Tom was fifty years old but as he sat in the peace and quiet of the reference library gazing at the librarian he felt as though he was only twenty five. He watched her moving elegantly between the reception desk and the book shelves. Until recently he had never really taken much notice of Indian women, especially an Indian women dressed in a sari. He had always made the assumption that they were very moral and definitely out of bounds to western men.

He knew her name was Sanjita. His friend Jim had told him her name a few months ago when he had asked Tom to visit the library and check out the librarian. When Jim had asked why Tom just explained that he had met an Indian lady 'on line' and wanted to confirm that it was her working in the library. Tom had not really thought much about his friend's request and just assumed that Jim was up to his usual tricks of trying to seduce another woman.

He remembered the feeling of surprise when he had first visited the library and saw Sanjita. She was wearing a blue sari and looked to him like a typical librarian although maybe younger than usual. Her dark hair was neatly arranged on top of her head in a bun. She also wore dark framed glasses which added to the librarian image. The easy part for Tom was that she was wearing a badge with her name on it. He had reported back to Jim and he could tell that Jim was excited to know that it was her.

Earlier that morning, just before today's visit to the library, Tom's curiosity got the better of him when Jim had asked him to go and check what colour sari Sanjita was wearing and, more specifically, try to assess if she was wearing any underwear.

He looked at his friend and said, "OK, what the fuck is going on?"

Jim glanced back, grinned a mischievous smile, and said, "I have been chatting to Sanjita 'on line' for nearly a year now and if, when you visit the library today, you report back that she is wearing a red sari and you suspect she is at least bra-less if not completely naked underneath, then we should be having some fun with her later on."

"We?" asked Tom. "Oh yes," Jim continued, "you me and the others!"

Back in the library Tom was pretending to be researching something on one of the library's computers taking every opportunity to check out Sanjita as she moved around. He was amazed that he had not really appreciated her before. Her face was quite plain but her large dark eyes and full lips made her look very exotic. A red spot on her forehead added to her exotic appearance.

He watched the way in which the fine red silk of her sari clung to body. He guessed that she was actually younger than he had originally thought; maybe late twenties early thirties. She looked to be quite slim with a nicely rounded feminine bum and quite large breasts. When she walked he noticed how elegant she looked, back straight, taking short feminine steps. He also noticed the gentle swaying of her breasts as she moved and quickly concluded that she was indeed not wearing a bra. At one stage he caught a view of her rear. She was leaning forward to reach something from behind her desk. As she leaned forward the fine silk of her sari stretched over the rounded curve of her buttocks. His eyes roamed over the lovely curves of her backside and he decided that she was either wearing a small thong or no panties at all.

Tom had already logged on to MSN messenger and, having made his conclusion regarding Sanjita's underwear, or lack of it, he quickly typed his report back to Jim.

He sensed immediately that Jim was excited by this news and watched the screen as Jim replied to him, "Great news. Stay there until closing time. The others will arrive soon and I will get there as Sanjita prepares to close up."

Tom was getting more and more curious as to what his friend Jim had in mind and sent a reply saying, "and then what?"

There was a delay and then Tom saw a message which said 'sending file'.

Tom watched the file loading and when complete he opened it.

He quickly closed the screen and looked around to make sure that nobody could see. He felt a little embarrassed that Jim had sent him what looked like a porno picture.

When he was sure that his screen could not be seen he opened the image again.

He looked at the naked Indian woman in the picture. It looked like it had been taken via a web cam. Her breasts looked full and firm with large stiff nipples but his eyes were drawn between her open thighs where her perfectly manicured fingers were holding her pussy wide open. The wet and delicate pink flesh seemed to contrast perfectly with the dark olive like skin of her thighs. He felt himself getting an erection and then suddenly the realisation struck him. It was Sanjita. He moved his gaze up to the woman's face. There was no mistake she was even still wearing the glasses. He found it almost impossible to imagine but there was no doubt. It was definitely her.

