tagGroup SexSheila's Awakening Ch. 05

Sheila's Awakening Ch. 05


The ride home from the party had certainly been a quiet one for Dave. Sheila had been asleep for the entire trip. He guessed she had earned it, she had worked pretty hard for the last 3 hours.

During this ride he had done a lot of thinking. He had fully expected that he would feel at least a little bit of jealousy but was surprised that he did not. In addition the thought had occurred to him that once this had happened he would feel as though he never wanted it to happen again but once more was surprised that he did not think this at all. Thinking about a future "adventure" only served to excite him. He wondered if Sheila would feel the same way. His only concern was this: he and Sheila had been unable to get pregnant all these years and though he felt sure that it was nothing to do with his working parts, what if it was? Ben had planted a huge load deep in his wife. It was going to be a little dicey for the next couple of weeks until Sheila's period.

"Umfh, oh what," Sheila said sleepily, " we home yet?"

"Yes sweetheart," Dave answered, " just pulling into the driveway now."

The two exited the car as soon as Dave had parked in the garage with Sheila stretching and yawning as she left the vehicle. Sheila entered the house pausing to look at herself in the mirror in the mudroom and sauntered on into the kitchen as Dave put the garage door down. She opened the refrigerator and pulled a bottled water out, opened it and sat down at the kitchen table. She gave her husband a big smile as he entered the kitchen.

"Wow David, we really had a night didn't we?"

Dave winked at her as he retrieved a water for himself, " yes babe, I would certainly say that we did. I've got to tell you Sheila, you were wonderful tonight. I've never seen you so sexy sweetheart."

"Thank you David. Darling, are you OK with what happened tonight? I mean, I know that we talked about it and everything but when it really happened, you aren't upset or anything are you. I mean I did things tonight that I'd never dreamed I would do, are you OK with all of it?"

"Yes sweetie, I'm fine..... with all of it," Dave replied.

"Well, I was hoping that was the case. Did you know that a black man was going to be there," she asked.

"Yes Sheila, I did. Bill told me about it and I didn't say anything because I was afraid you would freak out and not want to go. I just wanted you to give it a chance."

"It's OK," Sheila said, " you were right. I probably would have freaked out and maybe I would have refused to go. That would have been a shame. Look what we would have missed. One other thing that I wanted to say David is that I hope that won't be the last time, is that OK?"

"Yes," Dave replied," that is fine with me. There is one thing though honey that I wanted to ask you about. In view of the fact that no one uses condoms, don't you think that you should get some kind of birth control?"

"Birth control!", she said in a startled manner, " why would I need that? I mean really David, we have tried to get pregnant for what seems like forever. I'm sure that it is my problem even though the doctor can't find anything wrong with me."

"Well I know I've always insisted that there is nothing wrong with me, " Dave said," but I don't really know that for sure, I'm just wondering if we should take that precaution."

"I don't think we have to worry about that sweetheart," Sheila said smiling," I don't think we have to worry about that at all."

"Well, whatever you think Sheila," Dave said thoughtfully, " I guess I'll just have to leave it to you."

Sheila got up and walked around the table and had Dave scoot his chair back from the table. She sat down sideways on his lap, placed her arms around his neck and kissed him tenderly on the lips.

"I love you so much. I need to ask you again. Are you sorry about tonight? Do you wish that I wouldn't want to do that again. If so, just say so my love, just say the word and that will be the end of it."

"No Sheila, I do not want that to be the end of it. I loved every minute of it too. Now mind you, it's not something I would want to do every weekend but I certainly don't want to stop now."

They kissed tenderly for a few minutes then both of them decided that they needed to get a shower and then to bed. Both were starting to feel the tiredness from the evening's activities.

The next day was spent in the usual Sunday activities. Little maintenance jobs around the house. Sheila decided to clean out their closets and take all of their winter things to the cleaners. Dave washed the BMW and in the afternoon they engaged in a passionate round of lovemaking. They professed their love for each other and once again told each other how hot they thought Saturday night's party was.

On Monday morning Dave headed to work as usual, arriving at his normal time and beginning his ordinary activities.

His secretary Maxine buzzed him to tell him that Bill Nelson was on the phone for him.

"Bill, good to hear from you, what can I do for you this morning," Dave asked."

