tagMind ControlShe Forgot Morning Ch. 06

She Forgot Morning Ch. 06



Sarah sat by herself in the waiting room in the therapist's office trying to read from one of the magazines. Finding herself primarily leafing through the pages and glancing at the pictures she wished to herself that she had taken Bill up on his offer to come with her. He was incredibly understanding about this whole thing but Sarah just wasn't sure exactly how she felt about Bill.

Bill was a nice guy and from what little she had seen, he also was a very giving lover, his desire to please her overshadowed his lack of stamina. Unfortunately, most of her sexual experiences with Bill ended just as they were building up and she really had no idea how Katy and Bill related to each other. The other thing was Bill's resemblance to Sarah's grandfather, something, especially considering her problems, which really bothered her.

Wanting to do this for herself, she looked into the yellow pages, found a hypno-therapist and made an appointment. She realized she probably should have done some research into who to see, but she had been too embarrassed to talk to anyone about it, even Bill. The ad for the therapist talked about being certified and it was a sizable ad, so she felt it was okay. She told herself that if it felt uncomfortable she could always go to a different doctor.

When she first arrived there was some paperwork to fill out and they had run copies of her driver's license and insurance card. She then wrote a brief synopsis of why she came to the therapist. Apparently now he was reading what she wrote in preparation for seeing her and that was why she was still waiting at eight thirty for an eight a.m. appointment.

Finally one of the doors opened and the receptionist said, "He is ready to see you now."

Sarah stood up, straightened out her dress and walked through the door. She followed the receptionist down a short corridor and into a dimly lit room. As she stepped inside, the receptionist backed away and closed the door. Sarah saw some motion at the side of the room and a shadow stepped toward her.

As the shadow entered the light of a small lamp on a table she saw a small man, actually slightly shorter than her. While she had expected him to be wearing a suit and tie, he had on a white doctor's jacket with a blue button down shirt beneath. He was balding with some gray showing in his dark hair, the gray in his beard was more pronounced.

"Hello Sarah, we want to talk about your sexual experiences and this woman named, ah..." he looked at a notebook, "Katy."

"Well, yes, except that Katy is me, I think."

"Yes, yes, your first name, but you also change when she comes to you."

"So I'm told."

"You think it has something to do with your grandfather; that perhaps something happened to you because of him."

"I don't know," she said, feeling tears well up in her eyes.

"Calm, calm, we can help you, now please sit down over here," he said, pointing to a chair near the lamp.

After she sat down Sarah watched as he sat on a small stool with rollers and rolled up right in front of her. He reached to the corner of his desk and grabbed a clipboard, handing it to her. "This is a form granting me permission to hypnotize you."

Looking down at the form most of the writing was too small to see in the dim light. She held it directly under the lamp, but still had difficultly reading it. Glancing back up at the therapist, she grabbed the pen from him and quickly signed.

"Okay, good. Now I want you to focus on this disc," he said, spinning a small disc in the light. "Yes, look closely at how it spins, how it sparkles."

Sarah listened and watched the sparkling disc for a while until his voice became a drone. Later when she heard him say, "Now please remove your dress," she thought nothing of taking off her dress and later her bra and panties. She felt his hands gently take her thighs and open her legs.

Then she felt his beard gently sliding along her thighs and soon his hot moist breath on her pussy. Spreading her legs wider, she felt the pleasure of his tongue sliding over her clit and then felt the tongue moving downward and...

Katy moaned as she felt the tongue push into her pussy, "Oh grandpa, don't." But he didn't stop, he continued moving his tongue inside her. She moved her arms to push him away, but he was too strong and then she felt the pleasure shoot into her. His tongue was now back on her clit as she began to move her hips up and down, finally arching her back as she came.

Katy then looked at a strange bearded man and asked, "Who are you and what the hell are you doing?"

"Ah, you must be Katy. You signed this form allowing me to do this," he said, handing her the permission form Sarah had signed. "You see the signature Katy Sarah Johnstone. Now I want you to get dressed, we can talk more after I finish the hypnotic evaluations in a few days."

Sarah suddenly found herself back in the waiting room looking through the sliding glass window at the receptionist. The woman was saying "...another appointment at ten a.m. tomorrow. Okay, I have it now." The woman then tore off a small piece of paper and handed it to Sarah. She walked out through the waiting room and headed toward the bus stop.


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