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She Seduces Me


(Just started this one. Hope this one gets the reader ready for the next one in the series.)


1. Introduction:

My wife and I had been together in matrimony for only three years when our new neighbors moved in next door. We mostly kept to ourselves as we considered ourselves too vanilla for most of the couples who considered us friendly. They indulged themselves in the behaviors reserved for hardcore pornography and erotic stories. We preferred the traditional ways just because we both considered ourselves conservatives and it stuck we thought for a while, until the new neighbors showed us otherwise.

It was a few nights after they moved in when we had our first exposure of things to come. My wife stood at the window in her nightgown looking out with interest. As I lay down wearing little else but my pajama bottoms, I watched as she slowly raised her hand from her side to where her nipple on her right side would be if it were not covered by the flowery fabric. She began to breathe a little harder as she walked over to me, her nightgown being raised by her while she looked at me with longing, with emotional disregard. She crawled onto the bed, her small pert breasts peeking out from under the jumbled fabric as she kissed me deeply and tenderly.

The kiss caught me by surprise as her nightgown finishes it's ascent over her head and onto the floor, her body only covered by the fabric of her hi cuts. My hands were on her breasts more aggressively now, my fingers pinching her nipples as she moaned loudly. Her hands began roaming my body as I concentrated on her until my pajama bottoms were bunched under my now hardened pipe. I watched how she licked her lips and slowly slid her head down until I felt her hot breath buffeting the sensitive spot on the head. It was something out of those forbidden movies as her lips slowly slipped over the head as her tongue began slowly touching the tip. It felt like a wave breaking on the shore as a moan slipped out from deep inside my consciousness.

Her eyes blazed open and she smiled on the edges as she slowly took in another inch. I could feel myself slipping more into her control as her panty clad bottom sat right in front of my field of vision, her blazing green eyes daring me to submit to the animalistic urges attempting their escape from within my own prison. She was definitely in control by then. Every swallow seemed to draw her down another inch. Every inch drew another moan from the deep recesses of my throat. Every moan encouraged her to push her envelope farther as it was soon that my dick was totally engulfed by her pretty lips, her eyes dancing as if she won some special award for her performance.

My fingers trembled as I edged my fingertips under the fabric of her panties to touch the warm wetness underneath. This seems like such a simple act to the casual observer, a typical reaction when a hot woman is inhaling your member into her throat. Yet this was the first time my member had invaded her mouth and the first time my fingers had touched her privacy in this manner. Like virgins on prom night, this was a night of exploration, of discovery. I rubbed the engorged lips of her labia through her panties as her mouth massaged my tool. I shortly felt as if my tool would surrender it's payload into her mouth. I started to mention it although parts of me didn't want to relinquish the hold her mouth had on me at that moment.

Her senses were in tune. As she began to pull with her lips one last time, she grasped the base firmly to subside the impending orgasm for the moment. Her lips left my member covered with her saliva, her hands now slowly pulling off her panties in front of me. As she bent forward, she placed her waist within my range, bending over so her chest touched the bed. She spread her legs apart so that I received her subtle gesture where to deposit my tool for her pleasure. From this position, her region was tighter than our wedding night. The general novelty of what we were doing combined with her change of attitude made it hard to control my excitement. I could actually feel her body squeezing y package as I stroked. Her moans were loud. Her body shuddered. It wasn't long until I erupted inside of her. As I allowed my limp noodle to fall out of her, she turned and kissed me deeply on the lips. She was in a swoon, a trance so to speak as she lay down with me next to her, our bodies snuggling close together as we both fell into a peaceful sleep without a stitch covering us.

2. Intoxication:

The next day, I awoke to her snuggled against me still, her body still devoid of clothing. Although the previous night's experiences were very pleasing and pleasurable, I was unsure how it happened. Honestly, I wasn't sure if it happened really. I was even more concerned when my bride awakened and looked at me, my member already partially hardened at the sight of her sculpted body. She looked at me as if she was recovering from a dream. She asked me what happened.

As generically as I could without the vulgar language, I told everything. She seemed shocked when I told her about the oral treatment she hosted on me as well as the new positioning. It was then she dropped the bombshell. It turned out that she saw a male form in the next yard over on the diving board and subsequently in the pool devoid of clothing. Just the erotic sight of a man so confident in his masculinity with a talent as large as she could tell began to bring into her mind the different romance novels she was a huge fan of. It was what brought on the experimentation. She talked abut as she was performing the act on me, she was remembering all the scenes she read and how they turned her on so much.

Instead of being any real emotion, I sat there in shock until the alarm went off announcing that I had to get showered, dressed and driving to work. As I ran out the door, I kissed my wife more deeply than ever, expecting the chance to repeat the previous night's activities. The whole workday was a blur as I snuck online to check out the literature websites in an effort to surprise her with my own research.

I stopped by the local flower shop on the way home to pick up some flowers as an effort to ease into a repeat performance. My hopes for a quick matinee were dashed when I witnessed a beautiful woman on my couch as I entered the house. This exquisite creature had porcelain white creamy skin and shoulder length blond hair. Her sun dress was rather conservative in nature as her chest was well covered by the squared off collar. Her hands were dainty, almost doll like and she sat there quietly when she saw me enter. My wife then entered wearing a sundress of her own, albeit showing a slight amount of cleavage that didn't escape my notice. Her hands carried in our tea set that had only been used maybe six to ten times prior to this day. She saw the flowers and set the set down to allow her the chance to walk over and plant an innocent kiss on my cheek in response.

It was then she introduced our new neighbor. Her name was Suzanne. It turns out that her husband works at the local health club as its' manager as well as a fitness trainer. Even though Suzanne was slender in appearance, it was hard to discern her figure in the dress she wore. As we talked about the sleepy suburb we lived in, I couldn't help but get slightly impatient for a chance to try my new moves on my bride. I could sense her anticipation as well as her legs kept fidgeting slightly as Suzanne talked. An hour later, Suzanne excused herself in order to cook her man his supper. As my wife escorted her to the door, I suddenly realized that there may be a possibility that my wife would be hesitant to repeat her previous ministrations.

This was quickly disproven when my wife walked back into the room, her sundress removed wearing another pair of high cuts. I stood up and rushed to her, my lips attacking hers with reckless abandon. It wasn't long until I felt her hands rubbing the stiffness under my slacks into attention. As she knelt down, I pushed her against the chair so she sat, her legs in the air making it easier to remove her panties. I felt the moistness of her as I threw them in the corner. It was then I began to move my head towards her privacy. I witnessed her blooming flower as I began to lick it slowly as the materials I read earlier warned me to. Her hands instantly went to my head pushing me into her. This allowed my tongue to burrow further inside her which caused her to moan loudly.

She began to shake as I kept licking, tasting her juices for the first time. It was then she asked me to fuck her. She had never used that sort of language before, but I was in no mood to enforce our old style prudish dialect. I knelt up and pushed her legs against her slightly, my steel rod sliding into her easier than ever. Her legs began to enclose around me as I pushed forward, almost impaling her against the chair with each thrust. Her eyes were more feline by this moment, her mouth in a mean scowl daring me to pound her harder, make her cum so to speak.

It wasn't long until I began to feel myself ready to surrender again. However, she used her legs to push me up as her lips made contact with my cock. This shocked me so much that I began to shoot inside her mouth initially. She then took it out and it began to shoot on her breasts and neck while she smiled at me. Here she was, my prudish wife slowly turning into a wannabe porn star with what we tried. It wouldn't be long until we find out how close our neighbors would be.

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