tagNovels and NovellasShona's Summer Holiday Ch. 02

Shona's Summer Holiday Ch. 02


Chapter 2 - The Shower

Even though it was late in the afternoon, the sun bore down. Jane, lying naked on the chaise felt the cool water splashing on her back. She arched her back, lifting her torso, her hard nipples rubbing against the towel under her. Shona laughed as Jane squealed. Jane turned to see Shona standing in front of her, her oiled body glistening in the sun.

"I need to cool off," Shona said, diving into the pool. Jane followed her friend into the water, swimming up next to her. Jane popped up right beside Shona, water splashing in Shona's face. Jane smiled at her best friend, looking deeply into her eyes. They both smiled as Shona leaned to Jane, kissing her softly on the lips. Jane felt that familiar rush of pleasure through her body as she wrapped her arm around Shona's waist, pulling her against her. Their breasts crushed against each other, their kiss becoming deeper and more passionate. The cool water around their bodies contrasted with the heat building inside them. Shona cupped Jane's large, firm breasts, feeling their weight in her hands. Jane moaned softly as Shona squeezed and played with her tits. Jane's breasts were always very sensitive, even for their size, and Shona knew it, knowing where to touch gently and were to touch roughly. Jane slid her hands down Shona's slick back, grabbing her firm arse, pulling her hard against her mound. They ground their mounds against each other, feeling their pussies beginning to burn with pleasure. Neither had planned on playing at that time, but the heat of the sun and each seeing the other naked had made them both extremely horny.

Jane broke the kiss, telling Shona that it was getting late and that Geoff would be home shortly. "Let's finish this in the shower," Jane smiled sultrily. Shona readily agreed, following Jane out of the pool. They grabbed their towels, but didn't cover themselves as they walked into the house.

Next door, kneeling behind an attic opening was Jane's 18 year old neighbour’s son. The tall fence kept all the windows from next door from seeing into the yard, but they didn’t take into account the attic. Jeremy had his binoculars in one hand and his hard, youthful cock in the other. He had been watching the two women for about an hour, stroking his cock slowly so as not to cum too soon. Seeing Jane and Shona kiss in the water, their hands groping each other was too much for the young man. His hand slid up and down his hard shaft faster and faster. He imagined himself in the pool with his sexy neighbour and her friend. He had always fantasized about Mrs Jones ever since she and Geoff had moved in about two years before. Jeremy closed his eyes, imagining his mouth sucking on Jane's luscious tits, his tongue playing with her large, hard nipples as his hand wanked his cock faster and faster. After a few minutes, he came harder than he had ever before, spewing his hot juices all over his hands and the towel he was holding. He collapsed onto the floor, breathing deeply, smearing the cum over his wilting cock. He had wanked to images of Jane often, but now that her friend was there, he was even more aroused, going into the attic several times a day in case they were outside. He cleaned himself up, already thinking about the next time he would get to see Mrs Jones and her sexy friend.

Jane and Shona walked into the cool house, their bodies quickly becoming covered with goose bumps. Jane smiled as she took Shona's hand, leading her up the stairs to the large shower in the bedroom. Jane leaned in, turning on the water. Shona leaned over, kissing and caressing Jane's firm bum.

"Damn Jane, even after a baby, you still have as beautiful body as you did before," Shona said, rubbing Jane's cheeks gently. Jane moaned softly, feeling Shona's finger slipping between her cheeks. Jane began to rock her arse against Shona's hand, feeling the fingertips on her lips. Jane stepped into the hot water, feeling the head cascading over her body, making her even more aroused. Shona left the room for a minute, then returned with a smile on her face. She had a clear blue strap-on in her hand, rubbing it over her lips, sucking on the head as she entered the shower.

"Oh God, Shona, where did you get that?" Jane said, eyeing the thick cock sliding in and out of Shona's mouth. Shona pulled the cock out of her mouth with a pop, "I always keep it handy in my suitcase," she smiled, sliding the head over her slit, the head just penetrating her lips. Jane looked at the cock slipping into Shona's muffin, spreading the lips as it sank deeper into her. Jane's fingers instinctively slid between her legs, teasing her clit and lips.

Jane took the strap-on from Shona's hands and began rubbing it over her mound. Shona felt a rush of electricity surge through her body as Jane sank the hard cock deep inside her.

