tagNovels and NovellasShona's Summer Holiday Ch. 01

Shona's Summer Holiday Ch. 01


Chapter 1 - The Reunion

"Shona, Shona!!" Turning towards the familiar voice, she saw Jane jumping up and down like a schoolgirl, just the way Shona remembered her. She rushed down the airport passage and threw herself into her friend's arms, hugging her tightly. "I'm so glad you came," said Jane, holding Shona tight as tears of joy brimmed in her eyes.

Shona smiled at her, kissing her softly on her cheek. Holding Jane in her arms felt so familiar, bringing back a rush of memories. She hadn't seen Jane in the little over three years since she'd married Geoff. Geoff was an American who had been visiting his father's family in England. After the wedding, he had taken her back to the states. Whilst apart, the friends had kept in touch, both by letter and the occasional phone call. They were still, very much, in each others' hearts.

As roommates at boarding school the girls had been inseparable. They had shared everything, their thoughts and hopes, their deepest secrets, their boyfriends, and even their bodies. Those had been amongst the happiest days of their lives and they had thought that they would always be together. Things however, never turn out quite how they are planned. Shona had missed her friend bitterly after she'd moved away and now she held Jane tightly in her arms, savouring the feeling of her friend's warm, firm body pressed against her own.

Finally Jane broke the hug. "Let's get your bags and go to the house. I want you to meet Leah," she said softly. Shona smiled and followed her to the baggage carousel.

The friends talked incessantly the entire way to Jane's house. Shona caught herself looking at Jane's legs and body. The long flight had actually made her a little horny, with nothing to do but look at the other passengers, both men and women and fantasise. At one point in the flight, she had even thought about trying to seduce one of the stewardess but, in all fairness, none of them were really her type and so she decided not to.

The twenty or so minute drive to Jane's home was through several different types of neighbourhoods, from poor underclass all the way to large homes on estate lots. Jane made a few more turns and drove down a street with large homes on smaller, but still large lots. She could tell that Shona was amazed by the size of everything. "Things really are bigger here in the states, Shona. They have so much land and everything. It's not like back home at all," Jane said smiling.

Shona smiled back, "Everything is bigger?" she asked wickedly.

Jane giggled, nodding her head. The two friends laughed like old times. It was as if they had only been apart for only a few days.

Jane turned into a driveway. The lawn was neatly mown, with beautiful flowers lining the house. "This is so beautiful, Jane", said Shona breathlessly.

Jane smiled, almost embarrassed. "It's not like back home," she replied candidly.

Shona followed Jane into the house, noting that she still had her youthful figure and look six months after having Leah. Jane introduced her to Nina, the babysitter. Nina told Jane that she was just about to give Leah her 2 o' clock feed and that she had to go to get to her classes. Jane kissed Nina on the cheek, then watched her walk away. Shona recognized that look in Jane's eyes. "You working on it, or have you already?", she asked her friend coyly.

Jane broke her stare abruptly and smiled. "I'll tell you later," she said "but now I have to feed Leah."

Jane made her way to the child's room, emerging a few moments later with the infant held her to her breasts, stroking her soft hair. "This is Shona, mummy's best friend," Jane said to Leah.

Jane unbuttoned her blouse, slipping her large breast out of her bra. "She is almost weaned, but I still have to breast feed occasionally, more for me than her," Jane said as Shona sat down on the chair just across from them.

Shona watched entranced as Leah's mouth suckled on her former roommate's hard nipple, her little hands grasping at the large breast. She felt almost jealous of Leah, having missed the times she had spent with her friend and lover. "Remember when you used to do that for me?" she asked Jane.

Jane looked up. "Yes I do," she said dreamily, "and I have been remembering it more and more since you told me you were coming to visit. I have missed you so much, Shona."

Shona got up from the chair then moved across the room to sit next to Jane. Stroking her friend's soft blonde hair, Shona watched Leah's mouth sucking on Jane's nipple, her tiny hands sliding over her breasts.

Without any prompting, Shona leaned over, kissing Jane softly on her neck. Jane closed her eyes, moaning softly. Shona watched her breathing deepen, her breasts rising and falling. She felt a rush of electricity through her body as she watched Jane burp Leah, then put her down to sleep.

Jane's blouse was still open, exposing her large, ample breasts. Shona smiled to herself. She had always loved playing with Jane's tits, almost as much as she'd enjoyed having Jane play with hers. Jane's breasts were even larger than Shona's and were every bit as sensitive.

