tagLesbian SexWe Need to Go, Go, Go!

We Need to Go, Go, Go!


Debby looked over as she heard the door open and there they stood, their mouths agape, Tammy and Lisa. These, Debby knew, were Linda's teen sisters, both back from college for their break, one an eighteen year old freshman, the other a year older, a sophomore. The two sisters had arrived a day early, without letting Linda know about the change in plans, and the last thing they expected to see was what they were witnessing. Linda, and Debby too, were utterly shocked to see them standing there.

"Oh my god!" Lisa said to Tammy, gasping, "Look at sis! She's all naked and down on the floor on her knees!"

Linda, at 30, was much older than had her two sisters, and had essentially raised them after their parents had been killed in a crash

"And– and– sh– she– she's licking Debby's ass," Tammy stuttered.

Debby quickly regained her composure, smiling lewdly at the two girls.

"You sister's not just licking my ass; she's licking my dirty ass clean," Debby said, pulling away from Linda's tongue a moment and turning her bare bottom to the girls, reaching back to hold herself open so they could look into the messy brown crevice. And could also see, under the deep pink blush of her embarrassment, their sister's face and lips all smudged brown with Debby's shit. The girls were well-aware that their older sister was gay and that Debby was her lover, but they hadn't been expecting this! They nearly trembled with shock, but they couldn't turn their eyes away, mesmerized by what they were witnessing.

"Your sister wiped your poopholes clean when you were little girls," Debby said to the two of them, "and I guess she never stopped needing to clean up a dirty, shitty ass. Except now she cleans mine, and she cleans it with her tongue."

The girls watched and, looking down, they could see a pile of big brown turds by their sister's knees, and realized that Debby had shit right there, right in their sister's bedroom.

"Keep licking, Lin," Debby said with a cackle, winking at the girls, "maybe if you're in luck your sisters will need to shit too, and then you can lick them clean as well."

As Linda resumed licking Debby's shithole, Debby just looked smilingly at the two girls. They still had that look of utter amazement on their two faces. And though they were terribly shocked by all this, Debby could sense they were also intrigued, even aroused by what they were witnessing.

"I'll bet you girls would love to have your sister lick you clean the way she's licking me clean. Not the way she did when you were little girls, but the way she likes to clean shitty asses now, with her tongue."

The girls blushed hearing these provocative words, as did Linda, still lapping away between Debby's cheeks.

"Uh-- well-- " Lisa stuttered, "me and Tammy were just about to head to the bathroom when we saw you two. We both have to pee and poop so bad, all the way from the airport we've been really needing to go. We were joking about who'd get to take a crap first."

"No need to go to the bathroom, you can stay and take your craps right here," Debby told them, pointing to the mound of her own shit on the floor, "and then I'm sure your sister would be only too happy to lick you clean the way she's licking me clean. So take off your clothes and stay awhile."

Awkwardly, but eagerly, Lisa and Tammy undressed, and now the two teen coeds stood there, stark naked, their bowels full, ready to empty them. Ready to shit for Debby and their sister.

"God, I need to shit so bad!" Tammy said, clutching her tummy.

Lisa looked at her younger sister and smiled.

"Shit, sis? I guess you're growing up, "you always used to say 'poop'"

"Poop, shit, crap, take a dump. That's what I gotta do. I really need to go"

"So do I, sis, I can't wait to crap the way sis's girlfriend just did. And pee too"

"Yeah, and maybe sis will wipe us clean just like she did her girlfriend," Tammy said as the two naked sisters giggled, squirming.

Linda couldn't believe what she was hearing and partly kept her face buried in Debby's ass so her sisters wouldn't notice how much she was blushing, and make fun of her.

"Well girls," Debby said, "I guess the question now is just where and how you two should shit and piss. Then we'll worry about cleaning up."

"We'll shit anywhere, as long as we can shit soon," Lisa groaned, biting her lip, showing just how much she needed to unload.

