tagNonConsent/ReluctanceShelly Saves Her Sister Ch. 02

Shelly Saves Her Sister Ch. 02


Shelly lay there sobbing quietly. She had just been raped and was disgusted that she had enjoyed it and had orgasmed. Her pussy was sopping wet with a mixture of Dewan’s cum and her own fluids. She was overwhelmed by what had just happened and held the sheets tightly around her as she cried. She was so upset, she did not even hear the bedroom door open.

Tre and Deon opened the door and saw the sobbing housewife and laughed. They had heard her scream in delight as Dewan had fucked her. Now it was their turn.

Both black men quickly undressed and then Tre grabbed the sheets and roughly pulled them away. Shelly turned quickly and screamed in surprise and fought to cover herself.

“God no! Please don’t hurt me!” Begged Shelly.

Tre and Deon ignored the white housewife as they grabbed her arms and legs. Shelly struggled, but the two large black men were too strong for her. Tre straddled Shelly’s chest, pinning down her shoulders and arms. Deon grabbed her legs and spread them apart.

“Please no. Please don’t do this. Please!” Begged Shelly again as she looked up at Tre.

Tre smiled and grabbed his growing cock and stroked it by Shelly’s face. She turned her face to the side and closed her eyes, as her stomach turned into knots, knowing what was probably going to happen.

Deon grabbed his cock and moved it right outside of Shelly’s opening. He rubbed the large black head around the outside to coat the head with the wetness oozing out of Shelly, and then he shoved it home.

Shelly turned her head and screamed as Deon began to fuck her in hard fast strokes. As she turned and opened her mouth to scream, Tre grabbed a handful of her hair and shoved his cock into her mouth.

Shelly struggled against the two invading cocks, but the young black men were too much too strong. Deon lifted Shelly’s legs up high as he rammed his large black cock in and out of Shelly. He looked down and saw his black cock shiny from the wetness in Shelly’s pussy. He didn’t care if he was putting the wetness there. He was just there to fuck the bitch and get his nuts off. So he began to slam Shelly’s pussy with hard deep strokes.

Tre looked down at Shelly. Her eyes were wide open as he shoved his cock deep into her mouth. He could hear her gag as he hit the back of her throat, but his only concern right now was cumming, and he could feel it coming soon.

Shelly struggled to get free and soon realized she had no hope of escape. She tried to breath while her mouth was being fucked, but it was difficult. She also felt the large black cock slamming in and out of her. He was not as big as Dewan, but larger than her husband. Her pussy wet and stretched from her rape by Dewan easily accommodated Deon’s cock. She felt degraded and awful. These young black men were using her like a slut and she was allowing it. Tears formed in her eyes as she struggled with her feelings.

Tre felt it building. He pulled back and stroked his black cock inches from Shelly’s face. She looked up at him and softly said, “Please don’t.” Tre ignored her plea as he stroked his cock to orgasm all over her face.

Shelly closed her eyes as the first load hit her face. She tried to turn her face to the side, but Tre held her by the hair as he pumped and pumped his load all over her face. She felt it hit her cheek, lips, and parts of her nose. Then Tre shoved it back in her mouth and told her, “Clean it bitch.”

Shelly sucked his cock lightly as she felt it soften. She hoped this would be over soon, but was shocked to look up and see the room was beginning to fill with men. She turned her head and sobbed as Tre climbed off of her.

She felt Deon began to fuck her with an increased urgency. She heard him groan and felt him begin to shoot deep inside her. She felt his cock flutter and felt the warmth of his cum filling her even more with wetness. She even worse as she felt her pussy flutter a bit as he kept shooting cum deep inside her.

Tre climbed off of her and Shelly looked around to see a roomful of men looking at her. One quickly removed his clothes and mounted her. She thought briefly about fighting, but knew it was useless. The man entered her roughly and buried his head in the pillow next to her and began to just pump roughly into her. Her pussy, wet from two fuckings she had gotten before, easily allowed him to enter.

The man fucked her hard and fast while he panted onto her ear. He fucked her hard for about a minute and then shoved hard and shot his load deep inside her. The men cheered and another one took his place, doing the same. Shelly laid there accepting her fate without struggling letting the men fuck her.

After several men had had her, she looked to the left and saw a large Mexican man undressing. His name was Hector. He was monstrously huge,and covered with tattoos. She looked as he pulled off his shorts and saw his cock. It was so long and thick, it did not look real. He grabbed it and stroked it and she saw it grow even longer as he watched the unknown man fuck her. .
The men fucking Shelly pushed hard and shot his load into her oozing pussy. Shelly felt her thighs and ass wet from the cum that was oozing out of her. She lay there for a moment after the man dismounted her. Hector approached the bed, cock in hand.

