tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSierra Lives Pt. 04

Sierra Lives Pt. 04


Chapter 7


Lord V stood and turned to stand in front of the girl. He held the pain wand again in his elegant hand in front of the girl's face. With the click of an invisible switch, the wand buzzed into life, a blue light glowing from one end. It was unsurprising that the girl's eyes widened and she leaned back slightly.

It was helpful to him to have this barrier and tantalizing threat between them to keep him committed to his plan. As he had petted his slave's soft skin and heard her dismay at his easy unraveling of the nature of her questions, he'd considered throwing her across the bed and fucking her from behind as she begged for mercy. However, it would be helpful to get a few ground rules out of the way if he was going to display her at the Versipedes Conference.


Sierra was ashamed to admit she cowered a little bit before the man in the black robes. His gentle touches forgotten as she stared down the barrel of the already hated shock stick. The distraction was a good thing, some part of her mind told her; otherwise, the despair in her heart over the alien man's answers might overwhelm her.

His soft, sinister voice curled around her spine as he began, "As I have already demonstrated, I expect your compliance to be immediate."

He snapped the wand down, pointing to the ground beside him, "kneel, slave."

She quickly slid off the bed and dropped to her knees, doing her best impression of the way Elanna had knelt earlier. Part of Sierra questioned her own submission, but it was honestly just easier. She would think and plot later, she promised herself.

Her "master" set the pain wand on the bed as he crouched down in front of her. Sierra furtively glanced at the wand and had a vision flash in her mind of grabbing the glowing pain stick and shoving it into his groin. As her eyes returned to his, his flinty gaze scrutinizing her every move undid her little fantasy. She recalled his previous demonstrations of inhuman speed, and her mouth tightened into a frown.

The beautiful, pale alien man gripped her chin, "cheer up, little slave" he mocked. "You look so lovely on your knees."

She couldn't help but flinch when he touched her to adjust her posture so that her beautiful breasts thrust out proudly and her knees were spread slightly. She could feel her face flush and the look he gave her before he stood up was both amused and predatory.

He picked up the wand from the bed as he instructed smoothly, "Feel how your body is positioned, slave. I will expect this posture when I require you to kneel."

Sierra couldn't help but glare up at him. He raised an eyebrow, but continued, "When I wish you to look at me slave, I will tell you, but otherwise, you will keep your gaze down." Sierra sighed and looked down, and then embarrassingly, her stomach growled.

He chuckled, "continue to obey, and we will take care of that shortly."

"Now, slave. Stand up and turn around." With trepidation, Sierra did as she was told.

The man walked up close behind her. Sierra nearly jumped out of her skin as the pain wand, now apparently charged down, traced down her spine in a threatening, if painless, repeat of its previous path.

The man slid one of his legs between hers and motioned for her to widen her stance. He then ran a hand down her back and applied pressure to bend her forward moderately at the waist. His hand rested on her hip as he leaned over her. She tensed, desperately wanting to flee. He nuzzled her neck before whispering in her ear, "once you pull apart your ass cheeks for me, displaying your asshole and pussy for my use, we can be done with your lessons for today."

Sierra's body shook at his words. She started to slowly shake her head 'no,' but the man's hand moved swiftly down from her hip to cup her sex possessively; his other hand holding the pain wand rose up pointing the wand close to the rosy tip of her hardening nipple. The wand buzzed to life threateningly mere inches from her flesh.

Sierra's hands trembled as they traveled down to delicately pull apart her ass cheeks, as she did, the pale man stood back a bit giving her room to display herself lewdly for him.

She felt him step back and his hand and the wand were removed. A long, tense silence ensued, as she held herself open for him, until she heard a rustling behind her. A spike of panic shot through Sierra and

without the immediate threat of the wand in front of her, she couldn't help herself. Sierra dropped her hands and ran.


Jarok sat at the bar in the refueling station trying to distract himself by watching the two giant delfs arm wrestling a table away. One delf's tentacle snuck up under the table to grab the other lumbering ogre's ankle, then took advantage of the surprise, casting the giant muscled arm down in a decisive, if unfair, victory. Jarok couldn't help but smile as, of course, this tactic had the loser planting a firm fist into the trickster delf's nose.

It's a pity they are such idiots, otherwise, delf strength might come in handy to his "rescue mission." Jarok sighed. What the fuck, what the astro-fuck, did he think he was doing and who was truly the idiot. He took another sip of sparkling, Shivean brandy and winced, like all things Shivean, it packed a hedonistic punch.

"Well, who let this asshole in here," a raspy, female voice chuckled as a Keplarian woman in a ragged, brown jumpsuit straddled a chair next to Jarok. Her presence brought a ghost of a boyish smile to Jarok's face.

"Hi, Gerra," Jarok responded. "It's been a while." Jarok held up his glass and mock toasted her.

