She's Daddy's Little Girl


When we got home, I jumped right in the shower. I didn’t know why Mr. Wheeler wanted me all shaved down there, and I really thought it would be better if I just did it myself, but I was scared if I didn’t do it exactly like Mr. Wheeler said that they might get mad and not let Daddy have his job or let me got to Bixbies.

When I got out of the shower, Daddy was waiting for me in my room. He had been drinking all the way home and I could see it was starting to have an effect on him. He was a little teetery. I walked over to the bed and sat down. I was pretty nervous and I could see that Daddy was too. I asked him if he was ready and he nodded and came over and unwrapped the towel from around me and pushed me back on the bed. It really felt weird to be lying there naked in front of Daddy, but it was kinda exciting too. Daddy sat down beside me and laid out the shaving cream and razor. I was just trembling so bad and Daddy’s hands were shaking too. I really wished he was sober right then. I could smell the booze on him. That didn’t make me feel too comfortable.

He pulled me to the edge of the bed and quickly spread my legs and lathered my pussy with shaving cream real quick, like he was scared I would change my mind. It surprised me a little when I felt his fingers slip inside of me and sorta start rubbing me and stuff, but I guess I did kinda start to liking it. I wondered if Mr. Wheeler was gonna do that to me. I don’t know if I wanted him to or not. Prob’ly did.

Luckily, Daddy was real careful shaving me and went real slow. I didn’t really have much pubic hair, tell the truth, but he still took a long time doing it. He kept checking to see if it was perfectly smooth. When he finally finished, I could see that he was very excited, and when he bent down and started to kiss my freshly shaved little pussy and then started to stick his tongue in and out of my cunt like Mr. Washington did, licking and sucking on my clit, well I gotta admit I did kinda start to like it and stuff. I was kinda moaning like before, but it still scared me when he lifted my legs up and put them on up his shoulders.

“Honey,” Daddy said, “I’m just so hot now, I got to fuck my little girl just this one time.”

“No, Daddy, no” I moaned, “You can’t. ’Member what Mr. Wheeler said? I have to be a virgin when you bring me back. He will be so, so mad at you and you won’t have a job no more.”

By this time, though, Daddy already had his pants down and had spread my legs wide open and pushed them back against my chest. The head of his cock had actually started to part my cunt lips before I managed to squirm away.

“Daddy, Daddy, wait,” I yelled. I pushed him off of me and when he stood up, I slipped off of the bed. I didn’t know what to do, so I just real quick knelt down in front of him and took his hard cock right in my hands. It was the first time I had ever touched a cock. I was surprised at how big it was and how hard. I really just grabbed it to stop him from putting it in me and ruining everything, so once I had him in my hands I just didn’t know what to do. I had to do something so I would still be a virgin when Daddy brought me back to Mr. Wheeler.

I had heard about oral sex from some of the girls at school. Some of them said they did it to their boyfriends. I wasn’t really sure how to do it, though. All I could think to do was to look up at him and begin to kiss and lick his cock. I opened my mouth to ask Daddy if it was okay what I was doing, and before I could even say anything, Daddy put his dick right into my mouth! Ohmygawd!

I mean I was so surprised. He just pushed the tip in at first, and then he pulled back and pushed it in a little further. He did this I guess maybe four, five times, going deeper and deeper into my mouth each time. I just kept looking up at him I wasn’t sure I was doing it right. I wanted to ask him, but my mouth was all filled with his fat cock. When he got to the back of my throat, he stopped a second and then just shoved it right on down my throat and pulled my face right into his pubic hair. Daddy got all excited then and started yelling that I was just like my “bitch whore mother.” “Your mouth is just like a cunt, just like that cunt-mouth whore I was married to.”

See, what happened was I don’t have a gag reflex, I guess. I didn’t even know that wasn’t normal till Daddy told me, tell the truth. But anyway, Daddy sure was liking fucking my mouth so hard and that made me so happy. He was sliding his cock in and out of my mouth real fast and hard, and squeezing my tits and pinching my nipples. He kept on saying “Wait till those teachers of your’ns see this. You got ‘em baby. They gonna do whatever we want ‘em to.” And he just kept on fucking my mouth real, real hard and fast, taking these real long strokes clear out to my lips and then smack down my throat. He was groaning and moaning and just pushing his fat old cock in and out of me so rough he even kinda cut my lip a little bit.