“Flip the fuck over bitch.” Hector said.

Shelly laid there, not moving staring at the huge man and his large gigantic cock.

“I told you to roll over bitch!” He yelled, as he grabbed her by the hair and twisted her around to put her on her hands and knees. She felt him climb on the bed and get behind her. He shoved her head down into a pillow with his left hand as she felt him steer his huge cock into her oozing opening.

His cock was bigger than anything she had taken that night and her body lurched forward, resisting something that big entering her. The large Mexican pushed her head down hard and then pushed hard to get his cock to go in her. Shelly screamed into the pillow as she felt like she was splitting in two.

The Mexican began to fuck Shelly roughly. He had his left hand holding her head down as the other held her right hip and he began to push more and more of his gigantic cock into her. She could hear him grunt as he pumped harder and harder into her.

Shelly struggled to get away from the huge invading cock, but could not. She was screaming in pain into the pillow, but nothing would stop this man from doing what he was doing to her.

After several minutes of the hard brutal fucking, she felt her pussy stretch to accommodate the man’s monster cock and felt him go in even deeper than Dewan had earlier. She was in a daze after all that had happened to her. Battered physically and mentally, she let the big man have his way with her.

She stopped screaming and then turned her head to the right. As she looked she saw three young black men staring at her stroking their large cocks. Her mouth opened in a small oh as she let this mountain of a man fuck her.

The big Mexican looked down at the white housewife now beginning to fuck back against him. “Whore.” He thought. “Fucking whore.” He grabbed her tiny hips with both hands and began to fuck Shelly with long deep hard strokes.

One of the young boys stroking his cock, moved closer to Shelly. Her eyes looked glazed, but she turned slightly as the young boy stroked his cock close to her face, and with a groan began to shoot cum all over it.

Hector had now been fucking Shelly for 15 minutes. His body covered with sweat as he pounded the defenseless white housewife into submission. Shelly was pushing back slightly against his strong thrusts as Hector buried his cock in the white housewife.
Another of the boys approached and pushed his cock into Shelly’s mouth. She sucked it involuntarily. She heard the boy groan and tasted his salty seed shoot into her mouth. She swallowed and wanted more.

The third approached and Shelly opened her mouth to receive him. She sucked as he stroked his cock until he shot another load for her to drink.

Hector grabbed Shelly’s right hand and directed it to her pussy and clit. She was barely aware of what was happening, but when her fingers found her clit, she began to rub it with an urgent need. Her pussy was oozing cum and it easily found it way to her clit to lubricate it.

The Mexican was now ramming his cock into Shelly as hard and fast as he could. He felt her clenching down against him, pushing back, her body urging him on.

Shelly was almost totally unaware of what was going on. Her fingers with rubbing her clit like a woman processed. She was barely conscious, but her body was aware of a need that had to be fulfilled. Her eyes were glassy and could barely make out the surroundings of the room. Her mouth opened as small deep moans escaped.

Men began to fill the room to watch the white housewife get fucked by Hector. They saw Shelly on her knees, her hand rubbing her clit as she tried to bring herself to orgasm as the big Mexican rammed his cock into her.

Shelly’s mind was filling with sexual images. She looked around the room and saw the men watching her, rubbing their crotches. She felt dirty and decadent about what she was thinking and feeling. Her fingers were working on her clit like she hadn’t in years. A need was building up in her. She needed to cum, and she felt so dirty doing in a room full of strange men while a man with a large cock was fucking her senseless.

But she was ready.

Shelly suddenly felt her body tighten as it never had before. She clenched down on the Mexicans cock and began to scream and moan unintelligible words. Her face contorted as this primal scream seem to come up from the bottom of her soul.

“Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!” She screamed over and over again.

She was cumming and cumming like she had never before. She screamed over and over again as her entire body shook and spasmed. Hector was ramming his cock into her as she shook and felt his own orgasm approach.

He lifted Shelly up by the hips as he rammed it deep and shot the first jet of cum deep into Shelly. Shelly was lost in her own orgasm, but still felt the jet hit her deep inside, and it made her own orgasm prolong itself in length and intensity.

Hector pumped several more times until he was spent. He climbed off of Shelly and let the white housewife collapse on the bed in a sweaty cumfilled heap. She lay there moaning softly into the pillow as Hector left the room.

Then remaining men in the room fucked the barely conscious woman several more times. She barely moved as man after man fucked and came in her spent pussy. Sometime during the ordeal, Shelly passed out.

The men left an hour later and Shelly found herself being woken up by her sister Judy. Judy herself had been fucked more than 20 times. Judy held her sister and apologized as they cried in one another’s arms. Their ordeal was over, for the time being.

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