She's Daddy's Little Girl


“Daddy?” I sorta whimpered. “Are you going to let him?”

“It’s okay, just this one time, Honey,” Daddy said. I could tell he was all excited.

Mr. Wheeler laughed and said, “You’ll be a real woman if you can take all that black log in your tight little white pussy, baby.” He was pulling hard on my swollen tits and viciously pinching my hard and erect nipples.

Mr. Washington just grunted. “You ready for it whore?”

I didn’t know what else to say, so I just murmured, “Yes, sir.” I was scared, just like when Mr. Wheeler took my virginity, but I strangely wanted to prove to this black man that I was a woman, too. A white woman at that! “Yes, yes I am,” I said again, trying to sound real confident and grown up. “You may fuck me!” Gawd, I couldn’t believe I really said that. I looked over at Daddy expecting that he would be really, really outraged and everything at what I said? But he wasn’t. Not at all. I was so surprised. He looked all excited and I could see he was really, really hard. He was just staring so hard at Mr. Washington’s huge old black cock pushed right up next to my tiny white pussy. All I kept thinking was if I would have that same feeling as when Mr. Wheeler fucked me. Gawd, I hoped so!

I watched Mr. Washington lift and adjust my ass again and then saw the head of his massive fuck stick begin to disappear right into my white cunt. Ohmygawd, I was being fucked by black man. This was like so not real! He pulled out and slowly entered me again, this time a little deeper. My cunt was so wet and so stretched out, I really thought he was going to tear it, gentle as he was being. It was starting to feel so, so good. Ohmygawd.

A few strokes later, he reached down and pulled my legs up to his shoulders, readjusted my ass, and then, all of a sudden, just rammed his massive cock in me as hard as he could. I let out this awful scream. Three hard, ripping strokes later, he was groaning and bumping against the bottom of my cunt, pushing hard and harder against it. His cock was just so enormous, so fat, and so, so black. I was kinda like in a daze watching that enormous black monster sliding in and out of my tight little white cunt. It looked so sleek and wet, from my pussy juice, I guess. I was glad Mr. wheeler had me shaved, cause tell the truth, even though it really, really hurt, I liked watching.

I know he was tearing me up inside, but ohmygawd, it was feeling so good. I guess all the noises I was making just made him do it to me harder and harder. It did hurt, but really, I could hardly tell the difference between the pain and the pleasure. It all blended into one. It was so intense. Nothing could ever compare with this. When I looked down and saw that he had hit the bottom of my pussy and still had lots of cock to go, I felt so ashamed, like him and Mr. Wheeler wouldn’t think I was a real woman.

“What you going to do with the rest of that cock, Bill?” Mr. Wheeler laughed.

“That’s the only trouble young white pussy. Their cunts are too small. What you think I should do?” Mr. Washington growled, slamming even harder at the bottom of my torn pussy.

Mr. Washington was disappointed in my pussy! Gawd, I was so embarrassed. I felt so, like a little girl or something. I mean, like aren’t black guys supposed to feel so, so like privileged and stuff to get to do a white girl? I mean, ohmygawd.

“Why don’t you go ahead and try to bust that cunt apart. If you fuck her up too bad, we’ll take her to the hospital and say some of those college boys down at Bixbies got a little rough with a whore.”

“What do you say,” Baily?” Mr. Washington panted. “Want me to rip your daughter’s pussy apart? Make her a nigger slut?”

“You just go ahead and fuck her any ol’ way you want to, Mr. Washington,” Daddy said. “She ain’t nothin’ but a whore now anyway.”

“How ‘bout you, Honey? Want your little cunt opened up? Want to be able to fuck a black man like a woman should?”

