Siblings Get Naked for Nude Day


"Attracted to me? I love you too, Michael, but as a sister, not as a girlfriend. I'm not sexually attracted to you and if you think you're going to put the moves on me, while trying to seduce me, I won't go there. I'm not into incest," she said give me a look of disappointment. "That's really sick, Michael."

If my sister had sex with her female roommate back then, I was curious if she'd have sex with me, her brother, now. To be honest, now that I know my sister had lesbian sex, I figured my chances of my sister having incestuous sex with me greatly improved.

"What about just a blowjob?"

Shocking even myself, I couldn't believe I said that, but after seeing her reaction, I was glad I did. She looked down at my cock, stared at it again, as if she was thinking about blowing me.

"Michael! On second thought, maybe you should just take me home."

"C'mon, Ellen. I was only kidding about the blowjob. You know me, the jokester. Loosen up. You're on vacation. We're on a beautiful beach and it's Nude Day. Relax."

"I don't know about this, Michael. This is wrong on so many different levels," she said still staring at my cock. "Seeing you so exposed, seeing your cock, and seeing you standing there naked, is too much like incest," she said still staring at my prick.

Either my sister was horny or attracted to me. Whichever she was, I didn't care, so long as she stared at my cock.

"I like your matching bra and panty, by the way," I said staring at the impression her nipples made in her bra and the dark patch of pubic hair that showed through her panty.


"Your bra and panty, I like them. Pink is not usually my favorite color, but it looks good on you. It goes with your complexion."

"You do?" She looked down at herself. "Thank you," she said. "Yeah, I like this bra and panty, too. It's one of my favorites," she said looking down at herself, before looking at me staring at her.

With both of us looking at one another, it was a long moment without either of us talking. Then, I couldn't believe it when she reached around her back, unhooked her bra, and peeled the straps from her shoulders. When I saw her and watched her, I think I stopped breathing.



She covered herself with her forearm, while looking down at herself, before looking at my cock again, which was still as hard as wood.

"Sorry, I couldn't help myself. You have amazing breasts, Ellen" I said and she did.

"I do," she said removing her arm to look at her breasts, before looking back at me and puffing out her chest, as if showing me her breasts. Her nipples were already erect and I wondered if she was excited or cold.

"Those are the best breasts I've ever seen. You could pose for Playboy."

I've seen a lot of tits in my young 23-year-old life, but my 25-year-old sister had the best knockers I've ever seen. They were so round and perfectly symmetrical. If I didn't know my sister would never have a boob job or any plastic surgery, I'd think they were implants.

"Eww, Michael, you have an erection," she said reaching out and touching it and pushing it away with her finger, while still staring at my cock.

I've had an erection, ever since I removed my boxer shorts. Did she just now notice or was this her way to stare at my engorged prick again. I looked down and my cock was voicing its approval with seeing her big, shapely boobs. Besides, with her staring at my cock all the while, how could she not know that I've had an erection all along?

"Sorry," I said, while not being sorry at all. "How could I not have an erection seeing my sister topless? For sure, I'd be gay, if I didn't have an erection seeing your tits."

"Well, here goes," she said peeling down her panty.

"Oh, my God!" I couldn't believe my eyes. "I haven't seen this, since I was watching old porn movies from the seventies."

"What?" She turned red and looked down at herself, while covering her pussy with her hand.

"I figured you'd be shaved or trimmed. I never figured you'd have a huge red bush of pubic hair," I said with a laugh.

I didn't mean to laugh; I just did. For sure, I didn't want her to feel embarrassed or uncomfortable. I didn't want her to put her panties on again. Only I couldn't stop myself from staring at my sister's red bushy pussy. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a little, but at first look it was a big as Eric the Red's Viking beard and wilder.

"Yeah, well, I didn't know I'd be naked at a barbeque," she said with a laugh. "If I had known, I would have trimmed it. It's not that bushy, is it?" She looked down at her pussy and exposing her pink pussy lips, she pulled her pussy up with her fingers, before looking up at me staring at her big, red bush.

"It's a forest," I said with a laugh and using her question as an invitation to ogle her pussy longer.

I so wanted to finger fuck her. I so wanted to lick her. I so wanted to fuck her.

"Well, what do you think of your older sister now?" She put her hands over her head and twirled around in the sand, as if she was an ice skater, which she once was. Oh, my God, if I thought my sister had unbelievable tits, she had an unbelievable ass, too.

