Sinnndy Does Vegas Ch. 4


Billy ordered some different rolls and pieces, he loves to tell the sushi chef's to surprise us. Most of the time, I have very little idea what we are eating, but it was all great, there was nothing there that I wouldn't order again. We were both a little tipsy as we left the restaurant, and headed back to the Bellagio to see "The Story of "O". We picked up a couple of beers, and found our way to our seats. We had great seats, 20 rows up, in the middle of the theater. A couple of clowns were walking around, doing silly things, messing with each other, warming up the crowd. They were pretty humorous. They started to chase one another back towards the stage, and the curtain started to open. We looked up at the ceiling, and there was a round cage like device with a horizontal bar. A woman was performing all kinds of acrobatic moves in the air. It was quite spectacular.

I would love to tell more about the show, but I know people reading this will want to see it. The music is loud, and sometimes eerie, as are the costumes. I didn't completely understand what was going on, but the floor was built over a pool, with a lot of hydraulic moving pieces of flooring attached. Sometimes, there was no water at all, other times, there was a deep pool. These people were acrobat, gymnasts, divers and actors. They were so multi talented, it was one of the most amazing shows I have ever seen. I guess if you have seen "Cirque De Soleil", you might understand better. It's a circus, gymnastic and diving exhibit, comedy and musical wrapped up in one. It's a must see the next time you are in Las Vegas, just make sure you try to see the early show, there were a couple of short slow parts, and being so late at night, I started to get tired.

After the show, we headed to the bar, to meet up with our friends. Andrew and Sheila were there, and seated close by, were John and Gina. Billy introduced the couples to one another, and we all moved to a bigger table. The guys were talking to each other about who knows what, probably sports and the waitresses barely covered asses. Gina and Sheila couldn't believe I had the guts to wear the dress I was wearing, they both comment that it stuck to me tightly, if you looked hard enough, you could see my tits, pussy and ass. We talked about the show we had just seen, and how unbelievable the performers were. We then talked about what we did during the day, Sheila and Andrew stayed out at the pool and gambled a little, and John and Gina went to some of the different casinos to check them out. They went to New York, Caesar's Place, the MGM, Bally's and Excalibur. They gambled and shopped in the malls there. I told them about my afternoon, starting with the poker game, leading up to taking Michael's massive cock in my ass. They looked at me in disbelief, Gina said, "no one has a cock that big, and even if they did, you couldn't fit it in your ass." I smiled and said, "come up to my room tonight, I have the whole thing on tape". Gina and Sheila just shook their heads at me.

Just then, Michael walked into the bar, and guess who he brought with him. It was Maria, the topless waitress from this afternoon. I introduced Michael and Maria to the girls, and they both blushed. Billy introduced them to the guys, and Maria sat down to talk to us, and Michael sat with the guys. I asked Maria to verify my story, which she gladly did. Gina and Sheila's mouths were wide open. I asked them if they wanted to see for themselves. They didn't know what to say.

Billy came over to me, and each couple went into a separate pow wows. I knew what Billy was planning and I was all for it. The men then got back together to work out details. Everyone was up for it, and we decided to go up to John and Gina's room, since they had a large suite, with two beds, and a couple of couches. John had taken over the family business a couple of years ago, and with good investments, was a multi millionaire. Whenever he traveled, he stayed at the best places, in the biggest rooms.

We all took the elevator up to the room except for Billy. He went back to the room to pick up this afternoon's tape, some champagne, and my strap-on, and joined us minutes later. We all were drinking some bubbly, and Billy place the tape in the VCR, first asking Maria and Michael if it was ok to show. They both were fine with it, and Billy knew that it would turn me on to have people watch me in action, and I was curious too.

