tagFetishSister's and Friends Socked Fun

Sister's and Friends Socked Fun


Gina Wilson was a beautiful 18 year old Girl, she was a senior in high school. She was an athletic teen and a 4.0 GPA student. She played Volleyball, soccer and softball. All in which require knee high socks to which her brother of the age of 19 enjoyed. John, Gina's brother has a major sock fetish, which over the years has turned into a foot fetish. So he knew he was lucky to have a younger sister who played the sports in which required knee high socks, his favorite type of socks. Sometimes John would borrow Gina's socks to enrich his fantasies about girl's socks, he would sniff the socks and then use them to get off and squirt his man fluid all over the socks. Now of course the socks were dirty, that way he wouldn't get caught, and not to mention he had a slight crush on his sister's feet.

Now the day started like any other day, Gina had gotten up to go to school and John is just getting up to go to work, john worked at Clarks Doughnut shop, in Richmond, VA. So John only worked from 7am to 3pm. So his job wasn't the hardest job to adjust to, since it was basically like going to school. The day gone by pretty fast and usually John got off and got home before his sister did. When John showed up at the house John was surprised to see his sister already there at the house.

He didn't ask why she was home early; he just went into the kitchen and grabs his usual after work snack, a Ice cream sandwich. He then went out to the living room to sit on the couch and watch Sports center to see what was going on in the world of sports. As he watched he noticed that his sister and had entered the living room, joining him in watching sports center. When John noticed this he took a glimpse at his sister's feet and notice she was wearing a pair of knee high striped socks. They were gorgeous in the way they wrapped around her feet.

The outline of her big toe, made his cock stir in his pants, the socks also the muscles she had in her legs from playing sports year around. They almost looked like nylons with how tight they wrapped around her legs, some socks you can see little fuzzies on them. Theses socks at least from johns point a view were fuzzy less. They had to be new john told himself, he had never seen these socks but boy did he want to have fun with them later. Then John Remembered tonight was a game night for her Volleyball team.

"So who you guys are playing tonight?" John Asked.

"Jefferson High, it should be a great match." Gina Replied.

"Cool." John Said.

"You going to attend?" Gina asked.

" nah, I am going to stay home and watch a movie." John Replied.

"Aw I was hoping you would..." Gina said in a pouty face.

"I have been, attending all your games can't I take a night off." John requested.

"Oh, ok but promise me you will attend my next game." Gina said.

"Ok I promise." John said hesitantly.

Gina smiled, got up and gave him a kiss on top of the head.

Then headed for her room; where she stayed until it was time for her to head to the school for her game. John couldn't get his mind off his sister's socks and had gotten a very hard cock build up in his pants. So in order to relive himself he would rub his dick thru his pants, until he had come. Just after john had come, Gina came out in her game uniform and told john she was leaving for her game. So as she left, john peeked out the window and watched her leave in her car. He waited a while, to make sure she was gone, then realizing he only had a half an hour before his parents got home from work.

So he quietly walked down the hall, to his sister room, where the door was closed, like usual. He grabbed the door knob, expecting it to open up with ease but it was locked. He tried to open it for a while, then he started to wonder why she locked it, did she catch him and if she did. How did she catch him, he never masturbated with clean socks. As he tried he tried to get into her, he had gotten a very stiff rigid cock, bulging thru the denim of his jeans. So he gave up and went into his room and saw something he would of never expected sitting on his bed, a note with the stripped socks she had worn that day. He was in shock, and scared out of his mind. He reached down and grabbed the note and read:


I know about your fetish and the fact you steal my socks and masturbate with them. The way I caught you is I came home once and you didn't notice and while I was coming out of the bathroom I saw you sneak out of my room. I didn't want to confront you about it, because I was figured you were doing something for mom.

So I left it alone, then this past week I was putting a shirt I worn in my dirty clothes when I saw a sock that I wore a few days before at the top of the basket. Which usually I wouldn't of cared then a shine caught my eye, it was from my sock. I thought it was a coin so I grabbed the sock and gave the sock and gave them a closer look and it was cum.

At first, I thought it was nasty, and then I thought wow somebody likes my feet and uses my socks to get off on them. So I set up my web cam to record one day while I was gone, and came home hoping I caught someone sneak into my room and "bam" there you were stealing a sock from my dirty clothes basket. So I wont lie even thou it is weird and to most nasty, it turned my on. So last night I bought a pair of stripped socks to tease you with, and to see what you do to check out and see you get bothered by my socks.

So if you are good I might let you have some fun with my feet later tonight. So have fun with these socks but know that there might be more horny fun later.

Love you,


John couldn't believe his eyes and his cock couldn't believe his thoughts about reading this note. His cock was extremely hard and wanting to get fucked by these socks. So John quickly unzipped his pants and started to rub his cock with the socks, and it didn't take long of rubbing these socks against his hard cock, before his squirted cum all over his hand and socks. Just as he got done, he heard the door open, it was his mom. John quickly zipped up his pants and hid the pair of socks under his pillow. Then he went out a greeted his mother.

"Hey honey, listen your father and I are going to be out of town tonight, so you and your sister will have to look out for yourselves." John's mom said.

"Ok mom, we can do that. Anything you would like us to do before you get home tomorrow night?" John Replied

"Clean the kitchen and the bathroom please."

Then as she requested this from john, she walked out the door and got into her car and left in a blaze of glory.

So john walked out to the living room waiting for his sister to come home. So he turned on the TV, and sat a waited for his sister to get home from her volleyball match. To john it seemed like an eternity, but to the television time flew bye. Then john heard something out in the drive way, sounded like a door shut. John got up off the couch to go and see who it was, as the butterflies crept into his stomach.

