Silvia's Lesson


You stand at the back of the room, a flirty smile on your full lips. Your eyes are locked on mine as you undo the top button of the lab coat and the fabric opens up to reveal your black, demi-cup bra. The tops of your dark areola are visible above the lace. Your enrapt audience of young men gasps in appreciation as you undo the second button. You glance around the room and notice that most of the college men have their hands on their laps, unable to keep from touching themselves as they stare at you.

Two buttons are left between you and nearly complete exposure, since I had already asked you to unbutton the bottom of the five. As you reach for the middle button, I interrupt. "Please turn around Ms. Silvia, before removing the lab coat." You do as you are instructed, turning your back to your audience.

You can't see their reactions, but you can still hear them breathing. It's like being a rabbit in a room full of wolves. You feel vulnerable, knowing that there would be no way to resist all these men if they were to act on their immediate desire. The only thing holding them back, you realize, is my authority as their professor.

Now you have a sense of what the true power of the submissive giving in to my authority and following my commands, you are feeling a rush true freedom with no responsibility. You undo the last two buttons and with a tremor of excitement, drop the coat to the floor at your feet, exposing your perfect round ass to the awestruck young men. I speak up again, "As you can see, gentleman, the erotic power of a confident, adult woman is considerable, even though she is subject to my authority, she still commands your full attention and appreciation." You can feel the eyes that you can't see covering every inch of your backside.

"Ms. Silvia, take off your bra, but don't turn around." You do as commanded. Now, except for the stockings and heels, you are completely naked. The heels have the effect of shaping your legs and putting your delicious butt in a "fuck me" position. The sheer tight fabric covering your legs makes you feel even more naked.

"Bend over, and reach behind and part your cheeks." You blush, but do as I require. This position makes you feel helpless, and that feeling is bringing you to a peak of excitement. If someone were to touch you now, you'd explode.

"Ms. Silvia is an experienced lover, gentlemen. Experience is also sexual power, because an experienced woman knows what she wants. She knows what she enjoys, and she isn't afraid to ask for it. Demand it even. Unlike the inexperienced women your own age, she isn't tentative or indecisive. If she is coy it's because she is intentionally teasing you, wrapping you around her finger to toy with you...enjoying your lust. It's not because she's afraid of herself, or of you." As I speak your labia, engorged with desire, part wide to expose your hungry opening.

I leave you in that position, thoroughly enjoying the view and sneaking a tug at my own throbbing cock. "How many of you have begged your girlfriends to try anal sex, but have been rejected?" I ask the class. You can't see but there's a commotion as hands are raised. "Most of you, as I expected.... Ms. Silvia knows what she likes, and she enjoys the feeling of a slick, hard cock pressed against her tight anus, the head seemingly too large to fit, the mix of pleasure and pain as her lover pushes slowly forward, and then the electric rush as suddenly the fat head pops in, and long shaft glides in smoothly behind it." Your delectable little ass winks at me as I talk. I can tell that you are imagining my cock sliding into your tight back entrance as I speak.

"Ms. Silvia, you can stand, but please don't turn yet." You hear my voice moving behind you. "Steven, Alex, Nathan, your 'presentations' are due today, aren't they? Okay good. You three men come up to the front of the room please, and remove all your clothing. Hurry, please." You shiver a bit. This is getting intense, and your nipples are so hard they are beginning to ache for attention.

"While those three are getting ready the rest of you gentleman can unzip or take off your pants if you want, just remember to clean up any messes you make before class is over." You hear the unmistakable sound of a dozen men freeing their throbbing cocks from their restraint.

"Pass this blindfold up to Frank, please," you hear me say. And a moment later "Frank, could you please blindfold Ms. Silvia and lead her carefully down here? Be careful not to damage her mask. Thanks." You feel the tentative touch of a young man as he applies the blindfold. He's shaking so hard he can hardly get it over your eyes.

It sounds as though I am distracted, making preparations, so you take a small risk. You helpfully reach up and gently guide his young strong hands. "It's okay,'re doing fine," you whisper as he successfully covers your eyes. He timidly puts one hand on your elbow to guide you.