He felt lost for words and then Jim sent another message saying, "tonight she will be ours. Now log off and wait for us to arrive.

It was now mid afternoon and, other than Tom, the library was empty. Sanjita sat behind her desk and started to daydream. She had felt very self conscious all day; even more than usual, but there was a very good reason for that. She felt that Jim really understood her and had been amazed by many of the things he had somehow persuaded to do during the past months. The very latest, which he had challenged her with the previous evening, was to persuade her to go to work without wearing any underwear; something that would have horrified her until recently. His reasoning for this was to try and convince her that contrary to her belief, she was a sexy woman and male visitors to the library would almost certainly take notice. Sanjita was not convinced that anyone would notice her but she was surprised at how excited it made her feel that morning when she decided to accept the challenge.

As was quite often the case her husband was away on business leaving her alone in the house. That morning, she felt like a naughty young girl getting up to mischief as she selected her favourite red sari with matching sari blouse and petticoat. She stood naked in front of her full length mirror before picking up the red silk petticoat and stepping into it. The silk felt very sensuous as it brushed against her naked thighs and buttocks. She pulled the draw string tightly around her waist. She then put on the blouse; scooping her full firm breasts into the soft silk and then fastened the hooks and loops down the front. The fine silk felt wonderful against the flesh of her breasts and as she looked at her reflection in the mirror she noticed how the silk clung to the outline of her breasts and could clearly see her nipples protruding.

She convinced her self that once the main sari was draped over her shoulder and fixed it should disguise and hide her nipples.

Sanjita then picked up the five yards or so of fine red silk and wrapped it around her waist. She tucked the fabric into the waistband of the petticoat repeatedly folding and tucking into the waistband to form pleats across the front that hung from her waist to her feet. She then wrapped the final few yards over her shoulder and back down to her waist.

She then put on her normal conservative two inch heals and looked in the mirror. As far as she was concerned she looked the same as usual but inside she realised that she felt excited. It was summer so she set of to work without a coat or cardigan, walking the mile or so to the library. It wasn't until she was walking that she realised how naked she felt. Her breasts, usually well supported by her sensible bra, were swaying rhythmically with each step under the fine silk. She could even feel the silk caressing the naked flesh of her buttocks as they too lacked the usual support of her sensible panties.

Tom was the first man to enter the library and she realised immediately that he had taken notice of her. She felt as though he was trying to undress her with his eyes. He looked to be busy researching something but when ever she turned his way she noticed him trying to avert his eyes as though she had caught him staring at her. She felt shocked at how much she enjoyed this man's inquisitiveness. She was used to being the boring plain librarian that no man ever seemed to notice. She felt self conscious as she moved around the library. The soft silk touching her breasts and buttocks seemed to act as a constant reminder that she was naked underneath. Had this man noticed? No, how could he?

It had been nearly a year now since she had met Jim on line. Sometimes it scared her how persuasive he was but if she was being honest she enjoyed their long chats 'on line'. She hated her life at home. It had been an arranged marriage with the son of her father's best friend and she had never had any feelings for him. Yes, they had consummated their marriage and he would demand his husbandly rights when ever he came home after a long business trip but it was always in the dark and always without any pleasure for her.

Jim had previously introduced the idea of using their web cams so that they could actually see each other. Sanjita was a little reluctant at first but after some encouragement she became curious as to what Jim looked like. One evening she found the courage to ask Jim to turn on his camera and agreed that she would also turn on hers. Jim remembered that first time and how horny he had felt as he saw her for the first time. She had been wearing a sari blouse and still had her long dark hair tied up.

Jim had looked at her exotic face, her large dark eyes somehow accentuated by the glasses, full lips and the red spot on her forehead. She was soon telling him how she worked as a librarian in a local library. Jim asked a few more questions over the next few days and was soon fairly sure that the library where she worked was only a few miles from where he lived. He had then decided to get his friend Tom to verify it by visiting the library.

