Sinnndy Does Vegas Ch. 4


He got up, and another man replaced him. I didn't know this man, his name was Fred, it was his suite we were in. I had heard Billy talking about him from time to time. They grew up together, and had learned about sex together, double teaming a lot of girls. Fred taught Billy a lot about how to treat women and knew what sluts like me really wanted. He was a good looking man, about 5-10 190 pounds, dark blonde hair, great body, and a 9" cock. He placed a blindfold on my eyes, and told me to open my mouth, which was no problem, because Maria had just slid a couple of fingers into my pussy, and had just started lapping at my clit. I opened my mouth wide, and felt liquid being poured into my mouth, thankfully it was beer, and I started sucking it down. He then placed his cock into my mouth, as he continued feeding me beer. Maria was really going to town now, her tongue never leaving my clit, and her fingers pumping in and out of my pussy like a piston. Fred started to slide in and out of my mouth, the beer can was empty now, and I had to really keep my mouth wide open to fit his monster inside. As he fucked my face, he slowly worked more and more of his cock down my throat until he reached bottom, and waited for, and received my magic trick, my tongue licking at his balls while my mouth was filled with thick cock. Fred said, "This is the best slut you have ever shared with me Bill. She's a keeper, she's much wilder than your ex, and a lot more talented. How much do you want for her?" Billy replied, "she's not for sale. At least not today, I'm not tired of her yet"

I was trying not to laugh, what a bunch of fucking comedians. I was also too busy to think of anything, but the pressure building deep inside my loins, as Maria brought me to an earth shaking orgasm, lapping at my flowing juices, as I tried to not bite down on Fred's cock. Fred started to pump in and out of my mouth, grabbing the back of my head with both hands, pumping in and out of my mouth like a wild man. Maria was giving little licks to my pussy, as my orgasm started to subside, and Freddy pulled his cock out of my mouth, aiming at my face, thankfully I was blindfolded at the time. I felt his cum go splat against my face, and I stuck my tongue out like I used to do when I was a little girl trying to catch snowflakes on it. I couple of drops hit my tongue as I lapped at it hungrily.

Fred got up off of me, and I awaited the next contestant in Billy's little game. I knew he was filming this, and I was really glad that Fred game me beer, instead of his pee, which I thought he might do. Billy had warned me that Fred was even kinkier than he was. Fred had even had a couple of slaves a couple years back, and was a respected Dom back in Arizona. I felt someone crouch down over me, and opened my mouth, ready for my next cock. I was pleasantly surprised, when I stuck my tongue out, and tasted pussy. Maria tasted wonderful, she was also completely shaved. She grinded her pussy into my face, and I gleefully lapped at her tasty box. I felt my legs being spread apart, and gasped as someone's cock slid all the way inside me. It didn't feel that long, and was average in thickness, but it felt great at the time. He started to pump into me slowly, building up a nice pace, while I continued lapping at Maria's pussy. She was riding my face hard, and I slid my tongue deep inside of her pussy, moving it around. Maria was a real screamer, "yessssss, ohhhh baby that's it. Lick Maria, Maria loves it, ohhhhh yessss baby". She was really loud, and it really turned me on.

The man fucking my pussy was really pumping now, he was a big guy, and I guessed, and found out later that I was right, that it was Pete, another of my heroes, and the biggest of the guys there that night. He was about 6-8, 320 pounds, a mammoth man. He reached under me, and grabbed my ass cheeks with his big meat hooks, pulling me into him with his heavy thrusts. This was one strong man, and he was giving my tender pussy a real pounding. Maria had eased off my face a little, as I went to work teasing her clit like she had done do me. She then reached back with one hand, and started playing with my breast, rolling my nipples between fingers, repeating it on my other breast. Pete had slowed down, pulling out all the way, and then slamming into me with a loud grunt, and incredible force, his big gut slamming into me, as his hands firmly squeezed my cheeks.

I started licking, sucking and gently biting on Maria's clit, she was even louder now, screaming, "ohhhh fuck yessss, ohhhhhh lick me, yesssssssss", sliding her pussy in my face, rotating her hips. Pete started to grunt, while slowing his pumping down, but still slamming into me, and Maria reached back again, and started pulling hard on my nipples, as I licked and sucked her clit. Pete started filling my pussy up with cum, and Maria started pulling really hard on my nipples, screaming at the top of her lungs, "yesssssssssss", filling my mouth with her love juice, as I lapped at her tasty nectar. I was happy she came, because she finally released my sore nipple.

