks me, to see him hold me as I welcome him into my dripping wet cunt. I will be powerless to resist as he forces his way into me and stretches me with his huge cock and you will watch as I squeal with pleasure. He will fuck me for ages and I will look at you until I cum. When he shoots his load……" That was just too much for me, I could not hold on another second and came right then. She pulled me close "Cum darling, cum inside me, I love your cum inside me."

That was probably one of the most complete and draining orgasms I had ever had and I lay gasping for breath. She cuddled up to me after I had rolled over. "There now, you liked that didn't you, now would you really still like to watch me being screwed just like you have done?" Without thinking I just gasped "Yes."

"OK if he comes into the shop again you will get your wish, all you have to do is decide where. Now I think I deserve for you to pleasure me with your tongue – open wide!" In a split second she had flipped her leg over me and her cunt was pressed down onto my mouth. All of my cum cascaded out of her and into my mouth. Her cunt was completely clamped down on my face and I could do nothing but swallow all of the liquid that came my way. I started to move my tongue and she wiggled down onto me a bit harder. I found her clit and moved my tongue across it again until I heard her moan. I could tell she was almost there and reached up for her nipples. I heard her squeal and then she was bouncing up and down in a furious orgasm. When she had finished she fell off me and landed on the pillow beside me.

"So, do you still want to put on the show for me?" I asked. "Only if you make it nice for me" she replied. I took her hand and shook it. "It's a deal then, no backing out now!"

It was several weeks before I felt I could ask but even then she had not seen her admirer at the shop. Then one night about two months later we were making love and she suddenly came out with it. "He came into the shop today.." It put me right off my stroke. For a second I did not know what to say. I regained my thoughts. "Is he interested?"

"Yes I think so, he is coming back tomorrow and I am going to have coffee with him in the cafeteria after I finish work,"

"Do you really fancy him,"

"Yes I do really fancy him,"

"Do you want to go through with it,"

"Yes I think so, I will know tomorrow, now shut up and fill me up!" The thought of her finally doing it in front of me was too much and like before I came in about three seconds flat.

The next day was a Friday and I could not concentrate on anything so I left the office at lunchtime and went to the cafeteria next to Angela's workplace. I sat over the other side of the room and hid behind a newspaper until I saw her come in and sit down. After a few minutes a well built guy came in and walked over to where she was sitting. He looked to be around 35, maybe a lit older. She stood up and kissed and hugged him. It seemed like she knew him pretty well. They sat down and talked for a about an hour and a half over a coffee and left. I watched them walk to her car and she kissed him goodbye.

I finished my own coffee and left. It was four O'clock and I didn't want to go home too early so I did some shopping and after hour or so I went home. When I got home Angela was very pleased to see me. We had a cup of tea and just chatted, then I could not help myself, I just had to ask – "Well did you see anyone you know today?" She laughed, "Yes as a matter of fact, we had coffee in the café and yes he is interested, but he is not sure about whether you could handle watching."

"So did he say yes or no" I asked. She paused and took a long breath "He said Yes and here is his phone number – he will come tonight but only if you call him at 6 o'clock and tell him it is all OK," she offered me a piece of paper. I hesitated but took it and looked at my watch. It was almost six o'clock. Angela walked to the hall and brought the phone to me, "Shall I dial the number?" she took the paper, dialled the number and handed me the phone. A voice said simply "hello Steve, shall I come around?" I stammered but managed to say "Yes."

"Shall I bring a friend?" I was floored, this was not what I was expecting, but Angela was taking the plan over and I thought that she should get a surprise, so I just said "Yes."

"OK, place a chair in the bedroom and clear the duvet off the bed, make sure she has had a few drinks – I will be there at Nine." The line went dead.

That was it, in three hours time I would finally get my wish.

We busied ourselves through the evening tidying the house and getting showered. I took a chair from the dining room and placed it by the side of the bed. I stripped the covers from the bed and put them in the spare room. Just a few minutes past nine the doorbell rang. I looked at Angela. "You ready?" I nodded and went to the door. Two tall youngish men came in and walked straight past me. "Where is she?" one of them asked. "Lounge" I replied. "Would you like a drink" They asked for a couple of cokes and went into the lounge to find Angela. She was just finishing her third G & T of the evening and was getting giggly. I tried to do some introductions. It seemed so strange, so normal. The one she met in the cafeteria was called Dave and the other Bob. I passed their drinks and got another for Angela. I drank a large scotch myself. To try and prepare myself for what was to come.

Bob held out his hand, "Coming to bed Angela?" He grasped her hand and pulled her to her feet. Dave took her other hand and they both led her out of the lounge and up the stairs. I followed without saying a word.

I had left the door to our bedroom open. The other doors were all closed so they went straight in. The room was warm. I had already drawn the curtains and dimmed the lights slightly. "Take a seat" Dave said to me and pushed me gently towards the chair, which he moved further away from the bed.

Angela was standing by the door looking nervous. Bob took her hand and led her to the edge of the bed. Dave stood the other side of her and they began to kiss her. "Are you ready Angela?" Dave asked. "Yes," she replied, "Yes what" he corrected her, "Yes please." She responded. Bob kissed her full on the mouth and Dave started to undress her, letting her dress , her bra and panties fall on the floor. Bob pushed her gently back onto the bed and she lay back, naked on the bed. Taking one arm each, they pulled her further onto the bed and began to kiss and fondle her. I could hear her breathing increasing and she moaned softly. I saw Bob's hand moving slowly down her chest, across her stomach and slowly down her abdomen. As he reached her bush I saw her legs part and his finger slipped into her vagina. She squealed slightly and reached up with her hand to find his neck. She pulled him closer and kissed him on the mouth. Dave made his way down to her cunt and opened her lips, he started to lick her while Bob was kissing her on the lips and tweaking her nipples.

