tagNonConsent/ReluctanceShe Took a Vow to Obey

She Took a Vow to Obey


She Took a Vow to Obey: A Victorian Tale about a Visit to the Doctor

*Historical Note

-The Victorians were generally a people of rigid morals. Some women did not even remove all of their clothing for a private bath, so you can imagine what it would have been like for a shy, proper woman to be asked to strip naked in front of strangers.

- The vibrator was invented in 1870 for use by doctors to cure "hysteria" which most admitted was a case of sexual frustration. Prior to the vibrator, doctors used "pelvic massage" to induce orgasm in their female patients.


Mr. Smyth sat next to his shy wife in the examination room, patting her hand gently, hoping to offer her some comfort in her agitated state. With eyes downcast, Mrs. Smyth once again appealed to her husband, asking to leave.

"Anna, dear," he replied, "I know that what I am asking of you is exceedingly difficult, but I must think of our marriage first. We must discover why you do not enjoy our intimate life together. It is already 1870; we have been married for a year now. I fear for our future, and," he gruffly cleared his throat as his voice grew firmer, "you have taken vows to obey me."

This lovely, young woman was raised in a household where modesty was prized beyond all things. As the daughter of a wealthy landowner, she was expected to marry well; therefore, her virginity was carefully guarded. She knew nothing of marital relations until a few weeks before her wedding. She did not mind her husband's advances; he was so kind and gentle. She just did not seem to enjoy herself.

Anna was still gazing at her shoes when the doctor walked in. The handsome older gentlemen, with salt-and-pepper hair, bowed to Mrs. Smyth, and shook hands with Mr. Smyth, who rose to his feet. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Mr. and Mrs. Smyth," the doctor began. "I am Dr. Troys. Mr. Smyth, I have read the letter in which you described your situation. I would like you to know that this is not an uncommon problem, and that I have much experience in this area. Using the details in your letter and my expertise in these matters, I have taken the liberty of forming a plan for the examination, diagnoses, and treatment of Mrs. Smyth."

"We have knowledge of your excellent reputation, doctor, and appreciate any help that you might extend," Mr. Smyth replied. "I assure you that we will heed any advice that you have to impart."

"Very well, let us begin then." The doctor turned to the door of the small examination room. "I will send Nurse O'Malley in to add coal to the stove so that Mrs. Smyth can be warm and comfortable. The nurse will also help Mrs. Smyth to undress." Turning his attention, he said, "Mrs. Smyth, I must ask you to go behind the screen and remove all of your clothing. When I return with my two assistants, you must lie upon the examination table."

"Yes," said Mrs. Smyth finding her voice for the first time. "I brought along my dressing gown so that I can..."

"Mrs. Smyth," the doctor interrupted gently, anticipating her words. " I truly feel for your delicate sensibilities; however, it is necessary for you to be completely unclothed for the entire procedure. I find that it is easier for the woman to simply appear thus, rather than to prolong the agonizing process of slowly undressing before us men. Please understand that I will be completely honest and rather blunt with you. This is the only way to prevent miscommunication and to avoid delays in a process that will be difficult for you."

Turning the knob, the doctor walked out. Casting a woeful look upon her husband, the obedient wife rose and slipped behind the screen. Nurse O'Malley stepped briskly into the room with the coal.

"Good day, Mr. Smyth," said the young, good-natured nurse, "I've been sent to tend the stove and to assist Mrs. Smyth." Quickly and efficiently, she fed the hungry stove and then joined Mrs. Smyth behind the screen. Just as efficiently, the nurse assisted the timid lady out of her corset, carefully hung the fashionable gown, and offered a case for her jewels. The cheerful Irish lilt in the nurse's voice did lift Mrs. Smyth's spirits a bit.

"There you go, Mrs. Smyth." Stepping from behind the screen, the nurse lit a lamp directly above the examination table, and extinguished all of the others. "The Doctor has observed that the patient is more comfortable with subdued lighting," she explained. "I shall be off now. Best of luck to you both," and with that, the nurse breezed out of the room.

Mrs. Smyth finished undressing, and hesitated at the edge of the screen. Horrified eyes turned to her husband.

