tagLoving WivesShe Insisted It Would Be Easy

She Insisted It Would Be Easy


This story was inspired by an e-mail on an adult website.

"And then, I heard, she took on three more guys, one right after the other," Ron reported to his fellow poker players.

"Sounds like a hell of a party! Of course, nothing like that ever happened at any of the bachelor parties I've attended, babe," Lee grinned, turning to accept a fresh beer from his wife, Carole.

"Hell of a party is right!" Frank agreed. "How could she handle so many guys, one right after the other, like that?!"

"She was a pro, Frank. She got paid to take them all on," Ron reminded him.

"That stripper may have done it for the money, but a woman can easily handle several men at a time. On the other hand, a man can't handle several women at a time," Carole kibitzed, as she wiped off her newly emptied serving tray.

"Could you handle several men, one right after the other, Carole?" Jack challenged. At thirty, he was the oldest and most outspoken male in the group. He loved baiting Lee's equally outspoken wife and couldn't pass up an opportunity like the one she had just presented.

"And Carole, the Queen Bee, gets to be the center of attention, once again!" Paul thought to himself in amusement, as he shielded his cards and looked up at her. "But, at least, this time it should be interesting."

Carole was far from being the shy, retiring type, so the guys weren't particularly careful about their subject matter, when it was Lee's turn to host their weekly poker night. And, anyway, Lee's wife enjoyed hostessing their games.

"Sure I could, if I wanted to," Carole replied evenly, looking Jack straight in the eye.

"And she takes the bait," Frank chuckled under his breath.

"Hook, line, and sinker," Paul mentally agreed with him.

"Right! But let me guess, Carole, you wouldn't want to!" Jack taunted. "And that's just another way of saying you couldn't bring yourself to do it."

"It would be easy, Jack," Carole contended. "Any sexually experienced woman could do it, if she wanted to. It wouldn't be a big deal."

"Right!" Jack scoffed.

"It wouldn't be that big of a deal, for a sexually experienced woman," Carole insisted, tossing back her shoulder-length mane of perfectly coiffured hair. "It really wouldn't."

"No, of course, it wouldn't," Jack deadpanned.

"Right," Frank doubtfully chimed in.

"Why do you guys think it would be such a big deal?" Carole asked indignantly. "It would be very easy for a sexually experienced woman, if she wanted to do it. After all, the guys do all the work."

By then, Carole had everyone's undivided attention, including her husband's.

"Lee's eyes are as big as saucers!" Paul observed. "It looks like he's getting really turned on by all this sex talk."

"So, any woman could do it, even if she weren't a pro?" Ron asked skeptically.

"Any sexually experienced woman could do it," Carole corrected.

"And you're a sexually experienced woman, are you?" Jack teased.

Placing an affectionate hand on her husband's shoulder, Carole cooed, "What do you think, hon? Do you think I'm a sexually experienced woman?"

"Oh, she's sexually experienced, all right!" Lee readily concurred. "I've seen to it personally!"

Carole smugly raised her head and looked around the table, while the rest of the guys hooted and hollered.

"I believe it! They do it just about every night, according to Lee," Paul remembered. "He's one lucky guy!"

In her mid-twenties, with a pretty face, medium-blonde hair, and a curvy figure, all the guys thought Carole was a hottie. Her derrière may have belonged on a black girl, according to Jack, but Lee insisted it was her third best feature, after her face and perky rack. None of the guys disagreed.

When everyone quieted down, Jack locked eyes with Carole and continued, "What I meant was: Are YOU sexually experienced enough to take on four guys, one right after the other, just like the girl at that party?"

"Yes, Jack, I'm sexually experienced enough," Carole replied confidently. "It would be easy."

"But, like I said, you wouldn't want to," Jack asserted.

"That doesn't mean I couldn't do it," Carole objected.

"Coulda, woulda, shoulda," Jack chanted. "It's not like we all haven't heard talk like that before, Carole. You're all talk. And, like they say, talk is cheap." Looking around the table, Jack pleaded, "Come on, guys, please, let's play cards."

"Like I said, Jack, it would be very easy, whether you believe me, or not," Carole still disputed.

"She's not going to let it go, Jack," Ron sighed. "I'm sorry. I thought I could tell that story here without anyone making a big deal about it."

The guys chuckled and Carole protested, "I'm not making a big deal out of you telling your story, Ron. You know that. What I'm saying is that what the stripper did at that party wasn't such a big deal."