"Oh fuck," Tammy moaned, holding on to her bare tummy, "I know I'm going to take a huge dump"

"I think we'll let your sister decide," Debby said, pulling her ass back from Linda's tongue, turning to look down at the shithole-licking sister, down on her knees, with face dirtier and more smudged than ever.

"Yeah, let sis decide!" Tammy said with youthful enthusiasm.

Debby looked down at Linda.

"So, Linda. It's up to you. Where should the girls shit and piss? They can do it on the floor, like I did. Or maybe we can convince them to shit on each other. Or they shit on you, their sister. They can shit on me, any part of me they want. And remember, they both don't have to shit in the same place and the same way. So Linda, you decide."

"Uh huh, sis, where should we shit?" Lisa whined. "we really gotta shit!"

Debby gave Linda a knowing look, and Linda knew exactly what that look meant as she stretched herself out on the floor, on her back. Looking over she could see (and smell) the pile of Debby's shit deposited just a foot or two from her. Linda looked so deliciously lewd, laying there on the floor, her face smudged with shit.

"Girls?" Debby said, turning to Lisa and Tammy, "who will be first?"

"Me! Me! Me!" Tammy squealed, clutching her tummy, squirming, her sister giving her a playful slap.

"No! Me! I'm older!" Lisa said, assuming rank in the need-to-shit order.

"Come here," Debby said to Lisa, wagging a finger as Lisa shuffled over. Debby looked down at Linda now, stretched out naked on the floor, "spread your legs, Linda, spread them wide."

Linda did as she was told, spreading them. She was still stunned by all this. Stunned by having her young sisters walk in on her just as she was licking shit off of Debby's ass. Stunned that the girls had stripped naked, stunned that they were so eagerly watching their own sister engaged in such depravity. Stunned that they, of all things, so badly needed to shit themselves. Stunned that, when asked, she willingly offered up herself as the appropriate toilet for the two teens to shit on. Her own sisters! Her own teen sisters were about to shit on their older sister! And her perverted friend Debby was only too happy to orchestrate it all.

As Lisa waited, Debby pointed down, "Squat down there, between your sister's legs, with your back to her."

The teen did as she was told, like a zombie, as amazed as her two siblings by all this. But needing to shit, needing to shit so badly. Debby helped position her so her little puckered anus, so exposed now and so visible to Linda, was positioned right above Linda's pussy.

"Okay, you may go now," Debby said and the desperate teen, holding it in all this time, didn't wait another moment. First a torrent of piss escaped from her, cascading straight out onto her sister's pussy, but also splashing down on her thighs, her belly, all over.

"Oh God, I'm making such a mess!" Lisa said as she urinated, Linda looking down spellbound, feeling her sister's pee shower her.

"Don't worry, your sister will be only too happy to clean up later." Debby cackled.

And now suddenly, without any warning, Lisa emptied her fully packed rectum right on Linda's pussy with one massive releasing spasm of her bowels, the turds falling one after another, landing with a soft thud on her sister's vulva, warm, greasy and heavy. And there it now sat, a massive mound of shit, a big fecal pile, resting on Linda's cunt, covering it.

"Oh my god!" Linda whispered breathlessly, "Lisa's sh--sh--sh--"

"Yes," Debby said, completing her sentence, "your sister shit on your cunt"

"That is the freakiest thing I've ever seen!" Tammy, the younger sister, shouted, her wide eyes unblinking as she took in the depraved scenario, clutching her tummy, hopping on one foot, then the other, the sight of her sister finally relieving herself only making her own need to empty herself seem that much the greater, that much more desperate, a lewd, girlish smile curling up on the teen's face as she realized that she, too, would be shitting on her sister.

Except Tammy was wrong, because her sister had another idea.

"Honey?" Linda said to her youngest sister, "since Lisa shit on me, maybe you'd like to shit on Debby?"