"Please, Walter, you really cannot mean for me to appear naked in front of three gentlemen. If you take me home, I promise to try harder," she pleaded, arms clutching her nude form.

"My dear, Anna," came her husband's gentle reply from his seat across the room. "If there were any other way, but we have tried to no avail. Do this for me. I know that you love me and that you want me to be happy. I cannot be happy and satisfied unless I know that you are also."

Mrs. Smyth reflected briefly upon his words. It was true. She was madly in love with her gorgeous husband and desperately wanted to please him. She knew that he wanted her to be brave and stoic, and she would try.

Just then, the three men in long, white laboratory coats entered the room. To her dismay, the two assistants were young men in their twenties, each cutting a handsome figure and one sporting a clipboard. The assistants stepped up to Mr. Smyth, shaking hands and introducing themselves, while Doctor Troys explained that these young men were his apprentices who would help with the procedure, and take notes on Mrs. Smyth's reactions to the various treatments.

"Well then, let us begin," said Dr. Troys, looking at the empty examination table and then at the screen. "Is Mrs. Smyth ready?"

"Yes, doctor." replied Mr. Smyth firmly. "She is coming out presently."

And with that, Anna stepped out from behind the screen, disbelieving that this was actually happening. Her arms were attempting to conceal as much of her as possible from the eyes of the three men that were strangers to her.

"Now, Mrs. Smyth," continued the doctor. "I know that this is difficult for you, but we will all be viewing your unclothed body for quite some time today. You may as well drop your arms and get the initial shock of the idea over with."

Glancing at her husband who nodded slightly and gave her a small smile meant to impart courage, she placed her arms to her sides revealing all of herself, or least what she thought was all of herself at the time.

"Very good, now please take your place on the examination table," said the doctor turning to his assistants. "We shall ready the instruments for the examination."

Anna walked to the table with as much dignity as she could muster, and with assistance from her husband, sat upon the table. She brought her legs up and over, careful not to allow them to part and display what lie between. After settling in and taking a deep breath, she looked about and realized that the only illumination in the room was upon her naked body! She was the sole focus of the room; the place where the eyes were immediately drawn. She also saw that the doctors were placing strange looking instruments on a tray. She shuddered to think of what they would be used for.

"Mrs. Smyth." started one of the assistants, hand reaching for the doorknob. "Are you cold? I shall fetch the nurse back to place more coal on the fire."

"No," said Anna, a little too sharply. For she had just realized that with the way the examination table was angled toward the door, anyone who happened to walk past might be able to see her lying naked on the table. "I am fine." she concluded tersely.

All this while, poor Anna was lying in the nude, stiffly and nervously, on the narrow table. The upper part of the table was angled so that her head and curvaceous torso were slightly raised; her slim legs were straight out before her. She kept her legs pressed tightly together, and her arms at her sides as commanded. She stared at the ceiling trying to forget about the fact that she was naked in front of three men, four including her dear husband, who was patting her hand soothingly. Finally, the doctor proclaimed that all was ready and asked his assistants to begin taking notes as he examined the patient. The dreaded moment had come at last when all three men turned their eyes upon her. Her own eyes began to form tears that she bravely held back. Not for the first time that day, she blushed deeply as the three men scanned her body from head to toe. They noted the color of her complexion and measured her pulse. Dr. Troys then stated that he would begin a complete examination of her breasts, explaining to Mr. Smyth the importance of the breasts as a sexual organ. First, the doctors noted the size and shape of her breasts, and the color and shape of her nipples.

"Our first test will determine how long her nipples must be stimulated before they become erect." One of the men, referred to as Apprentice Bradley, was instructed to as lightly as possible rub the nipples with the flat of his hand. The other assistant was instructed to continue to measure her pulse, looking for an increase that might mark her entrance into sexual excitement. While Bradley fulfilled his duty, Anna stared at the ceiling intently and choked back her tears. His hands swirled about her nipples and eventually his cool fingertips stroked them, sometimes adding a gentle pull, causing her to shiver.

"Ahh, that is a good sign." said Dr. Troys. "She is beginning to tremble, which means that her body is responding to the treatment."