I don’t really remember if I liked it or not. Maybe I did. I was glad Daddy could do this and not have to fuck me, I guess. And when I would look up at him while he was doing my mouth, I could see that he was really liking it and that did make me feel good, so I tried to make it as nice as good as I could for him. The one thing that I do remember is that I started to feel so much like a grown woman right then with his cock sliding in and out my mouth and him groaning and calling me “whore” and “baby” and saying “Goddamn” over and over. When I felt him start to kinda shudder and his big old cock start to pumping me real hard and felt my mouth starting to fill up with his warm cum, I knew I was finally a real grown up woman. That was my first sex experience.

He called me a “whore” some more after he finished up, but I knew he meant it as a compliment. He made sure I swallowed up all his cum and licked up the little bit that spilled off my chin on to the floor. Then he gave me this great big old kiss. I could feel how much he really, really loved me and I realized he was making a big sacrifice for us by giving me to Mr. Wheeler instead of keeping me for himself, if that was what he was thinking about doing. I still didn’t think he’d let anybody fuck me. Not really. I mean, like I said, I was Daddy’s little girl.

Daddy pulled me up on to my feet and then knelt down in front of me and started to lick my pussy to “get me in the mood to get all purtied up,” he said. I was already really, really in the mood, but I liked what Daddy was doing.

I went in the bathroom and started doing my make up. I was real careful about doing my eyes cause I wanted to look older at the bar we were going to. I found some of Mom’s fake eyelashes and put lots of blue shadow around them. I couldn’t decide between this real red tube of lipstick of my Mom’s or the purple kind that I like. I decided since I wanted to look all grown up, I would use Mom’s. I’m glad I did. It looked way sexy, specially if I kinda like kept my lips open a little bit! I put my hair up in a French twist. My neck looked so long and sexy that way.

I got a pair of Mom’s black thigh high stockings, real sheer ones with a seam up the back, and tiny, matching black thong panties. (I wasn’t sure about the thong. Maybe they wouldn’t want me to wear anything since they had me all shaved and everything. I decided I would ask Daddy before we left, but I forgot to.)

With or without panties, I knew that those five-inch ankle strap pumps I was wearing really made my legs and butt look fabulous. I was feeling so confident and so way, way grown up! Mom had tons of these micro minis and I looked for the shortest one I could find cause, after seeing the way I looked in the mirror, I really wanted to show off my legs and ass. I couldn’t find a top that I liked, so what I did was take this tight little white tee and cut the bottom of it off so that the under part of my boobs was showing. Not quite to my nipples, but almost. I had seen college girls wear tees like this. Well, maybe not so tight or cut up as high as this one (and tell the truth, I didn’t really mean to cut it that high, but I did like the way it made me look so, so sexy). When I walked out, I could see that Daddy liked the way I was dressed. He could hardly take his eyes off me while we were driving out to Bixbies.

Bixbies was as cool as I thought it would be. There were all kinds of college guys and even older men, and ohmygawd the girls looked so sexy. I didn’t feel at all uncomfortable, even though I got lots and lots of stares. The guy at the door didn’t even card me. He just smiled at me and said, “You lookin’ hot, baby!” I knew I just fit in just so perfectly.

We got a table and Daddy went to the bar and got me a red drink that he said was a vodka something or other. It tasted like Kool-Aid to me. I drank it right down. Maybe I was a little nervous. Daddy laughed and went and got me another, and I drank that one right down too.

As soon as I put the glass down, this hot looking guy came over and asked me if I wanted to dance. I know I’m a real good dancer cause I’ve practiced in front of a mirror lots and lots, so I said, “Sure, I’d love to,” hoping I sounded real cool and grown up.

Out on the dance floor, I guess the vodka kicked in a little cause I was really going wild. I undid my hair and just let it fly around. I was feeling just so hot and wild and crazy. Gawd, it was fun! This was the first time I ever danced with a guy and I just know I never ever danced that good before. I just knew I looked so hot and I felt really, really sexy. I loved the way I was feeling. It was just so fabulous. After couple of dances, whenever the tee shirt would kinda like, you know, ride up my boobs, and stuff, well, I would just let it. The guy I was dancing with was staring so hard at me, and that just made me even more turned on. When this slow dance came on, like I didn’t even care when he put his hands up under my tee and started feeling me up. In fact, when I felt him starting to get hard down there, I felt way like a woman.