I didn’t realize at first he was talking to me. I was so scared. I couldn’t believe what Daddy said. I didn’t know what to say. I wanted to be a real woman for Mr. Washington so, so much, and I was like way embarrassed that I couldn’t get all of him inside me, but I was scared to tell him to do that. I didn’t really even know what he meant to do to me. I was pretty sure it wasn’t anything nice. Then I decided that it probably didn’t really matter what I wanted. I knew it was going to happen no matter what I said. And tell the truth, I so wanted to prove that my white pussy I was as good as a black girl’s. So I just kinda like acted real cool and nodded my head just a tiny bit.

Mr. Washington laughed again, called me a “cock slut,” lifted my ass a little higher and began his assault on my abused cunt. Each long hard stroke hurt more and more. I could feel my cunt starting to tear, and that just scared me so much, but again, way down deep, I could feel this intense pleasure beginning to grow. I don’t know how long he fucked me that way, but when his enormous rod finally managed to rip my cunt completely open and I felt that enormous black shaft slip cleanly all the way into my womb with his huge, nasty black balls slamming up against my white ass, I completely lost myself in the pain and pleasure. Daddy told me later that I was just screaming “Oh, fuck me, Mr. Washington, fuck me, fuck me!”

It got all confusing after that. The next thing I remember was Mr. Washington pulling his swollen wet fuck stick from my sopping, bleeding vagina and trying to get it into my mouth, but it was just too big, and feeling Mr. Wheeler pushing his cock back into my pussy and him telling Mr. Washington how he had made a complete “mess” of my cunt. Well, Mr. Washington just dumped his cum load all over my face and tits. I was kinda embarrassed I couldn’t get him in my mouth. I guess I was still a little girl after all.

Mr. Washington made me wipe all of his cum up and swallow it, then he slapped me twice real hard for not being able to get his cock in my mouth and told me I would have to work on that. Then him and Mr. Wheeler went off to “rest” before they fucked me again. They told me to go into the bathroom and clean myself up and wait for them to call me.

Maybe about an hour or so later, Daddy came and got me and brought me back into Mr. Wheeler’s office. I could tell they had been drinking. They hadn’t bothered to get dressed and I could see that their dicks were already kinda semi hard. Daddy walked me over to Mr. Washington and sat me down on his lap. He started sucking on my nipples again and biting them. Like hard, too! After a few minutes of that, he picked me up, still biting my nipples, and carried me back over to the table, where Mr. Wheeler was waiting for me.

“Since you turned that tight little pussy into a whore’s hole, Bill, I think I’ll give that tight little ass a try,” Mr. Wheeler said. And with that, he grabbed me by the legs and flipped me over onto my belly. My virgin ass was going to be broken next. Ohmygawd!

I knew this was going to hurt so much, and I wanted to beg him not to, but at the same time I wanted to be a real woman for them and I thought this is what women have to do. So I just lay there. Mr. Wheeler had Daddy tie my hands behind my back, and then he pulled me to the edge of the table so that only my tits were on it. He slapped me on the ass real hard five or six times and then lifted my ass up and began to stuff his cock into my bottom, rocking me back and forth on my tits. It hurt even more than I had imagined.

“The little bitch is a lot tighter than I thought she’d be,” Mr. Wheeler grunted, as he spit on his cock and began to tear his way into my virgin ass, forcing more and more of his ridged fuck tool deeper and deeper into my stretched-out rectum. He hadn’t fucked me that way for more than maybe eight or ten strokes before Mr. Washington asked for a turn.

“Here, let me open that up for you, Clint,” Mr. Washington said, pulling Mr. Wheeler out of me.

You just can’t imagine how petrified I was when I felt Mr. Washington’s monstrous black dick poised at the edge of my ass. He was obviously going to split my ass completely open now.

He was not at all gentle this time. I screamed so hard when his cock penetrated my tight hole and I felt my tiny little my ass start to tear that Mr. Washington had to stop and tell someone to put a cock in my mouth to shut me up. When Mr. Wheeler pried my mouth open and slammed his cock clear down my throat, I thought I would surely just die. I couldn’t breath or scream with Mr. Wheeler’s cock clear down my throat and Mr. Washington’s giant tool ruining my virgin ass.