It was his sister, and her friend Mindy a beautiful blonde who played volleyball and was friends with his sister since they were little. She was 18 and had an athletic body, her legs were muscular and tanned and well shaven. They walked thru the door; John quickly noticed they were both wearing flip flops. He groaned to himself in disappointment, he was hoping they would be wearing the volleyball socks they wear during the game. Then John realized with Mindy over for the night, that his fun night could be in jeopardy or it could be part of her plan to tease him.

So john waited, it didn't take long, in fact about 15 minutes after they walked in the door for john to realize this is a part of the tease because after they went back to Gina's room and came back they were both wearing Shorty shorts, but that wasn't the eye tease John liked the most. It was the socks they both were wearing; Gina was wearing a pair of over the knee socks, they were a light blue with white stripes at the top of socks which also allowed showing of Gina's toned thighs. Then Mindy was wearing a pair of black over the knee socks, they had white stripes at the top and as goes for Gina, Mindy had her toned thighs showing at the top of the socks. John instantly felt a twitch in his pants. It was, of course his cock it was starting to swell in size and began to form a tent with his pants. He tried to hide the boner he had, by crossing his legs but it caused him discomfort. Thus causing him to show it on his face and of course Gina's friend Mindy noticed and giggled. Which caused John to Blush and get extremely shy; then his sister called him to the dinner table.

John and Mindy walked in to the dining room and noticed Gina had pulled out monopoly and had it set up for three. Mindy then went over and sat next to Gina, and both waved John over. So John came over and sat down on the opposite side of the table where both Gina and Mindy were in legs reach of john's crotch. Then they started playing, John was the first to buy properties. Then Gina Rolled the dice and john felt something run up his leg, then something else rubbed up his other leg. John didn't want to look down to see what it was, but he had a guess it was two feet of two gorgeous ladies, yes it was his sister but when he had her socked feet rubbing against his leg, she was seductive young mistress. Then he felt a foot up on his inner right thigh, and then another foot rubbed against his inner left thigh. Then it was his turn at monopoly, having lost total thought, he rolled the dice and moved his piece that is when he felt sets of toes groping at his crouch. He looked down and saw a pair of different colored socked feet rubbing his crotch. It felt extremely good; John started to softly moan from the felling of Gina's and Mindy's feet rubbing against his crotch. He then closed his eyes focusing on the pure pleasure of the feet rubbing up against his crotch.

"Do you like how our socked covered feet feel rubbing against your cock?" Gina asked.

"Oh fuck yeah!" John moaned in pleasure.

Gina; smiled a wicked smile, so did Mindy.Then Gina said;

"Why don't you go take your pants off and lay down in my room, we will be there in a bit."

John sat until both feet stopped messaging his crotch, which took awhile because Mindy didn't want to stop and John didn't want it to stop neither. Then finally Mindy let up, but John's cock was erect and the bilge in his pant was massive. Both girls rubbed their hands on his pants where his bulge was sticking out.

John went to his sister's room and slipped out of his pants and lay down with his cock sitting as hard as a rock, lying on his stomach. John laid there for what felt like an eternity, his cock never softening. Then the Gina walked in, followed closely by Mindy; they saw John's cock and giggled. John didn't care anymore, he was proud of his cock. Mindy sat down on Gina's bed and lifted up her feet and placed them gently on John's manhood. John gasped when the fabric of the sock touched his dick initially, then when she started rubbing it softly, like scissors without cutting anything on the top side of his cock; while his cock was laying on his stomach. Her toes tickling his cock, it felt so good he felt the fluid building up in his cock. He knew he was going to cum soon; he then let out a little yelp, kind a signaling he was going to cum soon. Mindy took the yelp as a sign she need to keep going at the pace she was going. After a few more strokes, John cock shot out cum like a pistol, some even hit john's face. John wiped it off with his hand, and sighed in relief, and Mindy continued to rub his dick with her toes.

He quickly got hard again, that is when Mindy stopped and took off her socks; then placed her socks on John's face, which turned him on. Then she whispered in his ear

"I want those back full of your cum. Then I want to be your girlfriend so I can have some more fun with you big, long hard cock that involves more than my feet." John nodded to her suggestions.

Mindy got up and walked out of the room, and then Gina walked over and did the same as Mindy, lifting up her feet and setting them on John's cock and began rubbing them up and down John's shaft. It felt so good, that john couldn't believe it was happening again. Then Gina stuck on foot underneath his cock and then like hands started jerking him off. Up and down, her feet went, faster and faster; it was like she had practice doing this. Her feet were a blur, they were going so fast, john moaned louder and louder. The socks felt so soft, rubbing up and down his hard shaft. She then told john, to turn to have his cock face her so she could use his cock like a scratching post (minus the scratching of course). She places her toes at the bottom of his cock and began wiggling her toes tickling john's cock. John Began to giggle a little, but with pure pleasure. It was amazing looking up her legs and seeing where her feet were laying, this was a dream come true. It felt so good, he enjoyed it purely. He didn't want it to end, but like all good stories they all have their climax and ending. The Climax was him shooting a huge load all over his stomach, while Gina was wiggling her toes at the base of his shaft. The end was a little bit later following her tickling his legs and stomach, wiping up some of the cum. Which made him laugh and enjoyed it, his sister then proceeded to remove her feet from his body and then took off her socks and then handed them to john.

Then she proceeded to say.

"That was fun, and I would love to do it again. So Listen my sock drawer is also your pleasure drawer, so if you need a little bit of pleasure; feel free to use my socks. The only thing I ask is ask me if I would be willing to help, and I might just say yes. Then we can do this again."

John got up; hugged his sister and thanked her. As he left she added and don't worry about our little secret, Mindy is fine with me having fun with you.

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