tagExhibitionist & VoyeurShowing Off My Girlfriend

Showing Off My Girlfriend

byDG Hear©

This is not a typical DG Hear story if there is such a thing. That's why it is in exhibition. So if you comment, please remember this. Thanks to 'Techsan' for taking of his time to edit this story.

I have to tell you from the beginning that there are really people like me. I'm not a fantasy or a figment of the imagination. I really enjoy my life style and I expect to go on living it. My name is Jeff and I'm an ex-military man. I am also a martial arts specialist so when I joined the marines they made me an MP (military police). I wanted to be in special forces but I was told I wasn't big enough. I have no idea why I would have to be bigger or taller for special forces but that's what I was told. I'm not a very big guy at 5'8" and about 160 pounds. I have a tendency to swear a lot so I'll apologize up front for my language. With all that said here's my story:

I was engaged once until I found my fiancé dating another man while being engaged to me. After catching them together in the restaurant, I waited in the parking lot for them to come out. I'm a very jealous man and what's mine is mine. I will do anything to protect my property. I considered my fiancé as belonging to me. When they made it to the parking lot, I beat the shit out of the son-of-a-bitch. I didn't care what the fuck he would do. He was messing with someone who belonged to me. When I looked at her, she was crying and told me what a big mistake she made and promised to never do it again. I just figured if she would do this to me before marriage, what should I expect after we got together?

I told her to get her new boyfriend to a hospital and if he turned me in I would be back to give him more of the same. I told her she was lucky I didn't hit women or she would be dead. I found out later that they told the police that they were jumped in the parking lot but weren't able to describe the two men. The culprits took their cash and ran after beating up the boyfriend.

I taught martial arts for a living. I had my own little business and knew my shit. I wasn't an overpowering guy. I was very muscular under the clothing, six pack and all. My looks could be deceiving to the average individual. I exercise and do my routines daily. I have to if I'm going to teach others to be confident and self-assured.

After that fiasco of an engagement, I decided to stay single. I still dated and, when the women learned that I knew martial arts, I could have all the dates I wanted. I don't know how many fights I've been in over the years. If a man messed with my date, I messed with him. I don't ever remember losing a fight.

One gal I befriended was a librarian. She was what I always called the chunky type gal with big boobs and beautiful face. Her name was Lydia and she was probably a good forty pounds overweight. We were friends for a number of years. She was thirty-two and I was thirty-five.

We met when I was looking for books on martial arts so I could tell my students which ones were good and which ones to shy away from. To many people, mostly kids wanted to take courses so they could be the big tough guy. That's not what my classes were about. I wanted to build self-confidence in my students. I wanted them to not be afraid of anyone and know how to protect themselves if necessary. I didn't want my students on a ego power trip.

One day while at the library I asked Lydia out. She had been divorced for a couple of years. I decided to hit on her. While we were sitting in a booth at the lounge I put my hand on her leg. She had on jeans but she knew what I was after. She spread her legs as I grabbed her crotch and leaned over and kissed her. I could tell she was getting heated up as was I. We kissed a few more times and I asked her if she wanted to go further, that I would never force myself on her. She asked me to take her home and we could continue there. She told me that she didn't do this very often since she got divorced.

Right after we entered her apartment I started unbuttoning her blouse. She had these great looking big tits, maybe 40 DD or bigger, hidden behind that bra but not for long. I removed her bra and put my face between those fucking big tits. Damn, I get a hard on every time I think about putting my face between them. I quickly unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down. As she stepped out of them I put my fingers on the outside of her panties and pulled them down, getting my first look at her big puffy pussy. I could tell she never trimmed her bush very often. Damn, I liked playing in the forest.

She sat down on the bed while I removed my clothing. My cock looks bigger than it really is since I'm muscular with no fat on my lower belly. Lydia grabbed hold of my cock and started sucking on it. She was hot and ready. She knew how to give a suck job. She held her little hand around my cock and against my pelvis. She was then able to suck the rest of my cock without gagging. Anyone thinking that a gal nearly throwing up on your cock is hot has delusions. Lydia knew what she was doing. She really had my juices flowing.