Gerra looked good as always with a rugged beauty. Her black hair cut short and spiked, her dark brown eyes dancing with mischief, her pronounced Keplarian spots speckling down the sides of her face from the corner of her eyes.

"Shevu, halfbreed, you look like you lost your best friend or worse, a shipment of Shivean Sage brandy." Gerra observed.

Jarok smiled. "Yes, I've a bit on my mind," he admitted. "But, how are things with the Rilas Syndicate?" he attempted to deflect.

"Oh no, pretty boy. I've never seen you so glum, tell mama Gerra all about it. Maybe I can take advantage of your misfortune."

At this, Jarok did laugh. "You wouldn't believe me if I told you."

Gerra cocked an eyebrow and smirked, "now, you must tell me!"

Jarok looked into his tawny colored beverage and figured what did he have to lose? Maybe Gerra would talk him out of his madness. He launched into his tale of finding the human girl, her subsequent sale to Lord fuckface V of Ingentia and Jarok's insane decision to rescue her.


Lord V knew his little human's body language during her attempt to refuse his last command meant that she was reaching her limit. It wasn't that he'd been harsh, far from it, but he was aware that everything the human had experienced since she awoke with the slavers last night was very new and likely alarming. Shevu, how he wanted her. He hadn't intended to bed her again until later in the evening. He'd even intended to let the girl sleep after her training sessions with Istak, but Lord V was here now, and he was craving a little dessert before dinner.

He wasn't surprised that she'd bolted, in fact, he didn't even pause in his disrobing, setting his black robes aside in a tidy pile. After all, there weren't many places the little thing could go, and Ingentians were superior athletically in practically every way to soft, little human females. He stretched his smooth, sinewy, naked body and strode purposefully after his slave.


Sierra crouched at the far end of the bath house. She saw him enter and his eyes found her immediately. Goddammit he was gorgeous. It was annoying. Steam from the bath house swirled around his muscular, broad shoulders. He moved with a stealthy, predatory grace. His penetrating, gray eyes locked onto her like a tractor beam. Sierra knew her running was futile, but she just couldn't help it; asking her to display herself for him made her feel so complicit. She simply couldn't submit further. He would have to catch her. Think Sierra, think! She furiously ordered herself.

His voice, silky and imperious, wafted over the bathing pool, "Little pet, there will be no escape. Surrender to me now, and I will try to be lenient.

"Go to hell!" Sierra shouted.

The beautiful, sinister, alien smiled his tight, little smile and picked a side of the pool to approach her position, like he was stalking an animal. Sierra stood up and started edging down the other side warily. As Lord V blurred into a run, Sierra panicked and jumped into the bathing pool attempting to half swim, half wade in the water to the opposite side.

She didn't even hear the second splash as he dived in after her, but felt him grab her ankle and yank her towards him through the water. She tried to fight and squirm, but with one of his hard arms wrapping around her waist while his other hand circled her neck, he easily dunked her and held her under the warm water. She gasped for breath as he brought her up and then she was submerged again kicking and squirming. He repeated the process a third time, and when she came up coughing and sputtering, he held her close and lifted her, cradling her heaving body.

She found herself clinging to him desperately gulping air and trying to avoid another dousing. He lifted her in his arms, and carried her up the steps and over to the drying station. She was still shaking as the warm air blew them quickly half dry, though where their bodies touched retained some damp between them. Still holding her tightly, he strode over a few steps along the wall and placed his hand against the tiles. Sounds of stone grating and clicking noises growled briefly then there was a doorway into a dark room.


"Light," Lord V commanded and the room brightened while he carried the girl over to the apparatus he required. He set her down standing up between two thin, padded benches, while steadying her with one hand. Before she could twitch, he hissed, "confine," and cords from the ceiling snaked down to wrap her around her wrists and pull her up until she was on her tip toes. He then grabbed one of her kicking legs, setting it down on the one bench so her leg bent at the knee. Cords snaked around both her calf and ankles binding her leg to the bench. He repeated the process with the other leg until the girl was spread kneeling with a leg bound on each bench, with her arms bound above her.

"Please!" she pleaded with both her voice and her expressive, green eyes. Lord V was unmoved and swiftly gathered a few items from the shelf on the wall behind his disobedient slave. With clinical precision, he blindfolded her. She attempted to struggle, but her position allowed very little movement.

He stood back slightly to admire her beautiful, bound body. A tense energy seemed to writhe in the air between his taut, ready form and his trembling, exposed slave.

"Slave, why did you run from your master?" he asked, unable to keep the threatening, lustful hiss out of his voice. He saw her head jerk as she heard the click and soft electric buzzing sound of the pain wand being activated.

"Because . . . because, I was afraid," she offered honestly then quickly added, "master" in a panic as his smooth, long hand circled her neck.