Pete and Maria got off of me, and for the first time in quite a while, my mouth and tongue got a little rest, but that wouldn't last long. I counted in my head, there were still three guys, that hadn't had a piece of me yet, and knowing Billy like I do, I was about to be gangbanged, and I was looking forward to it. I also had a feeling that Billy was saving some big cocks for the finale. I thought about who was remaining. There was still Henry, the last of the four guys who came to my rescue, and two guys I did not know. Steve, a tall lean basketball player type, and Michael, also a basketball player type, and the only black guy in the room.

My hands were untied, but the blindfold was left on, and was turned over on my hands and knees. I felt a long body sliding underneath me, and felt his long cock slide into my pussy. It was really long, I found out later it was 10", but not as thick as Billy's. Two hands were placed behind my head, a sign to open my mouth, and a thick cock filled it up. My blindfold was removed, looked down to see Steve under me fucking my pussy, and Henry sliding his cock in and out of my mouth. Michael walked into my vision, I could also see Billy watching the whole thing through a video camera lens. He flashed me a thumbs up, and I playfully flipped him off, telling him thought he was number 1. I looked at Michael's cock, his nickname in college, was hog, and it had nothing to do with sloppy eating habits. He had a real monster between his legs, it was chocolate colored, with a big mushroom head, and about 12" long, thicker than my wrist.

I knew there was only one opening, and my ass was already sore from last night's abuse. Michael looked over to Billy, and said, "you sure it's ok? I have trouble getting women to allow me to fuck their pussies, I have never even tried to fuck a woman's ass. I'm afraid I will really hurt her". Billy replied, "she can handle it, she loves it up the ass, has taken bigger cocks than yours in her ass". Billy was right, I have one bigger cock in my ass, it was a 14" whopper, but my asshole was more prepared for that cock, because a couple of smaller, still large cocks readied me for it. I was not ready for this log, but could not protest since Henry's cock was deep inside my throat, while Steve pumped his long cock up inside my pussy.

Michael put some KY on his index finger, and slowly popped the tip of his finger in my ass. He then worked the rest of his finger, which was almost as big as some cocks I have had, all the way into my rectum, and started to slide it in and out. He then removed his finger, placed a generous amount of lube on his cock, and placed his large head at my backdoor. I tried to relax my sphincter, as I always tell women to do, but I hard a hard time doing it, knowing how much pain I was about to feel. At least I was distracted by having Henry's cock thrusting in and out of my mouth, and Steve's cock hitting my cervix with his long cock.

Michael looked back over to Billy, unsure if he should continue, and Billy flashed him the go sign. I felt the massive head of his cock trying to push inside, and try as I might to relax, I just couldn't. Michael was really having a rough time, he was a nice caring guy, and felt there was no was this little white girl's ass could handle his tool. The first time he had intercourse with a girl, she ended up in the emergency room, bleeding all over the place. That incident ruined his confidence. He never had a lot of girlfriends after that, he was afraid of hurting them.

I could tell that Michael was having a tough time, so on one of Steve's upward thrusts, I lowered my pussy to meet him, then pushed my ass back hard, with Michael's big head making a loud pop into my ass, and groans from the rest of the group who were standing behind me to watch this spectacle. I was glad Henry's cock was still in my mouth, because I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs from the pain coming from my rectum.

I'm not trying to gross anyone out, I'm just explaining how I felt at this moment. Have you ever gone to the bathroom, to take a really big dump, and you have a big log come out of your ass, and it really hurts because of it's size? Multiply that ten times, that's how much it hurt. I even lost consciousness for a second. When I regained my senses, Henry started filling my mouth up with his cum, and I gobbled it down. Steve was still pumping up into me, and Michael did not move an inch, he couldn't believe the head of his cock fit into my ass, and stared at his dark cock partially inside my white ass.

Billy had moved behind me to film the penetration of my butt, he had pulled his cock out, and was stroking it rapidly, watching his girl take on that monster. I had my eyes closed for a minute, concentrating on relaxing my sphincter, slowing my breathing down, and trying to open my asshole wide. When I opened them, there were three guys standing in front of me, with their cocks out, stroking them. Fred stuck his cock in my mouth, and fucked my face for a few strokes, pulled out, and was replaced by Pete, who did likewise, as did Roger. They kept this up, taking a couple jabs down my throat, and then switching to another guy. Steve started groaning under me, and started shooting his cum up into my pussy. Billy told him to stay there for a while, so that lucky me could have a cock in my pussy and ass at the same time.

