tagFetishShooter girl Tilly: Roomies

Shooter girl Tilly: Roomies


Tilly Florez sat on top of the dryer. She was holding an open book in one hand, and she was using the other to prop up her chin as she stared at the page intently.

Below her, the dryer rumbled. It was a quiet, comforting sound, and every now and then the sound of a button or zipper making a sharp metallic zing would grace her ears.

Since most of her clothes were in the very dryer she was sitting on, she was wearing a long, oversized t-shirt and a pair of baby blue briefs. The most noticeable thing about her, besides her lanky yet flawless legs, was the bulge pressing up behind her briefs and down her thigh.

The tall brunette turned the page absently and smiled slightly, "It's an interesting philosophy, but I can't say I agree," she told the book as she continued to read.

Her cock was semi hard, and it was beginning to leak slightly. She registered the feeling and ignored it as she turned yet another page. The gentle vibrations of the dryer always brought her around eventually, but she'd just started, and the cycle had at least forty five minutes to go.

She was right about to delve into another chapter when she saw her phone light up. She'd set her phone on top of the washer, which was currently not in use, and she lowered the book and leaned forward lazily.

The screen read: Cecilia.

Her eyes widened slightly, "Shit," she murmured before she answered it, "Yes, hello?"

"Hi, it's me! I'm here on time and waiting on your front door!" The voice on the line was chipper and loud, and Tilly held the phone away from her ear slightly, "I'll be right there."


Tilly set her book down and sighed as she hopped off the dryer. She'd completely forgotten that she'd invited the girl over to take a look at the room she was renting out, and she was somewhat upset with herself for being so ditzy. "Well, let's not leave her waiting," she said aloud as she headed down the hall.

"Hola!" The dark haired girl waved excitedly as the door was opened.

"Hey girlie, come on in," Tilly smiled and stepped aside. She glanced over the brown skinned girl and chuckled, God, she's so adorable!

Cecilia shuffled in and glanced around with a look of awe, "Nice place."

Tilly laughed, "This is just the living room. The bedroom is upstairs if you wanna take a look at it.

Cecilia smoothed her long skirt and nodded energetically, "Yes, please, I'm very excited." The girl's eyes moved over Tilly and it was obvious that she noticed that the woman wasn't wearing any pants, "Oh, I'm sorry... did I interrupt something?"

"Not really," Tilly walked toward the stairs and chuckled, "Just laundry, it can wait."

Tilly gave the girl a tour of the house, and with every turn Cecilia's eyes looked like they were going to pop out of her head for how wide they were. Finally, she led the girl to the kitchen and swept her hand around, "So, this is the last room; kitchen, of course. We've got a double oven, a microwave here, and..." Tilly paused, "Ah, yes, the door on the pantry is a little loose, so you have to be careful with that, but otherwise, everything is pretty straightforward. So, what do you think?"

Cecilia looked somber, "I am afraid to say."

Tilly furrowed her brow, "Why?"

"Because I love your house and I am afraid you will say that you are playing a prank on me if I want to live here."

The brunette giggled, "No! I wouldn't do that to anyone, especially not to a fellow shooter girl," she smiled tiredly. "Did you have any luck with the other places you were looking at?"

The girl shook her head, "The cheapest place I could find was a studio for $750, and it was pretty dumpy. This is why I am finding it hard to believe that you'll rent this place for $450."

Tilly shrugged, "I own this place and I want to help out. Living in L.A.for any amount of time is expensive. When I was your age, I could barely afford to feed myself, let alone pay that much rent every month. Utilities are included in the price, although if the AC bill runs up I'll probably have you kick in a little extra to cover that."

Cecilia nodded, "What about... boundaries and such?"

"Boundaries? If you're talking about house rules, there aren't many. I mean, I'd prefer it if you stayed out of my room; you won't find anything in there except a bunch of books and a very messy bathroom. There's a tv in the living room that I hardly ever use. I don't have cable or anything but you can use my streaming services all you want. You can use the kitchen whenever you want, too, and I'll make some space in the fridge for you so you can buy groceries. I like to cook for myself most nights; it won't be a hassle to throw extra together for you. Do you cook?"

"Yes, my mother taught me," Cecilia replied as she glanced around the kitchen.

"What's wrong? You look nervous," Tilly scratched her head, "Everything okay?"

"Oh, yes! It's just..." Cecilia smiled and looked embarrassed, "You should see the place I was living in before."