"Let me show you your room," said Jane, walking towards the stairs. Shona followed her, looking at her tight bum in the short skirt. Once in the room, Jane turned to Shona and smiled. Shona instantly knew that look, a look she had seen so many times before. She walked to Jane, wrapping her arms around her. They both moaned softly as they held each other, feeling the other in their arms. After a few moments they kissed, gently at first, then with more passion, more urgency. Their tongues played together, sharing each others' tastes. Shona's hands caressed Jane's back, rediscovering every part of her body. Her breasts became alive with electricity as they pressed against Jane's. "I have missed you so much, Jane," she said, kissing her lips, and then her cheeks. Jane dropped her head back, exposing her neck to Shona's mouth. Shona slid her tongue down Jane's neck, sucking and biting her soft skin. Jane moaned louder as she felt the familiar tongue on her flesh. "All I have been able to think about the past month is you," whispered Shona, biting the soft skin of her friend's neck.

Shona slid her tongue back up Jane's cheek, kissing her deeply. Their tongues whirled around together. Shona's hand slid up Jane's body to caress the breasts she had remembered and longed for for so long. She pulled at Jane's blouse, slipping it off her shoulders, giving her hand full access to Jane's large globes. Jane sighed as Shona squeezed her breasts, rolling her hard nipples between her fingers. She let out a soft squeal of pleasure, eliciting memories of the times they had spent in bed together at St. Mary's.

Shona pulled Jane's blouse off, sliding the straps of her bra off her soft shoulders, allowing her breasts to fall into her waiting hands. She attacked Jane's tits with her mouth, sucking on her hard, erect nipples. Jane moaned louder as Shona groped and sucked her sensitive breasts.

Suddenly a sweetness filled Shona's mouth. Some of Jane's milk squirted out of her nipple and into her friend's hungry mouth. Shona had never tasted anything like it before. She sucked harder, trying to get more of the breast's sweet juices into her mouth. Jane held Shona's head to her breast, moaning and sighing with pleasure. "Ooohhhhh gggddddd, Shona," Jane cooed, rubbing her breasts in Shona's face and mouth. "Ooohhhh gggdddd, ooohhh ggddddddd."

Jane's body began to convulse and shake. She had always been able to cum just from having her tits played with. Shona smiled inside, knowing the pleasure she was giving her friend. She slid her tongue further down Jane's belly, one hand still groping her breast, the other caressing her firm arse. Her tongue played with Jane's bellybutton, then slid further down, to the top of her skirt. Shona's hand slid under her friend's skirt, squeezing her cheeks, pulling her mound hard towards her mouth. She quickly unhooked Jane's skirt, letting it fall to the floor. Suddenly, her nostrils were filled with a familiar aroma. Shona tongued and sucked Jane's wetness through her knickers, tasting her for the first time in three years.

Her passions began to overtake her actions. She grabbed at Jane's wet knickers, ripping them from her body. Jane grabbed Shona's head, pulling her hungry mouth towards her pussy. She screamed as Shona's tongue plunged deep into her, spreading her moist lower lips as it wiggled inside her tunnel.

Jane's juices flowed into Shona's mouth, her hips bucked against her face. Shona rubbed Jane's clit as began to feast on her quivering muffin. "OOohhhh gggdddddd, Shona, you always knew how to eat me," Jane moaned, her hips heaving back and forth, fucking her friend's probing tongue.

Jane groped her tits, pulling her hard nipples as Shona rammed two fingers deep inside her wet cunt, her teeth scraping against her swollen clit. She squealed even louder as Shona bit and tugged on her clit with her lips, her fingers plunging in and out of her friend's cunt. She finger fucked her hard, twisting and pumping her fingers deeper and deeper inside her. "OOOOOHHHHHHHH GGGGDDDDDDDDD," Jane screamed as she came hard, grabbing Shona's head and pulling her mouth even more firmly against her quaking cunt.

Jane's juices ran down Shona's face as she sucked hard on her friend’s cunt. Shona's hands groping Jane's arse, pulling her cunt harder against her mouth. She felt Jane shake as she held on tight to Shona's head for support, her body cumming again and again, filling her mouth with her sweet juices. Shona licked her lips, savouring the taste of her friend's juices.

Jane fell onto the bed, bolts of electricity racing through her body. Her breasts were rising and falling with every deep breath she took. Shona crawled over to her on the floor, sliding between her legs, kissing and tonguing up her way up her legs, over her thighs, licking every trace of Jane's juices from her body.