There I was, on the big screen, making love to Maria, then having my mouth filled with various cocks, and then getting fucked by a couple of guys. You should have seen the looks on Andrew, Sheila, Gina and John's faces as Michael whipped his cock out on the tape. They all had their mouths open, and Gina put her hands over her eyes and squealed. They all moaned when Michael's cock popped into my ass, and when I bumped my ass back into him, the "oh my gods" were flying all over the room. It was unbelievable even to me, to watch that big cock fit all the way inside of my ass. I couldn't believe how wide my asshole looked after he took his cock out, it was unreal, just staying wide open, cum oozing out of it. I was super horny now.

I walked over to Michael, and worked his zipper and pants down. His cock was 8" soft, I took the whole thing deep into my throat, and left it there. No one else was moving, they all wanted to see what I would do next. I started playing with his balls, holding his cock all the way down my throat, feeling it grow, filling my throat up like never before. I never would have come close to deep throating him if he was erect, but the feeling of his cock growing to 12" while lodged in my throat was indescribable. I knew that once I started pulling away from his cock, I could never get it back into my throat. Maria walked over to me, and started massaging the area of my throat that was bulging with Michael's cock. Michael groaned as she started rubbing his cock through my skin. It was an unbelievable feeling, but I had to breathe through my nose, and my throat started to hurt a little bit. I slowly released his cock from my throat, breathing a sigh of relief. The room was silent at this point, no one could believe what was happening, and I knew this was only the beginning.

I drank some more champagne, took off my dress and said, "c'mon everyone, take off your clothes, lets party". Billy, Maria and Michael took their clothes off, and then the other two couples followed suit. It was obvious that they were nervous. I decided that we would draw cards, pair off at first, and then whatever happened, happened. Gina ended up with Billy, Andrew with Maria, John with Sheila, and lucky me, I got big Michael. There was no way in hell, that I was going to let him have my ass again, at least for tonight. I got down on my knees, and started licking his big cock, the other girls took my lead, and followed suit, sucking the cocks of their new partners. My jaws were sore, so I didn't even try to put his cock in my mouth, I knew I could lick and stroke him to climax if I wanted to. I started licking his shaft up and down, it went on forever. I had one hand trying to cup his big balls, he had the biggest balls I had ever seen. I looked over at Billy, he had his hands on Gina's head, and was slamming most of his cock into her open mouth. Maria was lying on the bed with Andrew straddling her chest, sliding his cock into her mouth, while John and Sheila were on the floor performing 69 on each other. It was one hot scene.

I then licked downward and worked one of his testicles in my mouth, it was massive, I really had to open wide. I sucked and licked his balls, making Michael close his eyes tightly and moan in the pleasure I was making him feel, all the while, I used both hands to stroke his big cock. I released his testicle, I wanted to have my pussy filled up. I pushed him down gently, straddled him, positioned my wet pussy over his bulbous cock head, and slowly lowered my body on top of him. I had just the head of his cock in my pussy and just stayed there for a little while, my hand on his chest holding me up. I then slowly lowered my pussy downwards, inch by painful inch, my ass rested on his thighs, and his cock filled me completely. We both moaned loudly on my slow journey, and now I just sat there for a little while, gyrating my hips, concentrating on the wonderfully full feeling in my pussy. I started rising up slowly, sliding back down just as slow, it was an awesome feeling, this man one of the great cocks of a lifetime.

I looked over at Billy, he was feeding Gina his cream, and seconds later, John and Sheila were cumming at the same time. Andrew was fucking Maria doggy style, I enjoyed watching her boobs swaying, and her butt cheeks jiggle with each thrust. Michael grabbed my hips firmly, and started to lift and lower me, allowing me to just relax, and enjoy the pounding that my hungry pussy was receiving. He was very strong, and really moved me up and down with little effort. He then released my hips, wrapped his arms around my shoulders, and pulled me close to him. He held me close and very tight, his arms locking under my arms his hands holding the tops of my shoulders so tightly, I could barely move. We kissed for a bit, but I wondered why he was doing this. When I felt the head of John's cock forcing its way into my asshole, I had my answer. John didn't waste anytime, plunging his 9" cock deep into my rectum, holding it there, grinding his crotch into me. Then they both pulled back, and at the same time, over 20" of cock slammed into my two private holes, forcing me to scream loudly in pain, and nearly blackout. They started moving in rhythm, pulling out and slamming back inside me, the pain subsiding and turning more and more into pleasure with each thrust. Michael still was holding me close to him with his death grip, while John held my hips firmly, and the two of them kept slamming into me at the same time.