"Her pulse has a slight increase, doctor," reported the assistant.

"Even better," replied the doctor, "Bradley, please move to the next phase."

Before Anna had a chance to recover from the embarrassment of her body responding to the ministrations of a stranger in front of her husband, the young doctor began to gently knead both of her breasts in his hands. She gasped, her eyes widening.

"Mrs. Smyth," explained the doctor. " In order to properly measure your responses to the stimuli, we will not be able to warn you of what we will be doing. Rest assured that all of this has been pre-approved by your husband."

Anna looked at her husband in surprise. She had no idea that her Walter had prior knowledge of this process, and reasoned to her great horror, that if he did not tell her, it was because there was no way that she would have agreed to this. She could only imagine what humiliations lie before her.

Meanwhile, the young apprentice ceased kneading her breasts and all three gentlemen stepped back for a long look. The assistant stood pen-in-hand, ready to take notes.

"The nipples are pleasantly pink and quite erect," stated the doctor. "Mr. Smyth, please observe the light rash that has spread upon her upper chest. This is also a sign that she is becoming aroused." Mr. Smyth nodded in appreciation, while the next phase was readied. Apprentice Bradley appeared with a piece of ice with which he softly and slowly circled Ann's already erect nipples. Anna moaned slightly and then embarrassed, quickly caught herself. The tears welled again.

"Please do not be ashamed, Mrs. Smyth," countered Doctor Troys. "Your reactions are natural and are the very reason that we are here today. In fact, you should know that all four of us men have full erections. This is the natural result of being in the presence of a beautiful, naked woman. One cannot counteract our natural biology nor should we try."

More notes were taken regarding the extreme stiffness of her nipples. Anna found this to be a bit painful until the two young apprentices, using their warm mouths, began gently sucking them, flicking their wet tongues over the sensitive surface. Although this attention relieved the discomfort, she was appalled at what was happening. She was sure that there was some mistake, and that it was not possible that her husband would sanction such a thing. However, a quick glance informed her that he did not mind at all. In fact, he had that all- too-familiar look of hunger upon his countenance. She knew that it would be useless to protest. Finally, the men stepped back and observed their handiwork.

The elder doctor instructed his apprentices to continue to the next stage of the examination. They lightly raked their hands up and down her entire body, squeezing and fondling as they went. They asked her to roll over so that they could do the same to her backside. As the young, smooth hands caressed her body and fondled her, she shivered with excitement and extreme embarrassment. Her breath quickened into a light panting, which she could not stop. She was too mortified to meet the eyes of her devoted husband sitting on the chair next to her.

"Mr. Smyth," Dr. Troys began. "As you can see, the techniques that we have been using are extremely effective with your wife. It can take awhile for a woman to get to this state, so one must be patient. She is now exhibiting all the signs of arousal. Her pulse is rapid, her nipples erect, she is panting and even a moan or two can be detected. As Anna was being directed to roll back over, she kept her legs tightly closed as Dr. Troys continued. "In addition, I am sure that when we spread her legs open, we shall see the tell-tale signs of moisture within."

Anna gasped loudly, and bolted upright. "NO!" she shouted. "I will not do that." Turning her head to appeal to her husband she said, "Darling, you cannot possibly expect me to bare my most private self to these men."

"Dear." He replied softly, "We have an agreement. You know that I would not ask you to do this thing unless I felt that it was necessary." Then choking back his own tears, he quietly added, "We are prepared to restrain you if necessary."

Anna's eyes widened and her mouth gaped. She could not believe what she just heard. Falling back to resume her reclined position on the table, Anna once again stared at the ceiling trying to resign herself to this new idea. Meanwhile, one young apprentice resumed fondling her breasts while the other pulled narrow shelves out of each side of the lower part of the table, creating wing-like surfaces.

"Mrs. Smyth, we now need you to place your feet on these shelves," instructed the elder doctor. All three of the men stepped to the end of the table facing her.

Anna knew that obeying would mean that her legs would open, displaying her moist pussy to the three men. Holding her breath, she slipped each foot onto a shelf, which forced her to bend her legs. Her knees were now aimed toward the ceiling. She kept her knees tightly together. "That is a good first step, Mrs. Smyth." Doctor Troys praised, "Now, you need to move your knees apart and spread your legs wide before us."

