tagExhibitionist & VoyeurShe Let Herself Go Thrice

She Let Herself Go Thrice


Adventure in the Night

The music that played at the Rainy Day Gourmet Restaurant was soft and melodious. Alissa sat next to her lover, a man that she'd been conversing with for more than ten months via the Internet and almost daily phone calls. Her hand rested on his leg. His arm was wrapped around her shoulder. They'd gotten lucky, seated at a booth in a corner that wasn't as brilliantly lit as the other tables. She was glad, this was her time and she didn't want to share it with anyone, but Quint, the man she was in love with.

She sipped her drink, a simple soda that was cooled by the small cubes of ice. She looked over to her lover, and friend and found herself remembering his touch from earlier. It was that touch that had ruined the dinner, he was going to make her and now she was enjoying her supper with him at a public place. She didn't mind, but she longed to return to his place.

"What are you thinking?" he asked.

She smiled and shrugged her shoulders. "I was thinking about us. I can't believe I'm here with you."

Quint touched her cheek and brought her lips to his. "Neither can I." He kissed her letting his tongue taste her soda, letting her taste his beer. She sighed into his mouth and enjoyed the thrill that rushed through her. When they parted, her eyes fluttered a little and her skin was growing more pink.

They pulled apart as their meal arrived and they each gave in to the famished feeling that they had been hiding from each other. They ate in silence until the initial hunger they had felt was eased. "Tell me more about you," he said.

"About me? You know everything," she answered back.

"I know, but it was all over a phone call. I want to watch you talk. I want to see the emotions cross over your face. I want to know what it looks like when you talk about your life."

She smiled and he grinned. "See, like that. I wouldn't have been able to see that smile if you'd been on the phone."

Another grin and another soft chuckle. "Well, you already know a lot about me, so I'm not sure what you want me to say."

Quint shrugged his shoulders. "What did your ex say when you told him you were coming?"

A sigh escaped her and she sipped her drink. "He didn't say much. It was because of us that we split up. I couldn't let myself fall in love any deeper and still be married to him. I wasn't in love with him any more."

"I know, but you were staying for the kids remember, why did you suddenly change your mind?"

"You know why."

"I want to hear it," he told her and took her hand in his, pulling her back to his side. He whispered in her ear, "Tell me again."

Alissa swallowed. "I love you. I will always be mom, but he's got to step up to the plate and help too. They miss him. He was gone all the time, doing things without them, without us . . . I wanted to be with you, even if it is only for the summer. I want more Quint, but I won't ask it of you."

"I want more too," he said and pushed his fingers into her hair, bringing her mouth to his once more. This time the kiss went uninterrupted as they explored each other. He eased his lips from hers and whispered quietly, "Remember another fantasy of yours?"

"I remember many," Alissa answered.

He chuckled. "Finish your supper and then we'll leave and act out another one."

Her eyes grew heavy with lust and desire. "Which one?" she asked, then quickly took a bite of her meal.

"You'll see," he answered back and set about finishing off his plate of goodies. When the server came it was with a polite smile, hoping to get a tip from the local boy and his date. Quint had come here often with dates in the past, fewer since he'd started "seeing" Alissa. She had never asked him to stop dating. She had told him, she was too old for him, lived too far away and if there came a time that another woman presented herself to him, he was to take it and not wait for her. She had chosen to be exclusive, not him. So the restaurant knew him and knew him well.

He left his tip and took Alissa's hand. Together they headed to the parking lot and when they reached the car, Quint pushed her against the side. "You know which fantasy now, don't you?" he growled into her ear.

"Quint, you can't be serious," Alissa gasped. Her sex was instantly wet and her nipples had hardened as soon as he pushed her against the cool metal.

The night air caressed them and she glanced around the parking lot. No one was there, or so it seemed. They were under a flickering light and she knew if anyone in the restaurant was sitting at the right angle and at the right table they'd see them. "Quint, come on. We can't do that one. I mean . . . "

He laughed in her ear and ran his hand up her torso, cupped her right breast and squeezed it tight. "Why? This is what you want, isn't it? How many times did we fantasy fuck with me taking you in public?"

His other hand played with his slacks and he freed his cock. "Tell me your not wet Alissa. Tell me your panties aren't soaked and your pulse isn't racing. He let go of her breast and kept her pressed into the car. He lifted her skirt and ran his hands over her ass. "I told you a few rules didn't I, about dressing?" He smoothed his palm over her panties and then pulled them down, letting them them tangle around her knees.

"Yes," she whimpered, and felt her slickness slide down her thighs. She bit her lip and saw her reflection in the glass.

"You want my cock?"

"Yes," she groaned and pushed back against the hand that was petting her ass.