"College, right?" Tilly laughed. "Been there done that. Don't feel bad, kiddo; I slept in a car for three weeks when I was in college. It's a bit of an adjustment, suddenly having a regular income. You get used to it. Just be responsible with your money and save a little here and there, and you'll be fine. Aaaand, now I'm lecturing you," she said, more to herself than to the girl. "Anyway, if you want to take turns cooking, I'd be more than happy to talk about meal plans. If it's a bit overwhelming for you, I can just take a little extra from you and we'll call it a food budget. All that can be worked out later. I think that's everything... oh!" Tilly snapped, "Do not, I repeat," she looked at the girl squarely, "Do not, cum in the shower. The pipes are really old, and they clog easily."

Cecilia's brown eyes widened, "Um... what?"

"What do you mean, 'what'?" Tilly chuckled, "That's it. Why do you look so confused? Don't tell me you're shy about these kinds of things, because..."

"No, that' not it," Cecilia smiled slowly, "It's just... that used to be the only place I could cum."

"Ah, I see," Tilly sniffed, "Well, around here you can cum anywhere you want, as long as it's into something washable or disposable. I've been living alone for awhile, so you're gonna have to get used to me just masturbating casually... it's kind of what I do," she shrugged with a laugh. "Also, before you ask about it or feel like you have to pretend not to notice, yes, these are bags under my eyes. I'm an insomniac, and I wake up at all hours and try to sleep at off times when my body lets me. If that doesn't bother you, then I think we'll get along just fine."

"I'm sorry, but... what is insomniac?" Cecilia blinked. "I've been told that my English is good, but that word..."

"Oh, sorry. Basically, it means I have a disorder where I can't sleep when I want no matter how badly I want to. Instead of taking a bunch of drugs for it, I prefer to sort of let my body make its own schedule. I sleep on the couch a lot, and sometimes in the den upstairs."

"Okay, not a problem. I am pretty quiet when I'm at home; I will do my best to be a good roommate."

"So... you're in?"

Cecilia nodded once and grinned nervously as she stuck out her hand, "Super in!"

-Several days later-

Tilly sat in the bleachers, once more with a book in her hand. She was wearing her usual outfit: a pair of worn jeans and a frilly white blouse. She knew that a lot of people thought she dressed like a hippy, but she didn't care. For how up and down her schedule was, she almost always preferred comfort over fashion.

In the arena below her, a team of four girls were practicing doubles and positioning. Cecilia was one of them, and Tilly would look up every so often to see how she was doing. She'd just finished a web interview for the shooter girl's VIP thread, and she'd finished with time to spare, so she decided to wait around for Cecilia to finish her work.

She'd met the girl several weeks prior and the two had hit it off right away. Tilly had watched her shoot in the preliminaries, and she'd been impressed by both her load and her energy. If the girl had nothing else, she had energy, and that was something that Tilly lacked most days.

The four girls got into position and one of the directors spoke to them, but Tilly was a bit too far away to hear the conversation. It was always interesting to watch how everything worked behind the scenes, and, as always, things were usually less glamorous than when they put on live performances. The projectors and flashy lights around the arena were off, and even the playing area was lit with basic blue light. Tilly herself always found live matches to be exhausting, but she had a hunch that Cecilia would always do better when she knew that the pressure was on.

"Okay, let's do a first run!" The director, a hipster looking chick with blue hair and a bunch of piercings, shouted at the girls, "This is a dry run; a dry run, Cecilia!" The director pointed playfully at Cecilia and all of the girls around her laughed.

Cecilia shrugged and smiled sheepishly before she fell into line with the others. All four of them were wearing matching outfits that Tilly thought made them look like anime characters. They were each wearing the same tight white blouse, but their skirts were different colors, and Cecilia's was red. Each girl stood at arms length of one another on one side of the playing area, and some music started to play.

Tilly put her book down and watched the practice routine closely. She was particularly interested to see how Cecilia would do, since she hadn't pegged her for a team girl at all.

The girls began to shake their hips rhythmically along to the music. They flipped their skirts up with a flourish, and all four of their girl cocks sprang upward. They grabbed their dicks, each in turn, and began to stroke themselves along with the music. The song was poppy and had a heavy drum beat, and within second the girls could be seen breaking form a bit.

"Keep it together, go with music!" The director shouted at them over the song, so loudly that even Tilly could hear it from where she sat above them.