Jane's fingers ran though Shona's hair, stroking her head gently, lovingly. "Oh Shona, I love you so much." she sighed softly, "I have missed you, our midnight chats, our secrets, our lovemaking".

Shona climbed onto the bed, lying next to Jane. She was still fully dressed while Jane's beautiful, sexy body was naked. Jane rolled onto her side, her breast pressed against Shona's side. Her hand stroked Shona's hair, pulling it away from her face. She looked longingly into her friend's face, her blue eyes glowing with love and emotion.

Jane gently unbuttoned the long, flowing dress that Shona wore for the flight. Her fingers cupping Shona's breasts as she unbuttoned further down. Shona lay on the bed, looking up at her, motionless, letting Jane do all the work. Jane slid her dress off her shoulders, lowering her head to her friend's neck, kissing the soft skin. Shona moaned as Jane slid her tongue down, circling her hard nipples. She sucked the tender undersides of Shona's breasts, toying with the nipples. Waves of pleasure shot through her body as Jane bit and pulled on her nipples with her teeth. She moaned louder and louder as Jane increased her sucking, squeezing Shona's tits with her hands.

Jane looked up at Shona and smiled. Seeing her friend sucking her tits, her blue eyes glowing sent Shona's mind back several years, to the times spent together at school. She smiled deep inside, glad to be back with Jane once more, even if only for a couple of weeks.

Shona lifted her bum off the bed as Jane pulled her dress from her body. She felt her nipples becoming harder from the cool air blowing out of the vents. Jane looked up, giving her a sly smile then slid her tongue down over Shona's flat tummy, over her mound and onto her wet lower lips. Shona jumped at the touch of Jane's tongue on her pussy. She closed her eyes, remembering all the times they'd spent together.

Jane flicked her tongue over Shona's lips, pressing it slowly into her pussy. Shona smiled, knowing that Jane loved to take it slowly at first, teasing her, making her finally beg her to eat her. She bit her lip as she felt Jane's tongue slide between her labia, spreading them as it entered her.

Jane's tongue darted in and out, teasing Shona's lower lips and brushing against her throbbing clit. Shona moaned loudly, wanting to feel Jane's whole mouth taking her, eating her. She grabbed Jane's head, pulling her hard against her trembling cunt. Jane knew her friend was ready. She plunged her tongue deep into Shona's pussy, sucking her juices from her cunt. Shona screamed as she held Jane's head tight to her cunt, her hips bucking. Jane shoved two fingers deep inside Shona's cunt. She sucked and bit her swollen clit, sending wave after wave of electricity through her shaking body.

Shona grabbed her breasts, pulling her nipples hard, painfully, as Jane devoured her thrashing cunt. Jane grabbed Shona's arse, squeezing her cheeks, pulling her hard against her mouth, as her tongue plunged in and out.

"Oooohhhh fffuuuucckkkkk Jane!!!" screamed Shona as she let her lover's tongue, fuck her, her hips bouncing up and down on the bed. Suddenly, her back arched uncontrollably, her body tensed as her orgasm exploded deep within her shaking body. "Oooooohhhhhhhh ggggdddddd," she screamed, grabbing Jane by her long, blonde hair, holding her face to her wet cunt. Her juices flooded Jane's mouth, covering her beautiful face.

Jane kept tonguing and fingering as orgasm after orgasm raced through Shona's sweating body. She licked and lapped Shona's hot juices as they flowed out of her tunnel, sucking on her lips, clit and inner thighs.

Finally Shona fell back onto the bed, exhausted, her body shaking uncontrollably. She looked down at Jane who smiled lovingly back. Jane crawled up Shona's body, her large breasts dragging across her friend's belly. Shona reached up to her, pulling Jane to her. They kissed deeply, yet tenderly, sharing the others’ cum. They lay together, their naked bodies wrapped in each others' arms. Not much was spoken for the next several minutes, no words were needed. The air in the room was filled with the aroma of their passions, making them both feel warm and safe.

After a few minutes, Jane leaned up, "That was fun, lets do it again," she smiled. The two friends giggled like school girls, their hands caressing each other tenderly.

Finally, Jane said that she needed to shower before Geoff came home and that she had a large shower in her bath, just made for two people, sometimes even more. Shona smiled tenderly at Jane, enjoying her playfulness. They both made their way through to Jane's shower together, their hands caressing each other, trying to make up for lost time.

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