tagLoving WivesShe Seduces Me Pt. 02

She Seduces Me Pt. 02


3. Initial Temptation:

It wasn't long until our new neighbors invited us and the rest of the neighborhood over to their place for a barbecue. My wife decided to cocoon herself in a flowery sundress, sans a bra. My choice of attire was a white muscle shirt and a pair of cargo shorts. As we walked over to the house, my wife began pinching my rear a little more aggressively then she ever did, possibly because she would get a closer look at the Adonis who sparked her desires and improved the sex life we have started participating in.

Suzanne's graceful form met us at the door wearing a really tiny bikini. I call it a bikini because it covered her private parts, yet to the naked eye it was little more than three triangles connected by yellow bright dental floss. As we looked a little sheepish, Suzanne apologized, saying that she forgot to mention that swimsuits would be appropriate wear. We chose to enter anyway. As Suzanne turned back towards the rear of the house, her rear was showing in its full glory, a creamy looking full bodied badonkadonk. With my latent desires for the human female body reawakened by my betrothed earlier in the week, this immediately sent a jolt down to my package which caused it to rise to Viagra induced style hardness, not that I have had to even think about using it lately.

Her husband was then introduced to us. His name was Tony although based on his skin tone, I would dare say it was actually more like Antonio. His skin was a darker bronze color. His hair was blacker than the charcoal he had by the grill. I saw as my wife got a good eyeful of him due to his very skimpy black speedo. Her eyes were glued to his rump like they were tractor beams from a science fiction movie. As we grabbed a cold beverage to slip, I started looking around at the neighbors that we usually didn't socialize with. They were in various states of casual dress with some of them wearing different styles of bathing attire. There were some that drew my attention due more out of curiosity than out of looking. All in all, it wasn't the best party because of my inability to be casual as much as I was able.

As we started to leave, I saw Suzanne and my wife giggling in the corner like two schoolgirls who were sharing a private joke. Watching Suzanne laugh was a treat for me because her nipples were already tenting the fabric of her suit and she jiggled slightly as she laughed. I was beginning to have some improper thoughts about this woman, partially because of the sights I had seen of her by then. It was then I felt a hard smack on my back.

I turned and saw Tony and instantly felt caught. He smiled and said that he warned Suzanne not to wear that suit because it would attract the wrong attention. It was then I noticed that he had a towel tied around his waist creating a skirt look on him. He must have just swam or was in the pool for some reason. As we started talking, he was telling me about how his fitness training job was going and how he was hoping to get a good crowd there for the party. It was then he dropped a bomb.

It was a simple phrase really. He basically told me that he was having a different party in a few nights and warning me that it might get a little loud. He called it a "clothing optional" party and asked if I and the missus would attend. I bit my lip pondering it for a moment, knowing full well that the idea of me being nude in front of strangers would be scary, more frightening than anything. It was then he told me it would be a private party with just he, Suzanne and us. I told him I would think about it and let him know, knowing in my heart that either my wife would freak, or maybe she would jump at the chance to see her bronze deity nude, but closer.

It was then I smiled and excused myself as my wife by this time was already looking at me like we had to get home right then.

It was a very quiet walk home. I wasn't sure if part of it was Suzanne asking my wife the same thing Tony asked me or what. As we headed closer to the front door, I looked over to find my wife casually touching her chest like that night. We entered the house and it was approximately ten seconds before my wife's sundress was bunched on the floor as my hands were on her, kissing her ravenously as I pushed her against the wall. My hand was already rubbing against her panties as her leg was raised to bring her closer. I could feel her pant as my hand began sliding the fabric to the side to get a better feel of what she was offering. Her vaginal lips were puffy with desire and my hand felt moist against her. I pressed in slightly and felt my fingers enter her. She began to gyrate on my finger as she reached and pulled me back to her lips, moaning into my mouth as I slid in a second finger to make it feel twice as good. This stretching of her area felt so good against my fingers and made her moan louder into my mouth.

It wasn't long with this treatment until we had to move into the bedroom to continue. As I neared the bed, stripping as I went, her hand immediately took my tool into her hand and began to stroke forcefully. Her mouth soon followed causing me to let out a moan. I caught myself slowly running my fingers through her hair, almost subconsciously thrusting my hips slowly as she started blowing me. I watched her eyes go from a look of shock from the initial thrusting to a look of seduction as she allowed me to indulge this curiosity. My dick started sliding in and out of her mouth as I saw her fingers begin to frig herself. I started to feel as if soon her mouth would be filled with my seed. As I attempted to pull out of her mouth, she took her hand to hold me in place as she started swallowing even harder. It was too late for me to stop her as I shot my ejaculate into her open throat. She kept sucking on my member until I was drained.

I was quite shocked at this development because i never thought about a woman swallowing my seed before. I didn't have any experience with "blow jobs" before my wife and the thought of it growing up was that sluts and whores were the only ones who would. My mind began to wonder as I fell to the bed if my wife, little miss innocent was in reality a slut or a whore. This thought was quickly ignored as the sight of her labia appeared in my field of vision.

I instinctively pulled her bottom down so my tongue could lick her honey goodness as my hands reached up and grabbed her breasts. I accidently pinched one of her nipples as I caressed her. Instead of it killing the mood, I felt her labia contract a bit, a moan penetrating the air as she was enjoying this attention. It was then she took her hands and pulled me closer to her, a slight gyration starting as my tongue dug deeply inside her. I was then struck by inspiration as I kept my tongue as solid as possible and started probing more like my penis would inside of her. She was enjoying this more as she kept gyrating, her moisture gathering on my tongue as she did. It wasn't long until I felt her tense up, her hand releasing my hair as she slid off of me.

As we sat there holding, I began to tell her about Tony's conversation . As the words crossed my lips, I could see the caution in her eyes. She told me she would be scared to, for now. It was at that point that it became my goal to eventually take him up on that offer, but how to butter my wife up to...That would take some thought.

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