"Ooohhh gggdddd Jane", Shona moaned. Jane put the strap-on on her waist, grabbing Shona’s waist. Shona pushed her bum out towards Jane, offering herself to her. Jane's hands caressed her bum, squeezing her cheeks as she pushed her hips forward. The thick cock split Shona's lips, sinking deep into her.

Shona closed her eyes, feeling the thick, veined cock slide against her walls, stretching her. She thrust her hips back, feeling Jane's hips slamming against her arse. Jane moaned loudly as the inside of the strap-on rubbed on her clit as designed. Her body began to tremble as the little finger inside the strap-on rubbed furiously against her clit.

"Ooohhh fffuuuucckkkkk," Shona groaned, rocking her hips back and forth onto the cock. All the sexual tension from the day had built up inside both Jane and Shona and both were on the verge of a quick orgasm.

"Oooohhh shhitttt, Jane... fuck me, fuck me hard!!!!" Shona screamed. Jane watched the cock sliding in and out of Shona's cunt. This along with the rubbing of the little finger was driving her to her own climax. The hot water of the shower poured over their thrusting bodies, adding to the climax. Jane pounded her friend's cunt, thrusting again and again, until Shona screamed with glee.

"Ooooohhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuck!" she screamed as her cunt squeezed around the hard plastic cock, her tunnel filled with her juices. Jane thrust a few more times until she was ready to cum too. She fell onto Shona, her tits pressed hard on her back. Jane's body shook and shuddered as her orgasm raced through her. Shona turned around, getting onto her knees, her mouth inches from the cum covered cock. Shona tongued the tip, then took the cock deep into her mouth, tasting her own sweet juices.

Shona sucked up and down the hard cock, her head twisting. Jane looked down, realizing how incredible sexy her friend looked. "No wonder Geoff loves watching me suck his cock," Jane thought to herself. Shona looked up at Jane, the cock still in her mouth. Jane groped her breasts as she leaned against the shower wall.

"Jane, Jane, where are you?" came a voice from downstairs. Jane barely heard the voice of her husband. She looked down at Shona, her mouth still sucking the plastic cock. Jane smiled, yelling, "I'm in the shower. why don’t you come join me?" Shona looked up at Jane in surprise. She had been eyeing Geoff since she had arrived. He was a handsome, older man, still in very good shape. And knowing Jane's sexual appetite, Shona knew that he had to be very good in bed. She looked up at Jane, but Jane placed her finger to her mouth, "Shhhhhh," Jane said, smiling. Shona slid behind Jane so that Geoff might not see her until he opened the shower door. She could see him undress through the wavy glass, trying to make out his cock. The door slowly opened. When Geoff saw Shona in the shower, he froze, standing with the door open.

"Close the door, silly," Jane said, "you are letting in the cold air." Geoff quickly stepped in, shutting the glass door behind him. Shona looked down at Geoff and smiled. Everything she had imagined was true. Geoff's cock hung down, longer than almost any she had seen. Geoff smiled at Shona as she rubbed her large breasts against Jane's back. Shona reached up, groping Jane's tits, pulling at her hard nipples.

"I hope you like our surprise, honey," Jane said coyly. Geoff smiled, walking to Jane. He placed his arms around both her and Shona, kissing Jane deeply. Shona felt a rush of pleasure watching her best friend lovingly kiss her husband. Shona ground her mound hard against Jane's arse. Jane returned the motion. Jane felt Geoff's cock begin to harden against her belly. She reached down, stroking him slowly. Geoff moaned as his cock began to stiffen further in Jane's fingers. Jane fell to her knees, taking Geoff’s cock into her mouth. Geoff grabbed her hair, lost in the pleasure his wife was giving him. Shona watched Jane, her fingers playing with her pussy. In school, Shona had always heard that Jane gave the best head, even better, perhaps, than she did, and now she knew why. Jane made love to Geoff's cock, her tongue sliding up and down the hard shaft, then playing with the tip, before dropping her head down, engulfing the entire thick shaft. Shona looked at Geoff's expression, knowing that he was in ecstasy as Jane's head bobbed up and down the hard, thick rod.

Shona hugged on Geoff's side, rubbing her cunt against the side of his thigh. Geoff rubbed back, adding to Shona's pleasure.