"No, she's not going to let it go," Paul realized. "And Lee is hanging on her every word. My gawd, his eyes are glazed over!"

"Okay, Carole, we get it. We really do. What the stripper did at that party wasn't a big deal," Jack sighed. Rearranging his cards, he ended, "Now, can we, please, get back to our game?"

"Yes, Jack, I think I've made my point," Carole huffed. "Go back to your card game."

As she helped herself to a potato chip, Jack smiled. "Please, Jack! Please don't tease her about her diet!" Paul silently prayed. "We'll never get back to the game if you get her started on that!"

It was a running joke that Carole was perpetually going on a diet, tomorrow, to lose a couple of extra pounds she claimed she carried around her waist. Jack looked knowingly at the guys, winked, but remained silent. "Thank gawd that's finally over with!" Paul breathed a sigh of relieve.

As she turned to go, however, Frank piped up, "Every guy that's heard about that bachelor party thought it was a big deal. But, hey, if Carole says it wasn't ... well ..."

The eruption of laughter stopped Carole dead in her tracks. Pivoting on her heel, she marched straight back into the living room.

"That did it!" Paul groaned. "But it's her own fault. She's the one who always has to have the last word on everything. Why, for gawd sakes, won't she just walk away from this silly argument?!" Being the youngest of the guys, at twenty-three, Paul was also the quietest. He had remained silent throughout Ron's storytelling and the banter that followed. Still, even he could no longer resist stoking the fire, just a little, by teasing, "It's okay, Carole. We believe you. All of us. We really do."

Carole put her fists on her womanly hips and stamped her feet during the chorus of baiting that followed.

"Lee's the only one keeping his mouth shut," Paul noted. "That's probably a good idea, if he wants to get any tonight, after the rest of us leave. And he wants some, right now, from the look on his face!

"You should put some shoes on, if you're going to stomp around like that, Carole," Jack chortled. "Stomping around in your bare feet just doesn't have the same effect as a loud, clicky pair of high-heels!"

"I'd like to put my foot somewhere else, Jack!" she responded, triggering another chorus of hoots and hollers from the rest of the guys.

When it quitted down, again, Carole sighed, "Honestly, I don't understand why all of you think a girl taking on four guys, one right after the other, is such a big deal. I really don't."

"Yeah, we heard you the first couple of times, Carole," Jack acknowledged. "It's no big deal for any sexually experienced woman. Sure. Of course it's not. Just like it's no big deal for any disciplined woman to go on a diet and lose those couple of extra pounds, whenever she wants. Coulda, woulda, shoulda."

Once again, to no one's surprise, Jack had 'upped the ante' in their latest little game. The guys groaned in unison, as they waited for Carole's inevitable counter.

Carole's nostrils flared and her eyes flashed, but she answered coolly, "Now, Jack, I thought you liked my booty just the way it is."

"Coulda, woulda, shoulda," Jack repeated.

Shaking her head in frustration, Carole turned to Lee for support. As she and her husband eyed each other, Carole smiled impishly, winked, and playfully asked, "What do you think, hon? Should I prove to them I can do it?"

"Can ... can I get the camcorder?" Lee barely managed to squeak, his mouth hanging open and his eyes bugging out of his head.

Carole's jaw dropped and her eyes widen. She stared at her husband, while the guys, stunned by Lee's response, gaped in silence at the married couple.

"Can I?" Lee meekly repeated.

Carole closed her mouth and slowly regained her composure. A strange smile formed on her lips. Her mind, apparently, made up, she shrugged and said carelessly to her husband, "Sure, why not? Let's make a real production out of it."

Lee jumped up, nearly knocking over his chair racing for the camcorder.

Turning to Ron, Carole calmly continued, "I'll bet that stripper didn't let the guys film her in action, did she?"

"No ... not ... not that I heard," Ron mumbled.

"And get the lube while you're in there, hon!" Carole called out after her husband.

The rest of the guys gawked at Carole in disbelieve. She raised an eyebrow and looked at each one of them in turn, daring them to say something.

"So, Ron, where did the stripper do all those guys?" Carole asked, turning her full attention back to him.

"On ... on the floor," he stuttered.

"Right there in front of everyone?" she casually inquired.

"That ... that's what I heard," Ron squeaked.

Carole's husband wasted no time finding his camcorder and the lube. "He's so excited, his hands are shaking! He acts like she's really going to do it!" Paul perceived, upon Lee's return. "My gawd! He wants her to do it! He's so horny he's pitched a pup tent in his pants!"

