tagBDSMSilence Teaches

Silence Teaches

bybarbarian queen 2©

“Silence,” said Eileen, “I want you to help me with something.” The large man at her feet immediately focused his attention on her.

When she said nothing more, he hesitantly touched her hand. Her sudden blush startled him. He knew every inch of her body just as she knew his. Why would she blush?

“Have you ever had anal sex?” The words came out in a rush and her blush deepened.

For a soul-shattering instant he thought she was asking if he had ever received anal sex.

Eileen watched his gray eyes darken with pain. He remembered the chains forcing him to remain still, bent over, the sharp pain of penetration again and again. He shivered. Her hands on his cheeks brought him back to her.

“I…” she hesitated, “I have never…”

Now he understood. She had never experienced anal sex.

She swallowed. “I would like to try,” she whispered, her face heating again.

He knelt before her and laid his head in her lap. He could deny her nothing. She caressed his silky hair and sighed.

“I will understand if you do not wish it,” her tone was wistful, “but I have often wondered…”

He raised his head to look at her, seeing the desire in her eyes. He nodded. Now? his hands asked.

Taking a deep breath, she said, “Yes.” She took him to her bedroom and gave herself into his hands. His penis had already begun to swell and lengthen.

He held her face in his hands, gazing intently into her eyes.

“I know, Silence,” she whispered, “it will hurt.” Her hands caressed his growing penis. “You are so wonderfully large.” Her eyes locked on his. “Please? I wish this.”

He nodded. She wished it so he would do as she asked. Because she wished it. He picked her up and laid her on the bed. His hands and lips began teasing and tasting her body. He sucked on her nipples, bringing them to tender hardness. Then he kissed her way down her body, feeling the quivers under his lips as he aroused her. His fingers teased her clitoris, making her writhe and moan. Then he delved into her, feeling her wetness. He pulled back and eased her to her hands and knees. His penis was rock hard and throbbing. He caressed her hips, her buttocks. Her shoulders lowered, presenting her anus for him. The lubricant was on the bedside table. He began pushing some into her with his fingers. She was so tight! He used more, working his finger slowly past her sphincter, gently massaging as she relaxed. Now he used two fingers, stretching her a bit more. Then he liberally coated his massive penis and pushed against her anus.

A sharp catch of her breath as he began to push into her. She had expected pain and knew he was trying to ease into her as slowly as possible to lessen it.

He felt her muscles tense, then relax as she pushed back against him. She was moaning now. He was stretching her slowly wider. Her moans changed to soft whimpers. Then she gave a sudden lunge backward, crying out as his huge glans penetrated.

“Oh, God, Silence,” she moaned. He held completely still, waiting for her as she shuddered, trying to acclimate to his huge penis penetrating her anus. She clenched around him, her tightness almost painful. Then she forced herself to relax again. She arched up, “More!” she moaned.

He began pushing into her, giving her his monstrous erection slowly. She was rocking against his penetration, whimpering, moaning, “Oh, God, Silence!”

She was writhing. She had never believed she could enjoy the slow, sweet torture of him impaling her like this. He kept pushing until he had penetrated her fully. She convulsed, her orgasm sudden and unexpected. “Now! Silence, now!” she groaned.

He began thrusting into her, long, slow strokes that kept her writhing, moaning. He reached around to tease her clitoris until she was thrashing against his hand, writhing on his massive penis.

She convulsed again. And again. “Take me! Take me!” she cried.

His thrusts became harder, faster. Her tightness gripped him in a velvet vise, until she heard the soft hiss of his breath as his orgasm pulsed deep into her. Silence held her in his strong arms as her orgasm faded. He eased her down and slowly withdrew from her quivering body.

She lay curled on the bed, still lost in the fading sensations. Silence slipped from the bed and into the bathroom. He quickly cleaned up and got a damp cloth and a towel and returned to her. He gently cleaned her. When he finished, Eileen held out her arms to him. He laid beside her, in the circle of her arms. He listened to her heartbeat finally grow steady.

“Thank you, Silence,” she murmured. She felt him smile against her breast and his soft kiss, just as she faded into sleep.

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