Linda and Debby smiled knowingly at each other, as the two girls realized that their sister wasn't the only one here who enjoyed being used as a toilet. Debby, of course, just loved Linda's idea.

"Oh God, sis! Right now I don't care much where I get to shit. I just need to go so bad. I'm so full inside," Tammy groaned clutching her tummy, squirming even more.

"Well then, Tammy, I definitely think it's time for you to shit now," Debby said, having Tammy bend over, telling her to put her hands on her knees as she bent at the waist. Then Debby dropped down behind Tammy, down on her knees. Linda and Lisa sat alongside each other on the edge of the bed, Lisa looking over and smiling a little wickedly as she took in the sight of her sister's shit-smeared body, the strong scent of her own shit wafting up especially from between her sister's legs, from her shit-caked cunt.

Now Debby reached to spread apart Tammy's smooth, girlish buttocks. Trim but also provocatively rounded, the hips were still narrow and girlish, though she was already eighteen. Now all three gazed over at the vivid exposed sight of Tammy's puckered anus, the lovely anal ring.

Debby leaned in to lick that rubbery sphincter.

"Mmmmmmmmh, doing that really makes me want to go," Tammy purred.

"Well what are you waiting for!" Lisa cackled, urging on her sister.

Then, suddenly, young Tammy's little anus dilated hugely as brown showed itself. In mere seconds, several inches of an immensely fat turd had been pushed out of her little ass, and the anal ring had been dilated, forced open so it now looked like a stretched rubber band wrapped around a shockingly thick log of shit.

"God, sis! Look at the size of Tammy's shit!" Lisa said.

"I know, it's huge," Linda whispered breathlessly, sharing the spectacle with her sister

But Debby did not merely stare at the massive turd emerging from young Tammy's ass. No, she brought her tongue to it and licked the turd as it came out; she dragged her tongue over the rough, greasy, bumpy surface of that awesomely fat log of shit. And then she did more than that. She clamped her lips around the tip of the thick brown log and began to suck it as Lisa and her sister looked on in amazement, Debby's eyes locked on Lisa's as she sucked on her younger sister's shit.

"Oh, wow!" Lisa gasped. "Your girlfriend is so filthy, sis. She's sucking on Tammy's turd!"

Debby sucked the log as Tammy, big smile on her face and so happy to finally relieve herself, let the immense turd slide out of her ass. Debby held her hand up so the full length of log would fall into it as she sucked the tip. Finally the entire turd was out of Tammy and resting in the palm of Debby's hand. What Debby did then was stop sucking on it, reach down, and smack that turd up between her legs, mashing it into her pussy as the three sisters watched the obscene spectacle in utter amazement.

"I got more," Tammy said excitedly in that appealingly girlish voice as she started to push another fat brown log from her ass. This one, and the ones that followed, Debby allowed to fall on her breasts, reaching down to smear and spread Tammy's shit all over herself.

"God, I can't believe this is happening!" Linda said, stunned at how it was all unfolding, how having her sisters walk in on their sister licking Debby's shitty ass clean then led to all this deliciously filthy play.

"I think there's maybe one more," Tammy said, and this log Debby let fall between her open lips again, sucking it. Finally when Tammy had pushed it all out, had finished shitting, Debby turned to Linda and Lisa. What they saw was Debby clenching one half of a fat log of shit between her lips, the other half sticking out. She looked at Linda and Linda knew just what Debby wanted her to to do, leaning over and wrapping her lips around the exposed end of the turd, sucking it down until her lips met Debby's in a greasy kiss, the two ends of the big brown log of shit held in their two mouths.

Then Debby had Linda pull away and turned to Lisa. Linda knew just what Debby had in mind now.

"Suck it, honey, suck your sister's shit," Linda said to her sister, pushing her head forward as Lisa hesitated just a moment before taking a big breath and taking the greasy log between her mouth, as her sister had.

"Look at you all!" Tammy giggled happily, "you all sure seem to love my shit!"

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