"Well," Bill said, " I just wanted to touch base with you and see if everything was OK between you and Sheila. I mean after Saturday evening, well..... is she OK with what went on and all? "

"Hell yes," Dave chuckled, " she just hopes that it's not the last time."

"Wow, that's great Dave, just great, " Bill replied," you gotta know man, she was the hit of the party. That's all everyone has talked about since Saturday night. Nell called Donna Sunday afternoon and talked about how hot she and Tony thought that Sheila was and then Ben called me Sunday evening and that's all he could talk about."

"Oh really, well I don't know if I like that or not," Dave said, then laughed. "Just kidding Bill, I think that's great. We talked about it yesterday and agreed that it's not like it's something we would want to do every weekend but we are sure looking forward to the next time."

"Well, like I said, that's just great," Bill said, " we will have to get together again soon. Actually Dave we don't do that every weekend either. I mean we might get together with just one other couple most weekends, we usually go out to a movie or a club then back home and to be truthful we usually swap with the other couple overnight and then they leave the next day. Some weekends, believe it or not, we don't see anyone else. "

"While we're at it Bill," Dave said, " let me ask you something. Do any of you ever meet with one of the other wives somewhere, just the two of you."

"Yes Dave, " Bill replied, "Ben does, but no one else does except of course with Ben, that I know of. You see, we have this rule that none of us gets involved with anyone outside the group. He and Sondra both play alone but they confine themselves to other members of the group. Donna met with him once."

"Hmm," Dave said, " interesting. I sure don't have any ambitions in that direction but I was just curious."

"No problem," said Bill, anytime you want to know anything about our little group Dave please just ask."

After hanging up with his friend, Dave sat pondering the past few days. It had been momentous to say the least. He and Sheila had never been so sexually on edge in years. They were continuously hot for each other. He was just a little concerned about the fact that Ben Tate was so hot for Sheila. In addition, according to Bill, Ben was also the one who played one on one with other members of the group. He felt sure that Sheila would never consider anything like that but still it was a little discomforting.

The next weekend was for the most part uneventful. They had sex twice on Saturday and once again on Sunday. On Sunday Sheila seduced him on the livingroom couch, something they had not done for years.

The following Wednesday Sheila got her period and Dave relaxed. She had been, of course, right all along about the situation. She was obviously incapable of becoming pregnant. All of his concerns had been unnecessary.

Bill called that same day to see if they were interested in getting together on Saturday evening but Dave told him that she would probably not be over her menstrual period by then so they had a very quiet and relaxed weekend.

On Sunday afternoon the phone rang and Sheila answered it. He heard her say," oh Hi, how are you? Sure, he's right here. David, it's for you honey, it's Ben Tate."

Dave wondered what Ben wanted.

"Hi Ben, what can I do for you?" Dave asked.

"Hello Dave, have you guys recovered from the party?"

"Oh yes, " Dave replied, " but it was one hell of a night wasn't it?"

"Man it sure was," Ben said, " and I gotta tell you my friend, Sheila was the star of the evening."

"Yes I guess she was. The thing that pleases me is that she doesn't regret anything. She even hopes to come to the next one." Dave said.

"Well I'm sure you guys will be invited," Ben responded. Now, I've got to ask you something. When we talked that night, did I hear you say that you've got a power washer."

"Yes, I sure do," Dave replied, " wanna borrow it?"

"Ha, ha, ha, man you guessed me out quick. Now if you'd rather not please just say so. I won't mind at all. I don't usually borrow peoples tools but I'm having trouble finding a decent one except for way too much money. "

"Ben, I'm telling you it is no problem at all. I don't mind loaning it to you in the least. It's one of the bigger ones and it's practically brand new."

"Would you mind it I came over this afternoon and picked it up?"

"Hell no," Dave replied, " you're welcome to come and get it whenever you want. The power washer that is."

Ben laughed uproariously at Dave's little joke.

"OK bud, see you in, oh about an hour I'd say, and thanks Dave, I appreciate it," Ben said.

"Like I said my man, no problem, "Dave said.

Sheila walked into the room just as Dave hung up. She was wearing her awful faded college shirt and ugly baggy pants.

"Well, your friend Ben will be here in a little while," Dave said.

"Oh Yeah sure, I bet he will," Sheila laughed.

"No honey, I'm serious, he will be here in about an hour."

"Well wha, uh, I mean, what for."