Anna shuddered, and with a defeated stammer said, "I just cannot do that."

With that response, the three men began to move quickly as if practiced. Before she knew it, her wrists were tied down with soft ribbons to the sides of the table.

"Please prepare yourself, Mrs. Smyth," she heard someone say. Hands were on her knees pulling them apart. Ankles were secured, and knees were anchored in an upright position spread apart as far as they could comfortably go. Anna felt the coolness of the air on her pussy. The tears finally fell as she imagined what a display she must make for the three men at the foot of the table who were staring between her thighs intently. Her husband, taking out his handkerchief dried her tears, and whispered words of comfort, concern all over his countenance.

"Well, Mr. Smyth, despite her reluctance, I see that there is moisture glistening in between the lips of her labia," the doctor reported. "That is a very good sign, indeed."

The men then began the initial examination of her most private regions. Looking down through her parted knees, she saw the tops of three heads bent down for close examination.

"We will determine which areas here are the most sensitive. We can then deliver a full program for you to use towards success in the bedroom. Bradley, let us try to make Mrs. Smyth wetter before proceeding."

Although, Anna knew that she should have anticipated it, the humiliation she was forced to endure shocked her. To experience these erotic treatments was more than she could bear. Would these men actually be allowed to touch the wet folds between her legs?

As an answer, the young apprentice brushed his nimble fingers against the delicate skin of her inner thighs and then teased her outer lips. Despite herself, Anna could not remain in complete control. She moved her body slightly down the table.

"I believe that she is quite wet now, doctor," informed Bradley. After the doctor confirmed this to be true, the apprentice began to work on her opening. He gradually increased the pressure and depth of his touch, while the other apprentice continued to monitor her pulse and take notes. At this point, Anna realized that there was nothing that would be off limits to these men. They could look at and touch any part of her nakedness, and, strapped down as she was, she could do nothing about it.

Bradley inserted his finger deeply inside Anna and attempted to excite her with smooth motions. When that did not elicit a response, he picked up one of the instruments from the tray. It was a soft tubular shaped device with a rounded end. Her body stiffened at the thought of where it would go. It seemed so large.

"The idea is to relax your muscles to allow this to enter smoothly," the doctor explained to her. Since you are not a virgin, you should not experience pain."

The instrument was covered with petroleum jelly and inserted slowly into her. It was rather large for her petite body, but with steady, gentle pressure it finally made its way past reluctant muscles. Once again, Bradley applied his smooth motions, in and out, in and out, but with the same result. Doctor Troys stopped the test.

"It appears that vaginal stimulation has little effect on Mrs. Smyth. I suspected such. Just to be certain; however, we will try one last test," said the doctor as he picked up another instrument from the tray. Its shape was similar to the last one; however, it was larger and attached to a cord.

"This is relatively new invention that we use only in extraordinary circumstances," explained the Doctor as he covered it the instrument with jelly. Mrs. Smyth's mind raced at the thought of what function the cord served, while the device was slowly inserted inside her, and she felt herself stretched wide.

Once again she was warned to "prepare herself" when she heard a click. She felt a vibrating movement inside her. The bizarre instrument made a buzzing sound that filled the room. She could not help thinking that the sound could be heard outside the door, and that others might know what was happening to her. The instrument was rhythmically moved in and out of her.

"Ahh, as I suspected. Mr. Smyth, please join me at the end of the table," requested the doctor.

Mr. Smyth obeyed and was treated to the beautiful view of his naked wife with her legs spread open before all of them. It was a view that Anna had never even given him in private. He enjoyed seeing her beautiful, moist folds and was secretly delighted that he could gaze at them as much as he wanted, since she was not in a position to cover herself as she normally would have done.

"Watch as I move this in and out of her. No doubt she is trying to hide it, but she is almost imperceptibly moving her hips in a downward motion." She is using the vibrator to stimulate a different part of her, a part that we will test and closely observe for the remainder of our time."

Anna was sure that she had hidden the fact that the vibrator aroused her. She was determined not to allow her body to betray her again.

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