"You have a fabulous ass and a fantastic body, Ellen. Happy Nude Day," I said wrapping an arm around her waist, pulling her to me, and giving her a big hug, while sliding my hand down to her ass and cupping her ass cheek. A perfect fit, my cock immediately found its rightful place between her legs and immediately, I felt the tingle of her wetness. "I love your big tits and pink, puffy nipples, and your round, firm ass."

"Michael! Stop that! Really! Let go of me."


"You just grabbed my ass and your cock nearly impaled my pussy. Get that thing away from me," she said reaching her hand down to grab my cock and push it away.

Oh, my God. My sister just touched my cock. It was one thing to be naked in front of my sister and another thing for my sister to be naked in front of me, I could handle that without having sexual connotations, kind of, not really, okay, not at all, but when she touched my cock, my thoughts were filled with incestuous lust for her.

"Sorry, I was just hugging you," I said while dropping my hand down to cup her sweet ass again.

"Michael, don't. That makes my skin crawl," she said taking a step back. "You're not hugging me, you're groping me," she said pushing away. "Let's we go for a swim. The cold water will lessen your sexual excitement," she said laughing, while poking my cock with her fingers again.

Maybe it was wishful thinking on my part, but the fact that she couldn't keep her eyes and now her hands off my cock was hopeful that our naked time together may lead to more than just a Nude Day celebration. With all the testosterone running through my body, I'm not embarrassed to admit that I'd do my sister. Any brother who had a sister who was as hot as my sister, would do her.

All so surreal, to be honest, I couldn't believe she was naked. Truth be told, she had a better body than I had imagined and a better body than even I had. If she was anyone but my sister, I'd consider her hot. If she was anyone but my sister, I'd be all over her naked body. Actually, the fact that she was my sister made her even hotter in my eyes. As if a boyfriend and girlfriend, we held hands as we walked down to the water.

"Thanks for doing this, Ellen," I said pulling her hand towards my cock and leaving it there. With my cock in contact with the back of her hand, when she didn't pull away, I was encouraged to do more.

"Michael," she said trying to pull her hand away from my cock, while I pulled her hand on my cock.

"The guys are watching us," I said pulling her hand back on my cock and luckily they were watching us. I felt her fingers rest on my cock and I so wanted her to wrap her fingers around my cock.

"Thanks for doing what?"

"For pretending you're my girlfriend," I said taking that as an excuse to wrap her fingers around my cock.

"Yeah, well, so long as you behave yourself, Michael," she said finally pulling her hand away. When she let go of my cock, I grabbed a handful of her naked ass.


"Sorry, but the guys are watching me," I said giving them a wave.

"Oh," she said looking to where I was waving. "Sorry," she said. "I forgot we're supposed to be boyfriend and girlfriend."

"You don't mind, do you?" I put my hand back on her ass and pulled her hand in contact with my cock, again.

"No," she said. "It's okay, I guess. It's the least that I can do for my baby brother, so that they don't think you're gay."

"I love your ass, Ellen," I said cupping her cheek in my palm as we walked to the water.

"I surprised you, didn't I?"

"What do you mean?"

"You didn't think I'd strip, did you?"

"Actually, no, but I was hoping you would," I said taking her question as an opportunity to ogle her body again. She had an incredible ass and I couldn't believe I was groping her ass. "I'm glad you did. I've always been curious what you looked like naked."

"Well, now that you know, what do you think?" She slowly twirled around again.

"You have a body just like Mom's."

"Mom? Eww?" She looked at me with a face full of shock. "How would you know what Mom looks like naked?"

"I've seen Mom naked more than a few times?"


"When she used the hot tub with Dad and thought that I was asleep. Then, there were those times, after she divorced Dad, when she'd come drunk from a date and practically strip off her clothes in the living room in front of me. Then, she'd leave her bedroom wide door open and I'd go upstairs to ask her how her date went, while she changed in her nightgown."

"No way. You're making this up. Mom stripped off her clothes in front of you?"

"Only when she was drunk. Besides the bedroom light was off, I couldn't make out much more than her silhouette."

"So what did you go back to your room and masturbate over all that you saw of Mom?"

She looked at me with an expectation of the truth and I couldn't disappoint her by lying to her, not now with the two of us being so open, so honest, and so naked.