The song played as the girls practiced their routine, and Tilly's eyes were glued on Cecilia. She could barely make out the girl's cock, but she was focusing on the girl's expression, "Poor girl... she trying so hard," the woman murmured under her breath as she watched Cecilia jack off to the beat.

The hipster director walked around to the opposite side of the arena and crossed her arms, "Good... good! Delilah, don't bow your knees so much! Amy, keep your head up! Cecilia, take it easy on..."

To everyone's surprise, Cecilia cried out and her dick began to spurt. The first shot landed just short of the five foot marker on the playing area, and the second shot well past it.

"Cecilia!" The director's eyes widened, "I said dry run!"

The other three girls stopped stroking themselves and watched as Cecilia continued to cum, "I... I'm sorry!"

The girls around her began to giggle as the director sighed heavily, "Finish up, wipe down and come back so we can start over."

The hispanic girl nodded as the last of her load dripped down from the tip of her cock.

Tilly had watched the whole thing, and she smiled and shook her head, "Poor girl," she repeated with a mixture of amusement and pity.

"You okay?" Tilly asked with an almost motherly tone.

She and Cecilia were sitting across from each other at a booth. It was one of Tilly's favorite haunts, a classic pub that served irish food, although currently, it was nearly empty because it was only 3 in the afternoon.

Cecilia tried not to hang her head as she smiled weakly, "I'm okay. You probably saw me screw up at practice?"

"If by screw up, you mean, prematurely ejaculate and make everyone around you laugh, then yes," the tall woman grinned. "Still, it was pretty entertaining to watch."

The girl chuckled with a slight blush, "Yeah, I guess so. I'm not sure I'm cut out for this."

"I'm not sure you are either," she looked at Cecilia when she said it and raised her hand when she saw how hurt the girl looked, "Don't misunderstand me; I'm not saying you shouldn't be here at all, I'm saying that doubles or team shows might not be the best thing for you. Shit, I don't think I'd be able to cum on command like that; that's damn hard, Cecilia. Sure, I can shoot cum like a freakin' sniper rifle, but that doesn't mean I can work with other girls and be synchronized. You can really shoot, like, even your premature ejaculation was more than any of those girls could come up with from an hour of edging. If they make fun of you, it's only because they're jealous."

Cecilia shrugged, "I'm not worried about being bullied, but if I can't stay in the shooter girls then I'm gonna have to go home. I don't have any money saved, and my family is counting on me for..."

"Hold on. before you go and get all forlorn, haven't you thought about being a contender?"

"Me, a contender?" Cecilia blinked.

"Sure, why not? You're a heavy gunner, like all the girls in the big league; hell, you might even be able to outgun me. You flew through the preliminaries, so why are you so hesitant to compete in the semi finals as an amatuer contender?"

"I dunno, I'm just not very competitive."

Tilly was about to ask her new roommate a question when a waitress stopped by, "Hello, ladies, can I get you anything?"

"Oh, yes please. a stout for me, whatever you have on tap. And fries, like, as many as you can get in one bowl." Tilly smiled before she broke out into a huge yawn.

The waitress chuckled, "You got it. And for you, sweetheart?" She said as she turned to Cecilia.

"I will have an irish coffee... please," Cecilia stared at the drink menu.

"Can I see your I.D.?"

Cecilia looked a little taken off guard, but nodded as she reached into her purse. She found her I.D. and handed it to the woman.

"Thank... you!" The waitress handed the card back after she'd stared at it a moment. "Any food for you?"

"No, thank you," Cecilia shook her head and smiled as she tossed her card back into her purse.

"Okay, I'll have that right out for you both."

Tilly watched the waitress walk away, "Not hungry?"

The girl looked as if she'd been caught, "No... not really."

"You know, if its about the money, I was planning on picking up the check."

"Oh, no! I..."

"Calm down," Tilly laughed. "Look, I know you're in a bit of a financial bind right now, but you can't survive on whiskey and coffee."

"My grandpa did," Cecilia grinned.

The taller woman laughed again, "Well I'm not going to let you try on my watch. When she comes back, order some food. The fish is really good; they make their own beer batter here."

Cecilia nodded slowly and stared at the table, "Why are you being so nice to me?" She asked with uncharacteristic timidness.

Tilly leaned back and her features softened, "Hm. I think it's because you remind me so much of me when I was your age. What are you, twenty one, twenty two?"