"Tell me what rules and then tell me what you want," he growled.

"You said," she gasped, "no more shorts, pants, or button shirts." She swallowed and whimpered when she felt his cock slide toward her slick opening. "You said, no more bras, too. But you said I could wear them in public." She moaned and gritted her teeth, took a deep breath and whimpered, "Oh, fuck Quint, I want your cock," she told him.

He quickly aimed his cock at her pussy and drove into her. She was pushed harder against the car, her breasts pressed tight against the window. He pounded into her and she whimpered whenever he pulled out. "Yes, Quint," she hissed and bit her lip.

A sound of a car pulling into the parking lot brought a gasp to her lips and she felt him still for a moment and then he fucked her just as they drove by. "You're gonna come for me aren't you baby? Right here in the parking lot. I want you to come and shout my name when those people get out of their car."

She growled, a thrill rushed over her and she felt her pussy throbbing. Harder he pushed, pumping in and out, letting the head of his cock rub her sex. Quint's hands came up to cup both her breasts. He urged her own with his words and then when he heard the car doors open he smirked. His fingers grabbed her nipples through the material of her shirt.

His cock felt so good in her pussy and when she heard the people beginning to leave their car, her sex started to grip his shaft with more strength.

"That's right, squeeze my cock. Come on my little slut, you like it. You want to come for me and for them. Hold on baby, almost there. I want them to hear you. I want them to see my whore come for me."

His words only added to her excitement. The demeaning names weren't upsetting at all, they only added to her excitement. She shivered, waiting for him to tell her when it was time to come. She felt his fingers tighten on her nipples and she whimpered, "Quint, oh god baby, please. . ." she clenched her fist and bit her lower lip.

"Yes, baby, they're so close. So are you. I can feel it, smell it," he whispered and bit her neck. When the man and woman were just a few feet from the car he'd borrowed from a friend, he ordered her to come all over his cock and to scream it for all to hear.

"Ohhhh . . . oh fuck yes!" she shouted. "Quint! Oh God baby. . .I'm coming!" she screamed.

Quint shot his seeds into her. His eyes locked with those of the woman that was walking by. He held her gaze for a while and then watched as the man took in the site of his cock buried into Alissa's pussy. He smirked when the man forced the woman to turn away, the smirk wasn't from the loss of their audience, but the thrill of seeing the man's hand travel to his crotch and fix his package.

Alissa had glanced at the couple, but her climax had forced her to close her eyes. She relished in the feeling of his slamming into her and the heat of his seed had forced another series of climaxes to assail her. "Quint," she gasped and pressed back against him.

"Shh, baby, it's okay. We should go though." He pulled his cock from her and eased her skirt down. "Step out of your panties."

She did as he asked and turned around, leaned on the car and watched him pick her panties up. "No more of these either." He stared at her and walked away. She started to protest, but said nothing, instead she watched him place the panties on the antenna of the couples' car. She blushed and giggled. Quint made her feel young again and for that she was thankful, but sometimes she wondered if her fantasies were too much.

He walked back to her and took her hand. "I hate that bra, get in the car and take it off."

She sighed and chuckled. "You've pretty much disposed of my entire wardrobe."

He said nothing, just waited, knowing she had more to say.

"You've said no shorts, pants, bras and now," she nodded to her panties, "no underwear. What's left to wear?" she asked him.

"Well, you know the rules that's obvious. Let's head home. We'll talk on the way there."

He walked her to the other side of the car and swatted her ass when she moved to get in. When he got behind the wheel, he grabbed her leg and pulled it so she was spread open. He started the car and pulled from the parking lot. When he was comfortably driving, his hand returned to her leg. He eased his fingers up and found her come-filled pussy.

"Tell me the rules baby," he said and then teased her sex.

"No bras at home. No panties ever, as well as shorts and pants." Her fingers moved down to share in the pleasure of touching herself.

"And?" he said, pushing deeper and finding the fleshy spot hidden in her pussy that made her shiver violently. He stroked it several times and waited.

She swallowed and answered, "No more button shirts."

"Right. Tomorrow, baby. . .we're going to start the other rules."

She moaned and felt her sex tighten around his finger. "Quint, please."

He chuckled. "Tomorrow morning baby, it better be Sir that leaves your lips." He left her hole and pulled into the driveway, parked his car and then dragged her to him. He kissed her hard and filled her pussy with his fingers again. He drove into her, pushing his digits in and out, until she was screaming his name and covering his palm with her liquid heat.

"Tomorrow Quint," she gasped.

"Yes, baby, tomorrow you're my slut."

She shivered as a soft climax rolled over her. "Yes, my love." Their lips merged and it was several minutes before he led her back into the house and several hours before they succumbed to sleep.

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