I told her it was her turn to receive some pleasure as I removed my cock from her mouth. She slid up to the middle of the bed and I joined her. I had to get hold of that puffy pussy. I called it that because when I put my hand on it I could feel the two puffy sides to the entrance of her vagina. I could literally grab hold of the puffy sides and squeeze. As I was squeezing it I could feel her get extremely wet. God, I loved grabbing that pussy. She was moving her ass around like there was no tomorrow. She was about ready to come.

That's when she told me she was a squirter. That's a gal who, when she comes really hard, can squirt the juices out of her pussy. I've heard of it and seen it in x-rated movies but never in real life. I had to see this. I got down in between her legs and spread the puffy folds of her pussy when she screamed out and there was a burst of her juices came out. Her juices hit me square in the face. It was unbelievable to watch her pussy hole open up and the juices fly out. She only squirted one time but her pussy kept pulsating. That's when I climbed on and buried my cock to the hilt. I wasn't long in coming as I let go and filled her pussy up with my juices.

As I climbed off her I told her how unbelievable she was. I had been with a lot of women but never with anyone with the sexual prowess she had. We laid beside each other for awhile and rested.

Later I wanted a titty fuck. I straddled her body and put my semi-hard cock between her fat tits. I held them together until my cock got rock hard again, then I slipped down between her legs and as she pulled her puffy pussy sides apart I buried myself deep within her for the second time. It wasn't long before we both came again.

Later when we talked I asked her how come she was divorced. If I had a woman like her, I would never let her go. She told me her husband was into sharing and swinging. She explained how he wanted to swap and swing, and it wasn't her cup of tea. She didn't mind a guy looking at her body but she didn't want all these different guys screwing her. They would just use and abuse her. That just wasn't for her so when she told her husband she wasn't going to keep fucking other men he dumped her. He said he would find a woman that liked to be shared, a real woman.

I asked her, "Let me get this straight. You don't mind a guy seeing your body but when it was time for them to fuck you, you didn't want any part of it. Is that correct?"

She said, "That's close. I can't understand why I wasn't enough for my husband. I think he wanted to have sex with other women and he needed me to get in the door. I told him to find another doormat. I wanted nothing to do with him or his friends anymore. Now we've been divorced going on three years. You might not believe this but I won't fuck just anybody. I've wanted you for a long time and when you came on to me tonight I knew I had to have you," she said.

"Lydia, we make a perfect couple. I'm kind of a control freak. I like to show my woman off but I will never ever let anyone touch her. I do get off on other guys seeing her but if they touch her in any way, they'll have to deal with me."

"When you say control freak, do you mean bondage and stuff like that? I'm not into that at all. I just want to be loved and only by one man."

"By control I mean I control the action. If a man happens to see your tits, I would make sure that he knows that you are my woman and if he touched you in any way, he would probably get hurt. I might let him look but no one is allowed to touch my woman but me. I would never make you do anything against your will and I'm not into bondage either. I would never hurt you but love making love to you."

"Wow Jeff, I have to admit that's different. You might let a guy look but he wouldn't be allowed to touch me. That I could probably handle ."

"If you want to try it, we can go out on a date next Saturday. We'll have dinner and maybe take in a movie. What do you say? If you decide to be my girl, you won't be able to have sex with anyone but me or it will be over and I would never protect you after that."

"Jeff, as good as you are, I wouldn't want another man. Yes, Jeff, I want to be your woman as long as you promise to protect me."

"I promise, Lydia, I'll never fuck another woman either. We will have a monogamous relationship, other than a little exhibition of my new girl."

That was how we began. Even before our first date I stopped in the library the next evening. There were a couple of people at one end of the library and an old man reading a paper at the other. Lydia was putting a few books away when I went up to her and put my arms around her and squeezed her tits. She was startled and jumped away until she saw it was me. She seemed to be relieved and I turned her around and began to kiss her. She said, "Jeff, there's Mr. Jamison sitting there watching us."