"Oooohhhh ggddddddd," Geoff moaned, feeling his cock inside Jane's hot tight mouth. He wrapped his arm around Shona, holding her incredible body against his, feeling her breasts pressed against him. Jane could feel his cock becoming harder and thicker inside her mouth, the head rubbing deep down her throat. she began to finger her wet muffin with her free hand, plunging her fingers in and out of her quivering tunnel. Geoff groped her tits, squeezing and kneading her tender flesh. Geoff also knew how Jane liked to be handled. The feel of his strong hand taking her tit, her fingers deep inside her cunt and his cock deep inside her mouth was driving her wild. She increased the pace of her sucking, her hear swallowing his thick cock completely. Shona watched intensely, her cunt being rubbed hard by Geoff's thigh.

"Oooohhhh gggdddd, Geoff, you have to fuck me right now!!!" Jane moaned, lying on the floor, spreading her legs for what she knew would be next. Shona looked at her friend, so incredible sexy and hot on the floor of the shower, the water running down her shoulders over her large firm breasts. Geoff slid to his knees, letting the thick head of his cock toy with Jane's lips. "Damn it Geoff, FUCK ME!!" Jane screamed in the heat of passion. Geoff thrust his hips forward, driving his cock deep into Jane's trimmed cunt.

"Oooooohhhhhhhh ggggdddddd!" she screamed as his pole split her lips and sank deep inside her. Shona watched spellbound as the thick cock plunged in and out of her friend's tight cunt. Geoff grabbed Shona's leg, pulling it over his shoulder. Shona smiled as he turned to her, his face just inches from her burning pussy.

Geoff slid his tongue up and down Shona's wet lips, before plunging it deep inside her. He grabbed her tight arse, pulling her mound hard to his mouth. Shona squealed with pleasure as Geoff tongued and sucked on her cunt. Her hips began to thrust uncontrollably, fucking his tongue. Geoff sucked hard, his tongue tickling inside her tunnel. He squeezed her arse, holding her firmly to his mouth, eating her hot, wet cunt.

Jane rocked her hips up and down as Geoff thrust his cock deeper and deeper into her. His cock scraped against her clit, adding to her immense pleasure. Shona moaned as Geoff ate her hard, her hips thrusting back and forth against his mouth. He slid his tongue over her swollen clit, sucking on the little bulb. Geoff ground his face against her trembling cunt, gently biting her clit. Her body was shaking violently, her orgasm building deep within her. she looked down, watching Geoff's thick cock plunge in and out of her friend's cunt. Jane was squirming on the floor, trying to fuck him even harder. Jane felt her cunt being ripped open, his cock stretching her walls wider and wider as he became even harder and thicker inside her. Shona grabbed Geoff's head, holding his hungry mouth tight against her wet cunt. Geoff curled his tongue, stiffening it as it plunged in and out of Shona's thrusting cunt. She rocked back and forth, fucking his tongue, feeling the tip tickling deep inside her.

"Ooooohhhhh ggddddddd," Shona moaned, "God, Geoff, eat my cunt hard!" She felt her cunt contracting, ready to explode. "Ooooohhhhh fffuuuucckkkkk!!!" she screamed, squeezing her legs around Geoff's head, holding his grinding face hard to her cunt. Shona came in a spasm of contractions, her juices squirting out over Geoff's face and mouth. Geoff licked and sucked harder, tasting her sweet juices. Jane thrust her hips harder and harder onto Geoff's thick cock, wanting him even deeper inside her. "Somebody has to fuck my now," Shona groaned, her fingers deep inside her tunnel.

Geoff pulled out of Jane with a plop, then sat on the floor, looking up at the two incredibly beautiful women. Jane grabbed the strap-on from the floor, putting it around her waist. "Come here baby," he said to Jane, smiling devilishly. Jane eased herself onto Geoff’s hard cock, feeling it even deeper inside her. He groped her large, sensitive tits, pulling her hard nipples. Jane moaned as Geoff toyed with her tits, sending wave after wave of excitement through her body. The plastic cock was standing straight up on her hips. Shona smiled, stroking the cock with one hand, sharing Jane's tit with Geoff with the other hand. Shona straddled the cock, lowering herself slowly onto the thick, hard plastic. Geoff watched as her cunt opened up, swallowing the cock completely.