They had used the web cams a few times but generally preferred just to chat by typing.

Jim was the only man to compliment her and flatter her; even though they had never met. She had always considered herself to be plain and uninteresting but Jim had persuaded her that after seeing her on her web cam she was wrong and told her that he found her attractive and beautiful. For the first month or so of their chats they talked about their lives and their interests. A kind of relationship started to build between them. Gradually and with great care Jim had slowly turned the chats toward sexual matters. Quite innocent at first but soon they both confessed to masturbating. Sanjita had initially felt very shy about discussing such things with anyone but somehow she felt comfortable and at ease with Jim.

He started to ask how she masturbated and after some verbal persuasion and a few evenings of returning to the same subject she told him how she liked to first strip naked and then to caress her breasts. He encouraged her to tell him in more detail. Eventually she chatted quite openly to him describing how she loved to play with her nipples and then use her hand between her legs. As each of the evening chats progressed Jim found her opening up more and more to him.

When he thought that the time was right he asked her if she fantasized about anything in particular when she was masturbating. After about five minutes with no reply Jim was starting to think that maybe he had gone too far too soon but then she replied, "My regular fantasy goes back to an experience I had as a young eighteen year old."

"Go on," urged Jim.

"It was back in India and, unlike western children, we were very naïve and inexperienced. Ever since we were at school I would play with my boy cousins who were of a similar age. In the summer we would often be alone in my Uncle's large house and, like most kids I suppose; we would play games of a vaguely sexual nature. I remember being curious about the boys anatomy and I suppose they were curious about mine. I remember once we were playing in my uncle's garden where there was an old wooden summer house. We went inside and the boys challenged me to let them watch me pee. My reply was that if they let me see their willies and watch them pee then I would let them watch me. All quite innocent kids fun but when we all started to reach puberty the games stopped."

Jim was a little puzzled and wondered where this was leading and asked, "So how do these kid's games with your cousins relate to your sexual fantasy?"

Sanjita continued, "It was a few years later at a big family celebration back at my uncle's large house when I had just turned eighteen. I was wearing a beautiful red silk sari and felt very grown up. Even though I was now a grown woman I still fooled around, joking and acting like a kid with my male cousins. It had been a while since we had played in my uncle's garden and, keen to get away from the parents and other adults, I agreed to go into the garden with my cousins. We soon found the old summer house and went inside. We started to reminisce about the fun we had had there as kids. My cousins then reminded me of our regular peeing challenges.

I don't know what I was thinking of really but when the cousins started to taunt me and ask if I still wanted to watch them pee I just giggled and said, "Yes, OK, why not"?

I remember feeling very naughty and a little scared but also more curious than ever as I watched my cousins briefly glance at each other and then unfasten their trousers and get out their penises. I suppose my first reaction was surprise when I saw how much bigger they all were. I realised later that one of the main reasons for the dramatic change in size was that they were all semi erect. I then watched as they all peed.

When they had finished they all looked up and stared at me. I remember that they all still had their penises out and now the eldest of my cousins was reminding me of how we always used to play the game and that it was my turn to pee while they all watched.

I remember feeing very embarrassed and tried to make an excuse that I risked spoiling my lovely new sari.

As I spoke, my cousins moved around me until I was surrounded by them. The eldest then said, "Sanjita, then you should take the sari off to prevent it being spoiled!"

Before I could answer, the cousins moved in closer and I suddenly felt their hands moving all over me. I tried to protest as they started to pull the red silk from my waist. They didn't listen and soon had the silk sari unwrapped from my body leaving me in just my sari blouse and silk panties."

As he listened to her story Jim found he was getting very aroused.

"Were you wearing a bra under the sari blouse Sanjita?" he asked.

"No, it was summer time and I preferred to just have the silk of the blouse next to my breasts."

"So what happened next?" he enquired.

"I remember that they all seemed to hesitate as they stepped back a little and stared at me in my underwear. I also remember noticing that all of them were now fully erect. This was the first time I had ever seen an erect penis and although I was feeling scared I was also curious.