"Sweetie, don't be so shy or I'm going to fall." You reach behind your back and take his shaking hand off your elbow, guiding it toward the cleft between your ass cheeks. "Put your finger up there...please?" you plead with him, yearning for someone to touch you. He does as you ask, and your knees buckle slightly as the tip if his finger touches your asshole. Taking your elbow firmly in his other hand, he guides you carefully down the steps, all the while slipping his middle finger past your tight ring and deeper. By the time you are positioned in the middle of the room he is inside you to the second knuckle.

"Thank you, Frank. Please remove your finger from Ms. Silvia's pretty backside and position her on the table. You can remove her shoes and blindfold and then return to your seat." The young man does as instructed, laying you down on the waist-high table. As he takes off your shoes he spreads your legs and stretches you out in a way that you know exposes you to the room full of excited men. He moves up to take off the blindfold and as you blink back to sight you see that you are surrounded by three handsome, naked men, each one slowly stroking his smooth, hard cock.

I introduce them to you. "Ms. Silvia, this is Alex," indicating a young, skinny man with a nearly hairless body, a pencil-thin goatee and long dark hair, standing between your legs, smiling. His cock is circumcised, about average length and thickness, but he has a wicked upward curve and a really pronounced cockhead. "Alex has never gone down on a woman before, and today he is going to have that opportunity for the first time." You smile as Alex takes a kneeling position between your outstretched legs.

"Nathan will hold one leg," I nod toward a tall, strong student on your right, older than Alex. He is heavily muscled like a bodybuilder, with a long, thick, straight, cut cock. "Steven will hold the other." On your left is a shorter, incredibly handsome man, with a dark tan that covers his lean strong body, shave smooth like a swimmer. The narrow band of pale, untanned flesh indicates that he wears a racing Speedo, and not the more concealing swim trunks that most young men wear. Steven's cock is like an ivory sculpture, uncircumcised and magnificent. You can't imagine how it fits under the bathing suit he wears.

The two strong boys lift your legs and then easily position you closer to the waiting Alex at the end of the table. As Alex lowers his lips to your gushing pussy, he becomes overwhelmed with lust and practically dives in, lapping and sucking hungrily. Steven lavishes kisses on your smooth, silky legs and Nathan sucks your stocking covered toes. Both use their free hands to roughly squeeze your breasts and pinch your large, hard nipples. You arch your back, driving yourself down onto Alex's mouth. With your eyes shut tightly and your lips between your teeth you reach out blindly for the smooth, hard shafts of the two young men flanking you, finding them both dripping with their own slippery fluids.

Your first climax hits you as hard as an eight foot wave at the beach, crashing over you. You buck and heave, unable to catch your breath, trying to break the bond between your pussy and your enthusiastic young lover's eager mouth, but the two strong men at your sides won't relent. They hold you fast as Alex drives you to a second shattering climax, then a third....

You lose count of your orgasms, at one point it seemed as though it was just a continuous flow of energy setting off every nerve in your body. And then you black out.

When you come to, I am naked, standing between your legs, my own cock perfectly stiff and shiny with your juices as I rub it up and down against your slippery lips. Nathan, Steven and Alex have all gathered around your face, dangling their hard shafts hopefully near your mouth. You shudder in pleasure. Up and down I work myself against your delicious pussy.

"Do you want it, Ms. Silvia?" I growl.

"Yes," you whisper.

"I can't hear you, do you want it?"

"Yes, put it in me," you say more loudly.

"Put what in where, Ms. Silvia?" I tease you.

"Put your beautiful cock in my hot pussy, Dr. Smith!!"

I climb up onto the table next to you, pushing your right leg against your chest and turning you onto your left side. Steven's cock is throbbing less than an inch from your face.

"Go on, suck him." I command. You open your mouth and take his hot length down your throat, just as you feel my own cock slide inside your tight opening. I lean into you, pressing as deep as I can, and reach down to rub your slippery clit with my right hand as I thrust over and over, driving you to another wave of glorious orgasms.

Steven can't hold back any longer and his balls clench as his beautiful young cock spurts streams of salty cream into your mouth...he pulls out just enough to splash your beautiful lips and cheeks with his spunk. The sight of their fellow student cumming on your beautiful face is too much for Alex and Nathan, who let loose their own loads on your face, neck and chest.

I can't resist any longer, and I lift up your splattered mask to take in the vision of your beautiful face covered in the milk of three potent young men. As I lean in to kiss you deeply, Steven's softening head is still against your lips, and together we empty him of his final juices as our tongues entwine.

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