tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSilence is Golden Ch. 1

Silence is Golden Ch. 1


Silence. Karen liked silence. Karen had a TV, but seldom watched it. Karen had a CD player, but seldom played it. Karen enjoyed reading a good book, and letting her mind and imagination do the work. At 50, Karen knew she was no longer pretty. She was overweight, with small sagging breast, and a butt that was too big.

The only quality that Karen liked about herself was her hair. Karen had long thick blond hair that was only now starting to get some gray in it. Karen looked at the clock, and realized it was time to get her wash out of the dryer. Karen was a creature of habit, and every other Thursday night, she did her wash. Karen got her clothes walked back to her apartment, and juggling the laundry basket awkwardly opened her apartment door, and went inside. As soon as Karen went inside her apartment, a pillowcase was slipped over her head, and a hand covered her mouth before she could scream. Fear and terror filled Karen as she struggled against her attacker, but she could not escape the strong grasp.

Karen could not see, but she heard the front door close, and the deadbolt slipped into place. Karen now felt a gag tied in place, and her hands quickly pulled behind her back and handcuffed. Who was this man Karen thought. Is it someone in the apartment complex that has been watching me? Someone I work with? Someone who has been following me and knew my routine? Karen felt the gag removed, and the pillowcase removed from her head. Karen tried to turn around, but her head was held in place, and then a silk blindfold put over her eyes. "Who are you, and why are you doing this to me?" Karen asked.


"Please don’t hurt me," Karen wept. Karen now felt a ball gag put in her mouth and fastened behind her head. Karen was very frightened now, and too scared to resist, even if she could. Karen felt hands gently stroking her hair now, soothing her as you would a scared child. Without a word, Karen felt herself turned around. Karen felt the man lift and drop her hair, slowly running his fingers through it. Karen flinched at the man’s touch. Maybe it is not a man Karen thought; maybe it is a woman. Karen felt her attacker slowly stroke her cheek with the back of his hand, as if to say, "Don’t worry, I am not here to hurt you." Karen knew from the touch that it was a man, but who? Next Karen felt the man kiss her on the cheek. Lips were now softly kissing her neck, and once again his hands found her hair, stroking it with the tenderness of a lover. Karen felt herself getting wet, as the man continued to devour her with his mouth. Karen felt her blouse being slowly unbuttoned, as the man continued to slowly kiss her. Karen tried to resist, but it was useless. She felt the mans hands behind her, and suddenly her bra was unfastened. Karen’s small breasts were now released, and she felt the man engulf one of them in his mouth, while he gently stroked the other one. Karen could only imagine what was going through this mans mind, but he obviously was enjoying what he was doing, and she was starting to enjoy it too. After about 5 minutes of this, the man unbuttoned Karen’s jeans, and then led Karen to a chair, and gently sat her down. Karen then felt her Jeans and underwear removed. Her clothing was removed not roughly, but slowly, like a person unwrapping a beautiful, special present. Karen was not scared anymore, but she was embarrassed, as she was now naked before her attacker. Her attacker? Yes, she was being attacked and taken against her will, there was no doubt about that. This man was going to have his way with her, and she had no choice in the matter, but it was not really a rape. Rape, she knew, was about power and control, and this was definitely about sex. Karen was lost in a world of silence and darkness now, the blindness heightening her other senses. Karen was starting to relax and enjoy what her attacker was doing to her. Karen felt her legs now spread and raised, and she slid down in the chair as the man started kissing her now wet pussy, and playing with her clit. Once again, he was gentle, like he was making love to her with his tongue, moving it in and out of her love hole faster and faster. Suddenly Karen climaxed, as sweet a climax as she had ever known, and yet the man kept on going, lapping up her juices like they were wine. Finally Karen was lifted out of the chair, and once again found herself in a standing position. The gag was removed from her mouth, and Karen gulped in a lung full of air and said, "Thank you." A finger was placed on Karen’s lips, and she knew she was not to talk. Karen then felt the man draw her close, and she felt his very hard penis against her flesh. When did he remove his clothes she wondered, but for only for a minute, as he was now gently kissing her waiting lips. Karen’s breath was coming quickly now, as he kissed her hungrily, and passionately. Karen felt the man push her shoulders down, and she obediently got on her knees. Karen felt the man rub his erection on her face, and she opened her mouth and moved it back and forth, trying to capture his teasing prick. Finally, he let her get it in her mouth, and then he massaged her scalp and stroked her hair as she moved up and down on his shaft. He loved playing with Karen’s hair, and Karen loved the feel of his hands in her hair, grasping and releasing, grasping and releasing. Karen now felt him grab a handful of hair in each hand, and use them like handles as he started to fuck her face. Once again, not violently, but passionately, faster and faster, until he climaxed sending a gusher of cum down her throat. Karen had never done anything like this before; as a matter of fact she had always been disgusted by the idea. What was happening to her? Karen knew it was wrong to be enjoying this, it was wrong but it was also incredibly erotic. While Karen was catching her breath, she was raised back up to a standing position.