Andrew moved over to us, and I opened my mouth, allowing Andrew to fuck my face with hard thrusts, closing my lips around his tool, making it a tighter fit for him. I looked over at Billy, he was in heaven, eyes closed and mouth open. Maria was sucking his cock, and Sheila and Gina each had one testicle in their mouths. He had his hands on the back of Maria's head, pumping his cock into her mouth. I knew we all couldn't last much longer, I couldn't move, and had a cock in each of my holes, pumping so hard, that I thought they might meet in the middle of my body somewhere. John was the first to blast off, filling my ass deep with his cum, Andrew wasn't far behind, he grabbed the back of my head, and forced his cock deep into my throat, filling it with his cream. Seconds later, my pussy was filled by Michael, an enormous load shot into my waiting pussy. We lay there for a couple of minutes, all my holes filled up with creamy cum filled shrinking cocks.

We all looked over at Billy, he had three hot tongues licking different parts of his cock, he didn't have a care in the world at that time. They each took turns sucking his cock, one would suck him, another would stroke his shaft, and then the last girl would lick his balls, and then they would change positions. It was an awesome sight to watch, the girls had a great routine going. I could tell by the look on his face, that he was going to erupt soon, and I was proven right. He started blowing his load into Gina's mouth, and the girls fought with their tongues to get some of his creamy reward.

The boys removed themselves from me, and all the guys plopped down into chairs, grabbing champagne, while catching their breath. I gathered the ladies together. I had Sheila lay on her back, placing Maria on her knees, at an angle to her, and she buried her face in Sheila's pussy. I then had Gina lay on her back at an angle, with her face under Maria's pussy, which she started to devour, and I got on my knees, buried my face in Gina's pussy, and lowered mine into Sheila's face making one hot daisy chain. I was mad at Billy for not bringing his video camera, what a movie this would have made.

With all the moaning going on, it was a wonder that security wasn't called in. I was lapping at Gina's pussy, sucking her lips and fingering her pussy, while Sheila was licking my clit making me grind myself hard into her face, she then snaked a finger into my asshole, sliding it in and out with ease, while the other girls lapped pussies and licked each other's clits. The guys were moving around the room, checking their ladies and the other's other, while stroking their mighty hard ons that they now sported.

I said out loud, "snowball", and the girls knew just what I meant. We all stopped licking, and turned to face the other way. We were now licking the women who had previously been licking us. My tongue went directly to Sheila's clit as Gina started working on mine. Billy just shook head at me. "What a tramp", he said to the other's. It wasn't too long, until the room filled with shouts of "I'm cumming, ohhhhhhhh, yesssss". We all seemed to cum within a minute of each other, lapping at our lover's tasty juices.

We all took a little break, everyone was loose and relaxed. This was one of the greatest sex sessions of everyone's lives. It was time for one more quick session. Gina had never been double penetrated, and Sheila wanted to see if she could fit Michael's cock in her pussy. Maria had tried earlier in the evening, and Michael was able to get about 9" in her pussy. Maria and John got on the bed and started kissing and petting. Andrew laid down on the other bed and Gina mounted him, lowering her pussy onto his cock. Billy lubed up his cock, and slowly placed his head in her ass, giving her some time to get used to it. I just kicked back, drinking champagne, when a nasty thought popped into my head, bringing a big smile on my face. Maria was now riding John's big cock, I loved watching her breasts bounce up and down, she was really stacked for such a small girl.