Michael decided to see if he could slide in my ass a little bit, gently pushing about 3" into my ass. I was relaxed now, some pain and discomfort remained, but I was beginning to feel pleasure along with the pain. The guys fucking my mouth now were taking two pumps in my mouth, pulling out, allowing the next guy to take two pumps. They would stroke their cocks waiting for their next turn. Michael slowly pushed another two inches in my ass. I heard Maria gasp and say, "oh my god, that hurts me, and it's not even my ass". Little did she know that yes, it did hurt, but it was a good hurt, I loved it. The face fuckers were really going at it now, pumping my face hard for a couple of strokes, then letting their buddies do the same. Within a few seconds of each other, they started shooting their cum all over my face, aiming at my eyes, there was so much sperm shot at me, that I couldn't see, my eyes were filled with it, and each guy had me lick their cocks clean. Steve had fallen out of me, and slid out from under me, it was now just Michael and me.

Michael started pumping into me a little bit, pulling about 3" out, and sliding it back in. My mouth was wide open, and I started moaning, it felt so good. I took my fingers, and started diddling my clit, which always eases the pain. We stayed that way for a while, Michael fucking me slowly, each time when he pushed back in, more of his cock would slide into my ass. He had about 7" in now, and he decided that was all I could take. He started picking up the pace a little bit, still fucking me slow, but pushing in a little bit harder. With my fingers doing their magic on my engorged clit, and his big cock in my ass, I was in heaven. I wanted more however, and when Michael pulled all but the head of his cock back, and started to push in, I slammed my ass backwards hard, causing both of us to moan loudly, and him to stop in his tracks. There were guys gasping, and voices displaying their disbelief.

Michael's 12" monster, had completely disappeared into my asshole. He stayed there for a little time, and I started rotating my hips, savoring the pleasure and pain I was feeling at this time, happy in knowing that the people watching this sight, were amazed at what they saw. I get off on doing what looks impossible to others, and I was really working hard and fast on my clit. "Give it to me Michael. Fuck me you big beautiful man. You're in all the way now, and I'm not hurt. I want more, I want you to fuck me so hard, that your cock goes so deep inside me, it comes out of my mouth.

Michael couldn't believe it, he had never been all the way in any woman's pussy, and here he was, balls deep in little sinnndy's ass. He slowly pulled his cock almost all the way out, and slid it all the way back in. "Mmmmmmmmmmm", came from my lips. It hurt so good. He continued at that pace for a little while, sliding in and out slowly, letting me feel his whole shaft emptying, and then completely filling up my ass. "Faster Mikey, fuck me faster, give it to me hard, I can take anything you got big man". He started going a little faster, sliding a couple of inches out, and then sliding it back in again, but that wasn't enough for me, I wanted real pain. "What are you, a pussy. I need a real man, is there a real man here. Fuck my ass hard, or find me a real man" I felt bad about that, but I was just trying to rile him up.

Michael was a real mild mannered man, he wouldn't hurt a fly, but I had challenged his manhood in front of all his friends, and he was really pissed. "Ok bitch, how's this?" With that, he pulled his cock all the way out, and slammed the his whole cock balls deep into my open asshole. I lost consciousness again for a couple of seconds, and then saw stars, my fingers, never losing touch of my clit. He pulled back all the way out, and slammed it home again, sending me into one of the most earth shattering orgasms of my life. I was screaming, "oh myyyyy goddddd, yessss, I'm cummming, ohhhhh Michael, give it to me stud, I love it, fuck my ass, make me your whore". Micheal started fucking me hard, pulling all the way out, slamming it back home, and then repeating the cycle. I was still working my pussy hard, every guy in the room was stroking their cock hard, Maria, playing with her pussy, they just couldn't believe their eyes. Every time Michael pumped into me, he grunted, and I was moaning, "oh, oh, oh, oh".

He was really working now, sliding only half his cock out, then filling me up again. While rubbing my clit, I would extend some of my fingers, making contact with his big swinging balls. He was really sweating and grunting loudly, it felt like his cock was going to come out of my mouth. I was nearing another orgasm, when I felt his big hands squeeze my hips tight, and a loud grunt coming from his lips, he started filling my bowels with a gallon of cum, which took me over the edge, bringing on my second orgasm of this unbelievable fuck. I also felt cum splattering all over my body, as some of the other guys stroked themselves off.

