tagLoving WivesShy Wife Goes Dancing Ch. 02

Shy Wife Goes Dancing Ch. 02


Steve was very quick to greet my little wife as she returned to the table on the arm of his friend Jack. He told us all they had a fun time and my wife was a great little dancer. I could see by the look on her face, she wasn't quite as excited about dancing with Jack as she was earlier in the evening.

Her face was somewhat flushed and I noticed a slight worried look in her eyes. Steve said it was his turn and again wanted to take her back out for the next song but my wife told him she needed to catch her breath and politely excused herself to go to the ladies room again. Jack made a smart aleck remark to my wife as she was leaving that if she needed any help just let him know.

As the three of us guys were sitting at the table, I couldn't help but get caught up in the excitement of listening to them talk about how much they had enjoyed dancing with my wife. These two were both street smart, rough talking and self-assured guys that definitely had the hots for my little wife.

The surprising thing to me was that they were so open and forward discussing her in front of me. But of course, I had done little to discourage their aggressive discussion or behavior. I wasn't sure how much longer I should let this continue especially after Steve's comment about feeling up her ass on the dance floor. I'll have to admit I was somewhat caught up in the excitement.

After a few minutes, I decided to hit the men's rest room and then check on my wife. I stopped her in the hallway and asked her how she was doing. She told me it was getting late and she thought it would be a good idea to go back upstairs to our room. I asked her if she wanted to do some more dancing, and she explained that she had enough dancing and that the two guys were pretty free with her hands.

I could tell she was upset and embarrassed when I asked her what had happened. She quickly said she would tell me later but then asked me again if I was ready to leave and go back up to our room. I told her that whatever she wanted to do was fine with me.

When we returned to the table and sat down I explained that my wife was getting a little tired and that we should probably turn in for the evening. Well immediately the two guys wouldn't hear of such a thing and started playfully begging and pleading with my wife for more promised dances.

She started to grin slightly with the overwhelming onslaught of attention and agreed to just one more dance.

I noticed she had several untouched drinks in front of her and figured she probably knew she'd better not have anymore alcohol. I could clearly tell she was buzzed and no match for these two smooth talking very convincing mature men.

I told them all they were going to have to work this out between themselves as I got up to stretch my legs and walk over to the bar.

As I stood there enjoying my drink, I couldn't help but keep a close eye on our table seeing my little wife sitting between two strange guys she had only met an hour or so ago. Standing at an angle behind them, she looked like a little barfly surrounded by two attentive suitors giving her 100% of their attention.

Several times they would put their arm around her shoulder giving her a little hug and even brush back a curl of her soft hair. I could also see they were encouraging her to finish her drinks to catch up with them. Steve would pick up her glass and put it to her lips until, after token resistance, she would take several swallows. I couldn't help but think how she looked so innocent and overmatched.

I suppose I should have immediately gone to her rescue like a good husband, but I didn't think it would hurt anything to let them continue to have their fun. Steve was really just a nice guy out having a good time. I couldn't fault him for that.

His friend Jack was definitely more crude and aggressive acting so I knew I should try to keep things from getting out of control. I noticed that my wife still had her big smile so I figured she was fine and would have a lot to tell me later. As a new song started, I saw my wife and Steve head back out to the dance floor.

Jack looked around and noticed me at the bar, walked on over and started talking with me. Between swigs out of his beer bottle, he told me how lucky I was to have such a hot wife and was glad I wasn't into dancing.

I could tell he was feeling no pain and half the stuff he was telling me it was probably because of the booze. Keeping his voice down, he said he had some real good smoke and that he'd be willing to share with us if we were interested. I thanked him for his kind offer and explained that my wife and I were not really into that sort of thing.

He went on to explain that the best sex he had ever had was when he and his ex lady were high and happy. He also told me that if I could talk my wife into smoking some weed he was real sure it would solve my problem. When I ask him exactly what problem that would solve, he grinned and told me, "you know..... Your little wife won't take it in the ass."

I tried to act like I wasn't surprised at his comment and joked that it looked like he and Steve had been talking about my wife. He got a shit grin look on his face and admitted that they both thought she was the hottest little thing they'd ever seen in the bar. So hell yes they been talking about her and they even had a little bet going from the start on what color panties she was wearing.

This guy was great; he was shooting his mouth off and was not at all hesitant to tell me everything they had been talking about. Steve had indeed shared all my wife's intimate details with his friend.

In a good-natured way I explained that my wife wasn't like most other women they came across in the bar. I told him that my little wife was a prim and proper housewife that didn't screw around with other guys. I could see the somewhat dejected look on his face but I ended up telling him that I didn't care if she wanted to have a little innocent fun and let her hair down so to speak.