"We're going to do it right here on the living room floor, hon," Carole matter-of-factly stated.

"Okay, babe!" Lee happily acknowledged, fumbling with the camcorder's controls.

"Ron, did the stripper make the guys wear condoms?" she sweetly questioned.

"I ... I don't know," Ron mumbled. "I guess she probably did."

"Well, since I'm on the pill, we don't have any in this house. So, I guess today's your lucky day," Carole laughed. "I won't claim that any sexually experienced woman would let four guys in a row do her bareback, but I will, just this once." Looking around the room, she coolly continued, "So, if we're going to film this right here on the living room floor, we'll need some more light. Frank, why don't you take care of that? And close the drapes, too, while you're at it."

Frank gawked at Carole for a moment, then nearly tripped over himself in his hurry to find the light switches and cords for the drapes.

"Almost ready, hon?" Carole asked.

"Just another couple of seconds," her husband grunted.

"Good," she answered patiently.

Turning back to Ron, she inquired, "So, who at that party decided the order?"

"The ... the order?" Ron asked.

"Yes, dear, the order," Carole rolled her eyes. "Who decided what order the guys went in with the stripper?"

"I ... I heard ... the guy getting married ... the groom, went first," he stammered.

"Well, he was the guest of honor," Carole rolled her eyes, again. "And then?"

"I ... I don't know," Ron mumbled.

"Well, did the rest of the guys get in line for her?" she coolly asked.

"I ... I don't know. I guess they did," he shrugged.

"Hummm ... in that case, I'll chose the order," Carole said thoughtfully.

"Jack, you can go first," she decided. "Or, maybe, I should say, you can cum first. After all, you're the one that started this argument, in the first place. And you're the oldest guy here and have been married the longest. You know, Jack, not that I think of it, I'll bet you can't even remember the last time you had any strange stuff, can you?!"

Jack turned beet red, but didn't say a word.

"Okay! All set, babe!" Lee squawked.

"Then, I guess I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. De Mille," Carole smirked.

As the guys goggled, Lee pointed the camcorder at his wife. "Unbelievable! How far are the two of them going to go with this?!" Paul wondered.

Looking sideways at Jack, Carole admonished, "I hope you're not waiting for me to dance for you. You guys are the ones who will be doing all the work tonight."

No one, other than Lee, moved or uttered a sound. Cool, calm, and collected, Carole smiled and casually slipped her tank top over her head. Shaking back her hair, she said, "Please, fold this and put it on the coffee table, Frank. Since you're the next oldest, and married, you can go second. And consider yourself lucky, if Ed were here tonight, you'd be going third. So, make yourself useful before you get in line."

Frank hesitated as he stared at Carole, his eyes wide and his mouth hanging open.

"Frank?" she prompted.

Prodded into action, Frank lurched over to Carole and retrieved her discarded tank top. Standing alone in the middle of the living room, in her white bra and denim jeans, Carole patiently watched and waited for Frank to complete his assigned task. Crooking her finger when he had finished, she beckoned him to approach her, again. "Now, you can do the same with my bra," she smiled sweetly, as she nonchalantly slipped the straps off her shoulders and reached behind her back to undo the clasp.

"I can't believe how cool and calm she is!" Paul marveled. "And Lee's still running around with that silly camcorder! He acts like he can't wait for his own wife to lie down on the floor and spread her legs for everyone!"

"Are you taping this, hon?" Carole asked her husband, all the while watching the reactions of the rest of the guys.

"Oh yeah! I'm getting it all, babe!" Lee panted.

Carole bent forward, lifted her chin, and slowly shook off her loosened bra. Straightening back up, her perky breasts completely exposed to the entire group, she held her discarded undergarment out at arm's length. "Oh, Frank," she prodded. "You can fold this and put it with my top, if you don't mind."

"Oh, right," Frank mumbled, tearing his eyes away from Carole's naked chest, just long enough, to scurry off to do her latest bidding.

"It looks like Frank hasn't had any strange stuff in a quite while, either," she commented.

The rest of the guys, except for Lee, remained rooted in place. There were no hoots, hollers, or catcalls. The guys were too shocked to do anything but gawk at Carole's semi-nude body.

Looking from face to stunned face, Carole casually unbuttoned her tight jeans, pulled down the zipper, and wiggled her hips. Offhandedly pushing her denim jeans halfway down her shapely thighs, she suddenly stopped. "Come here, Frank," she demanded, reaching out a hand in his direction.