"So let him watch," as I unbuttoned her blouse. I started squeezing her big tits through her bra.

"He can see us Jeff."

"Yes, he can. That's why he's smiling." Then I lowered my hand and quickly unfastened the button on her jeans and pulled the zipper down and opened up her jeans, seeing her panties.

"Jeff, this is so hot but I'm at work and Mr. Jamison is still watching."

"Let's give him something to remember," and I slid my hand down inside her panties and on to her hairy mound. I grabbed hold of her hairy mound and puffy lips and just squeezed. She pumped and pumped against my hand. I slipped two fingers into her hole and started finger- fucking her to orgasm. I felt her come and my fingers were soaking wet. I pulled them out of her pussy and took my handkerchief out of my pocket and wiped off my hand. Lydia quickly put herself together and went to the front desk to check out the remaining people. Mr. Jamison got up smiled at us and went out the door.

After she closed the library, we went to the diner to get something to eat. We had a normal relationship as well as our sexual one. She asked me if I was going to come over tonight but I told her that we were going to save it for our date Saturday. I told her to wear a short skirt on our date and definitely no pantyhose. Can't have any fun with those on.

I drove over and picked her up at her apartment. She looked sexy as hell to me. Granted she was a little overweight but that was just that much more she was showing. She had on a short skirt she had bought the day before. She told me she thought it was too short because of her weight but I told her that it was just right. When she sat down, I would be able to see most of her white thighs. She laughed and called me a dirty old man.

I opened the car door for her and when she slid in her skirt rode up her thighs and I almost saw her panties. I closed her door and rushed around to get in. After getting in I told her I had to know what color panties she had on. She told me just plain white, nothing special, just big white panties to cover her ass.

I wanted a look, so she pulled her skirt up and grinned at me, showing me her panties. I could see the puffiness of her pussy and reached over and grabbed a handful and gave her a kiss, telling her how much I liked her. I had to let go before my cock got any harder and we would never get away from her apartment.

We went to a neighborhood restaurant and lounge that I frequented. I don't know if I was liked there but my reputation was known and I was respected there. We got a nice table near the front of the business. Lydia told me she was having trouble keeping the short skirt from sliding up her thighs whenever she moved. I told her not to worry about it, to just enjoy her dinner. If someone should see most of her thighs or get a glimpse of her panties, it was no big deal. I wouldn't let anyone bother her. She was my woman now and I'd always protect her. As long as she was doing the showing off for only me.

As we were finishing dinner a man and woman walked in the door. Lydia said, "Oh, my God, it's my ex-husband, Henry, and his new wife."

Henry looked over at us and saw Lydia sitting there and he could see her skirt almost to her panties. "Well, if it isn't my slut ex-wife. Too good to show it all to my buddies but jumps at the chance to show this guy."

"Henry, please leave us alone. You don't own me and we are divorced so please leave us alone. We don't want any trouble."

Some of the other people in the lounge were shaking their heads. They knew that this idiot already went too far and was going to pay the price.

"Does your little friend speak? Is he a good fuck? Does he know how you use to give it to my friends?"

I had enough, The asshole might have been 6'1" and maybe 220 pounds but he had no idea who he was dealing with. Without saying a word I stood up and gave him a quick kick to his shoulder. I heard it crack and knew I had dislocated it. He fell to the floor screaming and his new wife was screaming also. As he was trying to get up screaming and holding his shoulder I back handed him across the cheek and he went back down falling on his shoulder. I looked at his crying wife and told her to help the son-of-a-bitch up. His face was turning black and blue and he was holding on to his shoulder. "Please don't hit me again," he cried.

"You stupid mother-fucker, you called me names and made fun of my girlfriend. That was a big mistake. You can stop crying, you big fucking baby. All you have is a fucking dislocated shoulder. I'll put it the fuck back in as soon as I hear your apology to Lydia."