"All I know is that he said he wanted to come over and fuck your brains out and I of course said sure, come ahead, do your thing my black friend. At that point Dave could hold back no longer, be began to laugh heartily, slapping his thigh......

"Oh David, " Sheila said angrily, " you are such a tease."

Sheila finally realized that Ben indeed was coming over and that he and David would be loading up their power washer.

A short while later Dave came in from the garage and was surprised to see that Sheila had changed out of her dowdy looking clothes and into a bright yellow blouse and a nice pair of revealing shorts.

Dave got the washer down off of the large shelf in the garage on which it was kept, making sure that all of the attachments were with it.

Soon Ben appeared in the driveway. He backed his Lincoln up to the building and hopped out.

"Hey there Mr. Tate, that was a quick trip. " David said.

"Yep. Wanted to get here and get it loaded up so I don't impose on anything you might have wanted to do later."

The two of them loaded it into the back of Ben's big Navigator and closed the rear door.

David and Ben were leaning against the vehicle, shooting the breeze.

"Yes," Ben said, " decided to take tomorrow and Tuesday off. Got a lot of vacation time built up. We're taking vacation in a couple of weeks but I need to get some things done around the house. I'm gonna power wash the deck and do some painting around the place. OK if I bring this back sometime Tuesday morning?"

"Sure Ben, that's no problem," Dave replied.

At this point Sheila appeared, smiling broadly at Ben, " hi Ben, good to see you."

"Great to see you too Sheila," Ben said smiling, " you're looking fantastic as usual."

"Well thank you sir," Sheila said, blushing slightly, " a girl always likes to hear nice things."

The three of them chatted for a few minutes and then Sheila excused herself and returned to the house.

"Well. " Ben said, "I hear there's gonna be some action this coming weekend at Bill and Donna's"

"Yes," Dave said, " Bill called me Thursday but I don't think we're going to be able to make it. We've got a family wedding on Saturday and it's 200 miles away so we are probably going to have to take a raincheck."

It was very obvious to Dave that Ben was severely disappointed.

"Oh wow, a party with no Sheila," Ben said, " man I don't know if I want to go now."

Ben then chuckled, he didn't want to appear too hung up on Sheila but he had really been looking forward to hammering that delicious pussy again.

"Oh well," Ben said, " it's not for sure yet anyway. A lot of people have stuff to do this time of year."

"Yeah, guess so," replied Dave.

"Well," Ben said, " I gotta go. Need to get out of your way anyway. Thanks again Dave. I promise I'll have it back Tuesday."

"No problem," Dave replied, " no problem at all."

The two men shook hands, Ben got in, started his car and drove away.

Dave watched the vehicle move down the street. He really liked Ben. They had a lot of interests in common. There was something that made him a little uneasy though about his friend.

On Tuesday morning Dave arose, showered, dressed and went to the kitchen.

"Honey don't bother with all that stuff, just put some cream cheese on a bagel for me, coffee and a small glass of juice and I'm set, OK?"

"That's fine sweetheart, whatever you want. You gonna be busy today?"

"No, not too bad I don't think. Hey don't forget, Ben will be bringing back the power washer sometime this morning. You might want to dress up a little sexy for him," Dave said, then laughed.

"No, I don't think so," Sheila replied, " I don't think either he or I would be interested in anything like that."

Inwardly Dave was pleased with her answer. He felt sure of course that neither she nor Ben would do something like that with him not being there but he was relieved none the less.

Sheila scurried around as soon as David left, tidying up the house, took a quick shower and dressed for the day. She was a little ashamed of herself when she realized that she was dressing just a bit more provocatively than a usual weekday.

The doorbell rang a while later and Sheila could feel the butterflies in her stomach. Why in the world was she feeling this way?

"Hi gorgeous," Ben said, " with his usual dazzling smile. " You look wonderful Sheila, great to see you again," he said, hugging her and planting a kiss on her lips.

" Hi Ben," Sheila said, somewhat flustered, " you look great too and yes it is good to see you again."

"Sheila, if you'll put the garage door up for me I'll put this washer back up on the shelf" Ben said. I saw where your hubby keeps it."

"OK, sure Ben," she answered, crossing through the kitchen and hitting the button to raise the garage door.

