tagFetishShit Eating Maid.

Shit Eating Maid.


My parents had just been transferred to a Far off place to work by their company and thus since they were now to stay far from home for at least 14 to 16 hours a day they decided to get a Female Maid to take care of the house and do all the work. My maid is just average looking but I developed a Deep Attraction for her ever since the first time I saw her, I don’t know what it was about her but she made me feel love for her each time I spoke to her and saw her.

I enjoy making love with my maid her name is Chhaya and she is 38 years old is a married woman and is very dark has 34c boobs big round and black tits her waist is 30 and has a round butt of 34, I myself am 19 years old and am just average looking with 32d tits and a tight butt to compliment my backside but more than anything Chhaya love my eyes and finds them Intoxicating.

I remember the first day after Chhaya had arrived and my parents left home I ran back to my room and began to finger myself thinking of me and Chhaya making Love. As I and Chayya were the only ones at home she would always dress up very Casually in a Saree which let me have a good view of the waist line and breasts. I remember it was raining outside when Chayya got back home and was completely drenched there by giving me Ample view of all that I wanted and much more, I went back to my room and just touched my pussy a little bit and then went on with it and before I knew I had just discovered what Heavy Orgasm’s were all about.

I lived in a locality where there were not many friends of my age and thus in my spare time when I was not in college I always ended up in Bed getting all wet by thinking of Chayya.

As I and Chhaya would spend hours all alone each day we would speak on all the topics under the sun and each time she said an incident where some guy had made a Pass at her not just made me Horny and Hot but made me feel Jealous as I intensely had begun to love Chhaya.

Days got converted into Weeks and Weeks into Months and my urge to make Chhaya mine was increasing with each passing day. I had Stained many a Panties and Bed Sheets while thinking of Chhaya but I was scared to make the first move towards her for fear of her Rejection but one day finally the day came when I heard some noise from her room as I peeped in I found her lying on the floor masturbating violently with 3 fingers into her 'Honey Pot', I went on looking I soon came to know from her movement and moans that she was going to CUMM any moment btu what I saw next I something that Shocked me and I am sure it will shock you all as well, I saw Chayya let go of her and she Shat on the floor I did not now what to do but went on looking and what I saw next was even Worse, she bent over and Ate all the shit and licked the Floor clean.

I then decided to keep a Close Watch on Chayya’s Sexual Activities and soon realized something which came as a Big Shock to me and what I realized was that Chayya was an Out and Out Shit Lover.

I had soon seen her Eating Shit, Rubbing it all over her Body, Shoving it into her Cunt and all that one can possibly do with Shit.

At first all this came as a Major Shock but soon I started Enjoying seeing what Chayya was doing, once as I as always was peeping and watching what Chayya was doing I happened to lose my Balance on the stool on which I was standing to see her and thus a loud noise was made and Chayya came to know that I was watching what she was doing, she cam out of the room and saw me fallen on the floor she picked me up and took me into her Room. The moment I entered her Room my Nostrils were filled with the Stink of Shit.

I looked at Chayya and before I could say anything Chayya pleaded to me that I must not tell my Parents about this fetish of hers as she would then lose her Job, she asked me that don’t we all have a right to have our own Fetishes??? I answered in the positive and no soon as I did this She sat down on the Floor in front of me and asked me to piss and I without any Hesitataion started to Piss on her and once I was done it was Inevitable of me to Shit on her and that is just what I did and she gladly Drank and Ate away all my Bodily Waste.

From that day onwards I don’t remember visiting the Loo as each time I have to Relieve myself I have my very own Human Toilet ‘CHAYYA’

My next Story will be Titled ‘PLEASURES OF SHIT EATING MAID - CHAYYA’, do watch out for it, I will write the next story only if get adequate and encouraging responses for this Story.

Many people whom I know feel that I am a hardcore pervert as I have sex with my maid and that too Shit Sex, but I feel that there should not be any distinction in this matter as even she is human and even she needs love. You readers mean a lot to me now so you'll tell me am I doing the right thing by making love to my maid???

Only Responses sent by Females to my mail box via e-mail will be accepted. I love replying to mails sent to me and will get back to your at the earliest, please note I shall not respond to Anonymous responses and you need to write in your ASL along with your response.

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