When he took me back to the table, Mr. Wheeler was there. Daddy had got me two more drinks and Mr. Wheeler told me to drink them up. He told me that I looked “Damn hot,” and told me to sit down and pull my skirt up to see if Daddy had “prepared” me the way he wanted. I was a little embarrassed, but of course I did just what he told me to.

When he saw the thong, he told me kinda mean-like to take it off “immediately,” and to make sure the next guy I was dancing with knew I didn’t have on anything at all under this very, very short skirt. I thought that was a pretty weird thing to say, but with the vodka and all, I didn’t think anything more about it. I’d just do it. I just wanted to go dance some more!

I was really glad that the same guy came back a little while later and asked me to dance, and this time I guess I was actually getting pretty drunk, what with three and a half vodkas in me. During a slow dance, while the guy was feeling my tits and stuff, I told him that he should check under my skirt next. Ohmygawd, I couldn’t believe I said that! He didn’t hesitate, not one second. The second he felt my naked ass, he whispered in my ear that he was ready to fuck me. Gawd, I wish I could have let him. I had never felt like this before. I just said, “Maybe a little later,” and let him walk me back to the table with his hand right on my bare ass. I felt so “mature.” He wanted me to tell him who the “older guys” were, and I told him I would tell him that later, too.

But back at the table, Mr. Wheeler said he was pleased with my behavior, but that now it was time to go, and grabbing me by the arm, he pushed me towards the door. I was pretty disappointed. I mean I really, really didn’t want to leave, but I thought that maybe he was going to take me some place even more fun. I was a quite a little bit like tipsy by then. The last thing I remember seeing was Mom’s black thong on the floor under the table. I hoped the college guy would find it.

Mr. Wheeler told Daddy that he could come along or stay there. He decided to come along, And Mr. Wheeler pushed me out the door. I loved the way the guy at the door just stared so hard. He even winked at me. I gave him just this huge smile.

Mr. Wheeler put me in his car and slid me over to the middle, making sure to pull my skirt up over my hips first, and we drove off into the city. Daddy stroked my pussy the whole way there. It got me so hot!

We stopped at an apartment building downtown, and Mr. Wheeler walked me to the elevator. (He let me pull my skirt down first.) I was very surprised when I discovered where he had taken me. It was Mr. Washington’s apartment! I had just assumed that Daddy must of told Mr. Wheeler that he wouldn’t allow a nigger to fuck his little girl. But maybe Mr. Washington was just going to watch, I thought. I mean, that would be bad enough, but I guess I could stand that.

By then I guess I really did know that someone was probably going to fuck me before the night was over. You know what though? I didn’t even care. It was the vodka, I think. Or maybe I even just a teeny bit wanted it? I hoped it would just be Mr. Wheeler. (What I really wished, of course, was that it could have been that boy I was dancing with!) I wasn’t as nervous as I thought I’d be when Mr. Wheeler rang the bell.

“Nice looking piece you picked up there, Clint,” Mr. Washington laughed, as he let us in the door.

“I think we might have something special here,” Mr. Wheeler grinned. “Baily here tells me that we got to try the little bitch’s mouth. Apparently she can deep throat like a pro. And she’s drunk as a skunk. Let me get her out of those clothes and we’ll see.”

I expected to be real embarrassed like when Mr. Wheeler took my tee off, but I wasn’t. In fact, I felt kinda sure of myself. The time at Bixbies (and maybe the vodka) made me feel real confident. I even helped him peel me out of the tight little micro mini, and there I was—totally naked except for thigh highs and outrageous five-inch heels. I guess I wasn’t really thinking about what might happen next. In the mirror, I could see how great I looked. My tits looked just huge, my waist so, so tiny, and my ass, ohmygawd, so voluptuous that it even surprised me. I looked very “fuckable,” just like Mr. Washington said.

Still, it really startled me when Mr. Wheeler told me to kneel down in front of him and take his cock out of his pants. I did it, but kinda like in a daze, you know? I guess it was all happening too fast or something. I was glad I had done this with Daddy so I knew what to do.

Mr. Wheeler sorta gasped as I pulled him all the way right down my throat. “Why you cock sucking little whore,” he said, and drove his hard cock six or seven times straight down my throat.

I think was kinda hoping right then that I wouldn’t have to do anything else, you know, like all I would have to do is what I did to Daddy. I mean I was still a virgin and everything. But that isn’t what happened. After he fucked my mouth for maybe five, ten minutes or something, he pulled out of my mouth and said I had got him all ready to see what my virgin pussy felt like. He grabbed me by my tits (which hurt like crazy!) and lifted me to my feet, walked me over to a table in the middle of the room, pushed me down on my back, and lifted my legs up to his shoulders.