He was crying as he told Lydia how sorry he was and promised never to speak badly of her ever again. Then I got behind him and told him that this was really going to hurt as I took the palm of my hand and hit under his shoulder blade as hard as I could. I heard his shoulder pop back into place and he passed out and fell from the pain. I took my beer and threw it in his face. I told him his shoulder would hurt for a few days but he will be alright. He might want to put an ice pack on his face as soon as possible. His wife helped him up again and sat him in a chair while she went to get him an ice pack for his face.

He didn't dare even look at Lydia again. He knew he had made a big mistake saying what he did earlier and was hoping his wife would hurry with the ice pack so he could leave.

Lydia and I were done eating and got up to leave and the patrons in the bar all clapped for us. That's what respect was all about.

As we walked out of the bar and was passing Henry, Lydia said loud and clear, "You are my man, Jeff. You are the sweetest, strongest and best lover I have ever had."

I don't know if she said it for my benefit or so Henry could hear it. Either way I felt proud as we headed for the movies.

I didn't tell her that we were going to an x-rated movie house. After we pulled into the parking lot, I opened her door for her and looked at her panty-covered pussy while she got out of the car. She was a little nervous when she saw it was an x-rated movie house. She told me she had never been to one before. I asked her if she trusted me. She said of course she did. I promised her again that nothing would happen to her. She was my woman and I would be the only one to fuck her.

The theater was set up in two sections. There was an upper section, then a walkway or aisle and then the lower seating area. We grabbed two seats in the row just above the walkway. There was only a railing in front of us, so we had a lot more leg room.

The lights dimmed and the movie started. I looked around at the crowd before it got too dark inside. There were maybe twenty couples, a few women by themselves and maybe a dozen extra guys in the place.

I had no idea what the movie was about. They were always about the same. Some big busted gal getting some cock laid to her for about an hour. Of course she would take it in every hole throughout the movie.

My interest was in Lydia and showing her off. I started to unbutton her blouse. She told me she was nervous seeing there were two guys in the row behind us and another guy sitting about four seats down from her. I told her not to worry. She was with me and I wanted to feel her tits. She kind of held her arms so no one else could see but it wouldn't be long before I was sucking on those big babies.

After opening her blouse, I pulled her bra over her tits and there were those two big melons waiting for me. I was squeezing one while sucking on the other. Back and forth I went, getting the nipples hard. The man behind us sat forward in his seat and was looking at my girl's big tits. He started to reach for one until I told him he could look all he wanted but if he touched her I would break his fucking arm. He didn't take any chances and pulled his arm back. I told her to spread her legs, which she did. Her skirt was already about as high as it could get.

I reached down and felt her panties which were already wet. I asked her to pull them down to her ankles. She did it but said she was very nervous about it with all the men around us staring at her. I told her to just lay back and enjoy the movie and the things I was doing to her. So she slid back in her seat and spread those white thighs. I reached up and got a handful of puffy pussy. The guy who tried to grab her tit asked if he could go down in front of us and watch? I told him he could watch all he wanted, just so long as he didn't touch.

He hurried down with his friend and they turned to watch me finger-fuck Lydia. She was out of it then and humping the hell out of my fingers. I asked the guy what they thought of her pussy and they had a hard time talking as they watched Lydia grind. They asked if it was alright to take their cocks out while they watched. I told them it was as long as they shot their loads in another direction.

The man that was seated down a few seats from Lydia moved over next to her. I gave him the same warning about watching but not touching. He also took out his cock and was masturbating along with the other two guys. I told Lydia to look at all the cocks and how hard they were. She looked and asked, "Did I cause all that?"

I told her she sure did but she wasn't going to have any of them. She told me seeing them was fine but the only cock she wanted in her was mine. I told her as soon as she squirted I would stick my cock in her and fuck her. The three guys said they had never seen a squirter except in the movies in this theater. I told them they were about to see it happen in real life. I had three fingers in her pussy by then, finger-fucking her as fast as possible. I told her to pull apart her puffy lips so the guys could watch her squirt. They only had to wait a few seconds as I pulled my fingers out and she squirted on one of the guys shirts. She squirted twice. The guys couldn't believe what they just saw as they all masturbated to a climax.

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