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She Tried Some On The Side


Lee and I settled back into our lives after our Labor Day weekend adventures. I had promised that I would arrange another session for her with Carey, a student in my massage class.

But I was distracted, I had paperwork, scores to do, and my own massage practice to attend to.

By the following Friday morning, I was all caught up. I arrived at the school for my morning classes, got through them, then as I looked at my afternoon schedule I noticed the signup sheet only had one name on it.

That was very rare, usually I had at least 5 or 6 students, but this class was mostly textbook, lecture and discussion. I wasn't looking forward to it, Tom, a nice young man was the only student scheduled. Carey, my prize student, the one my female students seemed to gravitate to, and several female students, were all missing.

Just as I was preparing to open the class, my Super handed me a note, Tom had called and signed out!

"Just great!" I thought, all done for the day.

I closed up, got in my car and headed home, planning on some seat time in front of the TV and a nice cold one.

As I pulled up the long driveway to my house, I noticed a car I didn't recognize parked over by the garage.

I started up the outside stairs to the house, when it hit me!

A short description of my house is in order here. It is an Alaskan style Chalet, the center of the house upstairs is the master bedroom, the living room is open beam, with inside steps. The other end of the bedroom opens onto a landing, I call that my sun room, it has roof mounted skylights, to let the sun in, I grow all sorts of plants in there, and it doubles as my massage room, with a small enclosed office off to the side.

The house is well built, and quiet, with thick carpeting throughout, one can jump up and down upstairs, and not hear it downstairs.

I went around to the back side of the house, slipped in, and went upstairs, through the bedroom. I opened the sliding glass doors out onto the balcony that overlooked my massage room, and got a shock!

Here was my wife, Lee, laying on her stomach on my table. Carey was working on her lower legs, and Tom, my other missing student, was working on her shoulders and back.

She had a terrycloth towel draped over her bottom, that was it, it was obvious to me she was nude under that. My first instinct was to say something, but then I stopped. I realized they couldn't see me through the railing, unless they looked right at me. The way the sun was shining through the skylights made that unlikely even then.

Feeling slightly guilty about spying, I nonetheless stretched out on the soft carpet, peering through the slats in the balcony railing.

Tom and Carey both wore the outfits they usually wore in my classes, shorts, with a loose t-shirt. I waited to see where this would lead.

I noticed as Carey worked on Lee's legs, he got higher and higher, until I was sure he was bumping up against her. Well, he had been there before, so Lee wouldn't resist that much, my surprise was Tom. Lee adjusted her legs open a bit, that is a go-ahead signal in this business, then Tom and Carey switched places. Tom started working on Lee's legs, as Carey swept her back and shoulders. Then Tom leaned down, and looked up the drape. I knew he was peeking at Lee's pussy, her legs were open about six inches at the knees, and the drape was just to the bottom of her cheeks.

Then Tom started on Lee's glutes, pushing the drape up and aside as he did so. He slid his right hand up her left thigh, then across, I knew he had his hand right on her. I expected her to protest, but she just moaned and pushed back, I saw Tom's fingers disappear into her! He grasped her hips, and pulled her down the table, she made no effort to resist. He slipped his shorts down, and stepped out of them, revealing his rock hard dick, about the same size as me, sticking almost straight up. He entered her, and began to stroke, all the while Carey kept up the same stroking motions, now letting his oily hands slip down and sweep up the sides of her breasts.

Tom stroked for quite awhile, until Lee shuddered and came, then he paused, and withdrew, still hard as a rock. I glanced up, Lee had Carey's penis in her mouth, I had missed that happening.

Then Carey slipped onto the table, turning Lee on her side. I thought for a second that I was caught, but she didn't notice me, intent on what was happening.

Carey got into the bottom position, slid into my wife and began to impale her with her on top, pounding down to meet his thrusts.

Then Tom got up onto the table, I remember thinking oddly that it was a good thing I had invested in the solid Oak model! Then Tom spread Lee's cheeks, and rubbed some lotion into the crack of her ass.

I was now almost in shock, in all our marriage, I had never invaded her there. Tom placed himself at her other opening, and pushed gently. She groaned, then he pushed more. All of a sudden, he was in, I lay there and watched as they worked out a rhythm, both imbedded all the way at the same time! I swear, it seemed to go on and on for hours, but really, it was just a few minutes. Lee was grunting and moaning, as she thrust back against Tom, then forwards against Carey. Finally they were done.

I watched them clean up, Lee slipped on a pullover dress, then grabbed the drapes and oils, and put everything away. I went back outside, around the house, and came in the other way into the living room. Lee looked at me with a bit of a start, and said, "Ted! You are home early!"

"Yes," I said, glancing at the clock. "My one o'clock class got cancelled." Lee looked at the clock on the wall, 15 minutes after 3. She looked back at me, and knew I knew. I said Hi to Tom and Carey, and told them I was glad they were here. "I was thinking that perhaps we could have a session," I told them. "We can use Lee for a model..."They looked at each other with odd expressions. I thought about the little Redhead named Marcy that was in my Wednesday class at the college. Maybe it was time for some private instruction on my part...

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