tagExhibitionist & VoyeurShowing Off for a Stranger

Showing Off for a Stranger


I've written before about the fascination I have with seeing my wife show off for other men. How it makes me hard and excited when she is in control and allows another man to see her charms, and occasionally even touch her.

In case you've not seen other submissions, I should tell you that Beth is in her early 40's but with the body of a 30 year old. She stands just over 5-7, which means over 5-10 when we are in public. That's because whenever we go out, she wears the sexiest high heels she can find. That's the part that's visible to anyone. What most cannot see is what's under the skirt or dress. She seldom wears panties, and often wears sheer thigh highs or a garter belt with stockings. She has legs to die for and perfect breasts. To say she is a head turner is an understatement.

This all started when I told her how hot it would be for another man to see her pussy. We were in bed when I first mentioned it. She was stroking my dick, and noticed how hard I got just by mentioning it.

"Would it really excite you?" she asked. And while I hesitated for just a moment, she rubbed her stocking clad leg across mine. "You want another man to see up me skirt? You want another man to actually see my pussy?"

I said that I did. And with that she stopped touching my dick and simply said "Get up. Let's go see for sure." Then she stood up and waved for me to follow.

She paused long enough to brush her long silky hair while she told me to get dressed. There I stood, hard and frustrated. All she did was turn to me, raise her skirt to let me see her bare pussy, and said "let's go see how much it turns you on."

It was off to the car. When I asked where we going, she told me we were headed to the bar at the classic old hotel downtown. "You know, the one with the valet parking. Just think about this," she said. "Some lucky valet is going to see my pussy when he opens the door to let me out. Do you still like the idea?"

I assured her I did, and she confirmed it by reaching across to my lap and feeling my hardened dick through my pants.

Moments later we arrived at the hotel. The uniformed doorman came immediately to the car. She made quite a production out of exiting the vehicle. I was just coming around the back of the car when I saw her right leg reach the ground. It was obvious that her skirt was riding up, and equally obvious that the valet and doorman were both struggling to see her charms without staring.

Beth made it easy for them. She paused, and then slid on the seat toward the curb forcing her skirt to slide further up, revealing first the tops of her stockings, then the garters which held them up. I could not get around the car fast enough to see whether her pussy was visible. But the smile on the valet's young face made it clear that he enjoyed what he did see.

We walked hand in hand through the elegant lobby, her high heels clicking on the marble floors. We entered the bar, which was busy but not overly crowded.

"Let's sit up at the bar," she said. "I like the high stools, and that will come in handy for what I have planned for you" she concluded.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Simple," was her reply. "You said you liked the idea of other men seeing my pussy. The valet sure liked it. So did the doorman. And I'm not done yet," she said. With that, she sat atop one of the high back stools at the bar, crossed her legs and looked over the room

The view was amazing, Her long, sexy legs crossed one over the other. She flexed her ankle up and down, her sexy black high heel pump moving in a smooth tempo.

Beth loves to flirt. She always has, and I think she's always sensed that I found that sexy. So I was not surprised when she struck up a conversation with the bartender as her served her martini. She made a production of reaching for the top of his hand as she thanked him for the drink, sending the clear message that she thought he was attractive.

He went to serve other customers, and with that I asked "What are you doing? What are we doing here?"

She told me that it was obvious that I liked it when she showed off. And she added "let me tell you a secret. I've come to like it too. So tonight, we'll both enjoy ourselves. Now, be a good boy and go get us a room. You're going to want it in a few minutes."

"OK," I said. "I'll be right back." And with that, I excused myself to the lobby to get a room. If there is one thing I know for sure, it's that when Beth says something like that, there is a enormous orgasm in my future.

By the time I returned to the bar, Beth was no longer facing the bar. She had rotated her stool to the side, and her still crossed legs were facing a table about 10 feet away. Seated at the table was what looked like a businessman nursing a drink. He looked to be in his 30's, with his tie loosened from his collar. And it was clear he was watching her.