I then told him, "they are red, you know, her panties, she is wearing a bright red thong."

He smiled with a mischievous grin and as quickly as that, he was off to talk to some other buddy he noticed across the room.

My wife's threatened last dance turned into quite a few last dances with her new friends. The two guys pretty much just took turns one after the other dancing with her not giving her much of a chance to bow out gracefully.

I continued to stand at the bar watching and would walk over to the darkened dance floor from time to time. Even in the low light, I could see my proper little wife pushing an exploring hand away from her butt. Every so often she would quickly react to the unwelcome placement of a big paw as it would move slowly across her silky little dress.

My heart was pounding with the excitement as I was actually seeing for the first time my little wife being groped where I wasn't doing the groping.

Now I am sure this type of activity wasn't that rare to see on this darkened dance floor probably any night of the week. The fact that my shy, modest wife was the one dancing with a complete stranger while he was taking liberties with his hands was the big surprise.

She has never liked to be touched, even in a friendly innocent way, in public. I would never get a positive response from her if I should attempt to embrace her or kiss her in the public with others around. She would always seem embarrassed that others would notice. I could never understand this myself, but I would generally try to stay on my best behavior at those times.

I continued to stand in the shadows watching as Jack rushed out and joined them on the dance floor just at the end of the song. I guess not wanting to have to convince her again at the table, he was just holding her tight ready to enjoy the next slow dance with my little wife.

I couldn't believe how quickly he had his big hand squarely on her firm little butt. And after a couple of feeble attempts to push it away, she finally seemed to resign herself to letting him have his way. Most of the time he was holding her very tight and arched over her small frame seemingly whispering in her ear. Jack was definitely not as good a dancer or as gentle with her as Steve had been.

He wasn't satisfied just to let his hand stay in one place, his spread fingers and continued to squeeze and fondle her ass going from one cheek to the other testing the firmness. My wife seemed to allow this indignation and only squirmed away from his grasp when his fingers pressed along her crack through her thin dress.

As the song ended I motioned for them to come back with me to the table and join Steve. There was another round of fresh drinks awaiting us as I noticed how relieved my wife was to be off the dance floor and away from Jack. She did look a bit disheveled, flushed and her lipstick was slightly smeared.

Jack had gone off to visit someone else at another table after my wife wouldn't agree to another dance with him. She used the excuse that her muscles were very sore from dancing and she better stop now or she wouldn't be able to walk in the morning.

Steve, being the helpful guy he was, got up and stood behind her massaging her shoulders and neck. As my wife was starting to relax, Steve explained to her that he could come up to our room and give her a nice massage and make her feel like a million bucks.

As I listened to him giving his pitch for the massage, I wondered what excuse she would think of to politely turn down his offer. I was quite surprised that her response was only that it would be too much trouble for him. Probably encouraged by her lame objection, Steve continued to coax her through a couple more drinks and polite conversation about her family and interests.

She even reached down and got her small purse, pulling out her wallet, and showing him pictures of our two small children. I couldn't believe how naïve she was or how careless it was to let this complete stranger see our children or possibly her driver's license and our home address.

I could see she was certainly feeling the effects of the drinks and clearly had more alcohol than I had ever seen her consume. She was acting giddy and giggly which had replaced her normal reserved demeanor. I did catch her eye to remind her that she had said she was tired and wanted to go back up to our room but she didn't really seem too concerned.

Steve would reach out and massaged her bare shoulder muscles and she would smile and moan with relaxation. Several times when I made eye contact with him, he would give me a knowing wink and tell her that she needed a good relaxing massage. My wife wasn't telling him no, so of course that meant yes to him.

Steve reached down and gently removed her left high heel shoe. He then scooted closer to her and pulled her left leg onto his lap and started rubbing her leg muscles with both hands.

I fully expected her to immediately object, but she just playfully laughed and let him massage her tired leg. She didn't seem to notice that the hem of her short little black dress was pulled halfway up her thigh. She didn't even object when his fingers strayed higher on her thigh pushing the hem even higher.

I couldn't believe that she would sit there with a relaxed smile on her face, eyes closed, letting him massage her exposed leg and explore dangerously close to her womanhood.

I leaned over in amazement to see what he was doing and noticed that sitting in that position, her legs were quite far apart and he was enjoying a clear view of bare her inner thigh all the way up to my wife's red panty covered crotch. Steve again smiled at me with his knowing confident smirk if as to say, "How do you like her now?"

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