I collapsed on the floor, with Michael following me down, lying on top of me with his huge tool spasming inside of my ass. Someone threw me a damp towel, so I could wipe the earlier cum off of my face. Michael slowly pulled his cock out of my asshole. It felt great sliding out of there, with his head coming out with a pop. I stayed on the floor, completely exhausted, drained and satisfied. Cum was oozing out of my wide open asshole. Someone joked that we could fit some missiles in that silo, and another smartass said, "hey, I think I see Jimmy Hoffa in there". I didn't know what he was talking about, and everyone was laughing. Billy meanwhile moved in for a closeup of my wide open gaping asshole.

Billy later told me that Jimmy Hoffa was a powerful labor leader, who got too big for his britches, and pissed of the Mafia. He disappeared suddenly, and was never found. Some say, that he was buried in cement in a building somewhere, but we will probably never know for sure. That was it for the card game. I got up, and gave Maria a hot kiss, and found my way to the bathroom to take a shower and to clean up. I had to hurry, because we had dinner reservations, and had to hurry to see "O". As I said my good byes to the poker boys, I took Michael aside to apologize for what I had said earlier, explaining to him that I just wanted him fuck me hard, and I hoped I didn't hurt his feelings. He told me that he understood and was not mad at all, that it was what he needed to enjoy what he said was easily the best and hottest fuck of his life. I then asked him if he wasn't doing anything later, to stop by the hotel bar, and meet us for drinks. He told me he had plans with some of the guys, but that he would try to stop by. I gave him a big hug and a kiss, and took a squeeze of his cock through his pants, something to remember me by.

Billy and I went back to our room to get dressed. Billy handed me a box, and inside, was a sheer, nearly transparent white dress. In the right light, you could see everything. I felt completely naked in it, and I loved it. Also in the box were a pair of low-heeled open toe sandals, with straps crisscrossing my feet, they were very sexy, and really went with the dress nicely. Billy really gets off on dressing me up, he loves watching the heads turn when he walks in public with me dressed up sexily. I asked where we were going for dinner, and he told me he wanted to surprise me. I really didn't care where we were going, I know Billy never chooses bad restaurants.

We walked to the Tropicana, and went through the casino, into a mall. We then walked towards a Japanese restaurant, I turned and kissed Billy hard on the lips, I then squealed "sushi, yummmy, I love you Billy" There, I said it, and while I meant it, didn't want this to be the first place that I told him I loved him. We stopped walking, he looked at me, and said, "you know I care for you deeply. I have never had more fun with anyone, man or woman, than I have had with you. When we first met, we both agreed we didn't want to be completely tied down for a while. You know I don't like throwing I love you's around like some couples do, it looses its meaning when you do that." I said back to Billy, "when I said I love you, it mean that you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. You bring out the real me, and treat me the way I have dreamed since I was a little girl that I would be treated. You are my perfect man, and I still feel the way that you do. I enjoy our relationship, and don't want to change a thing. I'm not ready for a big steps either, not even close. So when I said I love you, it meant I love how you treat me, and I too care for you deeply, but really, deep down, I can't stand your guts puss boy". That made Billy laugh, and he grabbed my hand, and started to walk to the restaurant and said to me, "since you put it that way, then I love you too". He then pulled me close to him, and gave a deep passionate kiss.

We walked into the restaurant, and I felt there were a lot of heads turning around checking out my outfit. It was bright enough inside that you could see right through my dress. We were seated at a table immediately, and Billy ordered sake, Sapporo beer and miso soup. The waiter came back with our order, and Billy placed our dinner order. Billy filled both of our glasses with sake, and our big glasses with beer. We took the small glasses, they were like shot glass, but a little bit bigger, and dropped them into the beer. Billy then toasted our great trip, and I toasted to us, and we chugged down our sake shooters. I love that drink, you get a real quick buzz too. Some of out dinner came. We had a couple of tuna rolls, a couple pieced of eel and octopus, and my favorite, spider rolls. Spider rolls are soft shell crab, wrapped in sea weed, surrounded by rice. A lot of people are afraid to try sushi, I was once, but now I'm addicted. The first time I tried sushi was on a date with an older man who was a lawyer. We were both a little tipsy on sake, and I just started trying everything, I lost all my inhibitions, and tried it, and now I love it. You have a small dish and you put soy sauce in it. Then you take a little sheet of ginger, and put it in the soy sauce, followed by a dab of wasabi. Wasabi is green, and very very spicy, use with caution. You then mix the wasabi up, and using your chopsticks, dip the sushi in the mixture, then put it in your mouth. I can't explain why, but I just love it.

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