I wasn't sure what was happening, so I did not sit down with Beth. Instead, I wandered to the back of the bar as if looking for someone. That allowed me to walk back behind the businessman and observe. And there was plenty to watch.

Beth was great at crossing and re-crossing her legs as if no one was in the area. She wasn't obvious, which is what made it so sexy. You felt like you were seeing something you were not supposed to see. Something the woman on the stool didn't even know she had allowed us to see. But Beth knew just what she was doing.

Each time she moved, we both saw a little more. The businessman was oblivious to me behind him. He was glued on the sight in front of him. A beautiful woman, seated at the bar, allowing him a great view up her skirt from his somewhat lower position in his chair. We could see her stocking tops. We could see the garters. And ever so briefly, we could make out what looked like a shaved pussy. I knew what I was seeing. He was straining for every glimpse.

I observed for a few minutes, wondering what would happen next. And just as I pondered whether I should return to her side, he stood and walked over to her.

"Can I buy you a drink?" It was the obvious question for him to ask.

"I already have one," was her curt reply, "but feel free to join me."

I could barely make out the brief conversation, but what I thought I heard was confirmed when he retrieved his drink and sat down next to her.

I strolled back to the bar, standing on the other side of Beth trying to determine what my next step might be. I was just in time to hear him comment on how attractive she was, and wonder aloud about her plans for the evening.

"Well," she said "I just thought I might catch someone's eye. And I can tell I caught yours pretty quickly," she told the stranger.

As he started to blush and stammer, she said "Relax, I enjoyed watching you watch me. But not as much as my husband did." And with that, she nodded in my direction. Now it was my turn to blush.

Beth knew she was in control and I could also tell she was loving it. "I'm going to flirt with this guy for a while now," she said to me with an air of authority. "So just sit there."

With that, she turned back to him and explained that I liked it when she let other men see her. She also told him the doorman had already enjoyed the view, and that if he played his cards right, he might get to do more than just see her.

A quick nod to me with "You wanted this, so just sit there. And remember, now I'm in charge," she concluded.

She turned back to the stranger. His face registered the thought that this was pretty strange, but he was going to play along.

I overheard as she learned his name was Todd. He was single, visiting from Dallas on business and would only be here for the night.

She was very bold in asking if he liked the stockings and garter belt, to which he answered that he liked it a lot.

"I think these stockings have such a nice feel to them," she said, as she took his hand and placed it on her knee. "Feel for yourself. They are very silky."

He looked around, noted that I was the only one who could see what was happening, and rubbed her leg above the knee. When he got no resistance, he let his hand slide even higher. And then realizing that I was staring, he withdrew his hand.

"Don't stop." she ordered "I'm calling the shots, and I like the way you touch me. I guess the only question is how far I'm willing to let this go."

At this point, I didn't know what to think. But my dick did. It was acting on it's own, getting harder and harder.

Beth looked back at me for a moment, reached around and gave me quick touch and decided to ratchet up my humiliation.

"He likes it too" she said, and continued "I can tell from how hard he's getting."

I'm sure my face was beet red. But he didn't notice. He quickly put his hand back on my wife's leg and she parted her legs to allow better access.

"In a moment, I'm going to take my husband upstairs and fuck him silly," she told him. Then she continued "Would you do me a favor? Check and see if my pussy is wet enough to accept him."

With that, she nudged his hand further up her leg.

"Are you sure?" was all he could manage, not believing his good fortune.

"You bet," she replied. "See how wet I am. Enjoy yourself for a moment."

She parted her legs just a bit more, and he needed no further encouragement. I saw his hand disappear under her skirt and could tell his fingers were touching her sex.

"Pretty wet, huh?" she asked him.

"I'd say," was all he could manage.

"You wouldn't mind picking up our drinks, would you?" she asked. And then she swiveled in her chair, causing his hand to fall from between her legs.

She stood, told me we were leaving, and then leaned into his side. She kissed him on the cheek and actually reached into his lap and felt his growing dick through his pants.

"Thanks. Who knows," she said. "Maybe, if there's a next time, you'll get even more."

She was right. I was glad she sent me to get a room. My dick was ready to explode!

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