“Butcher that white-trash’s ass,” I dimly heard Mr. Wheeler yelling to Mr. Washington, and I even heard Daddy encouraging him “Tear that little whore’s ass apart.”

All I really remember is that huge black cock running in and out of my torn, bleeding ass. I honestly thought that his dick and Mr. Wheeler’s were going to meet inside me. That’s how deep they both were in me. It hurt so, so much. But when I felt both of them start to unload inside me, it’s funny but I just felt so proud. I mean I didn’t climax or anything like I did when Mr. Wheeler and Mr. Washington first fucked me, but Gawd, I felt so totally like a real woman.

I was so tired when Daddy finally took me back to the trailer, but while I was taking a shower I just started thinking about how Daddy had let them all fuck me and he never got anything and how I just knew he must have been all turned on and stuff, cause he wouldn’t let me put my clothes back on when we drove home so he could see my “pretty cunt and beautiful tits.”

I felt so sorry for him. Like they didn’t even offer him a turn, not even once. All he got to do was feel my tits a little bit. When I got out of the shower, I walked right into Daddy’s room and said, “Daddy, you can fuck me now, too, if you want. It’s okay. I don’t mind. After all, I am Daddy’s little girl!”

He didn’t hesitate, not even a second. He was just so grateful. He tore the towel off of me and carried me right over to his bed. I loved the way he kissed me to start off, you know with his tongue all pushing down my throat and stuff, while at the same time spreading my legs wide open. He was inside me before I could say a word.

I was surprised how good it felt. Daddy wasn’t big like Mr. Washington, but he was pretty thick, and he was just so turned on. It made me feel so, so good to see Daddy slamming his hard dick into me and to hear him calling me a “whore” and “fuck meat” and “cunt slut” and stuff like that. I liked it so much I kept telling him he could do anything he wanted to me now cause I was a real woman.

That really got him so excited. He just started fucking me everywhere. He fucked my ass and my mouth. He even pushed my tits together and started fucking them, telling me how big and womanly they had gotten.

But then (this was the best part for me), he got all real serious like. He pushed my legs up onto my shoulders, spread them as wide as he could, and just started hammering my bruised cunt so hard. Gawd, I really, really was getting turned on by that, and when I heard him start to groan and begin to empty himself way deep in my completely open womb, I had this incredible climax, almost as good as the one with Mr. Washington. I realized that Daddy was the first one to cum inside my cunt. That made me so happy.

Nowadays, I spend most of the school day down with Mr. Washington in the gym. He has some of the football players who do real good in the game and stuff fuck me, but they don’t do it very good. They’re too fast and stuff. Mr. Washington usually fucks me two or three times a week, just to “keep me open,” he says. He always makes me climax so hard. I really, really love that. Daddy still gets all upset whenever any of the “niggers” on the football team fuck me, and he just fucks me so hard then, calling me “nigger whore” and stuff. He gives me really good climaxes when he does it that way. Mr. Wheeler doesn’t fuck me as much, just usually on the weekends once or twice a month. He let his brother fuck me a couple of times. Daddy fucks me alot! I like it when he comes home drunk with one of his friends. He is so, so proud of how I can take cocks all the way down my throat. It’s best when Daddy is in my cunt and the other guy is in my mouth. I had my first triple two nights ago. Daddy brought home two guys from the bar and one of them took my cunt, the other my ass, and Daddy used my mouth. All at the same time. Wow! That was like so awesome!

I think I could be pregnant, but that’s okay. Mr. Washington will fix it, he said. My tits are just getting so big now. Everyone loves them. I guess I am really “fuckable,” too. I am so, so happy.

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by mezmerized02/21/18


To go from a virgin, to a whore, in one night.. Even if this was just an incest story, no 'respectable' father, would allow the teacher part to happen. Did he want another whore, to replace the wife,more...

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