"Twenty one," Cecilia answered as she fidgeted with the salt shaker.

"Well, in case you were wondering, I'm twenty nine," Tilly grinned, "Soon to be thirty."

"Really?" Cecilia's eyes widened, "You look so good! I mean, thirty is not even old, but I thought you were twenty five."

"Haha," Tilly waved her hand and rolled her eyes, "That's some serious flattery, kiddo. Now, tell me: when did you come out of the proverbial closet?"

"Closet?" Cecilia cocked her head.

"Yeah, I mean, when did you decide that you didn't care if people knew that you were a futa?"

"Oh... hm," the girl thought for a moment, "A little more than a year ago. It's a long story, sort of. I had a guy I really liked and we started dating a little. We got drunk one night and I told him the truth about me, and I was surprised that he didn't care. He wanted to see, and I wanted to show him, then... we had sex," she frowned slightly before smiling, "Amazing sex. It was like magic, the whole night, but..." her frown returned, "After, he didn't want to talk. He ignored my calls and pushed me away. Finally, I was able to face him about it and he told me that he couldn't handle it. We stopped talking and I haven't seen him since."

"Shit, that's rough," Tilly nodded with a knowing look. "A few years ago I had a similar situation. Guy I'd been flirting with on and off finally had the balls to ask me out. He knew that I was a futa, of course, but after we fooled around a bit he decided that ultimately he just couldn't deal with the idea of his girlfriend having a bigger schlong than him. He didn't tell me that verbatim, but he might as well have. It's a weird ego thing for some guys: it's like, they sort of love the fact that you've got a dick, but they can't reconcile it to their machismo outlook on things. It always ends bad, and that's probably why I haven't been in a serious relationship. I'm not saying all guys are like that, but I haven't met one that's not. Anyway," she smiled as brightly as she could, "After that, you just kind of said screw it and decided to let the world know?"

"Yup. It's strange, but, when I showed him my body, I felt...," Cecilia shivered as a distant look came over her, "excited. Powerful, like, my body was a car, and he was just..."

"A car?!" Tilly interjected with dismayed a grin, "Why a car?"

Cecilia laughed as she broke out of her trance, "You know, like the kind of look men get when they see a very nice car. Like, I am sexy and special and they are jealous of me but also want to drive me around to make other people jealous."

Tilly broke into a fit of laughter and clutched her chest, "That's... that's the most awesome thing i've ever heard anyone say!" She continued to laugh until she coughed, and when she finally calmed down, she sighed heavily and shook her head, "Geez... you're a riot, Cecilia. This is exactly why I think you'd do great as contender: you're definitely an exhibitionsit."

Cecilia frowned once more, "I'm sorry, but that word..."

"Ah, right, my bad. Instead of telling you what it means, let me give you a scenario," Tilly smiled as she leaned forward. "Imagine the shooter girl's stadium totally packed with people, and most of them are there to see you. They've watched your matches and your videos and probably masturbated themselves into oblivion just watching you jack yourself off over and over again."

Cecilia's eyes went wide, but she said nothing as she listened attentively.

Tilly continued once she was sure that she had the girl's attention, "So you come out onto the playing field and everyone starts cheering and shouting your name. They're holding up signs and smiling and waving at you. They're there to see the matches, but mostly, they're waiting for you to give them what they came for."

Cecilia leaned forward and blinked once, "What they came for?" She almost whispered.

Tilly smiled mischievously, "Yep. Now, everyone knows you're gonna cum at some point, I mean, that's pretty much the reason the whole thing exists, but when you finally do, you're not just gonna cum," the woman raised her finger, still smiling.

"I'm not?" Cecilia's gaze followed Tilly's finger.

"Nope. You're gonna cum harder and faster and more than anyone thought you would. Every single person in the audience is gonna be like, 'holy shit, this girl is fucking incredible' and every single eye in the arena is going to be watching you as you blow your load."

Cecilia's eyes grew heavy as her hands began to tremble, "I am very glad that we are sitting at a booth."

"Hm, why's that?"

"Because I am so hard right now."

Tilly leaned back and laughed once more, "See? You love the idea of showing off! Look, you don't have to be competitive to be a contender, you just have to perform well and get people excited. The more people that come to watch you, the more money you can make, and once you get a sponsorship, it'll be a lot easier to help your family out."

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