I really wanted to join in but Bob and Dave had everything covered and what's more my wife was laying there and loving it. Just as I was thinking that I saw her hand move down and find Dave's cock. It was fully erect and about the same size as mine at about seven inches. "What are you going to do with this Dave?"

""Fuck you with it" he replied and positioned himself between her legs. "Please put it in!" she pleaded, he lunged forward and he slipped in up to the hilt. "Aaaaaaah" she gasped but was cut short as Bob kissed her full on the mouth while Dave was pushing into her. He fucked her slowly and I could see every stroke with his cock going in and out. I could hear her moans getting higher pitched almost with every thrust. Then suddenly she reached down and put her arms around his waist, pulling him into her. "I want to COME!" she started to rotate her hips and squealed "YES YES YES" I could tell she was just starting an orgasm as I had heard it so many times before. Dave said that he was about to come and tried to pull out but she held him tighter and whispered loudly "come darling, come in me, in me IN ME oh yes yes yes" Dave was now pushing harder and faster and I could tell he was now pumping his stuff into her. They gradually stopped humping and lay motionless. He raised his head and Angela held pulled him to her and kissed him. His cock was still inside her, but I saw it slip out as his erection faded and I saw a little blob of his semen dribble out.

Angela looked over at me and said, "Well Steve, I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did," I pointed out that she had neglected Bob, "Oh no" said Dave, we have a special treat for Bob and for you Steve." Angela reached into her pantie drawer and found the blindfold we sometimes use and put it on me. "I am going to suck Bob off right now." I heard some shuffling around and then I heard what must have been Bob's voice moan softly. I could also hear what I took to be Angela licking and sucking his cock. After a few minutes I heard a loud grunt and then it went quiet, then Bob's voice - "Thank you Angela, that was really nice." I heard footsteps shuffle across the carpet near me. Angela sat on my knee and kissed my cheek. I instinctively looked up and offered my mouth which she covered with hers. I tried to pull away as I realised that there was a lot of liquid already in her mouth and she was pushing it into mine with her tongue. Then it dawned on me what the liquid was. She held me tighter and I could not pull away, I had no choice but to swallow Bob's cum. It tasted strange and slightly salty. When I had swallowed it she pulled back and laughed as she removed the blindfold. Dave and Bob were laughing too. I didn't really know what to do so I joined in the laughter.

Angela looked me in the eye, "Now then, tell me the truth, did you really enjoy that?" I looked straight back "Yes I did, I loved the show and I love you for doing it for me. Thank you darling, can we do it again?" Dave spoke up, "Absolutely, but the night is not over yet Steve."

Dave took Angela's hand and led her back to the bed. He laid on his back with his head towards me and I noticed that he again had a large erection. Angela took his cock into her mouth and it seemed to increase in size. She then mounted him and lowered herself onto his cock and began to ride him slowly. The I noticed Bob moving around behind her also with a newly recovered erection. His cock was smaller but very erect. He took the tube of KY from the dressing table and squeezed some onto his fingers, then he started to rub it into her back passage. I knew that Angela would never allow me in that way but she giggled as his finger pushed into her. Her worked the KY into her and rotated his finger a few times, then he withdrew his finger and pushed his cock into her rear hole. She squealed as he entered her and Dave and Bob synchronised their movements. In that position Angela was directly facing me and she looked me in the eye as she rode Dave's cock and Bob held her from behind as he pushed his cock into her. In no time at all Bob was gasping and groaning and came in a loud grunt. Dave soon followed suit and pushed his hips upward and he too came off inside my wife.

Bob withdrew and lifted Angela off of Dave and laid her gently on the bed. "It's time for Dave and I to go" he said. I couldn't argue. I had enjoyed the show, but I really wanted Angela to myself next. She looked lovely just laying there on the bed. Dave and Bob got dressed. Angela got up and went down the stairs with them. I heard them talking for a few minutes and then I heard the door close.

I went into the spare room and retrieved the Duvet. Angela had come back to bed so I draped the duvet over her and undressed, then I turned off the light and slipped in beside her. She turned towards me, kissed me and reached down to my cock. It grew quickly and she pulled me to her. I slipped inside easily and began to fuck her. I could not get over the events of the evening. My mind was filled with the image of her being fucked by Dave and Bob. "How long have you known them?" I asked. "Well, I have known Dave about 6 months but Bob I had never met before, although Dave had asked me if I wanted him to bring a friend and I told him it was up to you, I guess you said yes."

"And whose idea was the sticky kiss you gave me?" I laughed. "That was just spontaneous" she giggled "and it serves you right!"

After we had finished making love I asked her if she wanted to do it again. "Oh yes darling," Dave says we can be guests of honour at a party at his place next month, he says he will have lots more friends there including quite a few girls, he seems to think you will like that."

I was hesitant, "but I don't want to fuck anyone else!" I exclaimed. "Don't worry darling, I am sure that he won't expect you to.." Somehow I got the impression that I had missed something there, but I kissed her goodnight and slipped off to sleep.

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