"I did."

"How many times did you masturbate over Mom?"

"I dunno, lots of times."

There was an uncomfortable silence with neither of us talking, before she asked me the question.

"Did you ever masturbate over me?"

I looked at her wanting to lie, but I couldn't.

"I did."

"How many times?"


"More than Mom?"

She looked at me, as if the number of times I masturbated more over her would quantify my sexual desire for my sister over my mother.


"So, tell me, I'm curious."

"What?" I knew what she was going to ask before she even asked it.

"What did you think about, when you were masturbating over me?"

"You know, the usual stuff."

"What usual stuff? Tell me."

"I'd wonder what you looked like naked."

"Well, now you know," she said looking down at herself, before looking over at my cock and when she looked at me, I stared at her. "What else?"

"What do you mean, what else?"

"Did you ever imagine us having sex?"

"No," I said lying.

"Michael, you're cock is your lie detector," she said reaching out her hand and squeezing the head of it and leaving her hand there. "It's sticking out straight."

"Okay, yeah, I used to imagine having sex with you, while masturbating."

"Did you imagine kissing me?"


"French kissing me?"


"Sucking my tits."

"Of course."

"Did we fuck in your imagination?"

"We did."

"Did you eat me?"

"To be honest, I did, just as I'd like to now," I said. "And I gave you an orgasm with my fingers, my mouth, and with my cock."

"Michael! You're such a little pervert." She looked at me with a face full of lust. "So, tell me."

"Tell you what?"

She paused. She looked at me, before looking down at my cock again. Then, she looked up and made eye contact.

"Did I blow you?" She stared down at my cock again. When she asked me that, the look on her face told me that she'd blow me, if I played my cards right.

"Oh, yeah," I said as my cock twitched with the imagined thought of my sister on her knees in the soft sand, taking me in her hand, before taking me in her mouth and sucking my cock.

"And," she laughed, "did you cum in my mouth?"

"I did," I said now imagining putting a hand to the back of my sister's pretty head and exploding a load of cum in her mouth.

"And," she said laughing again, "did I swallow?"

"You did," I said staring at her mouth, while imagining her swallowing my warm, oozy load.

"Yeah, well get those nasty thoughts out of your mind little brother because, just as I'd never allow you to lick my pussy, I'd never suck your cock. You're my brother and I'm your sister."

Away from the rest of the people, before going in the water, we sat on the beach talking and drinking. I couldn't believe she asked me all those questions, while we were both naked, as we still were now. Either my sister was a little bit inebriated or she was excited that she was naked in front of me with the thoughts that I had masturbated over her. I was hoping more for the latter than for the former, but it would be even better if she was drunk and excited.

"I think you have a hot body, sis."

"Thank you. You're not so bad yourself," she said reaching out her hand and taking hold of my cock briefly before letting it go. Only, as soon as she touched me, my cock sprung to life. Now, I had a big boner.

"Gees, Ellen, every time you touch me like that, you make me so horny that I want to masturbate."

"Go ahead," she said staring down at my cock again.

"Go ahead what? What do you mean?"

"Masturbate for me."


"Yeah, I'd like to watch you masturbate," she said staring at my cock.

"I'd like to watch you masturbate me," I said taking her hand in mine, before placing it on my cock. This time, she left her hand there.

"I'll tell you what," she said. "I'll masturbate if you masturbate."


"No," she said with a laugh. You need some cooling off. C'mon, I'll race you to the water," she said.

Suddenly, I don't know why, but I felt embarrassed that I was naked in front of my sister. I had a huge erection and when I ran ahead of Ellen across the hot sand and down to the beach, my cock danced up and down and side to side. Running, while splashing, I jumped in the water headfirst.

With her right there beside me, the water was so cold that I grabbed her around the waist and she put her arms around my neck. We stayed like that with our bodies touching one another, while submerged up to our waist in the water and bobbing up and down. With my cock pressed against her pussy, even with the cold water, my cock pulsated against her. Then, she kissed me.

It was a little peck at first, but then she closed her eyes and parted my lips with her tongue. I couldn't believe my sister was French kissing me. As soon as I felt her tongue in my mouth, I cupped her breast in my hand, while fingering her nipple. Once I did that, her kiss became more passionate. Obviously her nipple was her on erogenous zone button and I pressed, pulled, fingered, turned, and twisted her nipple again and again. I reached my other hand down and felt her ass, while my fingers explored her pussy.