Rushing to her side, Frank took Carole's extended hand and steadied her. She quickly stripped her jeans the rest of the way down her legs, stepped out of them, and kicked them over to Frank. "You know what to do, dear," she said imperiously, looking smugly around the room while she waited for his return.

Frank ran over to hold Carole's hand, again, when he had finished his latest task. Unceremoniously, she slipped out of her white cotton panties and waved them under Frank's nose, awakening him from his latest stupor. Smiling serenely, she ordered, "On the coffee table with the rest of the clothes."

"Carole dyes her hair," Paul realized, as he goggled her neatly trimmed, dark-brown bush. "I thought she really was a natural blonde. I never suspected!"

Carole smiled condescendingly as she watched Frank carefully fold her panties, place them neatly on top of her pile of clothes, and scurry back to her side. "That's all the help I need for now," she told him sweetly. "You can go and stand in line behind Jack now, dear."

"I think we're about ready, hon," Carole called to her husband, without turning her head to look at him.

"Okay, babe!" he breathed, circling around his stark naked wife with the camcorder.

"She's standing here,, bare-assed naked in front of four other guys, and her husband is running around the room with a camera!" Paul wondered, as he watched the spectacle enfolding before him.

Smiling impudently into the camera lens, Carole performed a graceful pirouette and slowly lowered herself to the floor. Shamelessly stretching herself out, flat on her back, she called out, "Oh, Frank, be a dear and hand me the lube. It's right over there on the coffee table. Oh, and get me one of those big throw pillows from the sofa, too, while you're at it."

Serenely taking the items Frank had rushed to her side, Carole placed the pillow behind her head, raised her knees, and boldly spread her thighs wide apart. With Lee hovering above her with the camcorder, she casually squeezed some lube onto her fingertips. Winking directly into the camera's lens, she slowly worked the lube into the folds of her brazenly displayed pussy.

"Unbelievable!" Paul gaped. "I can't believe she's doing this right in front of us! I can't believe Lee is so into it!"

Smiling smugly up at the guys, Carole requested, "Please, Frank, be a dear and get me another one of those big throw pillows. I need to get a little more comfortable."

"Here you are," Frank wheezed, as he hurriedly offered her the second pillow.

"Thank you, Frank," Carole sweetly replied. "You're such a gentleman."

"Yeah! A gentleman who wants her sloppy seconds!" Paul thought.

"I don't want to get rug burns on my booty," Carole said matter-of-factly, as she raised her hips off the floor and carefully arranged herself on the second pillow.

"Now, we're ready, hon," Carole turned and smiled into her husband's camera lens. When no one moved, she called out, "Oh, Jack? Get up and come over here. You're up first, remember? And, Frank, you can form the line right behind him."

Hesitantly, a dazed expression on his face, Jack stood up and shuffled over to Carole. Like a man in a trance, he undid his belt, unbuttoned his pants, pulled down his zipper, fished out his dick, and sank down between her widely splayed legs. Frank, like a horny, little puppy dog, fell dutifully in line behind him.

Smiling knowingly into the camera, Carole stretched and casually laced her fingers together behind her head. Totally in control, she coolly watched Jack's shaky efforts to penetrate her with his hardened cock.

After several clumsy attempts, Jack, finally, gained entrance to Carole's brazenly offered gash. His first, tentative thrust served to break the spell holding the rest of the guys enthralled.

"Can you believe this?!" Ron exclaimed, as he and Paul quickly rose to their feet, their card game completely forgotten. "I can't believe I'm seeing this!"

"Unbelievable!" Paul agreed. "I never thought she'd go this far!"

"And look at Lee with the camera!" Ron continued. "He's really recording this! Instead of ..."

"Yeah, I know!" Paul acknowledged. "He's really getting off on this! Can you believe it?!"

As Jack humped away between Carole's widespread legs, she called out, "Hey, c'mon guys! Line up behind Frank. Ron's next. He's been engaged to that girl for so long, he might as well be married. Then, last but not least, Paul." Smiling mockingly up at Paul, she continued, "Sorry, dear, but you're the youngest and still unattached. And, anyway, you're getting more strange stuff than the rest of these guys combined!"

Ron blushed as he and Paul exchanged looks, but he shrugged and walked over to stand in line behind Frank.

"I don't believe this! I really don't believe this is happening!" Paul said to himself. But he, too, did as he was told. He got in line behind the other two guys, making sure he still had an unobstructed view of the action, of course.

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