Shona lifted, then dropped herself onto the cock, feeling it filling her. The little finger inside the strap-on was rubbing Jane's clit as Geoff plunged his thick cock deep inside her. After a few moments, the three of them got into a rhythm. Shona fucked the plastic cock hard, feeling Jane's hips slamming against her arse. Shona reached behind herself, sliding her finger along her crack. She pressed her finger into her hole, letting out a squeal as she felt Jane fucking her cunt and her finger fucking her arsehole. Jane thrust harder and harder, feeling the finger rubbing her clit. she squeezed her cunt around Geoff's thick cock, adding to the friction. Geoff pounded Jane's muffin, driving his cock deep into her, his hands groping, squeezing Jane's big tits.

"Ooooohhhhh ggggdddddd," Jane screamed as she felt Geoff's cock throbbing inside her, her orgasm building to new heights. She fucked Shona harder, making the finger stimulate her even more. Geoff pounded her tight cunt harder and harder, increasing the tempo until she was ready to burst. Jane buried her face in Shona's luscious breasts as Geoff thrust again and again until Jane's orgasm exploded from deep within her. She bit on Shona's nipple, her cunt squeezing Geoff's cock. Jane came again and again as wave after wave of electricity raced through her body. Geoff could feel her juices flooding out of her, covering him with her sweet cum.

Jane could feel that Geoff was still hard but was ready to cum. "I want to taste you Geoff, I want your cum all over my face," she moaned. She pushed Shona off her, ordering Geoff to stand. Geoff saw no reason to argue. He stood against the wall, as Shona lay on the floor. Jane slid between her legs, plunging the hard plastic cock deep into her quivering cunt. Jane grabbed Geoff's cum covered cock, and began to devour it hungrily.

Jane grabbed Shona's tits, squeezing her nipples in her fingers as she fucked her tight cunt. Shona moaned with pleasure, feeling the thick hard cock splitting her open. Shona was on the verge of another massive orgasm. Jane fucked her hard, pulling her nipples and she could watch Jane sucking her husband's thick, hard cock. Shona thrust her hips in time with Jane, until her body tensed, froze, then shook violently as the orgasm erupted inside her shaking body.

"Oooohhhh gggdddd, Jane... fuck me hard you slut!" Shona screamed out, her cunt gripping the cock, her cum squirting out onto Jane.

Jane continued sucking Geoff's hard, throbbing cock, feeling it twitching and jerking inside her mouth. She stroked it as she increased the suction, until she felt his body tense.

"Oooooohhhhhhhh fffuuuucckkkkk, Jane"! Geoff screamed as his cock throbbed and jerked uncontrollably. Jane sucked harder, feeling the thick head rubbing on the back of her throat. Geoff moaned as the first load of cum was shot out of his pulsing cock, filling Jane's hungry mouth. Jane swallowed the first bit, savouring the taste of her husband's cum, then pulled his cock out of his mouth, stroking it hard and fast. Geoff came again and again, splattering Jane's face with his hot juices.

Jane licked her lips, tasting his sweet cum, the cock on her waist still deep inside Shona. Shona lay on the floor, trying to catch her breath as her massive orgasm began to subside. Jane moved forward, lying on top of her friend, kissing her deeply as Shona's cunt continued gripping the plastic cock still inside her. Shona licked Geoff's cum from Jane's face and tits, wanting to taste more of his nectar. Geoff slid onto the floor, kissing his lovely young wife, then kissing Shona. The three of them stayed on the floor for several minutes, letting the hot water cascade down their trembling bodies, all still basking in the afterglow of their passions.

"No wonder you married him, Jane," Shona said laughing. Jane smiled, nesting her head in Geoff's shoulder as he wrapped his arms around both women. The water was refreshing. Finally they stood, each washing the other, discovering other parts of the others' bodies. Shona got out first, leaving Jane and Geoff in a tender embrace, kissing each other passionately. Jane and Geoff got out of the shower, towelling each other dry, their hands not wanting to leave their lovers' bodies.

"I had wanted to go out tonight, but let's stay in. We can order something and just spend the rest of the night in bed together," Jane said, her hands stroking Shona’s tender body. Geoff smiled, knowing that he was in for a long night of lovemaking and passion. Shona smiled, wanting to feel Geoff's cock for herself, and Jane smiled, knowing that her two favourite people were happy.

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