tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSheeja's Carnal Resurrection Ch. 03

Sheeja's Carnal Resurrection Ch. 03


Sheeja Part 3 – Birth of a Chattel

Samira's Narrative ......

After my grotesquely blissful encounter at Sheeja's beauty parlour, I was both mentally and physically in a depressed state. For a few weeks I lay low, avoiding my friends, feigning illness.

To my horror, I missed my periods. What I had feared had happened. A pregnancy test confirmed the fact. In a quandary, I weighed my options. I could, of course have an abortion done secretly and nobody would be the wiser. On the other hand, I had always desired a child. It was by now obvious that my husband was impotent and would not be able to give me a child. If I had to retain this child, I would have to keep my husband in the dark and play my cards with cunning. Unfortunately, he was only due back after seven months.

I flew to the Middle East to spend a few days with my husband, citing loneliness. I managed to coax my husband to have sex with me though I must confess it was thoroughly unsatisfying after my recent experience. I have always felt that he was a trifle undersexed.

The important thing however was that I had now covered my tracks. A few days after my return, I announced that I had conceived. In due course, I gave birth to a baby boy who looked nothing like both my husband and me, which of course was not surprising. I was busy during those early months enjoying the pleasures of motherhood.

Physically I had filled out a lot more which of course happens after childbirth. However, by the time the baby was six months old, I started feeling restless. Try as I might, I could not but admit to myself that I had been altered forever by that dreadful beast-man. I had mixed feelings about him.

There were times when I could have cheerfully stabbed him to death. But generally, the very thought of him made me feel moist inside and an aching desire to be taken by him again. One evening the feeling threatened to almost choke me – it was unbearable. I was desperate to submit myself to him in every possible way.

I paid a visit to 'Soft Skin' the very next day. Sheeja greeted me with an oily smile and led me to a quiet corner, gushing all over me. She had come to know from someone that I had delivered a baby so she congratulated me and told me in an undertone that I ought to give her a treat for her help in getting me pregnant. I blushed and kept silent.

She then asked me whether I was ready for another session. I replied in the affirmative but told her that it would have to be with the same man. She told me to wait for a week while she fixed it up.

Early next week, she called me and told me that the person was away for a few days but if I was keen, she had another male partner. I was disappointed and told her that I would rather wait for him to get back. I could not believe at my own craving for having sexual intercourse with that uncouth man, at whom I would have not given a second glance under normal circumstances.

A few days later Sheeja called me and told me that the session with him had been fixed up for the following Tuesday (which was four days hence). Over the weekend I left my child with my in-laws at their village saying I needed a break for a couple of days. I could hardly wait for Tuesday, when I would further be dragged into the mire.

I reached the Annexe a little before nine trembling with desire and nervousness . Sheeja took me into the bedroom and gave me a glass of the herbal drink 'Andruku'. This time I needed no prompting as I eagerly gulped it down. Sheeja went out winking at me and shortly thereafter, he walked in – the father of my illegitimate child, the man who had debased me completely.

The sight of him made me feel weak all over and I was embarrassingly wet inside. Again, there were no preliminaries as he enfolded me in a tight embrace and kissed me hard. I was his willing plaything this time, returning his kiss with ardour. He fumbled with my dress trying to quickly undress my upper portion to get at my breasts.

I helped him, smiling secretly to myself thinking of the wonderful surprise he was about to receive. My breasts (unlike our last encounter) was heavy with milk as I was nursing my baby. And it plentiful, unlike so many of my friends who complained of not secreting enough when they were nursing. I couldn't wait for this sex subjugator of mine to start drinking the elixir welling in my swollen bosom. In his ferocity to get at them, he ripped my bra aside.

Grabbing at my left breast fiercely, making me wince in pain, his mouth roughly fastened on the nipple, sucking at it savagely. His eyes widened with amazement as the liquid squirted into his mouth. Totally aroused by my milk now, he attacked with his tongue and teeth taking turns on the nipples. It was an amazing feeling as I held his head tightly egging him on, almost wanting him to swallow my beasts (if it were at all possible). He drained my breasts soon, making guttural sounds in his throat as he bit and drank his fill.

Long after my milk ran out, he kept butting and sucking trying desperately to get some more like a calf at a cow's udders. I had to finally pull him away forcefully, pleading, as I feared that he would chew them to ribbons.

He moved away impatiently signalling me to disrobe fully. Equally eager to give myself to his animal lust, I hurriedly undressed. In his grating voice he asked me whether I recently had a baby. When I blushingly revealed the truth, he was stunned and then ... more turned on than ever, probably at the though of having sired an illegitimate child.

By the time I had taken off my rather damp panties, he was out of his clothes as well, his bulky beast straining at the lease, eager to unload the venom from its huge hanging sacs.

Making me sit on the bed, he knelt in front of my parted thighs and opened my vulva with his tongue. The next few minutes were indescribable as his tongue, lips and teeth played havoc with my G spot. He kept on and on, occasionally raising his mouth to kiss me and fondle my breasts.

Moaning and writhing as waves of pleasure overtook me, I slowly started feeling that my bladder was filling. As his tongue and fingers continued their ministrations the urge deepened and finally, like a dam bursting, it happened. It was definitely not urine which spurted as it was colourless. Later I learnt from him that it was my ejaculation. As it jetted out splashing on his face, he covered my vagina with his lips savouring the sex juice. All the pleasures experienced by me hitherto seemed insignificant when compared to the sensation I experienced then.

Wet with my love elixir, he moved his mouth to mine and kissed me passionately. I could hardly breath, so filled with the urge was I, as his tongue made love to mine frenziedly. I fell onto the bed on my back, dragging him on top of me as I grasped his brute, urging it closer, to drive into my wet and desperate sheath.

My lover, understanding my predicament, decided to waste no more time as he allowed my hand to place him at my entrance. His mouth, teeth and tongue continued to work furiously on mine as he penetrated me with one steady, long thrust. This time I was not as tight as I was when he had violated me brutally during our past (ripping my sheath making me bleed).

Childbirth and the intensity of my lust helped me accommodate his thickset monster with just a touch of difficulty. However I felt breathless as he impaled me. As he lay still savouring my soft feel, I wriggled gently wanting him to start his heavy thrusts. He reached his hands and savagely clutched my buttocks and ignoring my involuntary shriek started his hammer blows, each inward thrust taking him right to my core.

The softness of my body and the bed partially cushioned the pulverizing thrusts but even so, the cot groaned in protest. As for me, I thought that I would be a paralysed wreck after his onslaught ended. But it was pure bliss. No words can describe those ecstatic moments of complete subjugation to the controller's desires. I was just a humble receptacle (in a state of mindless pleasure) to receive the master's droppings.

My breath kept coming in short whimpering gasps in rhythm to his stroke, whenever he removed his mouth from mine. Harder and harder, deeper and deeper until I was sure that my uterus would be a battered wreck. Then, suddenly with his brute plunged in at maximum depth, he stopped and crushed me to him with his hands, in a suffocating bear hug.

His potent, life creating, creamy fluid targeted my womb like short bursts from a machine gun, generating spasms of climax in me like a person having a fit, the intensity of which almost knocking me out senseless. As he rested on (a thoroughly sated) me, for the first time during our sessions of sex, he began enquiring about me and my background.

It was late in the evening by the time we emerged from the love chamber. He dropped me home, curious to see the child fathered by him.

In a few months, he set me up in a nearby town – a sort of second home for him. We have three children out of our liaison. He has bought me a flat and has settled a decent amount for the family upkeep and visits us at least once a month. And funnily enough, I have no regrets whatsoever for all that has happened.

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