He hissed near her face, his hot breath on her cheek, "afraid enough to run, but not afraid enough to obey your master?" he sneered rhetorically, his thumb running menacingly up and down her throat. "We will have to do something about that."


A sharp, burning pain exploded on Sierra's nipple and she screamed, but before she could recover, her other nipple jolted into excruciating, throbbing pain. She felt nauseous, trying hard not to breathe, as her heaving breaths moved her raw nipples against the searing air even more. Through her misery and tears she felt his presence behind her. He roughly pulled aside her ass cheeks exposing her asshole and pussy to the brisk air.

She could feel his thumb running over her wrinkled, little asshole. His voice had a weary patience in it as he instructed from behind her, "Slave, what I want from you, will happen. Resist and there are consequences. As I said before, it makes no difference to me."

Tears leaked down her face from under her blindfold. Her nipples still smarted and her limbs shook while the horrible creature behind her fondled her ass. Once he removed his finger a new feeling took its place, a slimy hard object pressed against her asshole and then nudged in at an angle. Sierra cried out as the object was pressed firmly in, straining every fiber of her ass. Then plop! The pain in her ass subsided, but she could still feel the hard object wedged between her ass cheeks. She felt a slight tug.

"Good and tight," the alien man behind her mused. He then moved his hands appreciatively over her ass cheeks, stroking and smoothing; his wandering hands moved over to her pussy. She felt his fingers covered with the same odd, lubricant, rubbing her and stroking her from behind. She whimpered.

As the man began nibbling at her shoulder, she felt a strange sensation. The ache in her shoulders, wrists and thighs seemed to lessen as her body heated and responded with arousal. The remaining throb in her nipples became a teasing pain mixed with pleasure. She felt her pussy grow hot and tingling, even the object in her ass began to take on an erotic tug. The sticky, slimy substance, she realized. It must be like what the snake man had. She felt her Master's cock nudging at her pussy entrance while the buttplug was still wedged in her ass.

She felt his shaft squeeze into her tight, wet, welcoming hole and Sierra gritted her teeth to keep a moan of pleasure from escaping her lips. He did not hold back his raw, appreciative groans. He started slow, but was soon pistoning in and out of her from behind.

It felt so crude to have both of her holes filled and to feel the weight of her tender breasts bouncing in front of her. He guided her so she half sat, half slid back onto his cock in a steady rhythm. He began gyrating into her and she felt the sweet, hot pressure building in her clit. Her body felt a bundle of delicious nerves squeezing in until everything converged on her little nub. She felt him pull a bit on the buttplug and it both distracted her and aroused her. With a wail, she came, her bound body clenching around him, milking his cock until he too, stiffened and came, grunting behind her.

His arms snaked around her and he held her while their heavy breathing subsided. Eventually, he whispered hoarsely, "release." The cords binding her legs loosened and slithered away. As the cords from the ceiling drew down and released her wrists, the alien man behind her held her firm so she did not fall. She felt numb as he scooped her up and carried her back to the bedroom. He lay her on the bed and then stood back, looking down at her.

She gently rubbed her wrists as she lay there. As she attempted to roll over away from his gaze, she felt the intrusion of the buttplug still sticking out from her ass. She reached a shaky hand around to feel the handle.

"Don't" he warned, his voice severe. "That stays in for now, slave."


"So, let me get this straight, you're going to get yourself killed over a bit of seller's remorse?" Gerra cocked an eyebrow at him from across the table. Jarok stared down into his cup, swirling the golden liquid inside.

"Now," Gerra continued, "don't get me wrong, I wouldn't give a keplen wolf pup I liked to his lordship of slave mines. Wasn't he the one behind the Valcor massacre? In any case, what are you going to do? Waltz in to a heavily secured conference, past his personal guard and take the traumatized little thing by the hand and walk out? She could be resigned to her fate and fight you. What would you do then?"

Jarok raised his rich brown eyes with tawny flecks of gold up to meet Gerra's dark, skeptical stare. "I don't know. I just can't leave her. I shouldn't have sold her," Jarok said. He raised his hands up as Gerra began to offer protest and he pressed, "Do you trade in slaves? What would you have done?"

Gerra paused, wrinkling her nose, "Slavery is a complicated, disgusting business. I don't know what I would've done in your place" she offered honestly. There was a short, thoughtful lull as she contemplated further.

"She must be pretty hot, for you to risk getting blasted." Gerra teased, a wicked grin returning to her striking face.

Jarok smiled, "She is pretty hot," he admitted, "but, she came to me without any defenses, and instead of protecting her, I . . ." his voice dropped off.

"Well Mr. slaver-turned-savior, when do we leave?" Gerra asked.

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This is great! I have no idea where it’s going! Will Lord V fall in love with Sierra? Will Sierra fall in love with Lord V? When will Jarok meet with Sierra? Will THEY fall in love? Will it be a trianglemore...

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