tagMind ControlShe Forgot Morning Ch. 08

She Forgot Morning Ch. 08



Once again, Sarah came in to work pondering another gap in her life, only today she actually had two gaps. Unable to recall this morning, she also had the burden of not knowing what had happened in her hypnosis sessions. The therapist really had not talked to her since the first day's introduction. At the end of both her previous sessions she woke up facing the receptionist in the middle of confirming the next day's appointment.

She had another appointment scheduled for today and then the next day was the day the therapist originally scheduled to meet with her and outline a further plan of action. Sarah was anxious to get on with her life, so this upcoming meeting was important. Just one more hypno-therapy session before she got any hint at what was going on.

Thinking of Bill, Sarah felt bad about how she'd been treating him, but she was afraid if they got together it might undermine her treatment. He was understanding about it all and at this time didn't seem too interested in seeing anyone else. It was odd, Bill wasn't all that good looking and while he was a willing sexual partner, his stamina was not real good. She didn't want to suggest Viagra to him, not at this early stage of their relationship, but he might do well to try some.

Anyway, the morning work load was light and not wanting to talk about the progress or her lack of knowledge whether she made any progress at all, she decided not to call Bill until after her session. When the time came, she just grabbed her purse, rode the elevator down and then caught the bus heading over to the therapist's office.

When she arrived the receptionist ushered her directly into his office, where she sat down in her chair and watched the therapist sit in the stool across from her. "You know what to do Sarah," he said, holding the spinning disc in the light. She watched closely and in a few moments the therapist asked her to get undressed. She noticed him getting undressed too.

He didn't have to speak as he stood facing her, he just kind of nodded and Sarah lowered herself down onto her knees and took his cock in her mouth. The cock wasn't fully erect when she started, but in just a few moments she could feel it growing. Before she was able to go further, the therapist stepped back, pulling his cock out of her mouth.

"Now Sarah, I will need to see Katy, so please sit down and spread your legs."

Sarah complied and watched as he kneeled and pushed his head into her crotch. Feeling his beard brushing down her thigh, she spread her legs wider. The last sensation she remembered then was feeling his tongue first touching her pussy lips.

"Grandpa no, please don't," Katy said.

"Yes Katy, it's grandpa, but I won't stop," he said just before pushing his tongue deep into her pussy. She responded by lifting her hips to him some. Then he felt her body shudder.

"What is wrong Katy?" he asked, pulling his head from between her legs.

"It's too big, it will hurt me."

"What will hurt you Katy?"

"Your thing grandpa, it hurts when you put it in."

"No Katy, you're wrong, watch how good it feels," he said, kneeling in front of her as he pushed his fingers into her pussy. Feeling the wetness, he moved his fingers back and forth, getting her opening well lubricated. Then he grabbed his cock and slowly guided it into her as he said, "See Katy, it doesn't hurt."

His cock slid into her and then he began to move it in and out, increasing the speed and power of his thrusts as Katy began responding. Lifting her hips to meet his thrusts he could hear her moaning, "Oh grandpa it feels so good."

"Katy, grandpa is gone. I am your therapist," he said pushing his cock into her. "Grandpa is gone so you don't have to protect Sarah any more. You are fucking now and it feels good, you want Sarah to feel this good and now that grandpa is gone she needs to come back."

"But..." Katy began.

"Sarah needs to come now, let Sarah come."

She moaned loudly, arched her back and came. Seeing her come, the therapist let himself go and came shortly afterward, spurting his cum deep into her pussy. Pulling his cock out of her he heard Sarah say, "Doctor, what are you doing?"

"I'm not a doctor Sarah, and this is your therapy."

"But you raped me."

"No, you signed the release, I can show it to you if you want to get dressed."

She grabbed her clothes, turned her back and quickly pulled them on. The doctor also got dressed.

"Damn you, how could you do this..."

The doctor had opened his office door and then pulled it closed. Hearing the loud click as the door closed Sarah stopped talking and just looked at him with a puzzled expression.

"Thank you Sarah, please make an appointment with my receptionist for tomorrow. I think things are going to work out fine," he said, smiling at her.

Sarah walked out of his office and then set up an appointment with the receptionist. She then walked through the waiting room and headed for her bus. Riding back to the office she wondered what the outcome of the therapy had been.


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