tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSigma Omega Ch. 01

Sigma Omega Ch. 01



There was no question that Jackie had to make her way into Sigma Omega, since every successful woman in her life had been a part of the exclusive group. There was, then, no question whether she'd be initiated. But first she had to beat out the other girl.

Sigma Omega had a pretty strict setup. First, each girl had to contribute $5000 to the privilege of being tried, along with a $1000 donation each year after, 'til death. Only second year students could join, but there were two opportunities to do so. The first was during the school year, while the second, and last, was the final month of the school year. Of course, if you failed after your first try, there was another $5000 contribution, and competition against every other girl, versus one girl in the previous months.

Coming from a very well-known family, Jackie was able to be tried the very first month of the year. Of course, that also meant that her opponent would be in a similar position, with a large amount of influence behind her.

As she was told, the initial meeting had been brief and to the point. At 7 PM a sister would visit her at her apartment and give her the first of two tasks. At 2 AM, the following day, she and her opponent would meet back at Sigma Omega to show how far they had accomplished their tasks. Depending upon how they did, one would be accepted, while the other would have to wait until May for a second chance.


Sara spent much of the afternoon with her boyfriend, waiting for the sister to arrive. As he kept asking the same questions, her impatience and fear grew. Her aunt had been particularly tight-lipped on what she could expect, although she assumed that even had she learned anything, some of it would have changed.

All she could really get out of her was that there would be a certain number of activities that she would have to perform, alone. She would be competing against one other girl, and if she expected to gain admittance, she would have to defeat her, as the competition got rough for the second chance.

Like Jackie, there was no question that she would have to be a Sigma Omega.

At 6:30 she kicked her boyfriend out of her apartment and settled in to wait.


She heard the sister at the door, but she didn't knock until after she had answered a call, shortly before 7. Jackie answered after the second knock.

The woman made her way into the apartment, uninvited, and took a seat on the couch.

Jackie made her way over to a chair and sat down, waiting.


The woman sat and waited, looking at her cell phone, off and on.

Finally, at 7:15, she looked at Sara and began.

"As you know, you have two tasks to complete by 2 AM, tomorrow morning. Those tasks are written on a sheet of paper inside this envelope. You may begin preparing for these tasks, in your apartment, at 7:45, and may leave your apartment at 8. This is exactly the same situation as your rival is given.

"If you are late tomorrow, you will forfeit and will have another opportunity in May. If you do not follow the location-specific directions in the envelope, you also forfeit. You do not have to fulfil the tasks, but if your rival does, you'll probably lose.

"Unless stated otherwise, you can do anything to accomplish the tasks. They are both fairly open, with no real limit. Hence, more is better.

"Do you have any questions?"



"Then at 7:30 you may open this." She gives Jackie the envelope.

It's a plain, legal-sized, envelope. There's a sheet of paper inside, but there's no other indication of what it conceals within.

What are the two tasks? Will six hours be enough? Who is she competing against? They've said that the tasks can be skipped; what does that suggest? The time crawled by as she asked herself these questions, over and over.

Finally, it was 7:30.

"You may open the envelope. Remember, you can start preparing inside your apartment as 7:45, and may leave your apartment at 8."

Jackie opened the envelope, taking out the single sheet of paper, and began reading.


"As a potential Sigma Omega I'm sure you realize just what kind of group you'd be joining. A $5000 contribution, at the start, and $1000 donation afterwards, every year, is a significant amount of money. However, as a Sigma Omega sister we can assure you that you'll be spending many times that, each month, on the most frivolous of things.

"However, when we're young, we must all be a little crazy. Hence, the two tasks.

"The first task is to fill, as much as possible, the bottle you will receive from your future (?) sister. However, the only thing that can go in it is men's cum."


"The second task is to have as many male signatures as you can. You will receive a marker that can be used, but you must supply the material that will be written on. That material is your own body.

"For the first task you may visit ___ and ___, while for the second task you may visit ___ and ___. All four places are bars or clubs.

"Your rival will be visiting the same locations, but the tasks will be reversed. As soon as you leave a place, you may not go back. You may not perform a task anywhere other than at the locations listed. You may not talk about your rival at any of those places, and you may not visit the same place as your rival, at the same time.

"When going between locations, you will be guided along a specific path, so that you and your rival never meet.

"You will also be watched by your future (?) sister, but she will never intervene.

"At the end of the night your progress will be compared, and a winner will be chosen.

"Good luck."

Sara looked up, dazed. I have to collect cum and signatures? Is this a joke?

She looked at the sister.

"In ... five minutes you may begin getting ready." She reaches into her bag and pulls out a bottle and pen. "Here's what we'll be providing."


Jackie takes the bottle and pen. The bottle is an empty, clear, shampoo bottle. The neck is thin, and capped with a blue top. The marker is purple. She takes off the cap; a perfect point.

"Don't worry; it'll wash off nicely in the morning. You have 1 minute.

"The last thing I can say is that you should definitely change your clothes."

Jackie looks down at herself. Blue jeans and a red t-shirt. If men were really going to be writing on her, she'd definitely have to wear something else. Although if she walked into a bar with writing all over her, what would they think?

"You may begin."

Jackie stood and made her way into her room, still slightly dazed.

As she opened her closet doors she saw nothing that looked appealing.


Meanwhile, Sara placed the bottle and marker on the table and made a bee-line to her room.

There was a black halter top that would work perfectly. For the bottom, she'd match it with a black mini-skirt. That would leave plenty above and below the top, and lots of leg.

For her hair she grabbed a black band, and pulled her hair back into a ponytail.

She made her way into the bathroom, spraying perform and putting on makeup.

Done, she made her way back into her bedroom, to give herself one last look.

Her 5' 6" figure filled the small mirror. She first looked at herself head-on, and turned slowly. The top, as she already knew, showed off her full breasts and tight stomach very well. Her mini-skirt fit her ass perfectly, riding just a little low against her hips, showing the slightest bit of her panties, then getting looser as it went down. Of course, there really wasn't much of it beyond her ass ...

Her dark blonde hair was tied back in a ponytail, but inspecting this, she pulled it loose, changing it to two pigtails. Perfect.

She knew full well what kind of looks she'd get tonight, as she had worn this outfit before, while out with boyfriend and his friends. Electric.

And just in time


It took Jackie much longer to prepare. In fact, it was only a few minutes before 8 when she decided that she really should change out of her jeans into something else. But what?

She had dresses, but all of them would limit the skin she had available above her waist. She hadn't planned on clothing for summer, so she had no shorts.

"Eight o'clock."


She kept looking in her closet for a couple more minutes.

"Shit, shit, shit."

She left her room, went back to her room to grab the bottle and marker, left her room again, was 'tsk'd' by her future (that was doubtful if she'd already frozen this early) sister, and made her way out of the apartment.

She didn't, but had she looked, she would have seen herself in a mirror. Her blue jeans, form-fitting, but comfortable. Her red t-shirt showed some cleavage, as it followed her medium sized, but perky, breasts, down to her jeans. Her short brown hair ended just a little below her ears.

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