“You ready for me to rip open that little cherry cunt of yours, Sweetie, turn you into the whore you were born to be?” he smirked. That was the first time that I really, really realized that I was actually about to be fucked. I mean like right that second! Ohmygawd!

It was like in slow motion when Mr. Wheeler adjusted my ass and pushed his cock towards my cunt. I know I sorta tensed up when I saw his dick part my labia and felt it slowly force its way into my pussy. I was pretty afraid right then, I gotta admit, and not too sure I really wanted this to happen, but at the same time I didn’t want him to think I was like a scared little kid, you know, so I tried my best to relax. He pushed right up against my hymen and asked me if I was ready to become “a complete woman.” I guess that was just the perfect thing to say to me right then, the way I was feeling. I just felt all of a sudden so grown up. I mean, Gawd, here is my teacher getting all hot and wanting me and stuff. Like I said, I felt just so like a woman! I just smiled at him and whispered, “Yes, I am, sir.”

Mr. Wheeler laughed and called Daddy and Mr. Washington to come over and watch. Daddy and Mr. Washington grabbed my legs and spread them completely open. Like so wide open it kinda hurt. Mr. Wheeler put his hands under my hips to readjust the position of my ass and then with one really hard stroke, tore right through my hymen! Ohmygawd, it hurt so much and I screamed out for him to stop, but of course he didn’t. I was so embarrassed about screaming like a little girl, but I just couldn’t help it. It really did hurt. But it didn’t really matter. He just kept fucking me even harder and harder, taking these long strokes in and out of my glistening pussy. I could hear Mr. Washington and Daddy urging him on.

His cock seemed so long and so hard and it was so deep in me. I mean, ohmygawd! I didn’t think this is what fucking would be. I opened my eyes finally and the look on Mr. Wheeler’s face right then suddenly got me like way excited. He was really enjoying fucking me. Me, this little school girl! I couldn’t believe what I said next. I sorta panted out,” Do you like me better than your wife, Mr. Wheeler? Do you? Do you?” When he grunted and laughed that he did, I just let myself go.

That big fat fuck stick tearing so violently into my pussy was starting to feel so, so good right then. I had forgot all about the pain part. I could feel this big wave of pleasure way, way down inside me coming up from my cunt and spreading all over my body. I didn’t realize it then, but I was having my first climax! I started saying over and over, “Oh, Gawd, Mr. Wheeler. Oh, Gawd! Oh, Gawd!”

“You like it now bitch? Like your tight little pussy getting fucked,” he asked me, panting and pumping harder and deeper into me.

“Ohmygawd, yes, yes, yes”

Every “yes” made him slam harder and deeper into my now more than willing pussy. I couldn’t stop myself from moaning “Oh, Mr. Wheeler” over and over, as I lifted my ass to meet every wonderful stroke of that beautiful pleasure tool tearing its way ever deeper into my young body.

“Goddamn, this is good pussy,” he said, turning to Mr. Washington. “Tight, clean, and wet. You about ready to take a turn, rip it open like you like to do?” he gasped.

“Don’t come in her cunt,” Mr. Washington said. “I don’t want a big mess in there before I had a chance to fuck it.”

So Mr. Washington was going to fuck me. I wondered what Daddy would think about that. I didn’t care anymore.

Mr. Wheeler was starting to fuck me so fast and hard now, and then all of a sudden he pulled out of me, pried my mouth open, and began fucking my throat. I heard Mr. Wheeler start to grown and start pumping my mouth harder and harder, and just as he started to unload himself in me and my mouth began to fill with his warm cum, I felt Mr. Washington spread my legs and step between them.

I looked down and for a second lost my breath, spilling some of Mr. Wheeler’s cum down my cheek. He was enormous! Mr. Wheeler had completely filled me up, but Mr. Washington’s cock was at least twice as big. And ohmygawd, it was so, so, so black! Black and fat and long...and scary!

When Mr. Wheeler had finished with my mouth and I had licked his cock clean, Mr. Washington asked him and Daddy to come and pull my legs apart again. He reached under me, lifted my ass into the air just like Mr. Wheeler did, and positioned the head of that awful black cock at the entrance of my oh so wet and abused pussy.

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