Ben replaced the washer along with each of the attachments while Sheila observed. She was struck by his physique. He was wonderfully built. Powerful arms and a very muscular chest. Of course she already knew that having seen every square inch of him a little over 2 weeks ago.

"Ben, why don't you come in and wash your hands now. I'm sure that equipment was at least a little dirty. "

"Sure thing babe, appreciate it," Ben said as he squeezed past her as she stood in the doorway, then stood perplexed, wondering where the bathroom was.

"Oh ," Sheila said, sensing his confusion. "The half bath is right there Ben," pointing out a nearby door. "How about letting me fix you some iced tea," she said.

"Sounds good Sheila, thank you," Ben said.

Ben washed up while Sheila popped some ice in a glass and filled it with sweetened tea. As she did so, Ben approached her from the rear, enclosed her in his powerful arms and lightly kissed her on the neck.

"Oh Ben, oh my," Sheila whimpered, "Ben we shouldn't be doing this," and at the same time feeling her blood race and an excitement in her core. She had dreaded this happening, she knew this was wrong, David wasn't even here but this man could light a fire in her like no other.

"C'mon Sheila, Dave knew this was going to happen," Ben whispered, " he fully expects it."

"Did he say that? " Sheila asked incredulously.

"Well no, not exactly but figure it out. I mean I'm sure that he knew this would happen," he said as he slowly started to massage her beautiful breasts.

"Mmmm, oh Ben, God that feels good," Sheila said, beginning to grind her ass against Ben's groin.

Ben took this as a signal to go ahead and reached around from the back and slid his hand gently down inside her shorts and panties until he felt the top of her vagina. He reached lightly for her clit which was covered already with her liquid and began to slowly massage her hardened nub.

Sheila gasped audibly, he was moving slowly in a circular fashion, pulling some of her moisture up from her slit and covering her clit with it. She was moaning loudly now, moving her hips back and forth in rhythm, reaching up to pinch her nipples through her shirt and bra.

"Let's go somewhere a little more comfortable," Ben said, leading her gracefully toward the couch in the living room.

"Now then," he said, seating her on the couch, " let's get you a little more comfortable pretty lady."

Sheila felt totally compliant, raising her hips so that Ben could pull her shorts and panties off. She herself had started to unbutton her shirt proceeding as if almost in a daze. She couldn't resist this beautiful black man, just could not resist.

"Ungghhh," Sheila moaned, as Ben placed his well experienced tongue directly on her clit and gently sucked, causing her to thrust upwards, trying to make sure that he did not lose contact with her vagina.

He was still incredulous at the aroma coming from her pussy. She had that clean and natural smell yes but also a really strong womanly aroma, he couldn't explain it other than the fact that it was a total turn on.

"Oh Ben," Sheila gasped, " oh baby, that feels so good. I love it when you lick my pussy Ben, you do it so good baby, so good."

Ben continued to slowly lick, glancing up and seeing that she had removed both her shirt and bra. He reached up, took her hands and placed them on her breasts. He loved to watch a woman play with her tits while he was eating her.

Suddenly Ben stopped, stood up and pulled his shirt off over his head. He unbuckled his belt, never taking his eyes off Sheila. She sat mesmerized, anticipating the view of his beautiful cock she knew she would see.

Ben dropped his trousers, he had not been wearing underwear. His hardened cock sprang upwards, slapping him above his navel.

Sheila nearly swooned at the view of his ebony pole. Her mouth watered at the thought of swallowing his magnificent tool.

She leaned forward and kissed the head of his cock lightly. She then opened her mouth and began to envelope his cock.

Now it was Ben's turn to groan. For someone who was not that experienced this lady had great talents.

"Oh baby," Ben said, " you've got a great mouth. Tongue it a little bit sweetie while you suck it, yes like that, oh yes baby, just like that."

Ben was pistoning himself in and out of Sheila's mouth, now gripping the sides of her head, literally fucking her face.

"Oh yes baby, suck that cock, oh yes," Ben gasped.

Sheila had dropped her other hand down between her legs and was quietly fingering her pussy.

Ben backed away from her.

"Here baby, lie down here on the floor," Ben said, " let's get something straight between us," he laughed.

Ben shifted her to her side and gently lifted her right leg opening her entire crotch area to him. Her pussy opened slightly on its own, inviting him in with a smile on its face. He moved closer, placing the head of his cock at her entrance and pushed."

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