"Do I know you?" Karen asked. Karens head was moved up and down, indicating yes. "Do you work with me?" Karen asked. Once again her head was moved indicating a yes. "How long…,"Karen started, but a finger was put on her lips indicating that the talking was over and once again the ball gag was placed in her mouth. As the man lifted her hair and secured the ball gag once more behind her head, Karen wondered who this could be, and why she was the object of his affection.

Then Karen knew why she was enjoying this. Karen felt attractive and wanted, as she never had before. This man did not just want sex with Karen, he wanted to make love to her, and she enjoyed being desired. The man was now slowly lightly running his hands over Karens naked body, touching her in places and in ways that no man had ever touch her. Bound, gagged, and blindfolded, Karen was now enjoying the new sensations she was feeling.

Karen was now being led to another room, the bedroom she thought, oh yes, let it be the bedroom. Karen now felt the gag being once again removed, but this time she did not speak. She knew that this was to be done without words, in silence. The man kissed her again, and Karen willingly returned his hot kisses. Karens hands were uncuffed, and her blouse and bra removed, then she was laid on the bed, face up, and she felt her hands tied with something soft, maybe one of her scarves to the headboard of her bed. Karen sensed the man by the side of her head, and she turned her head in anticipation of once again tasting his manhood. Karens head was turned back, as he lightly kissed her hungry mouth, then Karen felt him grasping her hair, and rubbing his cock with it.

The man started masturbating with her hair wrapped around his cock, and once again, Karen felt excitement when she knew she should have felt revulsion. After a few minutes of this, The man stuck his rock hard cock in Karens mouth and once again released his salty cum down her throat. The man then got on top of her, and got into a 69 position, and for the next ten minutes sucked and worked her aching pussy with his mouth, and fingered her ass. When the man was hard again, her turned around, and finally gave her cunt what it wanted, his rock hard dick. Karen had already experienced multiple orgasms this evening, something she had never done before, and he had not even fucked her yet. He was fucking her now though, and Karen was fantasizing that it was a gorgeously handsome man that was ravishing her. Karen felt his balls slapping against her pussy as he moved faster and faster, and then slowly to make this last as long as possible. Wave after wave crashed against Karens helpless body, as she once again felt the joyous sensation of a climax. After what seemed like an eternity, Karen felt the man cum in her.

For the next few hours, this continued, in many different positions, as Karen was continually fucked in the mouth, pussy, and her ass, another first for Karen. Finally Karen was released, and as she lay there waiting for what ever was to come next, she heard the front door close. Karen removed the blindfold, and ran to the front door, and opened it, unconsiece of her nakedness. No one was anywhere in sight, the man was gone.

Karen went to work the next day, and watched her co-workers wondering who or if any of them had been her visitor the previous night, but no one acted any differently to her. Karens whole life had changed, and no one even seemed to notice. Once again, Karen felt invisible and unimportant. When Karen returned from lunch, Karen found an inner office envelope on her desk, and inside was a note, put together with words cut from a newspaper or magazine. " I have admired you from afar for so long. It was your gorgeous hair that first attracted me, but soon I wanted to see and feel every part of you.

I hope you enjoyed last night, I know I did. I will return Karen, but you will never know when. I will continue what I started last night, and you will be mine once again whether with you like it or not, and next time it will not end so quickly. I’ll be watching you Karen, and waiting." Karen smiled and once again looked around the office, but no one was watching, at least not that she could tell.

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