Billy now had most of his cock in Gina's ass, and the boys started to fuck her slowly in tempo, pulling out and sliding back in at the same time. It was time for me to follow up on my idea. Billy and now my favorite term is "it's payback time". That's what Billy was about to receive, payback for this afternoon. I grabbed my 7" strap-on, stepped into it, and fastened the belt. I put a generous amount of KY on my plastic friend, and walked over to Billy. I started massaging his shoulders, as he and Andrew started really giving it to Gina. He looked back at me, but didn't have a clue of what was going to happen next. He had his hands gripping Gina's hips, and I grabbed his, spread his ass cheeks, and shoved my cock halfway into his asshole. "Fuck", he yelled, "you little bitch, I will get you back, you know I will".

I had never fucked Billy's ass before, we had talked about it, but "only women and homo's", take dicks in their asses. "So Billy, does this make you a homo, or a woman? Does this mean that now, you are my bitch?" I said while laughing. "Ha Ha", was all could muster, as he regained his composure and started pounding Gina's tush. I was loving it, fucking my man's ass, occasionally spanking it. "You like my cock don't you bitch", I sneered. Billy was silent, while he was a little pissed, he would later tell me that he enjoyed it a little bit, and began to understand why I like anal sex son much. While pumping into Billy's ass, I reached under him, playing with his balls, tickling and running my fingernails on them. It was a powerful feeling, controlling a man this way, in essence, being the man, and I liked having the power, although I did fear the penalty I would have to pay for taking his anal cherry.

While I was having fun with Billy, I had completely forgotten about Maria and John, but soon found out what they were up to, when I felt John's cock entering my asshole for an encore, as Gina got under him, licking his balls while he fucked me. I guess this is as close to pulling a train, as I had ever been before, and it was great. I could tell how Billy felt at this moment, well kind of anyway. Pumping his cock into a hot ass, and having a cock fill yours up. Andrew and Billy started filling up Gina's holes, and John wasn't too far behind filling my asshole with his cream.

We were all exhausted now, all of us still had to do some packing for our trips back home later today. We all got dressed back up and hugged and kissed, swapping phone numbers and addresses, saying goodbye to each other. Billy and I went downstairs to gamble for the last time, playing blackjack until 6AM, both winning a little spending cash. We then headed back to the room, and decided we had to try one more thing. We went to the elevator that went to the top floor. While waiting, I rubbed Billy's dick through his pants, getting him ready. As we got on the elevator, 3 oriental men got on with us. We went in the back of the elevator and as the door closed, Billy dropped his pants, and I lifted my dress jumping into his arms, wrapping my arms around his neck, as he placed his cock into my pussy, and I locked my legs around his waste. He started pounding into me hot and heavy. The oriental men where jabbering in their home language, but we pretty much figured they were saying, "crazy Americans". We didn't want to get caught by security, so Billy was fucking me with everything he had left, his thrusts hard and powerful, I even felt one of the men of the elevator fondling my ass, but of course, that didn't bother me.

When we reached the top floor, the other men left the elevator, and the door shut. Billy was fucking me even harder now, and started to fill my pussy with cum, pulling his pants up, and me lifting my dress just as the doors opened on the first floor. We got out of the elevator, both breathing heavily, our hair messed up, and a trail of cum dripping down my legs. What a sight we made. We walked quickly to out elevators with big grins on our faces, went up to our room, finished packing and went to bed. Billy left a 3PM wakeup call, our place scheduled to take off around 6, and we crashed hard in bed.

We were woken up at three, went downstairs to buffet to eat, called the front desk to get our luggage. We headed to the airport, Billy upgraded again to first class. We really got loaded this time on the flight. We didn't arrive at O'hare until 11:30 our time, and were both tired. There was a limo waiting for us to take us to Billy's place. We were pretty quiet the whole ride back, sex was the last thing on either of our minds, and even if it was, I was just way to sore to enjoy it. I took a full week off from sex just to heal up.

It was a trip to remember, I had the best time of my life, and I really had strong feelings for Billy, as much as I didn't want to admit it, I was falling in love with him. I knew that at some point, things had to slow down a little bit. When we finally got back to Billy's we went straight to his bedroom, turned the TV on, and fell asleep with happy thoughts and memories filling our heads.

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