"Michael," she said breathlessly, "are your friends watching?"

As if she needed the pretense of my friends watching us to justify her touching me and me groping her, while kissing and kissing, that worked for me.

"Yes," I said, "they're watching us. Quick, Ellen, grab my cock. Take my cock in your hand and stroke me."

"But we're underwater. They won't even see my hand."

"It's okay," I said. "They'll see your arm go down and they'll know that you're fondling my cock."

"Okay," she said reaching down and taking my cock in my hand, before stroking me. Then, she cupped my balls. Oh, my God. Let me tell you, you've never had your balls cupped, until your sexy sister cups your balls. "How's this?"

"Unbelievable, Ellen," I said returning her kiss and this time parting her lips with my tongue.

My cock felt so good in her hand, as if it belonged there. Something that I had imagined my mother doing, while I masturbated, my sister was doing now.

"Michael, should we be doing this?"

"It's okay, Ellen. We're just celebrating Nude Day."

"Michael," she said laughing, "how is making out with your sister celebrating Nude Day?"

"It works for me," I said with a laugh.

I couldn't believe I was making out with my sister, while she stroked my cock and I groped her sexy body.

It wasn't so much that I was embarrassed because of my sister, but I was embarrassed wondering if any of my friends knew or suspected that we were brother and sister. By the time we had gone for our walk, we already had some food and a good buzz going from the alcohol and pot that was at the party. To be honest, I don't remember if I kissed her or she kissed me again, but we were making out again, really making out, this time, as if we were alone on a deserted island.

I couldn't believe I was making out with my sister, while groping her naked ass and feeling her naked tits. I inserted a slow finger deep inside her and finger fucked her. She wasn't so innocent either, with her hands all over my ass, cock, and balls.

"Okay, Michael, that's enough," she said when I threw my leg over her and tried to mount her.

"C'mon, Ellen, you can't stop now. I'm so sexually frustrated."

She looked at me, as if thinking what to say next.

"What if I gave you a hand job?"

I couldn't believe she offered to masturbate me.


"Yeah, what if I gave you some relief with my hand," she said taking my cock in her hand.

"Yeah, sure, okay, that would work," I said looking at her to see if she was kidding, before quickly deciding that she wasn't.

She sat up more and wrapped her hand around my cock, while stroking me.

"How does that feel?"

"Are you kidding me? It feels incredible. Only, would you mind if I felt your tits, while you masturbated me?"

"Okay, but just my tits and not my nipples. My nipples are so very sensitive that I...Michael, I told not to touch my nipples," she said watching my fingers touch, pull, and twist her nipples.

The more I played with her nipples, the faster she stroked me. If you weren't my brother, I'd have you finger fuck my pussy again. I need to get off," she said.

Taking that as in invitation, I buried my fingers in her forest.

"Michael, this is so wrong, but it feels so good. Oh, my God. Suck my nipples, while you fuck me with your fingers."

When I started fucking her deeper, when she started breathing heavier, she pulled away.

"No, I can't do this. If we continue, I swear to God that I'll suck your cock," she said staring down at my cock, while still stroking me."

"Suck it, blow me, Ellen. Please. Really, I don't mind."

"Yeah, I bet you wouldn't mind me blowing you," she said with a laugh, while still staring down at my cock.

I leaned forward and gave her a long, wet kiss, while fingering her nipple.

"Suck my cock, Ellen," I whispered in her ear.

"Okay," she said, "but I swear, if you ever tell anyone that I blew my baby brother, I'll kill you."

I couldn't believe it when she leaned down, made herself comfortable in the warm, soft sand, and took my cock in her mouth. Ellen was blowing me. My older sister was quite the skilled cocksucker. Suddenly feeling guilty, I pushed her away.

"Okay, that's enough," I said.

"Why? What's the matter?"

"If you continue, I'll cum in your mouth."

As if pondering it, she looked up at me, while still stroking my cock.

"That's okay. I don't mind if you cum in my mouth, Michael. I've had lots of guys cum in my mouth before," she said.

"As much as I want to cum in your mouth, I can't."

"I'm the sexually frustrated one now," she said. She looked at me, before looking down at my cock and back up at me again. "Fuck me, Michael."

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