My eldest cousin then said, "Sanjita, have you ever seen a man ejaculate?"

I remembered reading a book that one of my aunties had lent me about growing up and reproduction but that was the extent of my experience.

I told him that, no, I had never seen a man ejaculate. "Would you like to see all of us ejaculate?" he continued.

The old summer house was silent for a moment; just the rhythmic buzz from insects could be heard from the humid heat outside in the garden.

With my curiosity getting the better of me again I replied that yes, I would like to see that, it should be fun. I then added that although I would like to watch they were not allowed to 'do anything' to me.

Again there was a silent pause until my eldest cousin said, "OK, Sanjita, we will not 'do anything' to you but the deal is that you must be completely naked and let us watch you pee like we used to."

Before I could answer, they had moved closer again. One of them held my arms as my eldest cousin reached for the fastening of my sari blouse. I remembering him commenting, "Sanjita I have dreamed of seeing your tits from the first time I noticed them growing. His fingers were nimble and swift and suddenly the sari blouse was loose and being pulled from my body.

I remember how embarrassed I suddenly felt as all the cousins stared at and admired my young breasts. Only my mother had ever seen them before but now my cousins were all devouring them with their eyes. As they crowded round me I felt many hands start to touch my breasts. I felt them being groped and squeezed as other hands found my nipples and playfully pinched them. I tried to wriggle free but it was hopeless. I then felt my silk panties being pulled down over my thighs. They lifted my feet and pulled them off leaving me completely naked.

I was protesting and struggling as I felt their hands touching me all over. I remember I then shouted at them to remind them that the agreement was that they must not 'do anything' to me.

They stopped feeling and touching me as my eldest cousin said, "OK, Sanjita, squat down on the floor and let us watch you pee."

I remember feeling the same naughty excitement that I had felt as a kid when, now, as grown women, I squatted down in front of them.

They all stood in front me and started to rub their penises whilst staring down at my naked breasts. When my eldest cousin next spoke his voice sounded different somehow, more husky. He said, "Sanjita open your legs so we can all see you pee."

I remember looking up at my cousins. All of them were masturbating while I did as he asked. I remember noticing how their gazes all moved from my breasts to between my legs as they masturbated. I could feel that I needed to pee and, even with all of them watching, I just let it happen. It felt so gloriously naughty as opened my legs a little further to prevent my pee from splashing my legs and felt the warm flow gushing from me.

I was still peeing as I felt something warm splash onto my shoulder. I looked around and saw that one of my cousins was ejaculating. I remember how fascinated I was as I watched the rest of his semen spurt from the end of his erect penis. This was like a trigger to the others and, as I stayed squatting with a wet puddle of pee on the ground between my legs, I watched them all ejaculate and felt their semen splash onto my naked body; all except my eldest cousin. I remember him standing close to me holding his erect penis and saying, "Sanjita, will you do something for me?"

I felt nervous, wondering what he wanted, as he continued, "kiss my cock Sanjita."

I got up from my squatting position and knelt on the ground in front of him. My other cousins were all completely quiet as a hushed expectation filled the old wooden summer house.

My cousin moved closer and brushed the head of his penis against my lips. I remember thinking that it was wrong but I did not move away. I suppose I was trying to be 'grown up' and assumed that this was part of what 'grown ups' did.

He continued to brush the head against my lips and then said, "Would you like to hold it Sanjita?"

I was very curious having never touched a penis before. I reached up uncertainly and touched the head of his erect penis. He then took my hand and wrapped it around the shaft saying, "masturbate me Sanjita, rub me like you saw the others doing to themselves. I gripped him in my hand, uncertain as to what to do but curious to learn. I realised that I wanted to make his semen spurt from his penis. He interrupted me a few times, guiding my hand and showing me how he liked it. Soon he was saying, "Yes Sanjita, that feels good."

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